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Chapter 165 – Pagoda

“By turning the body into a Pagoda, I will control the heavens and the earth.”

Within Mu Chen’s heart, an ancient voice seemed to gently resound through time and space. An inexplicable feeling was quietly born and rippled out as well.

His hands silently changed into an extremely mysterious and ancient seal. At the same time, the Spirit within his aura sea that was sitting cross-legged also formed the same exact seal.

A mysterious fluctuation emitted.

At this moment, the mysterious black lights in the depths of Mu Chen’s body also turned increasingly bright. As for the black light tower within his body, it was also turning more and more vivid.

While Mu Chen was on the lightning platform, a mysterious dark-black light emerged from his body. This light surrounded his body and quickly expanded.

In just a few seconds, a black tower that was approximately a few hundred feet tall was formed from the lights. At this moment, Mu Chen’s body also vanished from sight.

It was as if this black tower was formed by his body.

The black light tower exuded a deep black glow. It had nine floors and mysterious engravings were placed throughout the tower’s body, which emitted an ancient fluctuation.


Divine lightning constantly descended and bombarded the black pagoda with nine floors. However, the latter remained motionless and, instead, it directly absorbed the divine lightning.

As the pagoda absorbed the divine lightning, the black glow, that was circulating through the pagoda, also became increasingly deep. It was as if it was being refined by the divine lightning.

This change was also projected into Mu Chen’s heart. From this, Mu Chen seemed to understand something and immediately concentrated. Amidst numerous aghast gazes, the pagoda actually formed into a black light as it surged towards the skies and charged into the layers of black thunderclouds.

This scene instantly caused a tremor within this area and countless individuals were horrified. This guy actually rushed into the thunderclouds?

But at that location, the divine lightning were extremely terrifying!

“What is that guy doing?” On the lightning platform where An Ran and the others were located, a group of individuals were completely flabbergasted and speechless. The power of the divine lightning within the thunderclouds was exceptionally terrifying. A Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase or even a Late Phase powerhouse wouldn’t dare to enter either.


While they were completely shocked, a loud rumbling sounded broke out from the thunderclouds. Surging lightning rumbled and converged at a certain place.

This disturbing scene made the ones watching turn completely numb.

For approximately ten minutes, under many gazes, this raging scene continued within the thunderclouds before it gradually stopped. Then, silence filled the area.

“Was that guy struck to death by the divine lightning?” Everybody exchanged gazes while they had this thought. They could not imagine what sort of brainless fool would rush directly into the thunderclouds.

But within that silence, a black light figure suddenly descended from the black thunderclouds. Afterwards, the light faded from the figure and it formed into a human silhouette.

The silhouette had a slender body and was exceptionally handsome. His body was completely intact and there weren’t even the slightest signs of injury.

“He’s still alive?”

As they stared at the person that appeared, the people, who originally let out a sigh, instantly returned their gazes and had expressions of disbelief. Moreover, their expressions turned completely pale once they discovered that the latter’s strength was only at the Spirit Stage Late Phase.

A Spirit Stage Late Phase actually entered the Lightning Territory’s fourth level and was completely unharmed after rushing into the thunderclouds? Just what sort of monster is this boy?


An Ran was stunned as she stared at the boy.

“An Ran, do you recognize him?” A boy beside An Ran noticed her expression and could not help but ask in surprise.

“Yes…He’s Mu Chen. He was the freshman that defeated me in the Northern Heavens World.” An Ran replied with a complex expression.

“So he’s Mu Chen?”

The people nearby were all surprised. They had heard that An Ran had suffered a defeat in the Northern Heavens World. However, they never expected that the freshman, who defeated An Ran, would cause such a ruckus in front of them. No wonder he managed to defeat An Ran…

“To be able to defeat a Heavenly Fusion Stage opponent with the strength of a Spirit Stage Late Phase…This boy isn’t that simple.” The boy beside her exclaimed. It seems that the freshman this year were quite high in quality.

“When he defeated me, he was only at the Spirit Stage Middle Phase.” An Ran said in frustration. After all, she was quite a prideful individual. However, there was nothing that she could say when she lost to Mu Chen. The various means revealed by the latter were indeed quite powerful. It wasn’t something that an ordinary Spirit Stage Middle Phase should possess.

When the others heard this, their eyes were stunned and they immediately let out a bitter laugh. There are truly a few powerful individuals among the freshman this year.

“However, he stirred up quite a bit of trouble the past few days. Mo Lun has been looking for him and he caused a ruckus within the freshman area. So he was cultivating at this place…” An Ran muttered.

“So he was the freshman that Mo Lun was searching for…That should be quite interesting to watch. That guy, Mo Lun, should soon breakthrough to the Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase, right?” The boy beside An Ran frowned: “However, he’s a senior, why is he picking a fight with the freshmen? Moreover, his actions during the past few days were indeed going overboard.”

They were prideful seniors, and there was no honour in bullying the freshmen that were recently accepted into the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

An Ran nodded slightly as well. She, too, was quite disgusted with Mo Lun’s actions.

As they conversed with each other, Mu Chen, who had appeared in midair in the distance, swept his gaze around. He stared at the numerous gazes nearby that were completely fixed on him and was quite surprised. It was evident that he never expected that his cultivation would have attracted that many people’s attention.

However, he was not particularly fond of this attention. Therefore, he turned around and decided to leave temporarily.

“Mu Chen!”

But just when he was about to leave, a cry came from afar. Then, he noticed a figure rushing over towards him. After the figure had approached, he was somewhat surprised and smiled: “Senior An Ran, so you were here as well.”

“You must be quite relaxed since you’ve hidden yourself in this place.” An Ran stared at Mu Chen as she frowned.

“Huh?” Mu Chen frowned. It wasn’t as if he had offended anyone with his cultivation, right?

“Are you just pretending or do you really not know about that issue?” An Ran stared at Mu Chen’s bewildered expression and said: “Don’t you know what happened within the freshman area?”

“What happened? Is it related to me?” Mu Chen was quite confused and asked in doubt.

“You’ve eliminated Mo Lun from the Spirit Ranking. He is a prideful individual, thus, he was completely enraged by you. During the past few days, he has been looking for you. However, since he wasn’t able to find you, he released his fury on the freshmen located in your freshman area.”

An Ran continued to speak: “And it seemed that your friends had joined forces to resist him when he came over to search for you. This caused him to be completely furious. Therefore, he called over a few friends over the past few days and has obstructed the freshmen within that area from exiting to cultivate. Moreover, he even spread the word about how long you would be able to hide.”

Mu Chen was completely surprised and his expression immediately turned grim. Fury also poured out within his eyes. He never expected that this Mo Lun would be so petty. Not only did he hold a grudge about the Spirit Ranking, he even involved the freshmen who weren’t involved in that issue.

“Right now, this matter has aroused a lot of attention, but since this is a matter between students, the instructors of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy cannot intervene. However, I think that you should appear for a bit, otherwise, it would be detrimental to your reputation.” An Ran said.

Currently, news had also spread throughout the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. They had said that Mu Chen was a coward and was afraid of trouble. He took the benefits of the Spirit Ranking and went into hiding. At the same time, he let his companions take care of his own trouble.

An Ran stared at the boy in front of her. At this moment, Mu Chen’s expression gradually calmed down and his anger subsided. However, within his black eyes, a daunting chill emerged.

“Senior An Ran. Thank you very much. About this issue, I didn’t consider the possibilities of this occurring thoroughly. This caused my friends to suffer.” Mu Chen cupped his hands towards An Ran and replied softly.

An Ran nodded. After all, she had fought against Mu Chen and had lost to him. If the latter was truly a coward, she would also feel quite uncomfortable. To lose to such a person, it wasn’t worth it. However, judging from the situation now, it was clear that it was different than the rumors outside. Mu Chen did not hide because he was afraid of Mo Lun.

It was evident that Mu Chen had no desire to continue to cultivate once he heard this news. He turned around and intended to leave the Lightning Territory.

“Do you need any help? It isn’t easy to deal with Mo Lun. Moreover, he has even found a few friends to help him. If you need some help, I can bring a few friends over. This way, they wouldn’t dare to go overboard.” Seeing this, An Ran quickly spoke up.

However, Mu Chen only smiled when he heard this and replied: “Thank you for your kindness, Senior An Ran. However, since I was the one that caused this trouble, I will resolve it by myself.”

Seeing Mu Chen’s smile, An Ran felt a tiny chill within her heart. Even when she had badmouthed this gentle and handsome boy within the Northern Heavens World, he had always remained like a sunshine boy. But at this moment, the latter’s expression emitted a powerful chill. This made An Ran understand that Mu Chen was extremely furious this time.

An Ran nodded. She unconsciously felt that Mo Lun seemed to have stirred up a hornet’s nest…

Mu Chen no longer spoke and immediately rushed towards the exit of the Lightning Territory. In a dozen minutes or so, he passed through the numerous floors of the Lightning Territory and rushed out of the entrance.

Once Mu Chen returned to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he did not have the mood to watch the fairyland-like sight. Instead, he stared coldly at the distant freshman area. His body quickly turned into a figure of light as he rushed over there.

At this moment, his palms slowly clenched themselves and a piercing chill gathered within his eyes.

Mo Lun, is it? If you believe that I’ve disgraced you utterly since I’ve kicked you out of the Spirit Ranking, then this time, I will disgrace you to the extent that you wouldn’t even have any face left to be disgraced!

You bastard!

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