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Chapter 163 – Breakthrough in the Lightning Territory


The instant that Mu Chen passed through the distorted space, he could clearly feel the world darken in front of him. Rumbling thunder clapped through the skies.

Surprise emerged in his eyes as he looked in front. A vast expanse of space had appeared in front of him. Within this space, numerous clouds gathered and lightning converged within these clouds. The lightning would descend from the sky continuously like fierce silver pythons.

An extremely violent Spiritual Aura filled the entire space. In this place, the originally gentle Spiritual Aura was influenced by the lightning and had turned violent.

Within this lightning space, there were numerous stone platforms suspended in midair. The stone platforms revealed a dark-golden sheen, and each of these platforms had a figure sitting cross-legged on it. From time to time, lightning would soar through the skies and descend onto a figure that was sitting on a stone platform.

Whenever the lightning descended, the dark golden stone platform would cause the lightning to disperse, causing the stone platform to emit an exceptionally beautiful silvery glow.

From within the distorted space behind Mu Chen, a steady stream of people would rush out. Among them, there would be a few individuals that would search for empty stone platforms to begin their cultivation. As for the rest, they would head further into the depths of this lightning space.

Every single one of the individuals that would head further in were exceptionally powerful.

“The Lightning Territory is divided into ten levels. Right now, this is only the first level. It seems that the divine lightning will become more powerful as one progresses further into the depths.” Mu Chen pondered for a moment. From the moment he had arrived in the Lightning Territory, he was provided all the information related to the Lightning Territory. Normally speaking, the first level was for Spirit Stage Initial Phase students to cultivate. As one progressed further, the strength required would increase significantly. It was said that even a Heavenly Transformation Stage powerhouse wouldn’t be able to easily enter the tenth floor.

“I should attempt to progress further into the depths as well.”

Mu Chen pondered for a moment before rushing into the depths of the lightning space. With his current strength, it was evident that he was not interested in the first level. Divine lightning of that level was practically useless for his cultivation.

Mu Chen’s speed was extremely fast, and in a few minutes he had already reached the depths of the first level. Here, another distortion had appeared and people would occasionally fly into the distortion.

Mu Chen did not hesitate and charged directly into the distortion. Once he arrived, he discovered that the scenery of the second level was essentially the same as the first level. However, the clouds that converged here were clearly a lot denser, which caused the divine lightning to become even more violent.

Mu Chen glanced across the second level and continued to move forward. It was apparent that the second level did not satisfy him at all.

In just ten minutes, Mu Chen had reached the third level. In order to enter this level, it required the strength of a Spirit Stage Late Phase. However, this wasn’t an obstacle to Mu Chen. Although he was only at the Spirit Stage Middle Phase, his true strength had already reached the same level as a Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase.

Within the third level, flashing lightning and rumbling thunder could be seen and heard. Numerous lightnings would soar through the sky before brutally descending. It was evident that this entire space was quite bright.

Mu Chen sensed the degree of power of the divine lightning within the third level before nodding his head slightly. He immediately moved and entered the depths to search for an unoccupied dark golden platform.

When Mu Chen sat cross-legged on the dark gold platform, his palm touched the platform. A cold feeling entered his hand. “So this isn’t made of stone, but rather some sort of metal. Judging from its appearance, this metal powerfully attracts lightning.”

When he sat down, his consciousness focused and started infusing Spiritual Energy into the dark gold platform. All of a sudden, a faint golden light emerged from the platform. This platform which was able to attract divine lightning had been completely activated.

In the instant that the platform was activated, clouds began to converge above Mu Chen. The sound of rolling thunder, like the roar of an ancient beast, rang out and displayed its full might to the world.


The thundercloud rumbled and a tiny silver divine lightning bolt soared through the clouds and descended at an alarming speed towards Mu Chen, who was sitting on the platform cross-legged.

Seeing the descending lightning, Mu Chen hurriedly used his Spiritual Energy to protect his body.


The silver lightning landed overwhelming Mu Chen’s body. Instantly, his body twitched and he could feel stinging pain could from his body. The dazzling lightning covered his body and jumped around before entering his body.

At the same time, Mu Chen also began to circulate the Great Pagoda Art. As dark-black Spiritual Energy surged through his meridians, a part of the lightning followed. It was then absorbed into his Spiritual Energy.

Chi Chi.

As the lightning was absorbed into his Spiritual Energy, his dark black Spiritual Energy began to fluctuate and a subtle crackling sound could be heard. After a while, the lightning began to fade away. However, Mu Chen could feel that a portion of his Spiritual Energy had become slightly more condensed.

“The divine lightning here truly has the ability to strengthen Spiritual Energy.” Mu Chen was overjoyed. The Lightning Territory truly deserved its reputation.

After testing the divine lightning for a while, Mu Chen was finally relieved. He clenched his palm and the Spirit Pill appeared. Then, he placed it within his mouth.

Once the Spirit Pill entered his mouth, it quickly melted. Billowing heat began to flow down his throat at an alarming speed.

Boom Boom.

Dense, violent Spiritual Energy surged through his meridians like a flood. However, the Spiritual Energy was considerably violent. It was just like a wild horse, it would not allow itself to be controlled.


Mu Chen could feel the rampaging force of the Spirit Pill’s medical power. He let out a soft sigh before activating the lightning platform. Dark golden light was emitted and the thunderclouds in the skies immediately began to rumble. Dozens of divine lightning bolts descended  towards his body like angry serpents.

All of the lightning exploded on the surface of Mu Chen’s body. The lightning surged endlessly into his body. By manipulating the divine lightning, he quickly forced it to fuse with the violent medical power of the Spirit Pill. This way, he could deal with the rampaging Spiritual Energy from the Spirit Pill swiftly.

Mu Chen concentrated on the changes within his body and quickly discovered that the violent Spiritual Energy from the Spirit Pill had calmed down a little after the power of the divine lightning had entered his body.

“The power of this divine lightning isn’t enough yet!”

After Mu Chen felt the changes within his body, he was completely at ease. He concentrated and pushed the lightning platform’s ability to attract lightning to its limits. At this moment, a golden light surged out and the thunderclouds rumbled crazily above him. Streaks of lightning began to descend successively.

Mu Chen sat calmly and allowed the dazzling lightning to freely wrap around his body. Although there was a stinging pain whenever he was struck by the lightning, it was evident that the pain was within his ability to endure.

Endless amounts of divine lightning entered Mu Chen’s body and cleansed the the Spirit Pill’s rampaging medical power. At the same time, he also quickly refined the calmed Spiritual Energy and allowed it to enter his aura sea.


In this area, endless silver streaks of lightning descended. This crazy act immediately captured the attention of the other students nearby that were cultivating. The stone platform was able to control the frequency of the lightning and these students would have never pushed the frequency of the lightning to the limits. After all, the divine lightning was also quite violent, and if they weren’t strong enough, they could be smitten to the point where they were gravely injured.

Therefore, it was rare to see someone like Mu Chen activate the platform to its limit.

However, Mu Chen did not care about the surprised gazes that gathered on him. His consciousness was completely focused on the changes within his body. By cooperating with the divine lightning, he was able to refine the violent Spiritual Energy within the Spirit Pill.

Moreover, it was done with high efficiency.

In less than an hour, Mu Chen could feel that the violent Spiritual Energy within the Spirit Pill had been completely dealt with by the power of the divine lightning.

“Next up, I just have to refine all of this Spiritual Energy and prepare to breakthrough to the Spirit Stage Late Phase!”

Mu Chen concentrated and began to circulate the Great Pagoda Art at full strength. The enormous amount of Spiritual Energy was being refined endlessly as it was infused into the Spiritual Energy light wheel within his aura sea.

With the steady stream of Spiritual Energy entering the Spiritual Energy light wheel, the light wheel turned increasingly bright. Even the tiny Spirit that was sitting cross-legged on the light wheel had become a lot clearer.

Everything was progressing properly for his breakthrough. Right now, he only had to wait for the opportunity to breakthrough!

As he was waiting for the opportunity, three days had passed.

Within these three days, Mu Chen did not know how many times he had been struck by lightning. The power of the divine lightning would enter his body endlessly and strengthen his Spiritual Energy.

As he was being struck by lightning, he did not dare to move at all.

Suddenly, his hand trembled for a moment. Powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations emitted from the surface of his body. It was evident that the Spiritual Energy had reached the point where it could not be suppressed.

“It’s finally time for me to make a breakthrough!”

Mu Chen’s black eyes opened up and reflected the endless amount of descending lightning before he closed them once again.

Within his aura sea, the Spiritual Energy light wheel was dazzling to the point that it was like a star. Waves of Spiritual Energy pulsed vividly, and rippling sounds could be heard.

At the same time, the tiny Spirit on the Spiritual Energy light wheel was clear to the point where it could be seen from a distance. It was basically a smaller version of Mu Chen. Moreover, the Spiritual Energy emitting from it was many times more powerful than before.

The Spirit that was sitting cross-legged on the Spiritual Energy light wheel took a deep breath as it fiercely formed hand seals. In a couple of seconds, rumbling sounds resounded.


Rampaging light suddenly erupted from the Spiritual Energy light wheel and pure Spiritual Energy rushed towards the tiny Spirit.

As it was being infused with pure Spiritual Energy, the Spirit was like a bottomless hole. It would absorb the endless Spiritual Energy. At the same time, the Spirit’s body also expanded by size. The surface of its body shimmered and it was apparent that it had become slightly more real compared to the illusory form it had before.

The influx of Spiritual Energy lasted for approximately 30 minutes before it gradually came to a halt. The dazzling light from the Spiritual Energy light wheel also faded away slowly, and all of the lights within his aura sea also began to dissipate.

As for the glass-like Spirit, it continued to sit calmly on the Spiritual Energy light wheel. After a while, it finally opened its eyes. Those eyes were like a mysterious galaxy.


In the instant the Spirit opened its eyes, a powerful fluctuation was emitted. In the end, it spread throughout Mu Chen’s body, causing his body to tremble violently.


On the stone platform, Mu Chen also let out a breath of white air, which had faint traces of lightning contained in it. He could sense that the dense Spiritual Energy within his body had become even more powerful when compared to a few days ago.

From the dense Spiritual Energy, Mu Chen was able to tell that he had already officially advanced into the Spirit Stage Late Phase!

A smile spread out on Mu Chen’s mouth. He finally let out a sigh of relief and prepared to end his cultivation. However, he suddenly felt that a mysterious fluctuation being emitted due to the Great Pagoda Art.

This feeling was extremely mysterious. It even caused Mu Chen’s blood circulation to accelerate. At this moment, he was in a daze. Then, a hint of shock emerged in his eyes.

Could it be that he was about to make a breakthrough on the Great Pagoda Art as well?

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