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Chapter 189 – Number One

In the following two days, Mu Chen followed what the Nine Nether Bird’s instructions and didn’t focus heavily on cultivation. Instead, he made the effort to rest calmly in order to reach his peak condition.

The results were quite excellent and in just two days, Mu Chen had completely recovered from his injuries in the battle against Yang Hong. The Spiritual Energy within his body surged endlessly throughout his body like a river and he could feel an immense power rippling through his limbs.

Compared to when he fought against Yang Hong, Mu Chen could feel that the Spiritual Energy within his body had become denser. Although the battle was quite dangerous, it clearly brought a few benefits to his cultivation. However, this increase did not make him reach the limits of a Spirit Stage Late Phase and the feeling of breakthrough did not appear yet…

Regarding the breakthrough, Mu Chen remained fairly calm. After all, it was not easy for one to advance to a Heavenly Fusion Stage. Even though he had cultivated steadily, it still required a certain catalyst and enough Spiritual Energy before he could truly advance to the Heavenly Fusion Stage!

Therefore, it was apparent that he could only cultivate quietly and wait for that day to arrive.

In the freshmen area, Mu Chen sat cross-legged on top of a clear lake as faint Spiritual Energy surrounded his body. It gave off an appearance as if he was floating above the water.

Beside the lake were a few training grounds. Numerous freshmen were either cultivating or sparring at that place and almost all of them were part of the Goddess Luo Association. After the day when Mu Chen had a fight with Yang Hong, the prideful “Wyvern Association” no longer dared to act arrogant. Instead, the “Goddess Luo Association” took the opportunity and increased in size. Luckily, both Zhou Ling and Ye Qingling had experiences in managing a large group of people. Thus, they did not allow just anyone to enter. Only after they had passed through a few trials, they would be permitted to enter the Goddess Luo Association. This was the primary reason that the “Goddess Luo Association” was not filled with countless freshmen.

Amongst the freshmen, Mu Chen was currently the most dazzling figure. He shone brighter than Yang Hong, Mu Kui and any of the others. After all, the battle on the day of the Freshmen Competition was just too amazing. Even after a few days, numerous freshmen were still talking about it. However, this was not limited to the freshmen, even a few seniors would praise them and inform others of that brilliant fight.

Therefore, many curious and awed gazes would be focused at the center of lake.

As Mu Chen sat cross-legged on top of the lake, he could feel the ripples from the surface of the water. A hint of serenity had emitted out from his heart and caused the flow of his Spiritual Energy within his body to become more agile.

Suddenly, fluctuations occurred on the peaceful lake and Mu Chen slowly opened his eyes. Then, he gave a faint smile towards Ye Qingling and Zhou Ling, who had approached him.

“Hey, it was said that Yang Hong had regained consciousness today.” Zhou Ling smiled as he spoke to Mu Chen.

However, Mu Chen gave an indifferent nod. It was apparent that Yang Hong was gravely injured compared to him, thus, he had just woken up from his coma.

“You will head to the Spiritual Art Hall tomorrow to select your Spiritual Arts,” Ye Qingling stated enviously: “If you are able to obtain a Deity Tier Spiritual Art, it would truly be amazing.”

After all, a Deity Tier Spiritual Art was extremely attractive for almost anyone.

“How could I obtain one that easily?” Mu Chen smiled. If a Deity Tier Spiritual Art could be obtained so easily, it wouldn’t be priced at such a terrifying price at the Spiritual Values Hall.

“By the way, what were you doing for the past few days? You did not cultivate and instead acted quite lazy like an old man.” Zhou Ling asked curiously. For the past two days, Mu Chen had been quite lazy. He stayed in the freshman area and did not head to a Spirit Convergence Array or to the Lightning Territory to cultivate.

“Adjusting my condition.”

Mu Chen smiled and did not explain further. He lifted his head and stared at the massive bird-like mountain within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. On the wings of this bird-like mountain, the Spirit Ranking was shining with a golden light. Moreover, his name was currently shining on the Rank 3 Position on it.

“I plan on becoming Rank 1 on the Spirit Ranking.”

Mu Chen’s gaze stared towards the Spirit Ranking’s Rank 1. On that place, a dazzling name was there: Su Ling’Er. It was evident that the person that occupied the Rank 1 position was a girl.

“Spirit Ranking’s Rank 1?” Zhou Ling and Ye Qingling were stunned. Delight immediately filled their faces. Although the Spirit Ranking was only a low-level ranking within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, it would cause a tremor within the academy if someone reached the top of it.

Mu Chen might be Rank 3 on the Spirit Ranking, but both of them knew that the difference in power that it represented was completely different.

If Mu Chen managed to become the Spirit Ranking’s Rank 1, it would definitely bear more weight than the title of the Number One Freshmen.

“However, the person who occupied the Rank 1 position of the Spirit Ranking is Su Ling’Er…She is a well renowned beauty within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.” Zhou Ling spoke as he stared at the name on the peak of the Spirit Ranking.

However, Mu Chen smiled. A beauty? He did not believe that she was more beautiful than Luo Li.

“Moreover, the most troubling fact is that Su Ling’Er’s sister is Su Xuan.” Zhou Ling gave a hollow laugh before he continued.

“Su Xuan?” Mu Chen was finally stunned and asked in surprise: “The one that is Rank 3 on the Heavenly Ranking? That Su Xuan?”

Zhou Ling nodded. The weight of that name was not any weaker than Li Xuantong in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“Since Su Xuan possessed such a reputation within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, she must not be a petty-minded individual. Replacing an individual on a ranking is a normal occurrence.” Mu Chen smiled. This time, he was going to use his full strength on the Spirit Ranking. Once he had reached the Heavenly Fusion Stage, he would not be able to attempt for a higher ranking anymore. Therefore, this was basically his final chance.

After all, reaching the Rank 1 position of the Spirit Ranking would definitely bring a large amount of Spiritual Values. Therefore, it was quite tempting to Mu Chen, who required a considerable amount of Spiritual Values.

When Zhou Ling heard this, he did not speak anymore. If Mu Chen managed to become Rank 1 on the Spirit Rankings, it would be a great publicity for the Goddess Luo Association. When that happens, their reputation and fame would increase significantly.

At this moment, Mu Chen slowly closed his eyes. Then, Zhou Ling and the others were able to see a dark-black Spiritual Energy surging out from Mu Chen’s body. Mu Chen’s body floated up and a powerful Spiritual Energy pressure quietly spread out.

Around the lake, many Goddess Luo Association’s members noticed the change at this location and immediately turned their gazes over in curiosity.

Under the countless gazes, Mu Chen’s body floated in mid-air before he suddenly opened his eyes. A bright light flashed through his black eyes and the dormant Spiritual Energy within Mu Chen’s body acted like an awakening lion.

Dark-black Spiritual Energy gathered at Mu Chen’s palm at an extraordinary speed. From afar, it seemed like a mass of ink had appeared.

Mu Chen lifted his head and stared at the massive stone tablet in the distance. He immediately took a deep breath before he slowly blasted out a punch.

After Mu Chen had slowly fired out his punch, the air in front of him seemed to have explode. Black light gathered and four black light seals had emerged. Soon, these four black light seals had formed into a black beam of light as it bombarded on the Spiritual Values Card in front of Mu Chen.

A brilliant rainbow beam burst out from the Spiritual Values Card when the black beam smashed onto it. Under countless gazes, this beam soared through the air and finally landed on the stone tablet which recorded the Spirit Ranking.

The massive stone tablet immediately trembled and a strange buzzing soon rang out. At the same time, golden light unleashed out from it as if it was a rising sun.

The change on the Spirit Ranking had immediately attracted numerous Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s students’ attention. They stared dumbfounded at the Spirit Ranking and soon, they noticed that the name that was Rank 3 on the Spirit Ranking had suddenly emitted a glow. The glow it emitted was as if it was time for a change and the name suddenly rose up. In an instant, it had completely erased the name that had been on the summit of the Spirit Ranking.

The stone tablet issued out a mysterious sound as if it was announcing that the King of the Spirit Ranking had been replaced by someone else.

Finally, the golden light that was entrenched on the top position of the Spirit Ranking had faded away and revealed two golden words.

Spirit Ranking Rank 1, Mu Chen!

Within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, countless gazes were focused on the unfamiliar name on the top of the Spirit Ranking. All of a sudden, they fell silent. But soon, sounds of surprise appeared.

However this time, not many people felt that this change was anything strange. After all, this name had begun to become known to many seniors after the battle during the Freshmen Competition. They knew that the freshman known as Mu Chen possessed the strength that even that they had to pay attention to.

But this boy was surprisingly amazing. He actually did not care and kicked Su Ling’Er off the Spirit Ranking…That girl wasn’t a gentle person at all. She had a completely different personality compared to her sister…

Who knows how her beautiful appearance would change once she noticed that she was kicked off the Spirit Ranking’s Rank 1 position…And how she would grit her teeth as she cursed at that bastard that replaced her…

Just when the seniors secretly laughed, they gazed at that name and shook their heads in pity. This freshman was truly a dazzling existence. Perhaps in the nearby future, this name would truly become quite phenomenal…

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