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Chapter 190 – Su Xuan, He Yao

Mu Chen stared at the sparkling Spirit Ranking in the sky, above the lake, and smiled. He immediately grabbed onto his Spiritual Values Card and noticed that it had increased by a total of 100,000 Spiritual Values. Including the 400,000 Spiritual Values that he had obtained during the Freshman Competition, he had saved up approximately 500,000 Spiritual Values. This was considered to be a decent amount of Spiritual Values. However, it was still far far away from the Northern Sea Dragon’s Blood Essence…

Mu Chen curled his lips helplessly. Last time, when he had taken the Rank 3 position of the Spirit Ranking, he had caused Mo Lun to appear. Yet this time, he had taken the Rank 1 position…Who knows what troubles would await him?

However, there was no helping it as it involved Spiritual Values. Who told the Nine Nether Bird to keep bugging him about it…

Near the lake, the freshmen witnessed this scene with a burning passion. They stared at the name on the Rank 1 position of the Spirit Ranking and felt their blood boil. If in the future, they were able to leave their name on the ranking, it would definitely be something that they could be proud of.


Zhou Ling gave a thumbs up as he praised Mu Chen. He no longer had any doubts about Mu Chen. This person was truly bizarre. Even though Mu Chen was only at the Spirit Stage Late Phase, a person at the Heavenly Fusion Stage would still avoid him. Right now, the very same person easily kicked off Su Ling’Er, who had occupied the top position of the Spirit Ranking for nearly a year. Just how is this something easily done by a freshman?

Mu Chen smiled and did not talk about this matter. Instead, he waved his hand towards Zhou Ling and Ye Qingling as he walked towards the depths of the freshman area, leaving behind gazes filled with worship.

The commotion caused by the Spirit Ranking had also attracted the attention of the other freshman area. When these freshmen noticed the familiar name on the Spirit Ranking, they could not help but exclaim.

At a certain freshman area, Yang Hong’s face darkened as he stared at the Spirit Ranking. He gripped his hands tightly and a cold aura emitted from his body. In that instant, the members of the Wyvern Association took a step back and didn’t dare to approach.

“Mu Chen. I won’t give up this easily!” Yang Hong’s eyes flashed as he gritted his teeth, with his fists constantly crackling. The more dazzling Mu Chen appeared, the more he felt his face boil in anger. The feeling of being overwhelmed by someone wasn’t something that a narrow-minded person like himself could endure.

At another location, Mu Kui and Bing Qing both stared at the Spirit Ranking. Their gaze changed slightly before they retracted their gaze. This person was truly someone who did not want to be left alone.

He had only dealt with the matter of Mo Lun a while ago, yet he, once again, had kicked someone off the Spirit Ranking.

At the same time when Mu Chen entered the top of the Spirit Ranking, Li Xuantong, who was located on a quiet platform on a mountain, stood up with his hands behind his back.

This mountain was owned privately by Li Xuantong and was a reward given to him by the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy after he had completed a Heaven Rank mission. The Spiritual Aura within this location was equivalent to being within a Rank 5 Spirit Convergence Array. A private residential area was something that many students would dream of having. However, generally speaking, this private residential area was worth more than 1,000,000 Spiritual Values. Therefore, it wasn’t something that a normal student could possibly afford.

Li Xuantong stared towards the vast and wide, Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Numerous figures were rushing back and forth the academy.

Suddenly, a figure of light approached from afar. Then, it landed on the platform of this mountain. At this moment, Li Xuantong’s expression changed slightly as he turned his body over. But what entered his sight was a girl in black dress with calm eyes and an exquisite appearance.

“This is truly rare. You would actually come searching for me by yourself.” Li Xuantong’s apathetic expression faded away slightly as he smiled.

Luo Li glared at the boy in front of her. The latter was quite handsome and was considered to be outstanding. Even within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he was liked by countless girls. However, she, herself, had never felt anything towards this boy.

“What did you say to him yesterday?” Luo Li raised her eyebrow as she asked.

But in response, Li Xuantong only smiled.

“Li Xuantong, this is my own affairs. I do not wish that you will intervene in them. Also, I hope that you would not interfere with him either.” Luo Li said in a cold tone.

The smile on Li Xuantong’s face gradually faded away. He stared at Luo Li and replied: “Even if I stop interfering with him, he would still be obstructed by others in the future. The interference he would have to face would be ten times…no, hundred times stronger!”

“When that happens, what would you do?”

Luo Li clutched her hands tightly and responded, “I can deal with it by myself”.

“By yourself?” Li Xuantong shook his head and replied: “It seems that you like him quite a lot. Otherwise, how is it possible that you would say such words? Love truly is fascinating…Even an intelligent person would become reckless due to it. However… I have never thought that you would become like this. For him to change you like this, Mu Chen is truly fortunate.”

Luo Li remained silent.

Li Xuantong sighed as he stared at the beautiful girl in front of him. Emotions faintly passed through the depths of his eyes. Back then, when she was still only a little girl, he had already fallen in love with her. He had witnessed this cheerful little girl slowly become more and more calm and mature due to her burdens. Moreover, she was exceptionally tough to herself…tough enough to the point where even he had even felt sympathy towards her.

“You should be aware of the situation of the Luoshen Clan. There aren’t many decisions you can make by yourself. Perhaps coming to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is the last decision you can make by yourself.”

“You don’t have much time left. Since you already know that you will be separated from him, why did you come here? This act of yours would not benefit either of you.”

Li Xuantong stared at the girl in front of him. A hint of pain flashed through her glass-like eyes as she muttered quietly: “I have thought about never appearing before him after I left the Spiritual Road. However, I couldn’t endure it. I was afraid that he might have become dispirited since he was kicked out of the Spiritual Road. Therefore, I wanted to be together with him as he endured this pain. I wanted to see him reveal his brilliance out once again.”

“When I am beside him, I feel happy. It’s been years since I had this feeling.” Luo Li’s eyes drooped as she laughed at herself: “I would hate to miss out on this feeling. Therefore, please let me enjoy this feeling during this period of time. You know that my responsibilities are great and I will shoulder them. However, I hope that you would not intervene with him.”

“For myself…Please let me pass through this time like this,” Luo Li said gloomily as she turned away and slowly disappeared from this mountain.

Li Xuantong stared at Luo Li’s parting figure and slowly closed his eyes. When he had finally reopened them, his gaze had regained the calmness that he had before.

At this moment, at a far away place, the Spirit Ranking erupted out a glow and Li Xuantong directed a gaze towards the name that was Rank 1 on the Spirit Ranking. After a while, he retracted his gaze from the Spirit Ranking.

Luo Li. It’s not that I want to pick on him. However, if he really did not possess the strength to be with you, he would only become an obstacle for you in the future. That is why I will deal with him with my own methods.

At a certain location of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, there was a massive lake. An island with a house and flowers blooming was at the center of this lake.

At this moment, a furious voice resounded out from the house.

“AHHHHH! That freshman known as Mu Chen is truly annoying. He isn’t satisfied after seizing Mo Lun’s Rank 3 position. He even dared to kick me out of the Spirit Ranking. This pisses me off!”

“Sister. You must help me even out the score!”

The house became silent for a moment before another girl let out a gentle laugh: “The Spirit Ranking originally belongs to the freshmen. Why are you even on the Spirit Ranking in the first place? Since that you’ve been kicked out of the Spirit Ranking, you should work hard and focus on the Heavenly Ranking.”

“But he’s too much! A freshman that had just arrived at the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is actually acting this arrogant!”

“Ohoho, this freshman is quite powerful. I won’t help you about this matter. Also, you should be honest with yourself. If you were to fight against him, you probably aren’t his opponent.”

“I don’t believe it!”

The door of the house was pushed open with rage, and a pretty little girl rushed out from within. She wore a light yellow dress and her blue hair was tied up in a ponytail. As her ponytail bounced, it revealed her youth and vitality.

Once this little girl exited the house, her body immediately turned into a figure of light as she quickly disappeared into the distance.

Once the little girl had departed, another graceful figure slowly walked out from the house. Her blue hair flowed straight down and her pointed face was white like snow. Her appearance gave off a gentle temperament.

At this moment, she stared helplessly at the direction where the little girl had headed to.

“Ohoho, what happened to Ling’Er? Who angered her this time?” A laugh suddenly appeared outside of the lake as a figure appeared on the island.

The person that arrived had a tall and thin body. His blue hair was exceptionally unusual and he had a handsome appearance. However, a hint of evilness was revealed within his face. But once combined with his smile, he was quite appealing to the girls.

“Nothing happened.” The gentle girl glanced at him and replied with a smile: “Is there something that you want from me?”

“I’ve recently accepted a Heaven Rank mission and I need a partner. Therefore, I wanted to ask if you have some time.” The boy in blue hair smiled. Within the depths of his eyes, a hint of passion and emotion appeared as he stared at the gentle girl.

However, the gentle girl shook her head and rejected him. “I need to focus on my cultivation recently. Therefore, I don’t have the time to do the mission. You should find someone else.”

Once these words were said, she immediately returned back to the house and gently closed the door.

Seeing this, the boy with blue hair could only smile helplessly. Then, he turned around and exited the island on the lake. Once he reached the shore, a group of people rushed over and asked, “Boss, did she reject you again?”

“Boss, you are, after all, a famous individual who is ranked 4th on the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Heavenly Ranking. She truly isn’t giving you any face. If it wasn’t for the fact that you held back against her, she wouldn’t be occupying the Rank 3 position of the Heavenly Ranking.” A person muttered angrily.

“Why are you so impatient?” The boy with blue hair smiled: “You can only obtain such an outstanding girl slowly. It’s not possible to obtain her easily. Relax, she will eventually belong to me in the future.”

The boy’s smile was gradually filled with wickedness. Then, he turned around and looked at the house at the center of the lake as he grasped his hands tightly.

“The girl that I, He Yao, took a liking to…How is it possible for her to escape from my clutches?”

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