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Chapter 196 – Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array

Outside of the Spiritual Arts Hall, lights burst out and Mu Chen and the others’ figures emerged. As each one of them obtained a Spiritual Art, it was evident that their trip to the Spiritual Arts Hall was over.

However, Yang Hong’s expression remained somewhat gloomy even after they had left the Spiritual Arts Hall. He glanced at Mu Chen sullenly and disappeared into the distance. At this moment, he was filled with disbelief and horror as he heard that Mu Chen had defeated a protector at the Heavenly Transformation Stage.

Mu Chen glanced at Yang Hong’s departing silhouette before retracting his gaze.

On the other hand, Mu Kui and Bing Qing stared curiously at Mu Chen. They wanted to know what Spiritual Art Mu Chen had obtained within the Spiritual Arts Hall. However, it wasn’t polite to inquire about it. Thus, they could only cup their hands towards Mu Chen before departing on their own.

“Where are you planning to go now?” Luo Li’s beautiful eyes stared at Mu Chen as she softly asked.

“I’m going to experience one of the high rank Spirit Convergence Array inside the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.” Mu Chen smiled. Since he had already obtained the Spiritual Art, he should grasp hold of the time and begin to cultivate. Time was running out and he must breakthrough to the Heavenly Fusion Stage within two months. Moreover, he must complete the Spiritual Energy Fusion. After all, he felt immense pressure from Li Xuantong.

Luo Li blinked. She was extremely intelligent and could guess why Mu Chen was trying so hard to cultivate.

“If it’s because of Li Xuantong, you don’t have to care about him…” Luo Li hesitated slightly before she spoke.

Mu Chen smiled. His gaze were firmly fixed on the delicate and exquisite face of the girl in front of him. This appearance…This smile…It was extremely bewitching.

“Why are you staring at me like this?” Luo Li’s face turned slightly red once she was aware of Mu Chen looking at her like this.

Mu Chen extended his hand out and held onto the girl’s slender and delicate hands. This soft texture made it nearly impossible to let go.

At this instant, Luo Li’s face turned bright red. Her eyes quickly scanned through the surroundings. Only after she noticed that there were nobody nearby, she stopped struggling.

“It isn’t because of Li Xuantong.” Mu Chen bit his lips and stared at the girl in front of him. His handsome face had changed slightly and revealed a hint of determination: “I don’t know what you’re burdened with, but, since you told me in the Spiritual Road that you would protect my back, then who do you think is standing in front of you?”

Luo Li stared at Mu Chen. Within her glass-like eyes, a hint of emotion emerged.

“Perhaps I may not be qualified right now. However, I believe that I would be able to do it in the future. When that happens, I will fulfill my promise. Therefore, I am currently working hard to achieve it.” Mu Chen’s gentle voice revealed his determination.

Since you are standing behind me. Naturally, I will be in front of you.

Luo Li nibbled her lips and stared at Mu Chen. After a while, she revealed a slight smile and nodded her head.

“I’ll head out first. Are you planning to come with me?” Mu Chen smiled.

Luo Li shook her head and replied: “I will stay at the freshman area for the next few days. Since you’ve obtained the Spirit Ranking’s Rank 1, it is possible that another person would come due to their rage. This way, I can help you deal with the situation.”

Although Mu Chen had resolved the matter with Mo Lun previously, the rumors spread out from it weren’t all that good. Therefore, Luo Li hoped that this sort of incident would not occur again.

Mu Chen nodded. He did not know Su Ling’Er and did not know her personality. Therefore, it would be best to be prepared for it. With Luo Li’s strength, she shouldn’t be any weaker than Su Ling’Er.

Moreover, if Su Ling was to take action, he could resolve it again after he had finished his cultivation.

“I’ll head out first then.” Mu Chen replied and no longer hesitated. He turned into a figure of light as he headed to the depths of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Luo Li stared at Mu Chen’s departing figure and the smile on her face slowly faded away. After a while, she let out a faint sigh before disappearing from this location.

As Mu Chen headed to the depths of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he would glance around. At this place, there were countless individuals rushing through the sky. The Spiritual Energy fluctuations emitted from these individuals were considerably powerful. This area was normally filled with seniors and their strength was naturally much more powerful than the freshmen’s.

Mu Chen’s eyes looked out into a certain direction. From that location, a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation surged out. It was the direction of a Spirit Convergence Array. Moreover, its rank wasn’t low at all.

Mu Chen pondered for a moment before he rushed out to the right. At that direction, there was a Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array. He had never seen a Spiritual Array at this rank before and if he was able to cultivate within it, the results of his cultivation would definitely exceed the results if he cultivated outside of it.

Although it would cause a fortune to cultivate within a Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array per day, time was pressing for Mu Chen so he did not consider about the cost.

After flying for approximately ten minutes, Mu Chen had slowed down his pace. His eyes were focused on the scene in front of him. At this place, a fierce distortion was in place and had formed a massive door of light. Even if they were separated by a distance, Mu Chen was able to sense a tiny pressure from the Spiritual Aura rushing out from the door.


At this moment, numerous figures would charge into the door of light. It was evident that they were students that planned to enter the Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array to cultivate.

Seeing this, Mu Chen let out a praise before following the stream of people and charged into the Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array.

In the instant Mu Chen had entered the Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array, he felt a powerful surge of Spiritual Aura rushing towards him. At the same time, his body felt quite heavy as if he had a mountain on his back.

Mu Chen quickly circulated the Spiritual Energy within his body to resist this sense of heaviness. He lifted his eyes and glanced around. Then, surprise filled his eyes.

The Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array was larger than what Mu Chen had expected. It possessed valley plains, mountains and river streams. From its appearance, it seemed like a beautiful, yet secluded place.

Within this area, a faint mist would emit out. However, it wasn’t the regular mist that one would encounter normally. Instead, it was formed by the Spiritual Aura of the world. Normally speaking, this mist would only be formed when the Spiritual Aura of the world had reached a certain degree of richness. Moreover, it was very beneficial for cultivation.

“As expected from a Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array.”

Mu Chen was full of praise as he looked around. Compared to this place, the Spiritual Aura within the freshman area was quite shabby. Of course, the cost of entering this place was quite larger as well.

Mu Chen looked at the Spiritual Values Card within his hand and noticed that a total of 4,000 Spiritual Values were deducted from it. In other words, the Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array would deduct 4,000 Spiritual Values every day. Since Mu Chen had around 500,000 Spiritual Values, he could only cultivate in this place for approximately three months.

Mu Chen put away his Spiritual Values Card and let out a wry smile. It was fortunate that he had obtained a bit of Spiritual Value from the Freshmen Competition. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have enough Spiritual Values to cultivate in seclusion within the Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array.

“Are there any other conditions to perform the Spiritual Energy Fusion?” Mu Chen glanced around before inquiring the Nine Nether Bird.

“You should find a location with a high density of Spiritual Aura. Also, it would be best if it is extremely close to a deep lake.” The Nine Nether Bird’s thoughts were conveyed out to Mu Chen.

“A deep lake?”

Mu Chen was slightly confused, but he did not inquire about the reason right now. Instead, he rushed to the depths of the Spirit Convergence Array. It was evident that the Spiritual Aura became more dense as he neared the center of the Spirit Convergence Array.

Compared to earlier, Mu Chen had slowed down as he flew across the place. Rumbling Spiritual Aura would enter his body every time he took a breath, causing his body to be much more relaxed.

Along the way, there were various mountain river streams, but the majority of the locations were already occupied . Although it would consume a lot of Spiritual Values in order to cultivate within the Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array, the density of the Spiritual Aura of the world within this place had made many students flock to this place when they had accumulated sufficient Spiritual Values.

Mu Chen continued to head to the depths of the Spirit Convergence Array, and in approximately ten minutes, he had gradually slowed down and revealed his figure. His line of sight had stared below. At that location, there were two giant mountains which were connected at the summit. Because of this connection, it had formed a massive lake. The lake seemed quite clear and at first glance, it was impossible to see the bottom of this lake. It was evident that it was quite deep.

Dense Spiritual Mist floated above the lake. Even when a powerful gale had emerged, it had failed to dissipate the Spiritual Mist.

Regarding this location, Mu Chen was quite satisfied with it. He descended and landed on the surface of the water. When he landed, his feet caused ripples on the surface of the lake. This was because the Spiritual Aura at this place was too dense and caused Mu Chen’s body to become a lot heavier.

Mu Chen glanced around the surroundings. There should be a few students secretly cultivating near this lake. However, it was quite quiet compared to the outside. If he was to cultivate at this place, he probably wouldn’t be disturbed.

“What should I do now?” Mu Chen inquired again.

“Dive down to the bottom of the lake to cultivate.” The Nine Nether Bird replied faintly.

“Dive down to the bottom of the lake?” Mu Chen was stunned.

Within his aura sea, the Nine Nether Bird stretched its wings that were tainted with black flames elegantly as it responded: “It is extremely difficult to perform a Spiritual Energy Fusion. Therefore, you will require the assistance of an external force. As for this external force, we can use the pressure of the water to replace it. The water within this lake possesses Spiritual Aura, thus, the pressure from it far exceeds ordinary water pressure. Once you reach the bottom of the lake, the water pressure would seep into your body from all directions. When that happens, you can intertwine the Nine Netherflame and your Spiritual Energy and the water pressure seeping into your body will help your Spiritual Energy fuse with the Nine Netherflame gradually…”

“Of course, it is easier said than done. The slightest bit of mistake would cause your body and meridians to suffer a severe injury. Moreover, the Nine Netherflame is exceptionally overbearing. Even with the Bloodlink Bond, the Nine Netherflame does not belong to you. Therefore, you must endure this pain or else everything that you’ve done would end up in naught.”

“So…are you prepared?”

Mu Chen took a deep breath and his eyes became serious. In the end, he nodded heavily without any hesitation.

“Let’s begin!”

A hint of fierceness emerged within Mu Chen’s black eyes. Then, with a plopping sound, he dove straight into the clear lake and water ripples spread out. As for Mu Chen, his figure was just like a fish as he headed towards the bottom of the lake.

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