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Chapter 222 – Eastern Heavens Realm

“Luoshen Clan!”

Mu Chen’s eyes concentrated on Li Xuantong. Back in the Spiritual Value Hall, he’d heard that elder mention the Luoshen Clan. However, he didn’t have much more information on the matter. The Great Thousand World was simply too vast. Forget about knowing all of the Northern Spiritual Realm, even the realm where they were currently located, the Northern Heavens Continent, where the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was, was only one of the many continents within the Great Thousand World.

There were too many things in this world that Mu Chen was unaware of, nor did he have the necessary connections to learn about them.

“In this Great Thousand World, there are many powerful races with long inheritances. For instance, there’s the Ice Spirit Clan and Fire Spirit Clan. They’re two races that possess great fame in the Great Thousand World.” Li Xuantong lightly carried on. “The Luoshen Clan is also one of them. At its height, the Luoshen Clan was stronger than any other clan. Even the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, with its deep background, couldn’t claim to be stronger at the Luoshen Clan at its pinnacle.”

Mu Chen’s expression was grave. He didn’t have a clear-cut idea of how powerful the Ice Spirit Clan and the Fire Spirit Clan were, but he knew that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was an extremely terrifying body. He knew that he’d only been in contact with the tip of the iceberg of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. And the Luoshen Clan that Luo Li was from actually possessed such terrifying strength?

“But, of course, I also said that was back during the Luoshen Clan’s golden era.”

Li Xuantong glanced at Mu Chen and continued, “The Luoshen Clan lives in the Fast East Lands of the Great Thousand World, in the Eastern Heavens Realm. The Eastern Heavens Realm has as many continents and forces as there are stars. Of these forces, the Four Great God Clans rule over the Eastern Heavens Realm. Countless other forces have attached themselves to these clans in order to survive. They are regarded as kings.”

“Four Great God Clans?”

“Yes. The Luoshen Clan is one of them.” Li Xuantong nodded his head and continued, “The Four Great God Clans have dwelled in the Eastern Heavens Realm for thousands of years, constantly warring with one another, accumulating mountains upon mountains of blood debts that are impossible to wash off. One could say that there’s an irreconcilable feud between them.”

“The Luoshen Clan, from previous eras, stood at the top of the Four Great God Clans. They suppressed the other three God Clans who dared not to come within contact of their sharp blades. Pity, they allowed their luck to flourish too much back then and that led to their current withering state. It’s to the point where they must rely on one girl to save them.” Li Xuantong ridiculed as he shook his head.

Mu Chen’s brows lightly wrinkled together. Is Luo Li the girl that he’s talking about?

“The Luoshen Clan’s geniuses have been withering these past few hundred years. Most of the core members of the Luoshen Royal Clan are like maggots gnawing on the declining giant. Most of Luo Li’s relatives were decayed by their reputations, submerged in fantasies of past glories with no idea that their Luoshen Clan is already full of holes.” Li Xuantong mocked.

“A few decades ago, Luo Li’s father was the most outstanding amongst the Luoshen Clan. If he had been able to take over the Luoshen Clan, then he could’ve changed their situation. It’s a pity that he suffered heavy injuries and fell during a battle among the Four Great God Clans.”

“His fall was a heavy blow to the Luoshen Clan. Luo Li’s grandfather had no choice but to come out to, once again, support the entirety of the enormous clan. At that time, perhaps even he was also in despair. Amongst all the people of the Luoshen Clan, there wasn’t anyone who could inherit that great responsibility. Fortunately, as Luo Li grew older, she revealed a talent that far surpassed her father’s.”

“From that point on, even though she was still just a child, it was decided that she’d be the next Empress. She was told that when the time came, she’d receive an inheritance that’d been passed down for thousands of years: that enormous clan with the hopes of billions of people. She will become their Empress and protect them from the cruel Eastern Heavens Realm in order to allow the Luoshen Clan to survive.”

Li Xuantong narrowed his eyes as he thought about the little girl who should’ve lived a joyful and carefree childhood without worries, but was, instead, closely supervised by the Luoshen Clan. Swinging her longsword under the waterfall, over and over. Huge waves swept over that petite body, wounding her with each impact.

In the end, she’d cried as she held onto her longsword, without consolation but, instead, the strict scoldings of her grandfather. Her father fell when she was very young, leaving a weak-bodied mother to accompany her. Yet, despite her tender age, she was very sensible. Letting her mother see her cry would only cause heartache to her weak-bodied mother; therefore, she endured alone.

The first time Li Xuantong saw Luo Li, she was hiding behind a stone, clinging to her longsword, and crying. But once she finished crying, she dragged her small body and her longsword to embrace the huge waves yet again.

Mu Chen stood on the roof, his heart tightening with indescribable heartache.

“Luo Li won’t have much time by your side…” Li Xuantong said softly.

“Why?!” Mu Chen said in alarm.

“Because Luo Tianshen won’t be able to hold on much longer. His lifespan will come to an end in at most, five years. And before that happens, he will definitely take Luo Li back to accept her inheritance. Furthermore, Luo Li must step into the Sovereign Stage; otherwise, the Luoshen Clan will be attacked by the other three Great God Clans. Thanks to that blood feud, the Luoshen Royal Clan will be thrown into utter chaos. Anyone loyal to the Luoshen Clan will be slaughtered in a massive bloodbath. These matters are all too common in the Eastern Heavens Realm.” Li Xuantong said lightly.

“Sovereign?” Mu Chen narrowed his pupils. After the Heavenly Completion Stage was the Sovereign Stage. The Sovereign Stage was further split into 9 Grades, from Grade-1 to Grade-9. The stage was further differentiated into Heavenly and Earthly — the so-called Heavenly Sovereign and Earthly Sovereign.

Generally speaking, those who managed to step into the Sovereign Stage were considered true experts inside the Great Thousand World and possessed the strength to become the lord of a continent. Grade-9 Sovereigns were considered the pinnacle of the Sovereign Stage. Earthly and Heavenly Sovereigns were even more fearsome. In the Great Thousand World, anyone who possessed such cultivation would also have renown fame and be hailed as a hero of the present.

And Luo Li had to reach the Sovereign Stage within five years, at the very latest?!

“For powerful clans like theirs, the Sovereign Stage is the minimum requirement for becoming clan leader. Luo Tianshen once possessed the power of an Earthly Sovereign, but he sustained heavy injuries from prior battles. As of now, his life will soon come to an end. That’s why he will resort to any method in order to create a leader who can contain the situation after his death.”

“And Luo Li is the one he chose. Only she possesses the purest bloodline to receive this kind of inheritance. That way, their chances of success will be much higher.” Li Xuantong said, slowly.

“Higher chance of success?” Mu Chen’s face changed. Does that also mean that there are chances of failure?

“In this world, there is no such thing as a power that comes without a price. Everything has its risks.” Li Xuantong nodded and continued, “If the inheritance fails, Luo Li will die.”

“However, that’s still the last resort. Luo Li only needs to return to the clan once Luo Tianshen runs out of time. That might be half a year, or maybe an entire year later. But that time will still come.”

Li Xuantong sneered, “Pity. The vast Luoshen Clan, at its prime, possessed a Heavenly Sovereign and two Earthly Sovereigns. They were so strong that they intimidated the other three God Clans into submission. They even possessed a great fame throughout the Great Thousand World. Who could’ve imagined that a thousand years later, they’re being supported by one elderly old man who has to put all his hopes on the shoulders of one frail little girl?”

Li Xuantong looked to Mu Chen and spoke with a deep voice. “Now do you know why Luo Li always trains so hard?”

Mu Chen slowly nodded. No wonder Li Xuantong kept saying that he was holding Luo Li back. Time was the most important thing to her. But because of him, she’d come to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. That’s how great her passion was.

“Right now, she’s also doing her best to cultivate for your sake. She probably thinks that by the time you learn of this, she’d be strong enough so that you wouldn’t have to bear the burden. She’d take them upon herself.”

Li Xuantong looked at Mu Chen as the corner of his mouth turned with an agonized expression. “What’s so good about you?”

Mu Chen’s hand were tightly clenched in his sleeves. “When the time comes, does she absolutely have to return to accept the inheritance?”

Li Xuantong nodded. “I wouldn’t think of obstructing her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be happy at all, just because she’s at your side.”

Mu Chen laughed to himself. “I’m not that selfish.”

“Currently, the Luoshen Clan is declining. Their enemies are a pack of wolves and tigers eyeing their properties with greed. However, none of them dare to move. One reason is Luo Tianshen. Even though that tiger has aged, its might is still present. The second reason is because the Luoshen Clan landed a piece of good karma a few dozen years ago. They unintentionally saved a young man from the Lower Planes.” Li Xuantong explained.

“Oh?” Mu Chen was confused. He clearly couldn’t see the relationship there.

Li Xuantong raised his head, his usual indifference was replaced with a trace of reverence. “That young man from back then has become one of the Overlords of the Great Thousand World. He possesses fame that shakes the world.”

“Who is he?” Mu Chen was quite curious.

A look of fanaticism flashed through Li Xuantong’s eyes. “He once freely roamed the Great Thousand World; even the Old Ancestor, a Heavenly Sovereign of the Fire Spirit Clan couldn’t stop him and could only allow him to act as he wished. Right now, he’s the lord of the Endless Fire Territory.”

“He’s the Flame Emperor, Xiao Yan.”

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