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Chapter 144 – Might of the Dragon Elephant Array


All of the 40 Spiritual Seals let out a tremor as they condensed in Mu Chen’s hands. Then, spiritual fluctuations emitted and caused further vibrations in the surrounding air.

At this moment, everybody was shocked by the 40 Spiritual Seals. Even Ye Qingling, Chu Qi and Fang Zhong were stunned. Since when did Mu Chen have such a powerful technique?

Even among the Rank 2 Spiritual Arrays, a Spiritual Array that consisted of 40 Spiritual Seals was considerably powerful. Its might was something that even an ordinary Spirit Stage Late Phase powerhouse would have to evade.

While watching this scene quietly occur in front of her eyes, Luo Li let out a gentle smile.


Once Mu Chen flipped his hand around, the 40 Spiritual Seals instantly integrated themselves into the air. At the same time, the surrounding air quickly became distorted. A faint dark-golden light started to emit from the air.


While the space was becoming distorted, a faint dragon’s roar resounded and shook the mountains.

In the sky nearby, Xie Guan and the others’ expressions had turned completely serious. The contempt-filled expression that they initially had, finally faded away. From the Spiritual Array, they could feel something that was able to threaten them.

“Let’s do this together!”

The three of them exchanged gazes and completely gave up on their pride. With a shout, dense Spiritual Energy erupted from the trio’s bodies. Directly behind them, the light of their illusory Spiritual Beasts emerged. It was apparent that these were the Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences that they had ingested. Judging from the density of their Spiritual Energy, it should be powerful Spiritual Beasts that are roughly in the 100s of the Myriad Beast Record.

In order to block Mu Chen’s powerful Spiritual Array attack, the trio did not dare to hold back.


A dark-golden light quickly emanated out from above Mu Chen. It finally turned into a massive dark-golden Spiritual Array. Then, the Spiritual Array slowly circulated, and beams of dark-golden lights intertwined together emanating mysterious fluctuations.

Judging from its appearance, this intertwining Spiritual Array seemed to be occupied by a dragon and an elephant, which guarded the heavens and the earth.

Finally, Mu Chen’s tightly closed eyes slowly reopened. He extended his slender fingers, and tapped the air as he quietly muttered: “Dragon Elephant Array!”


As if it was a dark-golden sun, a fierce burst of dazzling, dark-golden light emerged from the array. Then massive dark-golden beams of light erupted from the Spiritual Array.


When the light beams shot out, they intertwined with each other and finally formed a roaring dragon and a gigantic elephant whose bodies were made entirely of gold. As the dragon and elephant galloped over, the sky seemed to tremble from their impact.

Spiritual Energy that covered the world rushed over towards the trio.

In the rear, the crowd of Spirit Stage students had pale expressions as they watched the mighty dragon and elephant. From what they felt, they knew that this power could instantly obliterate them.


At this moment, Xie Guan and the two other individuals let out their attacks together. With a cry, dense Spiritual Energy formed into three Spiritual Energy pillars and pierced through the sky. With an extraordinary atmosphere, it collided fiercely with the dragon and elephant.


Spiritual Energy shockwaves, visible to even the naked eye, expanded from the explosion. Even the air seemed to be displaced by these shockwaves. This caused bursts of gales to rampage through the forest.

“Dragon Elephant Suppression!”

As this occurred, a hint of coldness flashed through Mu Chen’s black eyes. He quietly shouted deep down inside as he changed the seals formed with his hand.


Faster than the eye could see, the dragon and elephant fused together and formed into a dark-golden disc. On top of the disc, a golden dragon was surging through the air as the golden elephant set foot on the ground. The aura it produced was simply shocking.


When the suppression of the dark-golden light disc descended, the light pillars formed from Xie Guan and the others started to break. Instantly, their faces turned completely pale, and their expressions were filled with horror.

In the end, the Spiritual Energy pillars were completely shattered and the dark-golden light disc turned into lights, which rushed out and fiercely collided with the trio’s bodies.


At this moment, the trio’s expressions were pale as they spat out a mouthful of blood. Their aura quickly weakened and they started to stagger.

The crowd of Spirit Stage students’ expressions changed drastically when they became aware of the fact that the combined attack of Xie Guan and the two other Spirit Stage Late Phase powerhouses failed to completely stop the Spiritual Array’s power. Terror emerged in the depths of their eyes.

The power of this Spiritual Array was actually this terrifying?

Xie Guan and the others were completely pale as they exchanged gazes with each other. Their eyes flashed and they fiercely rushed away. It was evident that they planned on leaving.


But just when their bodies showed some movement, a slender figure appeared from the rear. Then, a black longsword gently stopped in front of them.

“If you want to be disqualified, then feel free to take another step.” Luo Li glanced at the trio and replied faintly.

The trio instantly stiffened and cold sweat trickled down their foreheads. They smiled bitterly and the symbol on their foreheads twinkled. A Rank 7 and two Rank 6 symbols immediately let up and 3 Spiritual lights rushed towards Mu Chen, who was below them.

At this moment, Mu Chen did not hesitate and absorbed the three Spiritual lights. The originally dim symbol instantly became filled with light. However, even after absorbing the three symbols, Mu Chen’s symbol remained at the level of a Rank 7 Symbol. It was evident that it was becoming increasingly difficult to rank up the symbol once it reached the late stages. If he wanted to increase it to Rank 8 or Rank 9, it would be even more difficult than Rank 7.

“Ohoho, I’ll have to thank the three of you for handing over such a big gift to me.” Mu Chen cupped his hands in thanks towards Xie Guan and the others as he spoke.

The trio’s faces immediately twitched and revealed a smile filled with bitterness. Although they were constantly cursing Mu Chen within their hearts, they did not dare mutter out loud.

At this location, not only was there the terrifying King Luo, even Mu Chen, whom they had originally thought was weak, revealed an extraordinary power. The Spiritual Array that he had used earlier wasn’t something that the three of them together could stop.

“That guy really is tough…” At this moment, the trio had eyes filled with bitterness. This time, they tried to seize an opportunity only to end up much worse than they started. In order to increase their symbols to such a level, they had to pay with great effort. However, all of this effort was handed over to Mu Chen.

“Goodbye, you three. I won’t send you off.” Mu Chen didn’t bother talking with them as he let out a faint laugh.

“Mu Chen, you shouldn’t act too cocky. Although you have King Luo protecting you, there is more than one “King” from the Spiritual Road within this Northern Heavens World. Once you approach the Northern Heavens Hall, let’s see how cocky you can be!” Xie Guan gritted his teeth as he let out a sneer filled with unwillingness. Then, he did not dare to remain at this location and quickly fled into the distance.

“So there are other Kings…” Mu Chen smiled. A hint of coldness flashed through the depths of his eyes. No matter who it was, if they believed that they could step on Mu Chen because he was kicked out of the Spiritual Road midway, he did not mind letting them understand that the Spiritual Road’s Empowerment didn’t give them the overwhelming advantage that they had imagined.

“Everyone, are you not going to leave? Could it be that all of you are planning to hand over your symbols to me?” Mu Chen stared coldly at the Spirit Stage students in the air as he did not have a favorable impression of these people. However, he did not force them to hand over their symbols. If he did so, it was possible that he would be easily cornered by them. After all, it was quite troubling to deal with so many people.

The Spirit Stage students in the air all let out a hollow laugh and did not dare to refute. They immediately rushed away and in a few seconds, the sky was completely empty.

When Mu Chen noticed the empty sky, he also let out a breath of relief.

Luo Li descended from the sky and stood beside Mu Chen.

“Brother Chu, Brother Fang. This time, I’ll have to thank you.” Mu Chen turned around to stare at Chu Qi and Fang Zhong, who had complicated expressions, as he cupped his fists as thanks. Since they were willing to stand out and help him at that crucial moment, even if it wasn’t too beneficial, Mu Chen would still remember this favor from them.

Fang Zhong smiled as he shook his head. On the other hand, Chu Qi completely ignored Mu Chen and his eyes were firmly fixed on Luo Li. His mouth moved and he asked with a reddened face: “Luo Li, a…are you alright these days?”

Luo Li glanced at Chu Qi and raised her eyebrows. She thought for a moment before asking: “Do we know each other?”


From the side, Ye Qingling could not help but laugh. Fang Zhong also had a grin on his face as he stared sympathetically at Chu Qi. What a poor guy…

Chu Qi scratched his head and replied embarrassedly: “We’ve met in the Spiritual Road before. You’ve even saved me once…”

When Luo Li heard this, she nodded slightly. But when they judged the look on her face, everybody wondered if she had attempted to recall this memory. However, this was her personality. She would always adopt an uncaring attitude towards the things that she did not care about.

“Brother Chu, Brother Fang. It’s all thanks to your help that I’ve managed to successfully hunt the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts. I’ll let you have this Mysterious Spirithail Dragon.” Mu Chen waved his hand and the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon’s massive body emerged on the ground in front of them.

“Thank you, Brother Mu.” Seeing this, Fang Zhong was completely delighted and cupped his hands in thanks.

“Also, there’s also two Spiritual Auras for our symbols. I’ll divide one to the two of you.” Mu Chen flicked his fingers and an icy-blue Spiritual Aura surged out. Judging from the Spiritual Aura coming from the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast, it was probably enough for a symbol to rank up to Rank 7 completely from Rank 1.

Although Mu Chen could probably reach Rank 8 Symbol if he absorbed these two  Spiritual Auras, he wasn’t a person who would seize all the benefits for himself. Since he had absorbed the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Essences, he had already obtained a massive benefit.

Seeing that Mu Chen was willing to hand over the Symbol’s Spiritual Aura to them as well, he was filled with joy that he couldn’t even close his mouth probably and hurriedly divided it with Chu Qi. This is because their symbols were already at Rank 6. Once they absorbed it, they would have ranked up to Rank 7.

After handing these items to Fang Zhong, Mu Chen looked at Ye Qingling and handed over the other Spiritual Aura. He said embarrassedly: “I originally planned on giving you one of the Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences, but something came up and it’s all gone.”

Ye Qingling smiled as he took the Spiritual Aura and said: “It’s fine. Although it’s unfortunate that the Soul Essences are gone, I’m still quite satisfied with just this.”

“I’ve hunted a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast before. Luckily for you, there’s one Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence remaining. It’s also quite compatible with you.” Luo Li’s glass-like eyes blinked and she suddenly extended her hand. A clump of light surged out and from within the clump of lights, there seemed to be a snowy-white unicorn.

“Is this the Jaded Unicorn that’s ranked 87th on the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking?” Ye Qingling stared at the snowy-white Soul Essence and was shocked. She hurriedly replied: “It’s too precious. I can’t accept it.”

“You’ve helped him out. Consider this as my thanks.” Luo Li smiled faintly and placed the Soul Essence within Ye Qingling’s hands.

“I’ve helped him out, yet you were the one that thanked me. King Luo really is virtuous.” Ye Qingling glanced mischievously at Luo Li and said: “Your relationship is pretty good.”

Mu Chen also smiled. Between him and Luo Li, they naturally would not pay attention to these things. He immediately waved and said: “Let’s go. We’ll head back now. Mo Ling and the others are probably quite anxious. Once we find them, we should probably head to the most inner territory of the Northern Heavens Hall…”

“Only that place will be truly lively.”

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