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Chapter 193 – Four Gods Constellation Scripture

Within the brilliant river of light, a dark purple light flashed by. The countless beams within the river of light actually moved away by themselves, and allowed the purple light to pass through smoothly.

At that moment, Mu Chen was within the purple light. His expression was filled with disbelief and shock. Ever since he’d obtained the mysterious black paper, it had only displayed a miraculous power when the Nine Nether Bird had attempted to seize his body. Since then, it had returned to its peaceful state, and no matter what Mu Chen did, he’d failed to make any contact with it.

But contrary to his expectations, the mysterious black paper had once again begun to move…

Although Mu Chen was stunned, he didn’t resist it. Ever since he’d obtained the mysterious black paper from the Spiritual Road, it’d never caused him to be in danger. Instead, it had protected him. Therefore, it was unlikely that the paper would harm him.

As he thought about this, Mu Chen gradually calmed down. He stared at the beams of light that flowed by, and noticed at least three different beams that were just as bright as the Nine Dragon Skywind Art as he progressed further in. It was evident that these beams possessed a Quasi-Deity Tier Spiritual Art as well.

Mu Chen stared reluctantly at the bright lights in the distance. However, seeing that the purple light didn’t show any signs of stopping, he could only let out a helpless sigh. Right now, he wanted to see just where it would bring him to.

The dark purple light continued to carry Mu Chen into the depths of the river of light. After approximately ten minutes, Mu Chen noticed that his speed had finally slowed down. At that moment, the surroundings were completely devoid of light, and weren’t as magnificent looking as before. Instead, it seemed that he’d reached the very end of the river of light.

In the end, the purple light had finally stopped and Mu Chen glanced around in the darkness. He let out a bitter laugh. Just what the hell was going on?

Just when Mu Chen became dumbfounded, swishing sounds rushed out from the deepest parts of the darkness. He immediately turned around and noticed a black clump with a tail of light rushing towards him at an alarming speed.

The black clump of light quickly arrived in front of Mu Chen. At that moment, Mu Chen stared at it in surprise. The clump of light was pitch-black and looked like a tiny black hole. Even his line of sight seemed to be sucked into it. Therefore, Mu Chen wasn’t able to see anything as he looked at it.

Although he wasn’t able to detect anything strange with it, Mu Chen’s gaze turned serious. This was because he could vaguely feel an immense and obscure fluctuation being emitted from within the black clump.

As he continued to gaze at the black clump of light, the roars of an ancient dragon and a tiger resounded out from within. Aside from these two roars, there were also two other, different ancient roars as well.

When Mu Chen heard the ancient dragon and tiger’s roar, his expression had become completely serious. From these sounds, he could sense a mysterious pressure.

Mu Chen stared tightly at the black clump of light, and couldn’t decide whether or not he should touch it. At the same time, he didn’t dare to move either. His instincts told him that this item was probably more formidable than the Quasi-Deity Tier Spiritual Art earlier.

Just when Mu Chen hesitated, a purple light rushed out from his body and illuminated the black clump of light. At the same time, Mu Chen was able to detect that the mysterious black paper within his aura sea had started to vibrate. A mysterious purple light was constantly being emitted out.

Chi Chi.

Under the radiance of the purple light, the black clump of light had actually melted away. Soon, the item within the black clump was revealed in front of Mu Chen.

Within the faint black light, there was a dark scroll. Ancient beast engravings were carved atop the surface of the scroll. At the same time, lights were emitted from within, and had condensed into illusionary beast figures near the scroll. Each one of these figures roared out. From the sound, Mu Chen was able to sense that it was both mysterious and ancient…

Mu Chen stared at the powerful aura that was emitted out from the scroll and his heart trembled. He hesitated for a moment before he extended his hand out. The black scroll slowly descended down and landed within his palm.

In the instant he made contact with the black scroll, he was able to detect that a wave of information had flowed into his mind.

Four God Constellation Scripture. A powerful Deity Art created by using the Constellation Spirits of the four directions. It could summon the Constellation Spirits from all four directions. Once these four gods gathered, it could tremble the heavens and the earth.

It was a simple introduction, yet it wasn’t able to conceal the powerful and overbearing aura being emitted. But what had shocked Mu Chen the most was that it didn’t state the level of the Four God Constellation Scripture.

Even though it wasn’t stated, Mu Chen was aware that this Spiritual Art was definitely at the Deity Tier level. Moreover, it was much more powerful than a Quasi-Deity Tier Spiritual Art; he was actually unclear as to just how powerful it was.

“This Four God Constellation Scripture seems to be related to the mysterious black paper within my body,” Mu Chen muttered as he held onto the black scroll. From the commotion caused by the mysterious black paper, Mu Chen knew that it was the mysterious black paper that had attracted this Spiritual Art towards him. Otherwise, it would’ve been impossible for Mu Chen to reach this place with his own power, and he wouldn’t have been given a choice to obtain a Spiritual Art at this level.

Although he’d obtained this black scroll, Mu Chen still hesitated for a moment. It’s not like one could take away a high ranked Spiritual Art just because they’d managed to obtain it. This was because one first had to defeat the protector in order to take away the Spiritual Art.

Furthermore, from what Elder Zhu Tian had said, it seemed that the more powerful the Spiritual Art was, the more powerful the protector would become. Even though Mu Chen hadn’t faced against any of the protectors before, he knew that the protector that were used to protect a Deity Tier Spiritual Art weren’t weak at all.

Mu Chen lowered his head and stared at the black scroll within his hand.

Should I take it or not?

Mu Chen’s eyes flashed for a moment before he finally became serious. Since there was such an opportunity, he mustn’t miss out on it. It wasn’t a big deal if he failed, he’d just return empty-handed!

Thinking about this, Mu Chen no longer hesitated, and gripped onto the black scroll tightly. An overwhelmingly powerful dark light was unleashed and instantly enveloped Mu Chen’s body. Then, both Mu Chen and the black scroll vanished from that place.

At a certain location in the Spiritual Arts Hall.

Elder Zhu Tian sat cross-legged within a large hall. In front of him, there was a white-haired old man. In front of them, they would gently place pieces on the Go Board from time to time.

Within the large hall, there were a dozen of other individuals sitting with closed eyes. It was clear that they were currently cultivating.

“Ohoho, I wonder if any of this little guys will manage to obtain a Deity Tier Spiritual Art this time? During the past few years, only Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong managed to obtain a Deity Tier Spiritual Art during their freshman year, right?” The white-haired old man in front of Elder Zhu Tian chuckled as he placed a board piece down.

“That depends on the mood of the Spiritual Arts Hall. If it’s in a bad mood and has strengthened the protectors, it will become much more difficult.” Elder Zhu Tian smiled and continued speaking, “However, there are a few powerful ones among the freshmen this time. I think that it’s possible for them to obtain a Quasi-Deity Tier Spiritual Art.”

The white-haired old man smiled and nodded. Just when he was about to speak again, his expression suddenly changed. From within the hall, a rippling fluctuation was being emitted out. It was from a consciousness that didn’t seem human.

“Someone made contact with a Spiritual Art at the Core Territory of the Spiritual Art Collection.”

When this thought was conveyed out, Elder Zhu Tian and the white-haired old man’s expression changed. Their board pieces dropped down onto the Go Board and had actually shattered both the board and the table.

“A Spiritual Art from the Core Territory?!”

Elder Zhu Tian and the white-haired old man exchanged gazes with each other in astonishment. Then, they immediately frowned and asked, “How is this possible? It is impossible for even a Heavenly Transformation Stage to enter that place. How could someone have made contact with a Spiritual Art inside that place? Moreover, the Spiritual Arts within that place aren’t even among the Spiritual Arts that could be selected by students. How could someone possibly enter that place?”

“The Spiritual Art rushed out from that place by itself.” A thought was conveyed out to them.

“What?” Elder Zhu Tian and the white-haired old man were finally stunned. The Spiritual Art had actually come out by itself? This was the first time that they’d ever heard of this occurring.

Within the large hall, the dozen figures, who were cultivating, also opened their eyes. Surprise filled their faces. It was also the first time since they’d guarded the Spiritual Arts Hall that they had heard of such a thing occurring.

“Which Spiritual Art is it?” Elder Zhu Tian asked solemnly.

The Spiritual Arts that were stored within the Core Territory of the Spiritual Arts Hall were considered to be a treasure even within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Ordinarily speaking, it wasn’t something that they could let a student to obtain.

The inhuman-like consciousness turned silent for a moment before it responded: “Four Gods Constellation Scripture.”

“Four Gods Constellation Scripture?”

Elder Zhu Tian and the white-haired old man were stunned. Their eyes immediately shrank slightly and asked, “Is it that ancient Spiritual Art that nobody has ever successfully learned?”


Elder Zhu Tian frowned. It was unknown when the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had obtained this Spiritual Art. However, ever since they’d obtained it, no one had ever successfully managed to learn it. Even the principal had attempted to learn it, and had still failed. According to the what their principal had said, the “Four Gods Constellation Scripture” was a powerful Spiritual Art that was probably born from an ancient scripture. It would be immensely difficult to learn it without the ancient scripture…

But why would such a situation occur now?

“Who obtained this Spiritual Art?” Elder Zhu Tian inquired.

The air trembled and lights gathered within the hall. In the end, it had condensed into a handsome boy with a slender body.

When Elder Zhu Tian looked at the figure formed by light, his eyes were filled with surprise. He muttered, “So it was Mu Chen…That boy isn’t simple…Not only does he possess the Nine Nether Bird’s Soul Essence, he even caused the “Four Gods Constellation Scripture” to rush to him by itself…”

Elder Zhu Tian chuckled and his eyes flashed.

What an interesting little guy.

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