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Chapter 223 – Flame Emperor

The Flame Emperor, Xiao Yan.

When Mu Chen heard that domineering title, he blanked for a brief moment. This wasn’t the first time he’d heard that name; he’d heard of it back in Northern Spiritual Academy. But back then, he’d only had vague impressions of the name; now, he knew a little more about the man behind the name, and what that meant within the boundaries of the Great Thousand World.

The ones who’d shed their shackles, broken through from the Lower Planes, and arrived in this Great Thousand World were all extraordinary figures with top quality characters. Maybe it was because of the ranks of the Planes, but those within the Lower Planes were limited in how high they could reach. However, once they stepped into the Great Thousand World and adapted to it, they would become tigers that’d stepped into the deep mountains, or dragons that’d returned to the sea. They were dazzling figures, even within the Great Thousand World, where great authorities gathered.

This Flame Emperor was one of them, as well as the Martial Ancestor who’d single-handedly challenged the entire Ice Spirit Clan.

The blaze in Li Xuantong’s eyes slightly dispersed as he looked back at Mu Chen.

“This good karma casually fell into the hands of the Luoshen Clan. Strictly speaking, what they did couldn’t be considered ‘saving’, but, perhaps, more like ‘aiding’.”

“When the Flame Emperor first broke through the shackles of the Lower Plane and entered the Great Thousand World, he landed in the Luoshen Clan’s territory by coincidence. You should know, some of the energies practiced in the Lower Planes aren’t Spiritual Auras. This Flame Emperor, for example, practiced an energy called Douqi in his Plane. After entering the Great Thousand World, his Douqi would gradually convert into a purer form of Spiritual Energy. Most of those who’ve cast away the shackles of the Lower Planes are unfamiliar with this concept. As experts, of course, they’d be unwilling to allow their hard-earned Douqi, or any other energy for that matter, to be converted into something unfamiliar.”

“So, of course, there’d be some conflicts. The conversion of Spiritual Energy might pose a danger to them. The rejection of it might do the same. That’s the first major problem to those who’ve managed to break through from the Lower Planes.”

Li Xuantong smiled. To people like themselves, this was a rather amusing issue. But to those who’d actually cast aside the shackles of the Lower Planes and entered the Great Thousand World, this was quite a headache.

“Luo Tianshen met the Flame Emperor then and helped him successfully convert his Spiritual Energy. He could also see that even though the Flame Emperor was young, he was knowledgeable and experienced. Luo Tianshen knew that anyone capable of breaking the shackles of the Lower Planes would be someone capable. Even though they wouldn’t be too strong when they had just stepped into this Planes, the potential they possessed was extremely frightening. That’s why Luo Tianshen dropped their status difference and befriended him.”

“However, the Flame Emperor didn’t stay in the Luoshen Clan for long. He left right after he recovered. It’s said that he went to search for his two wives. For a long time after that, Luo Tianshen didn’t hear any news of him.”

“Not until ten years ago. One day, a certain piece of news spread throughout the Great Thousand World. A man had proclaimed himself the Flame Emperor, fought with the Fire Spirit Clan’s Old Ancestor, and had stepped into the Heavenly Sovereign cultivation stage. It was an earth-shaking battle, and torrential flames had turned the entire abandoned continent into a wasteland. The Fire Spirit Clan’s Old Ancestor couldn’t even harm the Flame Emperor after exerting all his methods. In the end, he was forced to admit defeat with his hands cupped. The Flame Emperor then asked for a flame from the clan, then left carefree and easy. From that day on, the name of the Flame Emperor was widespread throughout the Great Thousand World.”

Li Xuantong’s eyes were blazing again. Heavenly Sovereign. Within the Great Thousand World, that kind of level could make one the absolute overlord of a territory. And when faced with this Flame Emperor, even a Heavenly Sovereign had been forced to cup his hands in defeat. A figure as mighty as him was befitting of the title “Flame Emperor”.

“After that, the Flame Emperor founded the Endless Fire Territory. Experts rushed over like ducks lining up. Not only is the Flame Emperor in control of all the flames between heaven and earth, his skill in refining elixirs is also unparalleled. My experts seized the opportunity and went begging for those elixirs. Thus, the Endless Fire Territory transformed into a colossal existence in only a few decades.”

Li Xuantong clicked his tongue as his eyes filled with admiration. The Great Thousand World was endlessly wide, and all kinds of mighty people were trying to make a name for themselves. However, it wasn’t that simple.

Mu Chen sighed as well. The name of Flame Emperor truly wasn’t in vain.

“Perhaps even Luo Tianshen was shocked after hearing of the Flame Emperor’s accomplishments. He probably never considered the possibility. Back then, that young man had only just arrived in the Great Thousand World, but he’d managed to make a name for himself in only a few decades. However that old man is prideful down to his bones, so he didn’t spend effort on associating with the Endless Fire Territory. Maybe to him, that favor was nothing but a small thing, not worth remembering.”

“But ten years ago, when Luo Li’s father fell, the entire Luoshen Clan was close to death. On Luo Tianshen’s birthday, the Flame Emperor sent someone to express his good wishes. The gesture shocked the other three God Clans, who were like tigers staring down their prey. Perhaps none of them expected the Luoshen Clan to have such an ally.”
“After that, Luo Tianshen had to borrow the Flame Emperor’s prestige in order to barely keep the Luoshen Clan afloat for another ten plus years.”

Li Xuantong sighed and carried on, “However, once Luo Tianshen’s lifespan comes to an end, the situation will definitely collapse. Even though the Flame Emperor’s name is far-reaching, the Endless Fire Territory is, after all, still too far from the Eastern Heavens Realm. Furthermore, the three God Clans aren’t that easy to deal with. Even if they’re afraid of the Endless Fire Territory, if the Luoshen Clan has declined to the bottom, they definitely won’t hesitate to move.”

“It’d also be tricky to try and solve the Luoshen Clan’s situation with outside force. You could save them once or twice, but not forever.” Li Xuantong faintly summed up. Right now, most of the core members of the Royal Family were useless, aside from Luo Li who possessed the qualifications to inherit the clan as Empress. Such vermins. If Luo Tianshen passed away before Luo Li assumed full control, then the Luoshen Clan would probably be in danger.

The situation was simply awful. Mu Chen felt heartache as he thought of the burden Luo Li carried on her tender shoulders. However, he knew that there was no way he could keep Luo Li from going back.

Mu Chen clenched his fist. In the end, he was still too weak to help Luo Li.

It looked like he had to speed up his cultivation over the next five years. He had to be of some real help once Luo Li took control of the Luoshen Clan! Even though that’d be difficult, he wasn’t going to give up.

Li Xuantong saw Mu Chen clench his fist and spoke, “You have five years, at most. However, I don’t think you’ll be able to truly help her within only five years.”

“Who knows what the future will bring?”

Mu Chen only smiled. The future was too unpredictable and difficult to judge. But he knew that he’d do his best to reach his target. No matter how rough the road might be, he definitely wouldn’t give up.

Otherwise, how would he fit next to such a lovable and dear girl?

Li Xuantong looked at the youth before him. The latter’s smile was faint, but there was an unquestionable resolve in his eyes. Li Xuantong knew that it was impossible to get Mu Chen away from Luo Li.

Once in a while, this youth does show some charm. His resolve and confidence. Maybe that’s why he obtained the favor of that girl who bears so much on her shoulders.

“I promised Luo Li that I wouldn’t interfere in your matters anymore. However…”

As he spoke, his expression turned sharp as he glared at Mu Chen, “I hope that you won’t let me down. I’m not asking you to provide much help to Luo Li. I only ask that you don’t drag her down. Her responsibilities are too large and cruel that the slightest pause will mean destruction.”

Mu Chen raised his head to the starry skies and slowly declared, “I feel more sorry for her, than you do.”

“Li Xuantong.”

He lowered his head then looked back towards Li Xuantong with a serious expression. This was also the first time he’d called Li Xuantong’s name without a prefix. “There’ll be a day where I’ll stand beside her once more. Anything that grieves her, I will reduce to ashes!”

Li Xuantong looked at the youth’s face, which was calm, but held an endless ripple in his eyes. He wanted to say something, ended up only nodding. “I hope you’ll actually be able to accomplish that. There’s still time for you to grow.”

Mu Chen replied with a small nod and a smile. Then his expression recovered as he inhaled a deep breath and inquired, “What’s the Flame Emperor’s level? If you compared him to the Martial Ancestor who challenged the entire Ice Spirit Clan, who’s stronger?”

“The Flame Emperor made that Old Ancestor of the Fire Spirit Clan, a Heavenly Sovereign, admit defeat with cupped hands. However, this isn’t a kind of news that’s heard often. With his talent and a few decades to cultivate, there’s no way he’s still stuck in the same spot. Who knows, he might’ve even surpassed the Heavenly Sovereign stage and stepped into an even higher level. After all, the Great Thousand World is endlessly vast. The road to the peak is long, even for heroes like the Flame Emperor.”

Li Xuantong smiled. “As for that Martial Ancestor, he’s also extremely frightening. He managed to single-handedly overturn such a large existence like the Ice Spirit Clan. However, those guys from the Ice Spirit Clan are also very cunning. After the Martial Ancestor broke through their defences and invaded their grounds, they managed to suppress their anger and did their best to comply with his requests. After that, the Martial Ancestor established the “Martial Border”, one on par with the Endless Fire Territory. Right now, the Ice Spirit Clan has an extremely close relationship with the Martial Border. Those who were planning to attack the Ice Spirit Clan, now have to consider the figures behind them: the Martial Border, as well as that Martial Ancestor.

“It’s not easy to say which one of them is more powerful. After all, the two of them have never fought before. Most people keep their opinions to themselves.”

Li Xuantong rubbed his chin, “However, I’d really like to see which one is stronger, between the Flame Emperor and the Martial Ancestor.”

Mu Chen also couldn’t help laughing as he looked up to the endless starry skies. The Great Thousand World was endlessly vast, filled with many brilliant things he’d never known. However, he believed that one day, he’d be qualified to stand at the heart of the Great Thousand World, and have a great battle with the Sovereigns from the Lower Planes.

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