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Chapter 224 – Heaven Rank Mission

In the end, Li Xuantong left. However, Mu Chen’s heart was still beating wildly with all the information that he’d just gotten. What Luo Li had on her shoulders was far heavier than he thought, giving him even more of a heartache.

Towards that silly girl who could put down such an important matter to meet him in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he was deeply moved. Nothing could be greater than a beauty’s grace.


Shortly after Li Xuantong left, a streak of light flew over under the night. A slender figure landed on the building. It was Luo Li, who’d just returned from cultivating.

When Luo Li saw Mu Chen standing there, she was slightly baffled. Yet, she still showed him a gentle smile as clear as a spring flowing across the mountains, softening the hearts of any who saw it.

Mu Chen’s eyes were fixed on the beautiful girl before him, who gave off a distant sense of tranquility. The deep emotion within his eyes made the girl’s face flush red.

“What happened?” Luo Li asked as she touched her exquisite face.

Mu Chen slowly approached Luo Li under her bashful gaze. He extended his arm and embraced her slender and delicate waist.

Luo Li’s face blushed red as she glanced around. Only after making sure that there was no one else there did her struggles weaken as she buried herself into his embrace. That familiar scent lightened the exhaustion that she’d accumulated from cultivating for the past few days.

“Sorry.” Mu Chen lightly said as he buried his face into her long, fragrant hair.

Luo Li was slightly startled. “What are you saying, all of a sudden?”

“Before, you told me that falling in love with me would hinder your cultivation. I thought that was a joke. I never imagined that it’d truly bring you trouble.” Mu Chen still recalled their time on the Spirit Road— This girl’s reason for chasing after him for half a year. Back then, he’d found it rather amusing. But after learning Luo Li’s situation, he realised that she hadn’t been joking when she’d said those words. Because of him, she sacrificed much of her important cultivating time.

Luo Li used her slender arms to push herself away from Mu Chen’s chest. However, her delicate face remained in a frown as she stared at him and said, “I don’t like what you’re saying.”

It was easy to see that she was upset with the way he was mocking himself, saying he was only hindering her.

“What did you hear?” After all, Luo Li was an intelligent woman. She could tell that Mu Chen was acting strange. She swept her charming eyes over the roof and asked, “So, Li Xuantong visited you? What did he say?”

Her anger flared as soon as she finished those words. What did that Li Xuantong do?! Did he really think I would have a fall-out with him?

Mu Chen smiled, extended his hand, and brushed Luo Li’s exquisite face. His voice was gentle as he replied, “Don’t blame him. I should’ve known all of that. One fine day, I’ll be able to stand beside you and tear all those matters to shreds!”

Luo Li softly sighed as she threw herself back into Mu Chen’s chest and lightly nipped him1, “Let’s not talk about that.”

Those words were too heavy; she felt tired just thinking about them. She also didn’t want to drag Mu Chen into this anymore.

Mu Chen smiled as he tightened his arms around her. “Rest assured. What’s done is done. I won’t let you go. In this lifetime, you’re already mine. Mu Chen’s woman.”

“What do you mean by ‘what’s done is done’? That sounds so horrible. This has nothing to do with you.” Luo Li lightly laughed as she rolled her eyes at him. Her charming air made Mu Chen restless.

“You’re in my arms, and still you dare to say that ‘this has nothing to do with me’? Someone needs a smack.” Mu Chen darkly chuckled. The hand that’d been tangled around her waist casually slipped down to her backside and gave a light tap.

Luo Li’s tender face stiffened and turned red. She bashfully bit Mu Chen’s chest again, this time a little harder.

Mu Chen held the girl, raised his head to the starry skies, and sighed a deep breath. When he spoke next to Luo Li’s ear, his voice was filled with resolve. “Luo Li, I might be weak right now, and you cannot depend on me. But trust me, one day, I’ll truly stand by your side. When that time comes, I’ll handle all the waves coming at you. Anyone who’s bullied you and aggrieved you, I’ll shred to pieces!”

“Luo Li, please wait for me. Wait for me to become an absolute expert.”

Towards the end, his voice was as soft as a whisper; however, it conveyed an unswerving determination from the deepest parts of his heart.

Luo Li’s eyes turned red at the soft whisper in her ears. A warmth rippled through her body from the deepest parts of her heart.

She extend her jade-like arms, embraced Mu Chen’s waist in return, and made a soft “en” in acknowledgement. She then raised her face towards Mu Chen, stood on tiptoe, and kissed him on the lips.

Mu Chen, I will wait for you. I don’t care if you’re an ordinary or an absolute expert. I’ll still be waiting for you.

The next day, Su Ling’er paid a visit to the freshmen’s area and found Mu Chen, who was still cramped up in his building.

“You have something for me?”

Mu Chen was rather surprised by Su Ling’er’s sudden appearance. The girl held her hands behind her back as she looked at the small building with interest. A smile filled her face.

“I came looking for you with some good news.” She smiled and continued, “Can you take a trip with me? My big sister wants to see you.”

“Your big sister? Su Xuan?” Mu Chen blanked. Su Xuan was looking for him? The two of them had never really interacted before, nor had he been acquainted with her in the past.


Su Ling’er nodded. “Rest assured, it’s nothing bad. Other people might not even get such an opportunity, even if they begged,” she said as she walked. Mu Chen hesitated, then followed after her.

Under Su Ling’er’s lead, the two of them left the freshmen’s area and headed towards the north area of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. After about half an hour, Mu Chen followed Su Ling’er as they descended towards a lake. At the heart of the lake was a small island that was populated with only a handful of neat houses.

At this moment, a white-clothed girl stood in front of one of the bamboo houses. Her charming face held a sweet-tempered smile as she watched the two descend.

“Big sister.” Su Ling’er waved towards the girl in white.

Mu Chen was rather taken aback by the appearance of this astonishing beauty within the grounds of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Her white dress was delicately wrapped around her exquisite, yet full, body. Her long her was as dark as ink, and her sweet demeanor was truly beautiful.

“Senior Sister Su Xuan.” Mu Chen cupped his hands towards the girl.

“You don’t have to be so polite.” Su Xuan lightly smiled and continued, “I summoned you today because I’ve accepted a Heaven Rank mission from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. I wanted to see if you’re interested.”

“A Heaven Rank mission?” Mu Chen blanked and awkwardly replied, “I don’t seem to possess the qualifications to join a mission of this rank, right?”

Of course, he knew about the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Mission Hall, which was in charge of distributing all sorts of missions. Those who could complete these missions would receive huge rewards. The rewards were differentiated into three ranks. The Heaven Rank mission that Su Xuan spoke of was a high rank. This kind of mission not only required strength, but also sufficient experience. Even if a freshman like Mu Chen possessed the requisite strength, he still wouldn’t have the qualifications to accept the mission.

“In terms of strength, you possess quite a bit. As for experience, I can handle that for you.” Su Xuan said lightly.

“Why did Senior Sister Su Xuan ask me?” Mu Chen said in confusion. Heaven Rank missions were rarely seen. Not just anyone could accept one. Even though there were some risks associated with the mission, the rewards were ample. If Su Xuan wanted to advertise that she was looking for partners, there would definitely be mobs of powerful students rushing over.

Su Xuan glanced at Su Ling’er. The reason why she’d asked for Mu Chen personally was because Su Ling’er kept suggesting him, of course. In addition, she didn’t have a bad impression of Mu Chen. This offer could be considered her acknowledgement of that; therefore, she had summoned him.

“Your performance during the Spiritual Battle Stage is why I sought you out. Perhaps there are others who also possess sufficient strength; however, I don’t have very high opinions of them.” Su Xuan lightly shook her head and continued, “This Heaven Rank mission is restricted to a team of five people. Counting you, we already have four. If this mission is a success, then each person receives 1,500,000 Spiritual Value Points.”

“1,500,000 Spiritual Value Points? So many?” After hearing that, even Mu Chen had to take in a lungful of chilly air before returning to his usual calm. That was the reward for a Heaven Rank mission? 1,500,000 Spiritual Value Points all at once. If he did that three or four more times, wouldn’t he be able to purchase the Northern Sea Dragon’s Blood Essence?

“That actually isn’t very much. The Heaven Rank mission that we accepted is only a Low Grade. If it’d been a High Grade Heaven Rank mission, the reward could be up to 8,000,000. However, only one person has ever managed to complete such a mission in recent years.” Su Ling’er smiled.

“8,000,000…” Mu Chen’s mouth couldn’t help twitching and he bitterly smiled. “Was it Shen Cangsheng who completed it?”

“En, only that guy could accomplish such a task.” Su Xuan lightly nodded. Her tone contained a small amount of lamentation. Even though she was Ranked 3, she understood that there was quite a bit of distance between herself and Shen Cangsheng.

“In addition, this Heaven Rank mission that I accepted is rather special. It’s not a kill or arrest bounty mission; it’s a spirit treasury hunting mission. In other words, we’re supposed to search for hidden places that’s been passed down since ancient times. Generally speaking, there should be many Spiritual Arts, Artifacts and all sorts of treasures left behind by ancient predecessors. The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy isn’t requiring us to hand over everything we find. We can actually keep the treasures.”

Su Xuan smiled, “Therefore, spirit treasury hunting missions are the most popular ones within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. We’re basically taking information from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and reaping all the profits.”

Mu Chen was interested in Su Xuan’s words. He wasn’t really interested in the treasures; it was actually those 1,500,000 Spiritual Value Points that stirred him.

“Senior Sister Su Xuan…”

Mu Chen hesitated for a brief moment, then said, “I’m rather interested in this mission. However, can I take the liberty of making a request?”

“What is it?” Su Xuan smiled.

Mu Chen gave a rather embarrassed smile and said, “Could I reserve an extra spot on this mission?”

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