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Chapter 181 – Mu Chen VS Yang Hong


In the sky, two powerful Spiritual Energies surged out and collided with each other. When these two energies made contact with each other, it was as if the lightning within the clouds had collided with each other. Deep sounds echoed out. This tense atmosphere even made the airflow stop completely.

Numerous gazes had concentrated at the summit of the mountain. All of them were breathless as they waited in anticipation. The atmosphere at that location was extremely tense and was about to break out.

Within the quiet skies, a furious wind suddenly blew and the forest began to sway. From afar, it seemed as if a green wave had appeared within the mountain.

However, once the wind had faded away, Mu Chen and Yang Hong’s eyes had turned completely serious and a hint of sharpness emanated from them. Both of them rushed out at the same time towards each other. Their Spiritual Energies had turned into a majestic torrent as they soared through the sky before fiercely colliding with each other.

A dazzling sound reverberated out. From the collision between Spiritual Energies, as a gale formed and emitted out from them. Towering trees were uprooted before they were completely smashed into pieces by the shock waves.

The two Spiritual Energies fiercely colliding against each other, wasn’t a duel between techniques. Rather, it was a battle based purely on the density of Spiritual Energy one possessed.

From this collision, it was clear that Yang Hong had the upper hand. After all, he was at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase. As for Mu Chen, he was still at the Spirit Stage Late Phase. In a battle between density of Spiritual Energy, it was clear that Mu Chen was at a disadvantage.

Therefore, the black torrent emitted out by Mu Chen had shown signs of weakness in front of the green torrent emitted out by Yang Hong.

“Mu Chen. Do you understand now? This is the difference between me and you!”

Yang Hong stood in the sky as the green torrent of Spiritual Energy continued to surge out from his body. Moreover, he had stirred up the Spiritual Aura within the world and had added it to the green torrent.  His robes fluttered constantly and he looked down condescendingly at Mu Chen as he sneered.

“I don’t have time to play with you any longer. Once I defeat you, I have to seize the Spirit Flag!” Yang Hong gripped his hand tightly and green Spiritual Energy surged out. It had formed into a massive Spiritual Energy vortex, which completely enveloped Mu Chen’s surroundings.

Within the massive green vortex, a black torrent of Spiritual Energy was rushing around. However, the density of this Spiritual Energy was vastly inferior to the green Spiritual Energy.


Yang Hong stared at Mu Chen, who was within the black torrent of Spiritual Energy. His eyes flashed as he gripped his hand. All of a sudden, a deep sound rang out. The green vortex had begun circulating at a higher speed, and a powerful oppression had descended down upon the black torrent.

Yang Hong, wanted to completely destroy all of Mu Chen’s defenses! He wanted to shatter the self-esteem of the person that was once a bothersome existence to him in the Spiritual Road! He wanted to tell him that he, Yang Hong, was like the stars in general and that he was dazzling existence.


Accompanied with Yang Hong’s killing intent, the enormous green Spiritual Energy vortex released an extraordinarily destructive power. Then, it bombarded fiercely against the black Spiritual Energy torrent.

In the instant that it hit, the black torrent completely crumbled away. It was evident that it was impossible to block a Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase’s all-out attack with the Spiritual Energy of a Spirit Stage Late Phase.

On the nearby mountains, sighs echoed out. The freshman known as Mu Chen was going to lose this quickly? It seemed that the gap between Stages was too great for him. However, he was pretty good as he managed to reach the summit with the strength of a Spirit Stage Late Phase.

At this moment, Li Xuantong’s eyes were completely indifferent. He stared at the collapsing black torrent and frowned. He, Mu Chen, shouldn’t be this weak, right?


Just when this thought appeared in Li Xuantong’s mind, he immediately concentrated again. This is because he noticed that the collapsing black Spiritual Energy had suddenly trembled for a moment. Then, the black lights had gathered together and formed into a blurry black tower.

The black light tower stood in the center of the green vortex and a mysterious bell sound reverberated out from it. Light surged out from the tower’s body. However, it remained completely motionless against any attacks from the green Spiritual Energy vortex.

In this instant, Yang Hong’s face sank slightly. A hint of coldness flashed through his eyes as he waved his sleeves. The green Spiritual Energy vortex had suddenly accelerated and an oppressive power that could crush a mountain had emerged. It had constantly descended down upon the light tower formed by the black Spiritual Energy.


In the face of the violent attacks unleashed by the green Spiritual Energy vortex, the black light tower formed by the black Spiritual Energy emitted out a buzzing sound, and numerous black halos spread out from it.

These black halos were considerably strange and they seemed to possess a mysterious power. Whenever the attacks from the green Spiritual Energy vortex were unleashed, they would be completely negated by the black halos.

“He actually stopped it…”

The sudden change of events was seen by countless individuals. Astonished cries immediately resounded out. They originally thought that Mu Chen was about to lose, but they never imagined that the latter had special techniques as well.

At the foot of the mountain where the battle occurred, countless freshmen stared nervously at the summit. Ye Qingling, Zhou Ling and the others had gathered together as they stared at the very top of the mountain. They understood that Yang Hong was much more powerful than Mo Lun. However, they did not know what the outcome would be this time.

At this moment, Yang Hong’s cold eyes stared at the blurry black light tower and sneered: “You won’t be able to stop me by relying on this thing!”

“Sky-Shattering Spirit Trident!”

Yang Hong clasped his hands fiercely and green Spiritual Energy surged out. It had directly formed into a massive green trident in the sky and a sharp fluctuation rippled out from it.


Yang Hong flicked his finger and the green trident shot forth at an extraordinary speed. In an instant, it had vanished and, under everybody’s gazes, it had appeared in front of the blurry black tower.


The black halos emitted out from the tower attempted to stop the attack. However, the giant trident broke its way through. Then, everybody witnessed the trident striking the surface of the light tower.

An extraordinary Spiritual Energy emanated out. Cracks quickly emerged on the light tower and it had exploded completely with a bang.

When Yang Hong noticed that the light tower had completely shattered, he let out a cold humph. But before he was able to speak, his eyes suddenly focused as he heard a buzzing sound. From the place where the light tower had exploded, a golden light wheel had suddenly shot out and charged straight towards Yang Hong.


Yang Hong blasted out a punch in retaliation. Dense Spiritual Energy rushed out and this single punch had completely destroyed the golden light wheel.


However, just when Yang Hong had destroyed the golden light wheel, a dragon-like roar had suddenly resounded out. From the sky, a dark golden light had surged. A dragon and an elephant suddenly emerged and integrated with each other to form a plate with a dragon and an elephant. Then, it attempted to suppress Yang Hong.

“A Spiritual Array?”

At this moment, Yang Hong had detected a mysterious Spiritual Energy fluctuation. Then, he noticed a light array had formed in the air. At this moment, his eyes had focused slightly. So Mu Chen was actually a Spiritual Array Master. Judging from this Spiritual Array, it was probably comparable to a Rank 3 Spiritual Array.

“Could it be that this bastard is also a Rank 3 Spiritual Array Master?” Yang Hong was stunned. A Rank 3 Spiritual Array Master already possessed the strength comparable to a Heavenly Fusion Stage.

“No matter how many techniques you’ve hidden for today, I will still trample over you!”

Yang Hong’s eyes quickly turned cold. From his hand, a green Spiritual Energy billowed out. His palm had suddenly become like a jade and countless veins could be seen on it.

“Sky-Shattering Jaded Spirit Hand!”

Yang Hong struck out with his palm. The jade-like hand floated out and collided against the approaching golden plate without any hesitation.

When the two attacks met, the air was trembling, it was as if a vacuum of air was formed. Yang Hong’s robes continued to flutter and he seemed like a war god. A green light exuded out from his jade-like hands and he fired out a dozen handprints. Every single one of them had smashed onto the golden plate and the violent energy from them eventually forced it back.


Yang Hong moved forward and smashed down with his palm. A crisp sound was heard, as the golden plate containing the dragon and elephant was completely destroyed by this attack. The golden plate had turned into lights as it gradually dissipated away.

As the lights drifted and faded away, Yang Hong stood in the air as his cold eyes had locked onto a slender figure nearby. Green Spiritual Energy stormed out from his palm towards this figure.

At the same time, Mu Chen stared calmly at Yang Hong, who was about to release a powerful attack. The two Spiritual Arrays that he had cast successively were easily destroyed by Yang Hong. A Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase was truly extraordinary.

However… These two Spiritual Arrays were only Rank 2 Spiritual Arrays. It was quite unlikely for them to hurt Yang Hong at all.


Mu Chen slowly closed his eyes. At the same time, Spiritual Seals rushed out from his sleeves and quickly integrated into the sky behind him. All of a sudden, the sky turned fiery red and a massive red array formed. A burning and violent fluctuation emanated out from the Spiritual Array.

“That is…”

Countless eyes were focused on the massive red array. Soon, these eyes were filled with seriousness.

“It’s a Rank 3 Spiritual Array!”

“So Mu Chen is actually a Spiritual Array Master. And he’s a Rank 3 Spiritual Array Master, to boot!”

“So that’s it. A Rank 3 Spiritual Array Master is capable of fighting against a Heavenly Fusion Stage. No wonder he wasn’t afraid of Yang Hong…

“But why can he arrange an array this quickly?”

Countless whispers erupted out at this moment. Even Elder Zhu Tian was quite surprised by this sudden display of talent by Mu Chen. His eyes were soon filled with interest.

“This little guy…He had actually trained in Spiritual Arrays. Moreover, this state…Is it the Initial Level of the Heart Array State?”

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