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Chapter 207 – Nine-layered Pagoda


The majestic sword beam were like milky way as they fell from the horizon. They brought a chilling cold aura, carrying a momentum of splitting a mountain as they tore the horizon and hack down towards Mu Chen.

Xu Qingqing clearly didn’t have the slightest restraint in her attack. If Mu Chen couldn’t defend against it, he would probably be heavily injured, at the very least.

When the gazes from the surrounding groups saw this, their complexions slightly changed. When this woman becomes fierce, she’s simply unable to be reasoned with. Mu Chen doesn’t seem to have any grudge with her, but she was actually so merciless with her attacks.

Close by, Su Ling’er’s pretty face also displayed some anxiety. However, it’s too late for her to save Mu Chen. Therefore, she could only pray that he doesn’t get hacked to death by Xu Qingqing.

Under everyone’s gaze, Mu Chen also raised his head. His pitch-black eyes stared at the boundless sword beam as a cold light emerged from his eyes.

He slowly raised his hand and on his palm, black light gathered and turned into a small black-colored pagoda. From the looks of it, that small pagoda appeared extremely ancient, but there wasn’t any excessively boundless fluctuations coming from it.

Someone saw the small black pagoda appearing on Mu Chen’s hand, and his eyes concentrated on it, while murmuring, “Is that a Spiritual Artifact? With such weak fluctuation of Spiritual Aura, it’s probably a Low Rank Spiritual Artifact. Relying on that, it’s probably not possible to block that fierce attack from Xu Qingqing!”

Mu Chen did not pay much attention to those whispers. The Spiritual Energy within his body was injected into the small black pagoda. Thereafter, he gave a flick of his finger and the small black pagoda flew out.


The small pagoda flew out and instantly, the wind was dramatically raised. In an instant, it turned into a black coloured huge pagoda with approximately dozens of Zhang 1. The huge pagoda floated up in the sky and on the pagoda, countless profound dark-gold veined patterns could be vaguely seen.


Boundless beam of light were whistling as it fell down. Thereafter, it struck the black pagoda. The two collided and, instantly, shocking metallic sounds were resounding as surging waves of aura dispersed.

Countless lines-of-sights gazed at that direction. Even after the black pagoda suffered a strike from Xu Qingqing, it didn’t split open. Black flashes rippled and the sword strike was blocked.

This scene instantly caused shock to show from their eyes. That black pagoda was actually so powerful?

“How can this be?” Xu Qingqing’s face changed upon the sight of this. That strike of hers earlier was sufficient to defeat any Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase. How could it be blocked by that small black pagoda from Mu Chen?

Xu Qingqing wasn’t the only one who was shocked. Even Mu Chen was shocked. This small black pagoda was the one that appeared within his body previously. In fact, towards this mysterious small pagoda, he didn’t have much knowledge about it. He only knew that it might be related to that mysterious Spiritual Pulse that was sealed within his body. As for it’s might, he knows nothing about it.

However seeing it now, it seems like it possessed powerful defensive ability…

“However, could it be that this black pagoda could only be used as a shield?” Mu Chen mumbled to himself. He could feel that this small black pagoda wasn’t that simple. It shouldn’t only possess such simple usage to it, right?


Just when Mu Chen was mumbling to himself, the black pagoda suddenly emitted several black lusters. One of which streaked through the sky and shot towards Mu Chen.

The sudden unforeseen ability caused Mu Chen to be shocked. Before he could evade in time, he was shot by that black luster. Thereafter, he felt that there was some profound intent flowing out from his heart.

“This is…!”

Mu Chen received some mysterious information. A brief moment later, a smear of shock rushed into his eyes. This seems to be some of the controlling methods of the black pagoda.

“Nine-layered Pagoda.”

Mu Chen stared at that black pagoda as a strange name appeared in his heart. Shortly after, he let a mouthful of breath out and both of his hands suddenly formed an extremely ancient seal.

Just when Mu Chen formed the seals, the Spiritual Energy within his body seemed to be disappearing with frightening speed.

At the same time the Spiritual Energy was disappearing, the black pagoda in the sky exploded with brilliant beams of light. At the most bottom layer of the black pagoda, the gloomy black colour gradually turned into a bright golden colour.

Ancient golden patterns occupied that layer of the pagoda. The gold patterns wiggled as a golden dragon soared. It soared into the sky with extremely shocking energy. The sky was filled with Spiritual Aura and emitted a huge ripple.

“Pagoda Suppression!”

Mu Chen’s hand seals changed and the Nine-layered Pagoda fiercely soared into the sky. Black light swept and at the first layer of the pagoda, overflowing golden luster swept out. The gold dragon roared as it dragged along with matchless immense shadow, as well as Spiritual Energy ripples and went to suppress Xu Qingqing, who had shock on her face.

His sudden burst of this astonishing attack made everyone’s expressions change. Xu Qingqing hastily retreated, but realised that she wasn’t able to retreat through the envelop of the Nine-layered Pagoda. She immediately mobilised her Spiritual Energy and the silvery long sword in her hands burst out like a silver python, along with silvery sword flashes and stabs towards the suppressing Nine-layered Pagoda.


The sword flash clashed with the Nine-layered Pagoda. Those sharp sword flashes rapidly turned dull with shocking speed as fine cracks appeared on the sword.


The Spiritual Artifact suffered heavy damage. Xu Qingqing’s face abruptly paled and a mouthful of blood was spurt from her mouth as she was sent flying back in a sorry state.


It was as though that silvery long sword had issued a wail as her Spiritual Energy turned dull and flew back into Xu Qingqing’s hand. On the sword blade, fine cracks extended. It was a Middle Rank Spiritual Artifact, but was turned into scrap by the Nine-layered Pagoda!

The entire area was in silence. Every eye that gazed in this direction was filled with shock. Especially Huo Feng, who had exchanged blows with Mu Chen earlier, his face was especially grave. He obviously didn’t expect that Mu Chen would have such shocking cards up his sleeve. That suppression from the black pagoda earlier on, even if it was him receiving such an attack, even he would be in a sorry state.

Mu Chen looked at Xu Qingqing, who was sent flying. With a wave of his hand, the Nine-layered Pagoda shot back and landed on his palm, before disappearing.

He was also filled with shock in his heart. The formidability of this Nine-layered Pagoda had far surpassed his imagination. Furthermore, from the information that he had received earlier, this Nine-layered Pagoda had nine floors. Earlier on, he had only managed to mobilise the first layer. If he could mobilize all nine layers one day, wouldn’t that kind of might be heaven defying?

Furthermore, it seemed that this Nine-layered Pagoda possessed a weird ability. Like earlier, it had directly laid a Middle Rank Spiritual Artifact to waste. If it was an ordinary clash, it’s impossible to accomplish such a feat.

The Nine-layered Pagoda seemed to be the weakness of Spiritual Artifacts. It can simply be said as a Spiritual Artifact killer.

“My Silver Dragon Sword…”

Xu Qingqing held the dull silvery long sword in her hands as her eyes turned dull. Soon after, her pretty face turned extremely cold. Her eyes were fixed on Mu Chen as she spoke in a stern voice, “Mu Chen, I’ll shred you to pieces!”

“Lu Long, Liu Xiao, kill him!” She yelled shrewdly. Her pretty face was twisted from her anger.

Close by, two figures flew over as their eyes gloomily stared at Mu Chen. Both of them were Heavenly Fusion State Late Phase experts. Although they weren’t within the top hundredth of the Heavenly Ranking, they’re still powerful characters.

Seeing the sight of this, Mu Chen’s brows were also slightly frowned. This Xu Qingqing was indeed ignorant, this kind of woman was the most annoying.


However, when those two were about to take action, there was a sudden burst of Spiritual Energy coming from behind. An overflowing green light soared into the sky and everyone turned their attention towards it. In the huge wave, the Celestial Spirit Lotus was gradually blooming.

When the Celestial Spirit Lotus had fully bloomed, a heavy fragrance filled the air. After a whiff, the agitated Spiritual Energy within one’s body felt as though it had calmed down.

Someone issued a cry, “The Celestial Spirit Lotus is about to bloom!”

Mu Chen concentrated and looked over at it. Within that “Celestial Spirit Lotus”,there were lotus seeds that were flickering with dazzling luster. From the looks of them, they appeared to be as smooth and round as gems.

At this moment, with the blooming of that “Celestial Spirit Lotus”, those lotus seeds also had signs of erupting. That Celestial Spirit Lotus had actually matured to the point where it would erupt automatically.

The countless gazes from the surrounding groups were boiling. Once the Celestial Spirit Lotus erupts, the situation would definitely be in chaos. At that time, they would have to depend on their luck to obtain those seeds.

“Get ready to snatch the lotus seeds!”

At the sight of this, Xu Qingqing could only clench her teeth as she glanced at Mu Chen ferociously. If she were to attack Mu Chen right now, she would lose her chance to snatch the the lotus seeds.

Mu Chen paid no attention to her as he had also directed his gaze at that dazzling Celestial Spirit Lotus.

Practically everyone had their gazes gathered over there.

Those gazes slowly turned blazing.


The Celestial Spirit Lotus had blossomed to its limit and, soon after, dark green light beams had fiercely erupted into the sky. The sky looked like it was decorated with jade. At the same time, that Celestial Spirit Lotus had completely exploded.

A surge of frightening Spiritual Energy storms swept forth and scattered the Spiritual Energy waves. In that storm, pearls of jadeite luster shot throughout the surrounding area at an astonishing speed.


The heavens and earth surged violently. Those countless shadows longingly pounced towards those jadeite pearls.

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