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Chapter 195 – Trick

Within the hall, Mu Chen’s body was blown away awkwardly. His feet scraped across the metal-like floor and was finally blown into a massive stone pillar.


Fresh blood sprayed out from Mu Chen’s mouth. At this moment, Mu Chen was extremely pale. Although he had already overestimated the protector’s strength, he discovered that he had still underestimated the strength of a Heavenly Transformation Stage after enduring one blow.

Mu Chen rubbed his chest and pulled out a black piece. This black piece resembled a black pot with Spiritual Energy engravings placed on its surface. This was a Low Rank Spiritual Artifact that Mu Chen had obtained in the Northern Heavens World. He had never used it all this time, but at that earlier moment, Mu Chen had activated it. If it wasn’t for this black pot, right now, his injuries would be much more serious.

Mu Chen tossed aside the black piece and wiped away the blood from his mouth. Then, he stared at the protector in the distance. At this moment, the latter had also stopped moving. A scarlet light shone out from within the heavy armor.

Mu Chen stared firmly at the protector and clenched his hands. Although his estimations were mostly accurate, he must witness the final result to know if it had any effects.

If this method failed to sever the link between the protector and the Spiritual Arts Hall, Mu Chen could only try to think of another way.

As Mu Chen stared at the protector, Elder Zhu Tian and the others were also watching the screen of light from a certain location. A hint of surprise appeared as they noticed the unmoving protector.

With their keen senses, they could detect something abnormal.

Chi Chi.

While they were surprised, the icy-cold body of the protector had suddenly released out a disorderly Spiritual Energy. Then, the scarlet light emitted out from within the armor had dimmed before it had completely turned black.

“What happened?” Seeing this, Elder Zhu Tian was shocked and he asked in surprise.

“He destroyed the hidden Spiritual Array on the protector’s body and severed my connection with the protector.” A thought was conveyed over as the screen of light fluctuated.


Elder Zhu Tian and the white-haired old man exclaimed loudly. Naturally, they knew that the Spiritual Arts Hall had the ability to control the protectors. This was achieved by the hall through a Spiritual Array placed on the protector’s body. However, this Spiritual Array was quite complicated. It would not stop even if a portion was destroyed unless it was the core of the Spiritual Array. However, Mu Chen had managed to destroy the core of the Spiritual Array.

This eyesight and the timing to grasp the opportunity was indeed marvelous.

“Should I reconnect to the protector?” An inhumane thought was conveyed out once again.

Elder Zhu Tian thought for a moment and shook his head. “Although he did not truly defeat the protector, he still managed to stop it. Therefore, it is considered that he had passed this test.”

Elder Zhu Tian glanced at the white-haired old man. The latter had also nodded his head and said, “Consider him passed.”


This thought was conveyed over and the inhumane consciousness faded away.

“That little guy… He truly is surprising. He actually managed to defeat the protector using such a method,” Elder Zhu Tian exclaimed.

The white-haired old man also smiled. He stared at the boy in an awkward state within the screen of light and muttered: “It seems that there are indeed excellent seedlings within this year’s freshmen. Perhaps in the nearby future, he will possess the qualifications to challenge the seniors at the top.”

“When that happens, it will be quite fun to watch.”

Inside the hall, Mu Chen finally let out a sigh of relief after noticing that the Spiritual Energy had completely vanished from within the protector’s body. He immediately wiped out the sweat from his forehead.

It seemed that his gamble had paid off this time.

With Mu Chen’s strength, it would be quite difficult for him to forcibly destroy a Spiritual Array at this level. Therefore, he could only observe the Spiritual Array carefully and discover the core and the important array lines. He would destroy one of them and this would lead to an effect of completely disrupting the Spiritual Array.

Of course, he only managed to perform this feat because he had relied on the Nine Nether Bird’s Nine Netherflame. This flame was able to burn even Spiritual Energy. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to instantly destroy the Spiritual Array lines.

“This Nine Netherflame is indeed powerful.”

Mu Chen stared at the hint of black flame on the icy-cold body of the protector. He could not help but let out a praise. It seems that he must perform the Spiritual Energy Fusion that the Nine Nether Bird had mentioned after he exited the Spiritual Arts Hall. When his Spiritual Energy had fused with the Nine Nether Bird’s, the overbearingness and power of his Spiritual Energy would reach another level.

Moreover, the battle with the protector had finally made Mu Chen understood how powerful a Heavenly Transformation Stage powerhouse was. This made him quite alarmed. After all, Li Xuantong’s strength was probably even stronger than the protector. If he did not improve, he wouldn’t be able to contend against Li Xuantong. It was evident that he, Mu Chen, did not want to see a situation where he was completely powerless in the face of Li Xuantong.

“It seems that I must hurry and improve my strength.”

Mu Chen muttered to himself and felt a hint of urgency. He immediately took a deep breath and suppressed the flowing blood. Then, he slowly walked forward, bypassing the protector and headed towards the stone platform.

And against Mu Chen’s action, the protector no longer reacted. From its appearance, it was as if the victor had been determined… Although he had resorted to using a trick.

After walking past the protector, Mu Chen stopped in front of the stone platform. He stared at the black scroll suspended above the stone platform. When he observed the black scroll at a close distance, he was able to notice that the four beast figures surrounding the scroll were a dragon, tiger, phoenix and turtle. As they growled, it was quite mysterious and ancient-sounding.

Mu Chen extended his hand out and held onto the black scroll. At this moment, the black scroll did not resist and allowed Mu Chen to hold onto it.

In the instant that Mu Chen had held onto the “Four Gods Constellation Scripture”, a grin appeared on his face. After enormous effort, he finally managed to obtain it.


When Mu Chen had obtained the “Four Gods Constellation Scripture”, a burst of light erupted out from within the hall. Then, Mu Chen felt the space distorting and everything in front of him had changed.

Mu Chen calmed down and immediately looked around. Then, he noticed that he was staring at Elder Zhu Tian, who had a smile on his face. Beside him was a white-haired old man. And further behind these two individuals, there were a dozen figures who had stared at him in a curious manner.

“You truly are lucky… From the rules, you currently aren’t qualified to obtain a Spiritual Art at the level of the Four Gods Constellation Scripture.” Elder Zhu Tian’s eyes swept through Mu Chen’s body as he smiled.

Mu Chen let out a hollow laugh. However, deep down inside, he felt nervous. Could Elder Zhu Tian and the others plan on taking back the “Four Gods Constellation Scripture”? He understood that he wouldn’t be able to obtain the “Four Gods Constellation Scripture without the summon of the mysterious black scroll within his body.

Elder Zhu Tian glanced at Mu Chen and seemed to know what he was thinking: “Relax. Since you’ve obtained the ‘Four Gods Constellation Scripture’, we would not ask you to hand it back to us. This is also considered to be your opportunity.”

“Then I will have to thank you, Elder Zhu Tian.”

Mu Chen was relief and quickly gave his thanks.

At this moment, Elder Zhu Tian smiled and waved his sleeves. Four other beams flashed near Mu Chen and four figures emerged from within. It was Luo Li, Yang Hong, Mu Kui and Bing Qing.

All four of them had a dense Spiritual Energy surging out from their bodies. It was evident that they had experienced a battle as well. However, judging from their expression, they were in control of the fight.

When the four of them appeared, they looked towards Mu Chen, who was in front of them. However, they were stunned when they noticed Mu Chen’s pale expression and torn clothes.

“What happened?” Luo Li’s expression changed and hurriedly walked forward. Right now, Mu Chen’s condition was even worse than the condition he had after fighting against Yang Hong.

Mu Kui and Bing Qing were also surprised as they stared at Mu Chen. Only Yang Hong’s eyes were sneering. It was evident that he was willing to see Mu Chen in a beaten up state.

“Ohoho, this little guy met a Deity Tier Spiritual Art and was beaten up to this state by the Heavenly Transformation Stage protector.” Elder Zhu Tian chuckled.

“Heavenly Transformation Stage protector?!”

When these words were spoken, Luo Li, Mu Kui and Bing Qing were completely stunned. All of them had actually obtained a Quasi-Deity Tier Spiritual Art. However, the protector they had faced was only at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase. This Mu Chen had actually fought against a protector at the Heavenly Transformation Stage? Just exactly what level was the Spiritual Art he had found?

“How overconfident.” Yang Hong sneered. This guy, who does he think he is? He actually didn’t know his own strength and even dared to touch a Deity Tier Spiritual Art.

Mu Chen glanced towards Yang Hong and completely ignored him. This made Yang Hong’s face turn blue.

“Since I found one, I attempted to obtain it.” Mu Chen directed a smile towards Luo Li.

Luo Li shook her head helplessly. He wouldn’t’ve discarded his opportunity because of this one attempt?

“Ohoho. He didn’t fail.” Elder Zhu Tian smiled.

“Didn’t fail?” Luo Li and the others froze when they heard this. A hint of disbelief emerged in their eyes. They stared at Mu Chen, who was completely pale and in an awkward state. If he didn’t fail, does that mean he had succeeded?

Mu Chen actually defeated a protector at the Heavenly Transformation Stage? How is this possible!

“Although he resorted to using a trick, it is still considered a success. This little guy isn’t as simple as you think.” Elder Zhu Tian smiled towards Mu Chen.

Towards Elder Zhu Tian, who had spoken out his secret, Mu Chen could only laugh wryly. Then, he smiled towards Yang Hong, who had a gloomy expression, and said, “Sorry. It wasn’t what you think it was.”

Yang Hong’s expression turned blue. A hint of powerless filled his heart. Originally, he thought that he would surpass Mu Chen once he obtained a Quasi-Deity Tier Spiritual Art. However, who would’ve imagined that this bastard would actually defeat a Heavenly Transformation Stage protector. Although he didn’t know what trick Mu Chen used, but could the difference in strength really be covered by a “simple” trick?

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