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Chapter 148 – Fighting Against Shi Jingtian


When Luo Li muttered straightforwardly “Fine”, everybody in the central area entered into an uproar. It was evident that they didn’t understand why Luo Li was willing to accept it so easily.

If she was the one that was going to fight, it would be easier to understand. However, Mu Chen was only at the Spirit Stage Middle Phase. His strength wasn’t considered to be outstanding among the rest of them here. Moreover, his opponent was Shi Jingtian, a powerhouse who was half-a-step from reaching Heavenly Fusion Stage!

Did she really believe that Mu Chen wouldn’t lose?

Not far away, Zhou Ling smiled bitterly as he watched this scene. He had a slightly complex expression on his face. Since he had cooperated with Luo Li previously, he had some understanding of the latter’s personality. However, during the period when they cooperated with each other, he had never seen Luo Li, who was only concerned about cultivating, care about another person.

“Mu Chen. You’re truly a lucky guy. However, I hope that you will not disappoint her…” Zhou Ling looked at the boy, who slowly walked forward, as he muttered.

“Haha. It seems that King Luo believes in you quite a bit.” Shi Jingtian laughed as he stared coldly at Mu Chen.

“Can we begin?” Mu Chen smiled. Within his black eyes, a hint of coldness surged. He never thought that this person would still be so irritating.

“Then come at me!”

A chill surged through Shi Jingtian’s eyes and he took a step forward. Dense Spiritual Energy erupted endlessly and the impact from it crushed the nearby gravel to powder.

“The loss that I suffered in the Spiritual Road…This time, I’ll let you experience it!”

Shi Jingtian’s eyes were filled with viciousness and he no longer hesitated as he stomped on the ground. At this moment, the earth seemed to tremble. Then, he bent over and smashed his fist onto the ground.


An extraordinary Spiritual Energy surged into the earth. Then, the very ground on which  Mu Chen stood instantly collapsed. A surge of vicious Spiritual Energy erupted from the ground like a sharp spear as it shot fiercely towards Mu Chen’s legs.

At the same time, Mu Chen also moved and turned into a blur. When his afterimage was shattered, he had already appeared in front of Shi Jingtian.


Mu Chen kept two fingers straightened as they flashed with a golden light. The light was like a golden spear, which penetrated through the void, as it lunged towards Shi Jingtian’s throat.

“You actually want to injure me with such abilities?!” Shi Jingtian grinned as hishand appeared in front to block Mu Chen’s attack. At the same moment, a greyish-white Spiritual Energy entered his arm, which caused his arm to become as hard as a rock. It was matchless in terms of toughness.


When the sharp golden light made contact with Shi Jingtian’s palm, a loud clanging sound rang out as sparks flew. However, the latter’s palm only trembled slightly while it completely stopped Mu Chen’s attack.


Shi Jingtian instantly changed his palm to a fist and blasted out a punch. The greyish-white Spiritual Energy surged out like a flood as it smashed fiercely towards Mu Chen.


In response, Mu Chen waved his sleeves as he retreated backwards. His feet stabilized in midair and light emerged from his palms. At this moment, dozens of lights integrated within the air.

A formidable Spiritual Energy fluctuation instantly erupted above Mu Chen. Then, a golden light Spiritual Array soon emerged.

“A Spiritual Array? And with such  terrifying speed!” When they noticed the Spiritual Array above Mu Chen, many people were completely shocked. The speed at which Mu Chen arranged an array was unbelievable. Just how much control over his Spiritual Energy was required to do so?


Mu Chen’s eyes turned cold and his hand seals changed. Within the golden light Spiritual Array, a jagged, golden light wheel erupted out from within. It instantly rushed through the sky towards Shi Jingtian as it turned into a golden light.

“A Spiritual Array? So you still have such a technique. However, it’s best not to show such a disgraceful Spiritual Array!” Shi Jingtian sneered. On his arms, his veins moved like a dragon while a greyish-white color filled his entire arm.

“Stone Python Pierce!”

Shi Jingtian did not make any attempt at dodging. Instead, he blasted out a punch with his rock-like arm. A muffled sound rang out as the greyish-white Spiritual Energy brought forth powerful winds. It actually formed into a greyish-white python as it fiercely bombarded against the golden wheel.


When the greyish-white Spiritual Energy erupted, a formidable fluctuation was emitted as well. The jagged, golden light wheel was shattered instantly by Shi Jingtian’s punch. From this act, it became clear that the latter’s strength was definitely quite powerful.

“Haha, Mu Chen. As expected, you’ve lost the might and power you had in the Spiritual Road once you’ve returned to the Great Thousand World. So you’re only capable of this much right now?” After destroying the golden light wheel in one attack, the scornful look on Shi Jingtian’s face increased as he mocked Mu Chen.

Although he was mocking Mu Chen, Shi Jingtian was still someone that had experienced the harsh trial of the Spiritual Road. His combat sense was quite outstanding. Thus, he rushed forward and approached Mu Chen. Against a Spiritual Array Master, it was most advantageous for him to counter with close combat. Furthermore, since this battle was for the symbol, it was best not to make a mistake.

“I’ll defeat you in one punch!”

A hideous smile emerged within Shi Jingtian’s face. He smiled coldly at Mu Chen and the greyish-white arm instantly darkened. It was as if it had turned into the most solid rock in the world.

“Dragon Rocksmash!”

Shi Jingtian’s punch shot out together with dense Spiritual Energy. A dragon’s roar actually accompanied it as the greyish-white Spiritual Energy formed into a stone dragon. It rushed through the air as it fiercely smashed towards Mu Chen.

Bang Bang!

Under this powerful attack, the very air around the area seemed to explode. At this moment, the flow of air interwove with the galloping dragon.

Mu Chen stared at the powerful attack as coldness flushed through his black eyes. He clenched his fists tightly and three dark light seals emerged. As soon as they appeared, he immediately blasted out a punch as well.

These three black light seals formed into a beam of black light as it exploded against the stone dragon. A formidable Spiritual Energy surged out in waves from the contact.


The stone dragon seemed to tremble against the fierce winds produced. However, Shi Jingtian only laughed loudly as he fired off another punch. Greyish-white Spiritual Energy surged out and completely shattered the three black light seals.

After facing off a few times, it was evident that Shi Jingtian had the upper hand.

When he destroyed the three black light seals with one punch, Shi Jingtian was about to mock Mu Chen again. However, he suddenly noticed the cold eyes that Mu Chen had and his heart jumped. Only then, he noticed that the winds produced by Mu Chen’s fist weren’t completely released. On the surface of his fist, black lights twinkled. Then, overbearing fluctuations surged out in waves.


All of a sudden, black light seemed to flood out from Mu Chen’s fist. Another black light seal soon emerged after this. Once this black light seal emerged, the surrounding Spiritual Aura seemed to tremble.

“There’s actually a fourth light seal?!” Shi Jingtian’s eyes finally changed slightly. He could detect that Mu Chen’s mysterious black light seals were more powerful than the previous ones that were formed. Compared to the three seals that were accumulated together, the fourth seal seemed to be even stronger!


Mu Chen remained calm and did not speak at all. When the fourth Limitless Death Seal was formed, he immediately fired out a punch.

Once the punch was fired off, the air immediately exploded!

The air seemed to have been compressed before it exploded as Mu Chen’s attack bombarded the stone dragon. But this time, the black light actually shattered the stone dragon completely. Moreover, the remaining energy did not diminish as it continued to bombard Shi Jingtian.

Mu Chen’s almighty attack instantly caused a little bit of commotion.

“Iron Wall!”

Shi Jingtian shouted out and crossed his arms in front of himself. Greyish-white Spiritual Energy surged and actually formed into a faint greyish-white light wall. From its appearance, it seemed to be formed by a sturdy rock that had been tempered through lava numerous times. It was completely unmovable.

However, Mu Chen was completely unaffected by it. The fourth Limitless Seal brought forth numerous black ripples as the air exploded. Then, it bombarded heavily against Shi Jingtian’s arms.


A Spiritual Energy shockwave that could be seen with the naked eye was instantly emitted. In that instant, a deep voice resounded out through the sky.


At this moment, Mu Chen finally spoke coldly. The black light shockwaves instantly accelerated and exploded with a bang.


Waves of air immediately swept out. At this moment, Shi Jingtian’s body actually flew back awkwardly, although he managed to land on his feet. However, he only stabilized his form after leaving behind traces of sliding for nearly a hundred meters.


Commotions instantly rang out within the  area. They never expected that the situation would be reversed by Mu Chen.

“I told you back in the Spiritual Road. You shouldn’t get too carried away. Otherwise, you would pay a severe price. It seems that you still haven’t learnt that lesson.” Mu Chen slowly released his clenched fist as he spoke faintly towards the gloomy Shi Jingtian.

“Just because I’ve appeared in front of you, you think that you’ll be qualified to step on me?”

Shi Jingtian stared coldly at Mu Chen. At this moment, his eyes were filled with flames of rage. As he stepped forward, a cold voice filled with hostility rang out.

“Carried away? I’ll show you what getting carried away truly means!”

Shi Jingtian stomped on the ground and a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation instantly erupted out from his body. Then, Spiritual Energy slowly formed into a greyish-white python behind him.

The massive python’s body was completely covered with rock-like scales. On his head, there was a greyish-white spiral-patterned horn. Its greyish-white eyes were completely emotionless as if it had been drilled out from the depths of the earth.

When this greyish-white python figure emerged, Shi Jingtian’s aura actually soared again.

It was infinitely close to reaching the Heavenly Fusion Stage!

“74th in Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking, a Low Rank Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast, the Earthstone Spirit Python?”

As Mu Chen stared at the massive python, black flames also seeped out from within his eyes. Then, the surrounding individuals trembled slightly as they detected an abnormally fiery fluctuation slowly emitting out from Mu Chen’s body.

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