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Chapter 203 – Huo Feng

In the deepest part of the Spirit Convergence Array, the sky was filled with brilliant colors. If one was to look forward, the sky would seem as magnificent as the ocean. A dense Spiritual Aura was converging and forming into many tidal waves. At the same time, rumbling sounds resounded out, causing it to seem like actual tidal waves.

On the ground outside of the deepest part of the Spirit Convergence Array, countless figures were already waiting patiently. Every single one of them were looking at the Spiritual Aura Ocean eagerly. At that location, the Spiritual Aura was surging out like actual tidal waves and a terrifying Spiritual Energy pressure emanated out into the world.

Against this terrifying Spiritual Energy pressure, even a Heavenly Fusion Stage would seem quite miniscule and wouldn’t dare to face the tidal waves directly.

In front of the crowd of students, there were a few individuals that were entirely different than the rest. These individuals were all well-known students within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Furthermore, they were all quite powerful and were considerably frightening by just standing there.

When Mu Chen arrived at this location, he noticed this lively scene. Then, he too, landed on a mountain peak in the front. His gaze swept across the terrifying Spiritual Aura Tidal Waves in the distance. From the Spiritual Energy pressure that he sensed, his breathing stopped for a moment.

“As expected from a Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array.”

Seeing this magnificent scene, Mu Chen couldn’t help but let out a praise. Only a Spirit Convergence Array of this level could actually cause such an amazing Spirit Tide.

Mu Chen looked at the Spirit Tide in the distance before he turned his gaze towards the individuals that were in the front. Then, he noticed a familiar silhouette amongst these individuals.

It was Su Ling’Er.

When he noticed the girl’s elegant figure, Mu Chen could not help but rub his nose. His body instinctively shrank back slightly. After all, he had never imagined that Su Ling’Er was currently still within the Spirit Convergence Array.

However, Su Ling’Er didn’t seem to notice Mu Chen at all. She crossed her arms as her beautiful face stared coldly out into the sky to her right. From that direction, there was another group of individuals approaching.

The number of individuals weren’t small and the one leading was also a beautiful girl. Her appearance was quite pretty and had slightly thin lips. An unconcealable hint of arrogance and superiority could be seen within her eyes.

Although the two girls’ beauty was at a similar level, Mu Chen felt that Su Ling’Er made him feel slightly more comfortable.

“Keke, Su Ling’Er. You sure have arrived quite early. The Celestial Spirit Lotus hasn’t even appeared and yet you’ve already arrived.” Just as Mu Chen glanced at the two of them, the tall and beautiful girl that was leading the group chuckled as she stared at Su Ling’Er.

“Xu Qingqing. This Spirit Convergence Array does not belong to you. Do I have to report to you, whenever I come here?” It seemed that Su Ling’Er did not possess any pleasant feelings towards this girl and she quickly responded rudely.

“Hmph. How sharp-tongued.” The girl called Xu Qingqing snorted before replying mockingly: “I heard that you’ve tried to cause trouble for the freshman known as Mu Chen earlier. However, it seemed that you’ve embarrassed yourself instead? Su Ling’Er. Your sister is quite famous among the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, yet how could you, her sister, fail to teach a lesson to a mere freshman?”

“From what I see, why don’t you ask me to help you teach a lesson to that freshman?”

“You’re not qualified to intervene with my own affairs,” Su Ling’Er said coldly.

“Ohoho, is that it? However, I must obtain the Spirit Lotus Seed today. If you want to steal it from me, then don’t blame me for acting quite rude. Others might be afraid of your sister, but I’m not afraid of her.” Xu Qingqing curled her lips.

“Then, let’s see you try taking it.”

Su Ling’Er continued to oppose Xu Qingqing and did not take a step backwards. The confrontation between these two girls also attracted the attention of many individuals. However, many of them were not surprised. After all, everyone within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy knew that Su Ling’Er and Xu Qingqing had a terrible relationship with each other.

Su Ling’Er’s sister is Su Xuan, who was ranked third on the Heavenly Ranking. However, Xu Qingqing’s brother was also Xu Huang, who was ranked fifth on the Heavenly Ranking. Both of them had a powerful background and not many would dare offend either of them. Therefore, many individuals would stay away from these two girls.

Mu Chen curled his lips as he watched the confrontation between these two girls. Just earlier, Xu Qingqing had dragged him into their conversation. The tone as she talked about him made him quite unhappy. Therefore, he did not like her that much.

It was evident that Mu Chen was not interested in entering their quarrels. Therefore, he stood quietly as he watched the Spirit Tide in the distance. He waited for the moment when the so-called “Celestial Spirit Lotus” would appear.


But while Mu Chen was waiting, he suddenly felt a gaze filled with hatred suddenly focusing on him. He immediately frowned and turned around as he stared towards the source of this gaze. When he located the source, he was slightly surprised.

This was because the owner of this gaze was Mo Lun, who Mu Chen had defeated previously.

Ever since that guy had been defeated by him, he had vanished without a trace. Mu Chen had originally thought that he would perform some sort of measures against him, yet he never imagined that Mo Lun would have calmed down. This saved him from a bit of trouble. However, judging from Mo Lun’s appearance, it seemed that he had not given up on revenge.

Mu Chen glanced at Mo Lun before focusing on the people beside him. At that location, there were three other individuals. Mu Chen’s gaze swept across these three individuals and stopped at the one in the front. His eyes instantly became serious.

It was a somewhat burly boy. He had a dull appearance, yet he had a slightly pointed nose. At the same time, he gave off a cold feeling and judging from the Spiritual Energy fluctuations emitted from his body, he was many times stronger than Mo Lun.

This person actually possessed the strength of a Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase.

This made Mu Chen somewhat surprised. In general, a person with such strength would be ranked in the top 100s of the Heavenly Ranking. It was impossible for him to be a nobody within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Mo Lun stared darkly at Mu Chen before the corners of his lips rose up coldly. Then, he approached the burly boy in front and whispered a few words to him. At the same time, he pointed over towards Mu Chen.

When he noticed this, Mu Chen had an indifferent expression while he raised his eyebrow. It seemed that he didn’t teach him a big enough lesson last time.

As Mo Lun whispered to the burly boy, that boy slowly tilted his head. Then, his cold gaze focused on Mu Chen’s body.

Against this cold gaze, Mu Chen did not show any signs of retreating and instead confronted this gaze.

Before he had advanced to the Heavenly Fusion Stage, it might be quite difficult for him to deal with a person at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase. But for the current him, he wasn’t afraid of them anymore. If they were to fight against each other, it wouldn’t be easy for his opponent to gain the upper hand.

The burly boy listened to what Mo Lun had to say. However, it was evident that the latter was currently complaining about Mu Chen’s actions. After a while, the burly boy nodded and headed straight towards Mu Chen.

When Mo Lun noticed this, he hurriedly followed. A hint of cunning and pride emerged in his eyes as he stared at Mu Chen again.

“Huh, isn’t that the leader of the Azure Red Community, Huo Feng? He actually came here.”

When the burly boy rushed over towards Mu Chen, it had attracted a lot of gazes and it was clear that others had identified him.

“Azure Red Community’s Leader, Huo Feng?” Mu Chen narrowed his eyes slightly. Since Mo Lun was part of the Azure Red Community and he was defeated by Mu Chen, it was no wonder that this boy would take action.

Moreover, from the looks of it, this leader of the Azure Red Community is planning to help Mo Lun get his revenge.


Huo Feng’s body quickly appeared at the mountain peak where Mu Chen was located at. He stared coldly at Mu Chen and asked: “You’re the freshman known as Mu Chen, right?”

“May I ask what you want from me?” Mu Chen smiled faintly.

“Previously, I was in secluded training. Therefore, I had only heard about Mo Lun’s matters a few days ago.”

Huo Feng stared at Mu Chen and waved his hand. Then, he continued: “Although he had gone overboard, you’ve also taught him a lesson. However, I hope that you will return the Spiritual Values back to him. That was the Spiritual Values that he had accumulated for six months. If you do so, then this matter is truly over.”

He had a calm tone as if he was talking about something that should naturally occur.

Mu Chen smiled and glanced at Mo Lun. Then, he replied: “He prevented so many freshmen from exiting the freshman area. People always say that you shouldn’t hurt one’s pride if you were to hurt someone. However, he stepped directly on so many people’s pride. I’ve always considered that the lesson that I’ve taught him was quite light. But now, you actually want me to return the Spiritual Values back to him?”

“Mu Chen. You actually dare to act this arrogant in front of our leader? Do you actually believe that the Azure Red Community isn’t able to deal with you?!” Mo Lun’s face exchanged between a pale and red color as he sneered. From his tone, it was clear that he had made Mu Chen an enemy of the Azure Red Community.

“It seems that I was too kind last time. Against a bastard like you, there truly isn’t a need to care much about it.” Mu Chen directly a smile towards Mo Lun. However, this smile caused Mo Lun to shiver and retreat slightly. He had seen Mu Chen’s performance at the Freshmen Competition and knew that he wasn’t Mu Chen’s opponent.

“To actually threaten members of the Azure Red Community in front of me, it seems that the rumors are true. This year’s freshmen are quite arrogant.” Huo Feng stared coldly at Mu Chen as he spoke.

This confrontation soon caused a commotion. Since many people were waiting for the appearance of the “Celestial Spirit Lotus”, they casted curious gazes over here.

When they noticed the two individuals confronting each other, a hint of surprise filled their eyes. After all, Huo Feng was quite famous within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. His rank of being 91st on the Heavenly Ranking bears a bit of weight.

As for Mu Chen, his fame had started to emerge after the Freshmen Competition and was considered an emerging dark horse within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

They never imagined that these two individuals would actually confront each other.

Not far away, Su Ling’Er also noticed the commotion and turned her gaze around. Then, her pretty face instantly turned red as she noticed Mu Chen’s silhouette. She gritted her teeth tightly and rage filled her eyes. This bastard had finally dared to appear in front of her?!

“Since you’re a freshman and perhaps you didn’t understand about the rules, I didn’t want to bother you. Regarding about the matter with Mo Lun and you, it’s true that Mo Lun had done something inappropriate. Therefore, I will ask you once more. Return the Spiritual Values back to him and we will consider this matter over, okay?” Huo Feng extended his hand out as he spoke in a deep voice. His eyes, as he stared at Mu Chen, was razor-sharp.

Mu Chen frowned and laughed faintly as he glanced at Huo Feng. Then, he slowly shook his head. In his eyes, a hint of coldness emerged.

“I refuse.”

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