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Chapter 169 – Association

200,000 Spiritual Value points.

Mu Chen stared at the number on the Spiritual Value Card and was slightly startled. Mo Lun actually possessed so many of Spiritual Value points? Just how long had he been saving them? No wonder he had such a terrible expression just now.

Mu Chen directed a smile at the gloomy Mo Lun and tossed the Spiritual Value Card in his hand towards Zhou Ling as he said: “Brother Zhou. Please distribute these Spiritual Values among everyone. Consider it my apology to everyone here.”

“This…” Zhou Ling was stunned. Even the other freshmen in the plaza scratched their head and had felt slightly embarrassed.

“Just do as he says.” Ye Qingling smiled. After all, this entire matter was indeed caused by Mu Chen. Although the freshmen did not place the blame on him, Mu Chen didn’t treat it as if they should naturally do this. Instead, his actions revealed how big-hearted he was.

Zhou Ling hesitated for a moment and exchanged gazes with Yan Ling and the others beside him. Then, he nodded his head and extracted 170,000 Spiritual Value points from the Spiritual Value Card before tossing the remaining 30,000 Spiritual Value points back to Mu Chen. He smiled: “In the end, this is the loot from your victory. The rest of it should still belong to you. This amount is enough to split between us.

Seeing this, Mu Chen did not refute him and extracted the remaining 30,000 Spiritual Value points from the Spiritual Value Card. Then, he threw the Spiritual Value Card back to the pale-looking Mo Lun as he smiled: “On behalf of everyone here, I’ll thank Senior Mo Lun for his generosity.”

Mo Lun stared at the empty Spiritual Value Card and his face alternated between blue and red. He felt enormous suffering within his heart. After all, he had saved up for half a year to accumulate such amount of Spiritual Value points. Just now, he had lost everything he had.

In the sky, the few youths that followed Mo Lun over hurriedly descended. When they witnessed this scene, their expressions were completely pale and they glared furiously at Mu Chen.

“Boy. You’re going too far! You actually dare steal his Spiritual Value points!”

Mu Chen gave a faint smile and said: “I’ve said it before. This isn’t stealing, but compensation. Judging from your appearances, it seems that you would like to compensate us as well? It seems that all of you were involved in this matter during these past few days as well.”

When these youths heard these words, they were slightly shocked and gritted their teeth. The scene of Mu Chen completely suppressing Mo Lun was still vivid in their minds. Therefore, they didn’t dare to face Mu Chen who was completely filled with spirit and confidence.

“We, the Azure Red Community, will never let this matter go easily!” One of the youths said coldly.

“No matter what sort of background you have, you should find me directly next time you’re going to cause trouble. Don’t act so lowly.” A hint of coldness flashed through Mu Chen’s eyes. Although he did not know what the “Azure Red Community” was, it did not mean that he would just allow anyone to intimidate him. Perhaps he might be a freshman right now, but if someone truly wanted to deal with him, he did not mind letting them know that he wasn’t a weakling.

“Just you wait!”

The youths had dark and furious expressions. Under the numerous mocking gazes from nearby students, they did not have the face to remain in this place. Their actions for the past few days had made countless seniors feel that they were indeed despicable. Moreover, even Mo Lun had lost. If they were to group together since they weren’t able to accept this outcome, not only would they lose their faces completely, even their “Azure Red Community” would be scoffed at.

It was evident that they couldn’t afford such a consequence to occur.

Hence, they could only respond relentlessly as they picked up Mo Lun, who was in a completely awkward position, before leaving quickly.

When the freshmen in the plaza noticed that they were leaving in panic, cheers resounded out through the place. The fury within their hearts had finally been released.

“Brother Mu, you’re so manly!”

Mo Ling shouted out loudly in excitement. The other freshmen also quickly shouted and their voices rang out like an avalanche as it spread far away. Even the other freshmen within the other areas were able to hear these cries clearly.


The freshmen within the other areas had faces filled with admiration as well. Although they did not suffer from Mo Lun’s blockade, they were still freshmen as well. Towards Mo Lun’s actions, they were also quite furious. Since Mu Chen had defeated Mo Lun, he had definitely increased the freshmen’s reputation as well.

As for the freshmen that had applied leave towards the other areas prior to Mu Chen’s appearance, they were completely embarrassed. After all, they had tried to avoid trouble once it occurred. They would definitely be dishonored if word spread about them.

In the distant sky, Yang Hong stared emotionlessly at the freshmen area where the cheers resounded out. He grunted as he waved his sleeves and descended.

“He’s a good opponent.” Mu Kui’s eyes were burning with fighting spirit as he smiled. Then, he also descended from the sky.

As for Bing Qing, she stared at the slender figure who was completely submerged by the countless freshmen with her icy-blue eyes and nodded her head. The so-called Spiritual Road’s Blood Calamity was indeed quite skilled. No wonder he had made so many people from the Spiritual Road fear him.

As the battle ended, the gazes that were projected over to this place were slowly retracted. Although the battle was concluded, many people were still shocked deep down inside. The scene of the mysterious black tower suppressing everything was too insane and outrageous. It made it difficult for them to recover from their state of shock. They never could’ve imagined that Mu Chen, with his Spirit Stage Late Phase strength, could possess such a powerful and terrifying technique…

“The Freshmen Competition ten days later will definitely be a sight to watch. I really wonder if Mu Chen will be the strongest or if Yang Hong, Mu Kui or Bing Qing will be even stronger than him…”

A few individuals were looking forward towards the competition. The mentioned individuals were at the peak of this year’s freshmen. Moreover, they wanted to know just who is the true number one individual amongst the freshmen.

In the plaza, Zhou Ling and the others watched the emotional freshmen and could not help but smile. Then, they distributed the 170,000 Spiritual Values that they had obtained earlier. Although 170,000 Spiritual Values might seem like a lot, they were still hundreds of freshmen in this place. Every single one of them did not even obtain 1,000 Spiritual Values, but this was still enough for them to feel grateful towards Mu Chen.

“It seems that your strength has improved once again.” Ye Qingling approached Mu Chen and chuckled.

“I’ve made a breakthrough recently.” Mu Chen smiled. In fact, if it wasn’t for the sudden breakthrough in his Great Pagoda Art, he probably would’ve had to spend a lot of effort to defeat Mo Lun. After all, Mo Lun wasn’t weak at all.

“However, you’ve completely offended that person this time.” Ye Qingling frowned slightly. Mo Lun was truly narrow-minded and petty. Since Mu Chen had directly stolen all his Spiritual Values this time, that guy probably wouldn’t accept it this easily.

Mu Chen smiled. Perhaps there might be trouble, but he wasn’t the type of person who would stop his actions just because it might be troublesome to him in the future. For people with personalities similar to Mo Lun’s, they would only become more arrogant and presumptuous, the more he gave in.

Mu Chen wasn’t someone who didn’t know how to endure. However, it was apparent that Mo Lun wasn’t someone qualified to force him to such an extent.

“Mo Lun probably isn’t a big trouble for you. However, the “Azure Red Community” is something that one should fear.” After Zhou Ling had finished distributing the Spiritual Values, he had walked over as well and said with a serious expression.

“You know what the “Azure Red Community” is?” Mu Chen turned around and asked Zhou Ling.

“The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is too enormous. There are nearly 100,000 students. I don’t know how many are hiding their strength, but with such a large number of students, they would naturally form associations or communities. This forces are tricky and extremely troublesome. Moreover, the “Azure Red Community” is one of the most famous forces.”

Zhou Ling spoke: “Based on what I know, there are many powerful individuals within the Azure Red Community. Moreover, their boss is within the top 100 individuals in the Heavenly Ranking. I’m afraid that his strength has to be at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase, at least.”

“Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase…”

Mu Chen’s eyes turned serious for a moment. A student with such strength is considered to be outstanding within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. No wonder the people from the Azure Red Community were this arrogant. With such a powerful person backing them up, there was no need for them to look at the freshmen evenly.

Beside him, Ye Qingling, Yan Ling and the others had serious expressions. For them right now, it was difficult for them to compete with such a senior.

“We’ll deal with the situation when it occurs. If that Mo Lun really tries to use the Azure Red Community to deal with me, I will naturally fight back.” Mu Chen smiled: “I hope that they won’t do it. After all, I don’t want to cause too much trouble.”

Zhou Ling and the others nodded. Right now, they could only hope that the Azure Red Community wouldn’t take action because of Mo Lun. Otherwise, it would be quite troublesome for them.

“Also…” Zhou Ling and the others exchanged gazes with each other and spoke hesitantly.

“Just say whatever’s in your mind. If I can help, I won’t refuse.” Mu Chen smiled. Right now, he had a favorable impression on Zhou Ling and the others. These people were truly worth knowing as friends. At the very least, they did not choose to blame him when they suffered because of an overwhelming force.

“Due to of the recent affair with Mo Lun, there are many freshmen that left our area. However, the ones that remained are all decent individuals…We get together quite well.”

Zhou Ling said embarrassedly: “Thus, we’ve talked for a bit and decided to form an association as well. After all, if we were to group together, we would have more power when others bully us in the future. Moreover, we would be able to help each other when we’re in trouble. A group is definitely stronger than one person.”

When Mu Chen heard this, he was quite surprised. He never thought that Zhou Ling and the others intended to do such a thing.

“Actually, within this year’s freshmen, there are already associations that have begun to emerge. For example, the one with the strongest momentum currently is the Wyvern Association that was formed by Yang Hong. Also, there is the Ironwood Group formed by Mu Kui. In addition, there are many other freshmen forces…” Zhou Ling continued to speak.

Mu Chen was quite shocked. These guys truly acted quickly. They were just admitted to the academy, yet they’ve already started building up their own cliques…

“If we were to form an association, naturally, we would need someone extremely powerful. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to maintain the group so…” Zhou Ling directed a smile at Mu Chen.

Seeing this, Mu Chen also smiled. He stared at the anticipating gazes and nodded: “I’m not interested in forming an association, but if you wish to make one, I’m all in for it.”

Hearing these words, Zhou Ling and the others were completely overjoyed. However, they immediately twitched and asked: “Also, is it possible for Luo Li to join us as well? Cough, with her in our group, we believe that our popularity would soar…”

With this, Mu Chen completely understood and scolded playfully: “So your objective is Luo Li. It feels that I was just an afterthought for you!”

“How could this be? It’s just that Luo Li’s image is just too strong. She’s beautiful and powerful. Moreover, she has great temperament. Not to mention the freshmen, even among the Seniors at the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, there are only a handful that could compete with her.” Zhou Ling said embarrassedly.

Mu Chen glanced at them snappily. However, he wasn’t actually unhappy. After all, it wasn’t that he hadn’t seen Luo Li’s charm before. Compared to him, it was indeed easier for her to attract popularity.

“I’ll tell her about it. However, whether or not she’ll join, that will depend on her.” Mu Chen waved and replied.

“I’m counting on you.”

Zhou Ling and the others were delighted. After all, Luo Li was basically disinterested in everything aside from cultivation. If they were to find Luo Li, they would definitely be rejected. However, it was a different story if Mu Chen was the one asking.

Moreover, if their association had both Mu Chen and Luo Li joining, it was evident that their reputation would increase…

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