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Chapter 191 – Spiritual Arts Hall

When morning arrived the next day, both Mu Chen and Luo Li left the freshmen area, and headed towards the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. After all, today was the day that they’d select Spiritual Arts from the Spiritual Arts Hall.

Mu Chen was deeply moved and passionate about when it came to the Spiritual Arts Hall. To a certain extent, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was considerably stricter than the Northern Spiritual Academy. At this place, there were things known as free Spiritual Arts that one was able to learn. If one wanted to obtain a powerful Spiritual Arts, they could only obtain it by exchanging for it with Spiritual Value.

Every single student within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would constantly work hard to obtain Spiritual Value. This was because the effects of one’s cultivation would be greatly reduced if one didn’t have Spiritual Values.

The Spiritual Arts Hall was a place where students would drool even more so about entering. However, not everyone was able to enter this place freely. Only the outstanding students, those who had obtained an award from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, would be able to enter this place and possess the chance of obtaining a Spiritual Art.

Moreover, if one was lucky, it was possible to obtain a Deity Tier Spiritual Art from the Spiritual Arts Hall. Therefore, entry to the Spiritual Arts Hall was enough to make one be filled with jealousy.

Mu Chen and Luo Li headed directly to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, and after approximately a dozen minutes or so, they gradually slowed down their speed. In the end, they landed on the peak of a towering mountain.

Atop the mountain, there was a massive hall. A stone square was in front of the massive hall. This location was where both Mu Chen and Luo Li landed.

As they landed on the stone square, they glanced around and noticed that this place was completely empty. However, their expressions had turned serious the moment they landed. The two of them had clearly perceived a faint consciousness passing through their bodies. This consciousness was considerably powerful, and it was evident that there was a guardian hidden nearby.

The Spiritual Arts Hall was an important place within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Thus, it was certainly filled with powerful defenses. If anybody wanted to wreak havoc at this location, they’d probably wind up engulfed in a tragedy.

Mu Chen and Luo Li exchanged gazes with each other before they slowly walked towards the massive hall. At the same time, they relaxed their bodies and didn’t reveal any tension.

Just when Mu Chen and Luo Li stood in front of the massive hall, swishing sounds resounded from behind them as three figures descended down. They, too, landed on the stone square. These individuals were Yang Hong, Mu Kui, and Bing Qing.

In the instant that Yang Hong appeared, his eyes had already become fixed on Mu Chen’s body. He immediately clutched his hands tightly, as his eyes filled with rage.

However, Mu Chen only glanced at him for a moment before retracting his gaze. Then, he smiled at Mu Kui and Bing Qing.

“The two of you have come quite early,” Mu Kui said as he grinned and walked forward. His eyes swept across the massive hall and muttered: “I never imagined that the security at this place would be this powerful. I was nearly scared to the point of  wanting to run away.”

Mu Chen smiled. It seems that they, too, had felt the powerful consciousness scan through them when they’d approached this place.

“Little guys, you’ve arrived too early. I haven’t even properly rested yet.” Just when the five of them had gathered at the Spiritual Arts Hall, a lazy voice appeared from within the hall. Mu Chen and the others immediately raised their heads and noticed Elder Zhu Tian appearing above the massive hall all of a sudden. As he appeared, he revealed an appearance as if he hadn’t slept yet.

“Greetings to Elder Zhu Tian.”

Mu Chen and the others bowed down towards Elder Zhu Tian in a line. It was evident that they had to be respectful to Elder Zhu Tian, who was a Heaven Ranked Elder at the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Elder Zhu Tian smiled as he nodded. In an instant, he had appeared in front of Mu Chen and the others. The speed he showed made the five of them completely stunned. They weren’t aware of exactly when the former had appeared in front of them. Instead, they had a feeling that Elder Zhu Tian had always been standing in front of them.

“So powerful.”

Mu Chen was secretly shocked. Was this the power of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy? Even a Heaven Ranked Elder possessed such strength. No wonder the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was able to possess such a reputation throughout the entire Great Thousand World.

Elder Zhu Tian chuckled as he stared at the five of them. His gaze circulated around Mu Chen’s body a few times and, under his gaze, Mu Chen felt that the latter had seen through everything within his body as a chill arose.

“Good. Since everybody has arrived, let us enter the Spiritual Arts Hall.”

However, Elder Zhu Tian’s gaze didn’t remain on his body for long, and he quickly waved his hand. Then, he turned around and looked at the tightly closed doors. After flicking his finger, a light was shot out towards the gigantic bronze doors.

As the light passed through, the bronze door started to glow. Rays of light began to intertwine with each other and vaguely formed a complex array. A subtle, yet powerful fluctuation was emitted from it.

“As expected, the security is quite tough. Not only is it protected by so many hidden experts, it’s also protected by such a powerful Spiritual Array.” Mu Chen glanced at the array for a moment and secretly smacked his lips. From the fluctuations currently being emitted, he could tell that the Spiritual Array on the bronze door was at least Rank 5, or was even higher.

“Follow me.”

Elder Zhu Tian waved his sleeves and took the lead. As he took a step into the bronze door, a bright light glowed and he disappeared. Seeing this, Mu Chen and the others also quickly followed.

Immediately after the five of them had passed through the bronze door, lights flashed in front of their eyes. A hint of dizziness appeared within their heads. When they finally recovered, the scene in front of their eyes had already greatly changed.

It was a place filled with dazzling rivers that were formed by light rushing forth from all directions. As they stared further out into the distance, they could see that this scene had extended to the horizons.

Mu Chen and the others were stunned when they witnessed this bizarre scene. It was evident that this place was completely different from the Spiritual Arts Hall that they’d imagined. Moreover, they didn’t see any Spiritual Arts in this place.

Elder Zhu Tian’s body appeared in front of them and a smile rose on his face. He pointed at the numerous rivers of light and smiled as he said: “This place is the Spiritual Arts Hall. And the Spiritual Arts that you all wanted are hidden in this place…”

Mu Chen and the others were surprised as they stared at the rivers of light. They could vaguely feel mysterious fluctuations emitting from them.

“First of all, I must tell you this. The Spiritual Arts Hall is the collection place of the Spiritual Arts within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Arts. There are countless Deity Tier Spiritual Arts within this place. If you possess both the strength and luck required, it’s possible for you to obtain one.”

Elder Zhu Tian smiled, “Of course, it doesn’t mean that it’s certain that you’ll obtain a Spiritual Art after entering the Spiritual Arts Hall. Once your challenge to obtain one has failed, you will return empty-handed.”

“Challenge has failed?” Mu Chen and the others were filled with doubt. This could also occur?

Elder Zhu Tian nodded and explained: “Within the rivers of light, there are countless Spiritual Arts. If you want to obtain a satisfactory Spiritual Art, you’ll have to enter and search for one. It’s fine if it’s a normal Spiritual Art, but if you grab onto a powerful Spiritual Art, you’ll be transferred somewhere. At that place, you’ll meet the protector of that Spiritual Art. Their strength will be based on the level of the Spiritual Art. As long as you can defeat them, you will be able to obtain the Spiritual Art that you have chosen. However, if you are defeated, you will lose the opportunity to obtain a Spiritual Art, and will have to return empty-handed.”

Mu Chen and the others were stunned. It truly wasn’t easy to obtain a Spiritual Art from the Spiritual Arts Hall.

“Therefore, I would advise you not to be too persistent in your pursuit of the strongest Spiritual Art. Otherwise, you might be quite unlucky.”

Elder Zhu Tian waved his hand and asked, “Is there any questions you would like to ask?”

Mu Chen and the others exchanged gazes and slowly shook their heads. Eagerness filled their eyes. It was evident that the method of acquiring a Spiritual Art had evoked their interest.

“If that’s the case, then let’s begin. I hope that you will be able to return here in success,” Elder Zhu Tian said as he nodded and smiled.

“Let’s go!”

Mu Chen exchanged gazes with Luo Li and the two of them smiled. They took the lead and headed straight into a river of light. Behind them, Yang Hong, Mu Kui, and Bing Qing also quickly followed and vanished within the river of light.

When Elder Zhu Tian witnessed the five of them rush into the river of light, he smiled and muttered: “I wonder what these kids will obtain. It isn’t easy to obtain a Deity Tier Spiritual Art…”

Once Mu Chen entered the river of light, the sight in front of him turned brighter. He stared in front of himself, and noticed that the beams of lights were rushing past his body at an alarming speed.

As Mu Chen looked at the beams of lights that passed by, he was able to notice that there were scrolls within the beam. A peculiar Spiritual Energy fluctuation was emitted from them, and it was evident that they were all high rank Spiritual Arts.

Mu Chen extended his hand out and grasped onto one of the beams. When his hand grabbed onto the beam, information quickly flowed into his mind.

Collapsing Thunderfist, Spiritual Tier Middle Rank Spiritual Art. The aura formed was like lightning. It is a tough and overbearing technique which can even shatter mountains.

Mu Chen smacked his lips. He didn’t expect that he would just randomly grab onto a Spiritual Art at the Spiritual Tier Middle Rank level. This Spiritual Art would be considered a treasure at the Northern Spiritual Academy. But at this location, it was just a common item.

Mu Chen released the beam that he had grabbed onto and allowed it to rush away from him. It was clear that he wasn’t interested in a Spiritual Art at this level. Since it was a rare chance for him to enter the Spiritual Arts Hall, it would be a disappointment if he was to obtain a Spiritual Tier Middle Rank Spiritual Art after entering the Spiritual Arts Hall.

“The best items are probably at the back.”

Mu Chen lifted his head and stared at the beams of light at the very end. He smiled slightly, and quickly turned into a beam of light. He rushed over towards the depths of the river of light.

As Mu Chen was rushing towards the depths of the river, he didn’t detect that the mysterious black paper within his aura sea had twinkled slightly.

However, the Nine Nether Bird that was laying on the mandala flower seemed to have noticed it. It stared at the mysterious black paper that it was afraid of for a moment, yet it didn’t detect anything. Therefore, it closed its eyes once again.

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