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Chapter 164 – I will Control the Heaven and Earth

A mysterious feeling rippled through Mu Chen’s heart. Surprise instantly emerged on his face.

He had once felt this feeling when his Great Pagoda Art broke through to the Shape-Condensation level. Originally, Mu Chen had thought that the next time this feeling  appeared would only be after he had at least reached the Heavenly Fusion Stage. He never imagined that it would actually come so early.

“Is it because of the power of the divine lightning?”

Mu Chen pondered thoughtfully. The divine lightning had a miraculous effect, strengthening Spiritual Energy. After training for a few days, Mu Chen could feel the subtle changes in the Spiritual Energy within his body.

It was the feeling of it being more condensed.

Mu Chen suppressed the delight he had within his heart. After all, the mysterious feeling was only a sign before the Great Pagoda Art makes a breakthrough. It wasn’t a true breakthrough yet. Next up, he must grasp this mysterious feeling and successfully advance to the next level.

Right now, his Great Pagoda Art had reached the Shape-Condensation level. If he was able to progress further, he would reach the Towerform level. Only by reaching this point, he would be considered to have successfully trained in the Great Pagoda Art.

Towards the mysterious Spiritual Art that his mother left for him, Mu Chen had always been curious about it. According to Mu Feng, the mysterious Spiritual Pulse within his body was sealed by his mother. If he wanted to release the seal, the Great Pagoda Art was the key.

Therefore, in Mu Chen’s opinion, the breakthrough in the Great Pagoda Art was more important than his breakthrough to the Spirit Stage Late Phase.

Mu Chen sat cross-legged on the lightning platform and began activating the Great Pagoda Art once again. In an instant, a dark golden light was emitted and the originally dissipating thunderclouds gathered once again. Endless amounts of lightning being to descend from the thunderclouds and struck Mu Chen’s body.

Chi Chi.

The dazzling lightning spread across the surface of Mu Chen’s body as he circulated the Great Pagoda Art at full strength. He forced the dark black Spiritual Energy to surge through his meridians rapidly.

When Mu Chen circulated the Great Pagoda Art at full strength, he was able to detect that dark mysterious lights had slowly appeared within the depths of his body…

However, the mysterious lights would fade and reappear. However, once the divine lightning struck Mu Chen’s body, these lights would suddenly brighten up a little.

“As expected, it is because of the power of the divine lightning.”

Aware of this scene, Mu Chen finally understood the reason behind the breakthrough in the Great Pagoda Art. He immediately opened his eyes and stood up. He stared into the depths as he muttered: “The efficiency of the divine lightning on the third level is still too low. If this continues, I’m afraid that the mysterious feeling would gradually subside and I will lose this opportunity of advancing my Great Pagoda Art.”

This sort of breakthrough was mostly due to luck. Once he fails, he could only wait for the next opportunity to come.

Mu Chen’s eyes flashed and he decisively took action. His body moved as he rushed swiftly to the depths of the third level of the Lightning Territory.

In less than ten minutes, Mu Chen had reached the depths of the third level. There, a distortion appeared once again. Outside of the distortion, there was a faint light barrier.

In order to enter the fourth level of the Lightning Territory, one must possess the strength of a Heavenly Fusion Stage. This light barrier was left here to stop students beneath this level from entering.


Mu Chen completely ignored the light barrier and charged directly into it.

At this moment, numerous figures stared at the light barrier. Almost all of them possess the strength of a Heavenly Fusion Stage. It was evident that they were considered excellent within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. At this moment, they were somewhat startled when they noticed Mu Chen’s figure. Just where did this brat come from? Did he not know that only people who had the strength of a Heavenly Fusion Stage were eligible to enter the fourth level?

A few of them chuckled and grinned. Every one of them was quite interested in this. After all, they knew how powerful the light barrier was. Even if it would not hurt the student that attempted to forcibly pass through, it would at least cause the student to be in an awkward situation.

However, Mu Chen did not care about the nearby gazes. When he was about to make contact with the light barrier, he gripped his hand tightly and blasted out a punch.

Four dark light seals emerged suddenly on Mu Chen’s fist. Then, it formed into a beam of black light as it bombarded fiercely against the light barrier.


Numerous ripples emitted from Mu Chen’s fists. Then, it became more and more violent. In the next instant, subtle cracking sounds rang out. The light barrier in front of Mu Chen had actually been forcibly destroyed by Mu Chen.


When the cracks appeared, Mu Chen rapidly entered. At this moment, there were many surprised gazes. Just when was it possible for a Spirit Stage Late Phase to enter the fourth level?

“Just where did that guy come from? Just by relying on his Spirit Stage Late Phase strength, he was able to unleash an attack that was comparable to a Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase. That guy is pretty powerful.”

The crowd that had been watching Mu Chen was completely shocked. However, they soon recovered and exclaimed loudly. Then, they stormed towards the fourth level of the Lightning Territory.

But when they charged into the fourth level of the Lightning Territory, Mu Chen’s figure had already disappeared. After Mu Chen quickly reached the fourth level, he could feel the difference between the third level and the fourth level.

The thunderclouds in the skies had already become pitch-black. Although the lightning strikes were less frequent than on the third level, deep rumbling sounds would resound occasionally. Just by this sound, one could tell how powerful the divine lightning was within this level.

After Mu Chen reached the fourth level, he immediately searched for an empty lightning platform. He quickly descended and sat cross-legged as he activated the lightning platform.


Once Mu Chen activated the lightning platform, the thunderclouds above his head began to gather. Just from their appearance, the thunderclouds were like a terrifying gigantic face. It revealed a wicked smile before a loud rumbling sound rang out. A lightning strike that was dozens of meters wide descended like a beam of light. In the next instant, it fiercely struck Mu Chen’s body.

The powerful impact made Mu Chen’s body tremble fiercely. An intense pain emitted from the surface of his body. Mu Chen could feel that the divine lightning on the fourth level was powerful to the extent that it wasn’t the same grade as the third level. No wonder the academy would only allow students who had reached the Heavenly Fusion Stage to enter this place.

Mu Chen’s body flashed as the lightning struck him. Then, he felt a dense amount of divine lightning entering his body. The power of the divine lightning from this one lightning strike was almost the same as ten strikes of lightning from the third level!

“Not bad.”

Mu Chen was quite satisfied with the lightning on the fourth level and began to concentrate. As large amounts of divine lightning entered his body, he could feel that the mysterious black lights within his body began to become brighter at a slow pace.

Although the pace was quite slow, it was still many times faster than earlier.

Mu Chen concentrated and gradually adapted to the divine lightning on the fourth level. Afterwards, he began to increase the frequency of the lightning strikes. Later on, the thunderclouds above his head became increasingly violent and numerous divine lightning bolts struck down. These rampaging lightning strikes had shocked the nearby students.

To be able to fearlessly activate the lightning platform to this level of frequency, it was not something that an ordinary Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase student would do. They neither had the courage or the ability to do so.

As the divine lightning continued to bombard downwards, Mu Chen seemed to have completely secluded himself from the outside world and was only concerned about the changes within his body. This sort of selfless training had quickly lasted for ten days.

During these ten days, Mu Chen’s body had basically remained motionless. The descent of lightning strikes from the thunderclouds had also never stopped. It had become an extremely eye-catching scene.

Numerous students that were cultivating had felt surprised and cast their gazes to this place. On the dark golden lightning platform, they were able to vaguely see a slender figure sitting cross-legged amongst the raging lightning strikes.

In the fourth level of the Lightning Territory, it was extremely rare to see such a scene. For ten full days, divine lightning had been summoned endlessly. Even a person who had reached the Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase wouldn’t be able to endure it, right?

Just who exactly is this guy? How is he this powerful…

Not far away, there were numerous figures standing on a lightning platform. Every single one of them was somewhat surprised as they watched this scene.

In front of these individuals, there was a familiar face. It was the face of a cool beauty who was wearing a red dress. It was An Ran, who had lost to Mu Chen within the Northern Heavens World.

“That guy is truly powerful. Even I wouldn’t be able to endure this level of divine lightning. I really want to know just who this powerful person is…” Beside An Ran, a youth chuckled. However, he could not conceal the surprise on his face.

“There are a lot of students within our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Who knows how many people were hiding their strength and cultivated secretly as they waited for the day to suddenly shock everyone? Perhaps this person was one of them.” Another youth laughed.

When An Ran heard their words, her beautiful eyes also stared at the lightning. The figure gave her a somewhat familiar feeling.

“Just who is that person?” An Ran frowned as she muttered to herself.

“Huh? The lightning seems to be weakening.” All of a sudden, the youth beside An Ran spoke out.

An Ran immediately turned her gaze over. As expected, the originally violent lightning had begun to weaken. The commotion caused by that place had been extremely eye-catching for the past few days. Therefore, many people immediately cast their gazes over in surprise and curiosity.

As countless gazes focused on Mu Chen’s body, Mu Chen’s focus remained within his body. In the depths of his body, the originally looming, mysterious black lights had suddenly become quite bright. A mysterious fluctuation quietly emitted.


All of a sudden, Mu Chen felt the mysterious black lights tremble. Then, he noticed that the black lights extended and formed a beam of light.

These beams of lights would extend out and connect with every single one of the black lights.

As Mu Chen watched this occur, his heart tensed up.

Shortly after, the black light beams finally completely connected with each other. And in the moment when they finished linking up, Mu Chen’s heart jumped. This is because, he noticed that lights spread out and the black lights had slowly formed into a mysterious black tower within his body.

In the instant that the mysterious black tower was formed, Mu Chen felt that he had travelled through time and space. An obscure and mysterious ancient voice echoed slowly within his body.

“By turning the body to a Pagoda, I will control the heavens and the earth.”

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