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Chapter 177 – Reaching the Summit

At this moment, two figures were dashing through the towering Northern Spirit Mountain one after another. Powerful Spiritual Energy was emitted out towards their surroundings as if they were prepared to deal with any unexpected events.

Behind the two of them, there were a few individuals following them from a distance. However, they were still separated from each other by quite a bit. After all, everybody was regarded as competitors right now. Unless they had a relationship like Mu Chen and Luo Li, they would remain vigilant and alert against the other individuals.

Although the numbers of Spiritual Beasts hiding in ambush had decreased since they’d entered the Northern Spirit Mountain, every single one of these Spiritual Beasts was incredibly powerful. Even the weakest Spiritual Beast was able to contend against a Spirit Stage Late Phase powerhouse. Since they would come at them in swarms, it would take some time for Mu Chen and the others to deal with them.

All of a sudden, a sharp sound resounded from above them. At this moment, the vast forest seemed to have been split open, and numerous large bird-type Spiritual Beasts descended from above. Their metal-like claws tore through the air as they rushed down fiercely towards Mu Chen and Luo Li.

In response, Luo Li gently jumped off a tree branch, and her slender figure charged forth towards the Spiritual Beasts. Her slender hand grasped onto the black longsword and swept it through the air. A black sword beam was unleashed and it passed through three bird-type Spiritual Beasts that could each individually deal with a Spirit Stage Late Phase powerhouse.

As the black sword beam passed through the three bird-type Spiritual Beasts, the three Spiritual Beasts issued out a strange cry, before they were cut in half. Fresh blood rained down onto the ground, accompanied by their organs.

Luo Li’s attack was straightforward and powerful. She wasn’t delayed at all, even when she had to deal with this obstacle. In an instant, she’d managed to catch up with Mu Chen, who was in front of her.

“We’ve approached the middle of the mountain. If we continue further on, it’ll be within the range of the peak of the mountain.” Mu Chen lifted his head and stared above. His eyes had turned slightly serious. After all, it would be truly troublesome once they’d reached the peak of the mountain. There would be Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts at that location. Moreover, they didn’t know the quantity and rank of the Spiritual Beasts. If a powerful one appeared, it’d be difficult for even a person with Heavenly Fusion Stage strength to pass through.

“Be careful.” Luo Li spoke softly. She had also detected that there were dangerous fluctuations being emitted from the top of the mountain.

Mu Chen nodded his head. All of a sudden, a roar resounded out directly in front of them. This roar contained a violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation. Moreover, this fluctuation had forcibly shattered a few of the trees once it emerged.

Mu Chen and Luo Li’s eyes focused instantly at this moment. To be able to have such an imposing manner, it must be a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast.


Once this extraordinary roar rang out, a few screams also resounded out. Mu Chen and Luo Li hurriedly rushed over. Then, they noticed that a deep-yellow giant python was occupying this area. Numerous stone engravings covered the giant python’s body, causing it to seem to be made out of boulders. Its hideous mouth revealed numerous jagged teeth, as saliva slowly dripped down. Once the saliva touched the ground, it encroached upon and formed a hole on the ground.

At this moment, there were a dozen individuals retreating from the surroundings of this giant python. All of them had pale expressions. It was evident that they were gravely injured.

When Mu Chen and Luo Li noticed this giant python, their eyes turned serious as they quickly identified it.

Mountain Devouring Python —a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast which was ranked 86th on the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking.

An adult Mountain Devouring Python wasn’t something that a Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase powerhouse could deal with. However, Mu Chen and Luo Li were slightly relieved once they’ve noticed that this Mountain Devouring Python was only at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase. However, even if it was at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase, its power couldn’t compare with the Wyvern Association’s men from earlier.


The ravaging Mountain Devouring Python suddenly stopped moving with the emergence of Mu Chen and Luo Li. Its savage triangular pupil stared at these two individuals as it hissed. It was evident that it could detect a dangerous fluctuation being emitted from both Mu Chen and Luo Li.

This Mountain Devouring Python had sealed off the path towards the summit of the mountain. If they didn’t take care of it, it was clearly impossible for them to pass through.

“I’ll do it.” Mu Chen chuckled. Then, his body rushed forward as dark-black Spiritual Energy surged out from his body. A powerful imposing manner was emitted out from him.


When the Mountain Devouring Python noticed Mu Chen approaching, it swept its hugged tail fiercely and shattered the ground. Then, it pulled out a massive boulder and threw it towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen’s eyes remained calm as he blasted out a punch. Rumbling Spiritual Energy rushed out from his fist and smashed the giant boulder into powder. Right now, time was quite precious, so he didn’t want to be delayed here by the Mountain Devouring Python.

“Vajra Pagoda!”

Mu Chen smacked out with his palm. Dark-black Spiritual Energy rushed out as if it was smoke, and a gigantic golden palm was formed. Within this palm, a dark towering engraving loomed, and a mysterious fluctuation was emitted.

Once this gigantic golden palm was formed, it rushed through the sky and attempted to suppress the Mountain Devouring Python. At this instant, the latter had also cried out fiercely. The scales on its body stood up, and a deep-yellow beam gathered in its mouth. The deep-yellow beam was quickly unleashed as it charged aggressively towards the approaching gigantic golden palm.

The two attacks collided fiercely in mid-air, and the Spiritual Energy impact from it completely razed the forest to the ground, and countless trees were uprooted. These attacks were quite amazing.

However, the Mountain Devouring Python’s attack didn’t manage to gain results. On the gigantic golden palm, the black tower engraving slowly crawled forward and completely suppressed the deep-yellow beam. Therefore, the yellow beam was quickly dispersed.

Bang Bang Bang!

Once the gigantic golden palm shattered the powerful Spiritual Energy beam, it descended and slammed down fiercely on the Mountain Devouring Python’s body.

In this instant, the earth seemed to tremble violently. At the same time, the Mountain Devouring Python cried out painfully. The scales on its massive body had shattered, and fresh blood flowed out. However, A Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast’s life force was quite tenacious — even if had suffered a severe blow from Mu Chen, it remained quite brutal and vicious. In retaliation, its massive tail swept through the air as it attempted to whack Mu Chen with it.

Mu Chen’s body flickered for a moment and after images emerged. His body was like a phantom as he appeared behind the Mountain Devouring Python. A golden glow was emitted from two of his fingers, as a spear was shot through the sky. This spear had landed at the location where the Mountain Devouring Python’s scales were shattered.

Chi Chi!

Under the sharp golden light, the Mountain Devouring Python suddenly wailed out. Fresh blood sprayed out from his body as it struggled in pain. It attempted to bite and swallow Mu Chen, yet it was avoided by the latter swiftly.

At this moment, the dozen individuals stared at Mu Chen who was dealing with the Mountain Devouring Python.  They were all shocked. Just earlier, they had joined forces, yet they had failed to defeat the Mountain Devouring Python. They could never have imagined that Mu Chen would be able to defeat it this easily.

Finally, the Mountain Devouring Python’s struggle had slowed down. This was the moment that Mu Chen was waiting for. A golden light was unleashed from two of his fingers, as it pierced through the Mountain Devouring Python’s head.

In that instant, the Mountain Devouring Python’s struggling stopped completely. Its massive body crashed down to the ground. Seeing this, Mu Chen charged forward and extracted a deep-yellow light from the head of the Mountain Devouring Python. Within this light, a mini-sized Mountain Devouring Python was struggling fiercely. It was the Soul Essence of the Mountain Devouring Python.

Mu Chen reflexively placed the Mountain Devouring Python within his Mustard Seed Bracelet and was about to leave. However, he suddenly felt a chill, and his eyes moved quickly. He noticed that a black light had swept out quickly from the shadows. It was a black claw that could easily tear through metal, and it was charging towards Mu Chen’s back at an alarming speed.

This sudden attack caused Mu Chen’s heart to jump. However, just when he was about to put up a Spiritual Energy defence, a black sword beam tore through the air and hacked fiercely against the black light.

A metal sound rang out, and the sword beam dissipated away. However, the black light was also blown away. As it landed on the ground, a dark-black Spirit Leopard was revealed. This black leopard’s body didn’t have any hair, and looked like it was made of black metal. Compared to a regular leopard, a pair of black wings was also upon its back. From its appearance, it seemed like a spectre within the darkness.

A slender figure quickly approached from Mu Chen’s rear, as she charged straight towards the black leopard. Her speed was extremely quick and, in an instant, she had appeared in front of the leopard. Then, everybody was able to see that her slender hand was holding onto a black sword hilt.

As this slender figure passed by the black leopard, a crisp sound resounded out once a black light emerged.

When Luo Li appeared behind the black leopard, her slender fingers gently moved and quickly sheathed her sword. As for the black leopard, it shook for a moment, before it fell onto the ground. Its body had been divided cleanly into two halves.

From afar, the dozen individuals that had witnessed this scene all inhaled a mouthful of cold air. The black spirit leopard wasn’t an ordinary Spiritual Beast. It was a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast, known as the Spectre Leopard, and was in no way inferior to the Mountain Devouring Python. It was a Spiritual Beast known for its speed, and it specialized in sneak attacks. Even a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse would die in its claws if they weren’t careful. However, they couldn’t imagine that it was instantly killed by Luo Li.

At this moment, Luo Li also extracted out the Soul Essence of the Spectre Leopard. Then, her beautiful eyes smiled as she looked towards Mu Chen.

“Not bad.”

Mu Chen raised his thumb up as he smiled. He was indeed careless just now. Since this place was already approaching the peak of the mountain, there were countless Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts. These Spiritual Beasts were all quite cunning. It would be a fatal mistake if he was careless.

“Let’s go.”

Mu Chen beckoned Luo Li with his hand, and didn’t intend to stay in this place. However, an outbreak of furious roars resounded throughout the Northern Spirit Mountain. Violent Spiritual Energy was contained within these roars. Based on this, it was clear that the roars were all from Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts.

Others were also beginning to meet with Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts.

Once they heard these roars, Mu Chen and Luo Li’s eyes gradually turned serious. The amount of Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts within this place was far beyond their expectations.

“Be careful.”

Mu Chen exchanged gazes with Luo Li and reminded her. Then, they didn’t remain at this location any longer. Under many envious and awestruck gazes, the two of them turned into figures of light as they rushed straight towards the peak of the towering mountain.

Just when Mu Chen and Luo Li rushed towards the peak of the mountain, Yang Hong, Mu Kui, and Bing Qing had also started going up quickly as well. As they rushed up, a trail of Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast carcasses was formed…

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