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Chapter 192 – Selecting the Spiritual Art

Within the magnificent and glamorous river of light, Mu Chen’s body rushed out like lightning. Countless beams of light rushed through the sky and every single one of these beams possessed a scroll that was glowing in a different color. Spiritual Energy fluctuations would emit from these scrolls.

However, Mu Chen only glanced at these beams and did not take any action. Relying on his past experiences, he knew that the scrolls within these beams of light were mainly Spiritual Tier Middle Rank Spiritual Arts. Although they were decent Spiritual Arts, Mu Chen wasn’t satisfied with them anymore.

As Mu Chen continued to progress further in, a thick and bright beam burst out. The lustre of this beam was clearly brighter than the beams he had seen earlier.

Mu Chen stared at this beam and dark black Spiritual Energy gushed out of his hands. It extended out like billowing smoke and rushed over towards the beam.

When the beam of light had entered the black Spiritual Energy, Mu Chen quickly retracted his Spiritual Energy. However, the beam continued struggling like a caught fish within his Spiritual Energy. His dark Spiritual Energy started to show signs of it crumbling. Seeing this, Mu Chen quickly utilized his Spiritual Energy and wrapped heavily around the beam of light. Then, he stretched out and grabbed onto this beam

In the instant he had grabbed onto the beam of light, information flowed into his mind.

Grand Arctic Jade Hand, Spiritual Tier High Rank. Requires extremely cold Spiritual Energy to learn. When it is mastered, the cold aura is extremely overbearing and could turn one into an ice sculpture through contact. Once the sculpture is hit, it would shatter.

“It is actually a Spiritual Tier High Rank Spiritual Art.” Mu Chen smacked his lips. Speaking of which, a Spiritual Art at this level is considered to be quite excellent. Even the Spirit King Finger that he had learned was only at the level of a Spiritual Tier Low Rank Spiritual Art. As for the Shadowspirit Step, it was at the level of a Spiritual Tier Middle Rank. Both of these Spiritual Arts had helped Mu Chen out numerous times in the past. However, with the increase of his strength, these Spiritual Arts were not able to satisfy him any longer.

Mu Chen hesitated for a moment before letting this beam of light escape. Although Elder Zhu Tian had warned them not to be too persistent in obtaining a Deity Tier Spiritual Art and should know when to stop, Mu Chen did not want to be easily satisfied with such a Spiritual Art. This was not recklessness, but the confidence that he had within himself.

After letting the Spiritual Tier High Rank Spiritual Art escape, Mu Chen continued to rush into the depths. In a few minutes, he had seen many Spiritual Arts that were at the same level of the Grand Arctic Jade Hand. However, he had let all of them escape his grasp. His black eyes swept through the dazzling river of light nervously as he continued to search for a Spiritual Art that truly tempted him.

This search of his lasted for approximately ten minutes. Finally, Mu Chen was able to discover…

Of course,  it couldn’t be said that he had discovered it. This is because the beam of light was too amazing. If the beam of lights earlier were like loaches, this beam of light was like a serpent. It was massive and powerful. All other lights would avoid it as it passed by. It was as if these lights were afraid of this massive light and did not dare to face it.

When Mu Chen noticed the serpent-like beam, he could vaguely see a blue glow within it. This blue glow was like a storm and it exuded out a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation.

“That’s the one!”

Mu Chen’s eyes glowed. He hurriedly stabilized his posture and Spiritual Energy gushed out from his body. Then, his Spiritual Energy rushed out and attempted to envelop the serpent-like beam.

But just when the Spiritual Energy had enveloped the beam of light, the beam of light shook furiously and rushed out as it forcibly destroyed the black Spiritual Energy.

The powerful resistance displayed by the beam of light had shocked Mu Chen. He did not dare to relax and hurriedly utilized his Spiritual Energy and continued to attempt to wrap it around the beam of light.

Chi Chi!

But against Mu Chen’s obstacles, the beam of light smashed it in a rampage. With a powerful manner, it had rushed through all these obstacles. The former’s obstruction was completely useless in front of it.

This beam of light was actually powerful to this extent!

Mu Chen’s eyes turned serious and he smacked down with his palm. He immediately muttered: “Vajra Pagoda!”

Dark-black Spiritual Energy surged out and quickly formed into a massive hand. Mysterious black tower engravings loomed out within the hand and a powerful suppression was released.

When the massive hand was condensed, it was smashed down towards the beam of light. An extraordinary shock wave emitted out when the two had made contact with each other. This shock wave had blown away all the other beams of light.

Endless Spiritual Energy fluctuations burst out from the massive hand. The tower engraving would constantly squirm and a mysterious power was released. Finally, it managed to slow down the beam of light. But even so, Mu Chen found that he could only fight against it in a stalemate and it was difficult to actually suppress it.

“I’ll see how long you can endure this!”

Mu Chen gritted his teeth and circulated his Spiritual Energy. He continued to infuse the Spiritual Energy into the massive hand. If he were to relax, the beam of light would escape and everything that he had done would come to naught.

Therefore, the two attacks had remained at a stalemate. Spiritual Energy fluctuations would emit out continuously, causing the surroundings to become empty.

Mu Chen gritted his teeth and sweat began to form on his forehead. In order to remain this stalemate, he needed to consume a large amount of Spiritual Energy. Moreover, it was like a tug of war, once he relaxed, he would lose.


Spiritual Energy fluctuations burst out endlessly. But just when sweat flowed down from Mu Chen’s forehead constantly, the beam of light was no longer as powerful as before. Instead, the lustre of its light had turned slightly dim.

“This is the moment!”

When the beam of light had turned dim, Mu Chen’s eyes flashed. He smacked down with the massive hand and it bombarded against the beam of light. Lights flew in all directions. At the same time, Mu Chen rushed forward and his hand entered the storm within the beam of light.

Chi Chi.

The storm was like a blade and cut Mu Chen’s hand. Bloodstains appeared, yet Mu Chen remained calm. He had completely ignored it as his hand grasped onto the scroll within the storm.

When he caught the scroll, a powerful resistance rushed out from it. The scroll attempted to escape, but Mu Chen had tightly held onto it. Spiritual Energy surged out and wrapped around the scroll. Even if his hand was injured, he would not let it escape.

Fresh blood slowly dripped down from his palm. In the end, the scroll’s resistance grew weaker and Mu Chen finally retracted back his palm. His eyes stared eagerly at the scroll within his hand.

This scroll was blue in color. Its entire body was like a jade and countless tiny gales would form near the scroll. A swishing sound would emit from it, causing it seem quite peculiar.

When Mu Chen grabbed onto the blue scroll, he felt a wave of information entering his mind.

Nine Dragon Skywind Art, Quasi-Deity Tier Spiritual Art. Learn through obtaining the astral winds of the heavens and earth. When it is mastered, nine dragons would roar and cause the world to split apart. It is impossible to detect its divine might.

“Quasi-Deity Tier Spiritual Art?”

Mu Chen hesitated for a moment before surprise and delight filled his face. Delight because this Spiritual Art was not a common item and surprise because there was actually a Quasi-Deity Tier in terms of Deity Tier Spiritual Arts.

Judging from its appearance, the Quasi-Deity Tier was probably the lowest level of the Deity Tier Spiritual Art. But no matter how low it is, it cannot change the fact that it is a Deity Tier Spiritual Art. Its power is immense and it was not something that a Spiritual Tier High Rank Spiritual Art could compare with.

Mu Chen stared at the Quasi-Deity Tier Spiritual Art and his eyes twinkled. He nodded his head. A man should not be too greedy, you should stop when you know that it’s enough. A Quasi-Deity Tier Spiritual Art is already considered to be powerful. If he was too greedy, it was possible that he would end up with nothing.

Thinking about this, Mu Chen no longer hesitated and tightened his grasp. He planned on shattering the scroll and get transferred into it. After he defeated the protector within the scroll, he would finally obtain this Quasi-Deity Tier Spiritual Art.

But just when Mu Chen was about to shatter the scroll, a mysterious buzzing vibration was emitted out from his body. His hand instantly became powerless and had loosened up.

At the same time, the blue scroll burst out from his hand and formed into a beam of light as it flew away quickly.

Mu Chen was dumbfounded as he stared at this scene. The Deity Tier Spiritual Art that was within his grasp had flown away. Even with his personality, he could not resist and shouted angrily: “Nine Nether Bird, was this your doing?!”

It was apparent that the vibration earlier was not made by himself. And inside his body, there was only the Nine Nether Bird. Therefore, who else could it be except for this bird?

Within his aura sea, the Nine Nether Bird had completely ignored Mu Chen’s furious shout. Instead, it stared tightly onto the piece of black paper. On the surface of this black paper, a dark purple light slowly rose up and flew away.

Mu Chen, who was about to enter a rampage and had planned to trouble the Nine Nether Bird, suddenly noticed a dark purple light wrap his body. Then, before he could react, it had completely surrounded Mu Chen and dragged him into the depths of the river of light at an amazing speed.

This scene had completely startled Mu Chen. When the dark purple light appeared, he knew that it wasn’t the Nine Nether Bird’s fault. He immediately focused and gradually discovered the source of the vibration.

When Mu Chen discovered the source of the fluctuation, he sucked in a mouthful of cold air. His eyes were filled with disbelief. This commotion was actually caused by the mysterious black paper that had never done anything to him during the many years he had obtained it?

“What does it want?”

Mu Chen muttered. At this moment, he had discovered that he had already lost control of his body and could only allow the dark purple light bring him to the depths of river of light. This made him wanted to cry, yet tears would not come out. The Quasi-Deity Tier Spiritual Art that he spent so much effort to obtain…

But just when Mu Chen was brought to the depths of the river of light by the dark purple light, in an independent space deep below, a beam of light that had dozen of suns suspended near it had exuded out an extraordinary pressure.

At the same time, a deep rumbling suddenly rang out. Black lights had slowly emerged behind the dozen suns.

When the black lights emerged, the dozen suns actually retreated back a bit. It was as if the suns were afraid of the black lights.

The black lights swayed and an ancient fluctuation emitted out from it. It stopped for a moment and suddenly it rushed out from the deepest parts of the river of light as if it was attracted by something.

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