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Chapter 155 – Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy

Although there was an endless number of continents within the Great Thousand World, the Northern Heavens Continent was still one of the most dazzling ones.

And the source of the Northern Heavens Continent’s brilliance was the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

It was one of the widely-known “Five Great Academies” within the Great Thousand World, where numerous young geniuses gathered. Every one of their students would reveal their magnificent talent as they embarked on the road of becoming one of the dazzling powerhouses within the Great Thousand World.

The Great Thousand World was enormous. Among them, there were countless races and various powerful forces. But even so, many of  these geniuses would choose to enter the “Five Great Academies” for training. Just based off this, one could see the how unique the “Five Great Academies” were. Otherwise, why would these wellborn geniuses give up on their own race’s inheritance and travel across many continents to train at one of the “Five Great Academies”.

Because of the brilliance of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, this place was naturally quite outstanding. When compared to the Northern Spiritual Realm within the Hundred Spirit Continent, the Northern Spiritual Realm couldn’t even be considered a rural province of the Northern Heavens Continent.

Within the Northern Heavens Continent, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy maintained a exclusive position. Aside from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, there were still countless small and large forces within this continent. This continent was truly where talented geniuses were concealed.

Someone had once said, even Sovereign powerhouses would have to retract their pride and arrogance when they arrived at the Northern Heavens Continent. Judging from just this, one can see how complex and deep the waters were of this continent.

Although the waters were deep within the Northern Heavens Continent, the turbulence caused within it would never spread to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. This is because all of the forces and powerhouses within the Northern Heavens Continent know that the quiet Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, which was located at the center of the continent, was in fact a sleeping dragon. Although, normally, it did not normally reveal its strength, its presence was enough to frighten everyone once it did revealed its might.

Moreover, everyone knew that the strength displayed by a Spiritual Academy would only be the strength on the surface. The truly terrifying strength was the not this, but the hidden strength that they concealed.

Over the thousands of years, there were numerous powerhouses who came out of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academies. Among them, there were a few powerhouses who once stood at the pinnacle. Although they had already left the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and perhaps became a leader of a force or territory, it was impossible to remove the bonds they had with the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Even if they did not do anything during normal circumstances, once the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was in danger of being wiped out…the individuals would be able to see how terrifying a power that was hidden deep inside the academy.

This was the confidence and power of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Perhaps it might not be the strongest within the Great Thousand World. Its human connections would make even the elite forces and races with powerful backgrounds fear it…

When Mu Chen and the others stepped through the giant bronze doors, they could feel a sense of dizziness emerging from within. This was due to the dimensional transfer. Fortunately, the nausea did not last, and before long they felt their bodies stabilizing. Then, the light in front of their eyes suddenly turned brighter.

Everyone opened their narrowed eyes as they stared at the unfamiliar world in front of them. Shock emerged on the faces of many.

The originally empty stone platform was instantly filled as Mu Chen and the others appeared. In front of them was a majestic sight.

An vast and endless land could be seen. On the ground, there were numerous cultivation halls that were connected with each other. Occasionally, waterfalls would descend down through the mountains as grand ripples of mist emitted out.

The scene in front of them was too impressive. Thus, even though the stone platform that Mu Chen and the others were standing on, was quite vast, it was nothing compared to the scene in front of them.

In the skies above the Spiritual Academies, numerous figures would pass by. A few would be flying within the practice grounds. Hence, powerful Spiritual Energies would collide and cause muffled sounds.

Among the endless mountains within the Spiritual Academy, the most eye-catching mountain was the one that was situated in the center. The mountain was oddly shaped and appeared to be a divine bird that had spread its wings. A sense of oppression that enveloped the entire land could be felt from the bird-shaped mountain.

At the top of the wings of this bird-shaped mountain, there were stone tablets on each respective wings. On the stone tablet, dazzling light that could be seen throughout the entire Spiritual Academy radiated outwards.

Mu Chen stared at the massive stone tablet situated at the left wing and stared at the top of the tablet. As the golden lights shone, two grand words were formed.

Spirit Ranking!

“Spirit Ranking…” Mu Chen murmured. Could this be the Spirit Ranking that An Ran previously mentioned?

“That is the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Spirit Ranking.” A voice faintly appeared beside him. Mu Chen turned around and noticed An Ran beside him. She stared at the massive stone tablet as her red lips twitched.

“What is the Spirit Ranking?” Mu Chen asked in confusion.

“Just as the name implies. This is a ranking that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy made for the Spirit Stage students. It is the most basic ranking within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. As long as your strength is within the Spirit Stage, you have the qualifications to enter this ranking. However, this Spirit Ranking only includes the top 1000 Spirit Stage within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy,” An Ran explained.

Only after the explanation did Mu Chen finally understand the ranking. He was at the Spirit Stage Middle Phase. Just what rank would he possess on the Spirit Ranking?

“If you believe that the ones on the Spirit Ranking would only possess the strength of a Spirit Stage, then you’re too naïve.” An Ran grunted: “The bastards that are ranked in the top 10 are probably on par with me.”

Mu Chen was stunned. Afterwards, he was completely surprised. After all, he only defeated An Ran after relying on the shared power between him and the Nine Nether Bird. Could the people ranked in the top 10 possess Spiritual Beasts that were comparable with the Nine Nether Bird? However, it couldn’t be possible that they would possess Bloodlink Bond like him, right?

“These individuals only used a loophole. Normally, you only need to infuse your strongest Spiritual Energy within the Spiritual Value Card that Old Bai gave you earlier and you would possess the right to enter the Spirit Ranking. The Spiritual Value Card would send the information to the Spirit Ranking and rank you.”

“The individuals, who are ranked in the top 10, all used a loophole. In the instant that they advanced into the Heavenly Fusion Stage, they infused the Spiritual Energy within the Spiritual Value Card. Just like this, they would be able to unleash an energy comparable to a Heavenly Fusion Stage  with their Spirit Stage strength. By doing this, their rankings would naturally be very high. After all, how could an ordinary Spirit Stage compete with them?”

Mu Chen smacked his lips. In other words, the individuals that were ranked within the top 10 of the Spirit Ranking had occupied the top 10 of the Spirit Ranking while their true strength had reached the Heavenly Fusion Stage a long time ago?

“Are there any benefits in occupying the top 10 of the Spirit Ranking?” Mu Chen asked. It probably was pretty glorious for them to use this method in occupying the top 10 ranks, right?

“Every day, the top 50 of the Spirit Ranking will automatically obtain Spiritual Values based on their rankings. How could they not be moved by the idea of earning Spiritual Values without doing anything. Moreover, just how many Spirit Stage students would dare to challenge them? However, these individuals are just trying to demonstrate their might over here only. If we were to talk about the next ranking, the Heavenly Ranking, they probably wouldn’t even enter the top 1000.” An Ran replied.

After this, Mu Chen understood. So there were such benefits from having a rank. No wonder they wouldn’t want to leave after occupying a rank within a basic ranking such as the Spirit Ranking.

“Then what’s the Heavenly Ranking?” Mu Chen continued to ask as if he was a curious little baby.

“Heavenly Ranking…” After speaking these two words, An Ran’s cold expression finally turned serious and her eyes turned completely passionate. She lifted her head and stared at the right wing of the bird-shaped mountain. At that location, there was another enormous stone tablet. Clouds were moving near the stone tablet and golden lights would occasionally flash. Every single name on this stone tablet was a powerhouse within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“Heavenly Ranking. It is the ranking that students who have entered the Three Heavens Stage can enter. That ranking represents the peak of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Numerous geniuses train in order to obtain a seat within the Heavenly Ranking. Whenever the top ten ranks within the Heavenly Ranking change, it is the largest event within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”

Mu Chen could feel the passion within An Ran’s tone, and his black eyes focused on the stone tablet. He stared and noticed that the names formed with golden light were permeating out with glory. It was as if they were etched there to be respected and looked up to by all students within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Standing next to Mu Chen, Luo Li, Ye Qingling and the others also stared at the stone tablet which represents the true level of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“Heavenly Ranking Rank 10, Zhou Fan. Cultivated at Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for 3 Years.”

“Heavenly Ranking Rank 9, Luo Hua. Cultivated at Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for 3 Years.”

“Heavenly Ranking Rank 8, Wang Zhong.

“Heavenly Ranking Rank 3, Su Xuan.”

“Heavenly Ranking Rank 2, Li Xuantong.”

When the Heavenly Ranking’s Rank 2 had its name displayed, Luo Li frowned beside Mu Chen. However, Mu Chen failed to detected it.

“Who is ranked first?”

Countless eyes moved upwards once again and stared at the top position. At that location, a name carrying a deep sense of oppression emitted out.

“Heavenly Ranking Rank 1, Shen Cangsheng.

“Shen Cangsheng…” Numerous individuals stared at the golden name. Although it was only a name, it was like an unsurpassable mountain. This trauma enveloped and entered many people’s hearts.

After all, they were only freshmen that had just arrived within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. In this place filled with countless geniuses, they had only just started.  However, that person had already reached the pinnacle and was standing above them.

Mu Chen stared at the domineering name and slowly retracted his gaze away. He could sense the blood within him starting to show signs of boiling.

This is the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that he had been expecting for so long. Even the competition within the Spiritual Road was nothing compared to this place. If he wanted to prove himself, this place was the best training ground for him.

One day, he would surpass all these heaven-sent children and stand at the peak as well!

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