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Chapter 140 – Changes inside Body

Swish! Swish!

The sounds of winds being cleaved through could be heard resounding throughout the mountains. Beams of light flashed as numerous figures stormed through the area. At the same time, numerous shouts could be heard.

In front of the flock of men was Mu Chen, currently wearing a gloomy expression. These bastards had already chased him for almost an entire day, yet they didn’t show the slightest signs of stopping.

Moreover as the chase continued, the people following him had increased. The attractiveness of the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences was too great. But most importantly, Mu Chen only appeared to be at the Spirit Stage Initial Phase. As such, his currently perceived level wasn’t enough to make the ones that were at a slightly higher or even the same level to fear him.

His perceived weakness caused everybody to want to catch him and seize the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences.

“I must think of a plan to get rid of them.” Mu Chen frowned.


Just when Mu Chen was pondering his problems, the sound of a sudden explosion  came from inside his body. A vibration instantly spread throughout his body.


This sudden vibration caused Mu Chen to shudder in surprise. His face immediately turned pale, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. At the same time, his figure staggered a bit.

“Hurry, he won’t be able to last much longer, capture him!”

“Don’t let him escape!”

Far behind Mu Chen, the flock of men witnessed this scene and were completely delighted. Mu Chen’s stubbornness and speed were much higher than they had anticipated. Even after they chased him for nearly a day, they failed to surround him. Judging from his current appearance, it seemed likely that Mu Chen couldn’t hold on any longer.

“What’s going on?!”

A hint of dismay flashed through Mu Chen’s eyes. He immediately concentrated and reached into his aura sea. Once he entered the aura sea, he discovered a formidable Spiritual Energy fluctuation that was spreading out like ripples.

And the source of this Spiritual Energy was the Nine Nether Bird that was inside the mandala flower cage!

At this moment, the Nine Nether Bird’s body had doubled in size and its body was covered in black flames. Its eyes betrayed the pain of its current struggle.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Mu Chen shouted out. This damn bird, it had actually secretly absorbed the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences, and now it even caused this mess? It was truly trying to kill him.

While the Nine Nether Bird had been lying down on the mandala flower, a tinge of icy-blue and fiery-red appeared in its black flames.

Mu Chen immediately understood what was happening. The Nine Nether Bird had eaten too much. It had attempted to ingest two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences at once, but a backlash had occurred. After all, it had still been in an extremely weakened state. If he was being honest, he had to say that the Nine Nether Bird’s injuries were far more severe than those the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon had sustained earlier. If it had ingested the Soul Essences one by one, perhaps it wouldn’t have been a problem. However, it had been extremely greedy…

The Mysterious Spirithail Dragon and the Geocentric Flame Jalapura were known for controlling the powers of great blizzards and rushing magma respectively. The nature of these two elements naturally opposed each other. Right now, the Nine Nether Bird had placed them together. This caused the resistance to sharply increase, which led to the backlash.

“You deserve it!”

Mu Chen scolded. The damn bird had finally gotten what it deserved.

However, scolding aside, he was quite anxious as well. After all, the Nine Nether Bird was inside his aura sea. If another backlash occurred, the explosion would probably destroy him instantly. Therefore, he could not afford to do nothing in this situation.

“What should I do?” Mu Chen asked helplessly. He was extremely unfortunate. Right now, he was being hunted by others. Now an accident occurred inside his body.

“Ingest them!” The Nine Nether Bird sent its painful thoughts over to him.

“I must get rid of the pursuers temporarily. So no matter how much pain you’re in, you must help me now. Otherwise, we’ll both be dead!” Mu Chen gritted.

After saying this, he immediately left his aura sea. Then, he turned around and noticed that the men chasing after him had already covered quite a bit of the distance that had initially been separating them. He took a deep breath and felt a powerful energy surging out of his aura sea.

“Dong Dong!”

When this energy emerged, Mu Chen was able to feel a slight disturbance within his aura sea. It was evident that the Nine Nether Bird’s condition got worse due to it sending part of its power over to Mu Chen.

But at this moment, neither had the time to care much about it.


At this moment, black flames gushed out of Mu Chen’s body. Then, a pair of black flame wings formed on his back. The air instantly exploded as he turned into a black beam of light. With unimaginable speed, he disappeared into the horizon.

As they watched this scene occur in front of their very eyes, the faces of the people chasing after Mu Chen immediately turned pale.

“Chase. We’ll chase after him using the residual Spiritual Energy fluctuations!”

“He must be desperate right now. As long as we catch up to him, he will not be able to escape!”

Numerous shouts rang out. They immediately increased the circulation of Spiritual Energy inside their bodies and accelerated as they continued their chase…

By relying on the Nine Nether Bird’s power, Mu Chen was able to escape the flock of men in a few minutes. He immediately entered a group of mountains and descended near a waterfall.

When Mu Chen landed on the ground, he immediately sat cross-legged. He had to manage his time well. Although he had been able to escape the mob temporarily, he had left traces of Spiritual Energy along the way. Since he didn’t have time to erase them, it was only a matter of time before they caught up.

Mu Chen’s thoughts quickly entered his aura sea again and noticed that the black flames on the Nine Nether Bird was showing signs of distorting. Its body was constantly expanding and contracting.

This was the appearance of Spiritual Energy being in a completely unstable state.

Mu Chen’s thoughts quickly entered the tiny spirit body that was sitting on top of the Spiritual Energy light wheel. Then, the little body rushed out and appeared in front of the mandala flower. His hands changed forms and Spiritual Energy shot out. However, he became stunned when he noticed that his Spiritual Energy completely shattered once it made contact with the Nine Nether Bird’s chaotic and violent Spiritual Energy.

Mu Chen was startled. He smiled bitterly when he discovered that it would be impossible for him to help with the mere strength of a Spirit Stage Initial Phase. Not only did the Nine Nether Bird have its own Spiritual Energy, it also possessed the Soul Essence of the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon and the Geocentric Flame Jalapura. There was nothing he could do now.

A thought was conveyed to him by the Nine Nether Bird.“Use the mandala flower! Did you truly believe that you could had helped with your strength being only at Spirit Stage Initial Phase?”

“If I could activate this thing, did you think that I would have let you act so arrogantly in front of me?” Mu Chen shouted in anger. If he had been able to activate the mandala flower, he would have completely ingested the Nine Nether Bird in the beginning.

Although he was utterly furious, Mu Chen still managed to calm himself down. His spirit slowly descended and landed near the mandala flower. He hesitated for a moment before extending a blurry hand made of light, and gently touched the cage.

When he made contact with the mandala flower, Mu Chen discovered that his spirit was able to fuse with the mandala flower without any obstruction. Immediately after he had discovered that, obscure fluctuations surged into his heart.

This made Mu Chen feel something unique. He had a feeling that the mandala flower that emerged from the mysterious black paper had some intelligence of its own.

“Can you help me out?”

Mu Chen knew that he could not control this mysterious mandala flower right now. Therefore, he sent his thoughts over to see if they would have any effect.


Just as Mu Chen sent these thoughts over, the mandala flower actually started emitting brilliant purple lights. The beautiful and enchanting petals also blossomed slightly.

A golden magical engraving seemed to emerge on the petal. Then, these engravings shot out like a purple golden web and completely enveloped the Nine Nether Bird.

Chi Chi!

When the purple golden web enveloped the Nine Nether Bird, smoke erupted from the Nine Nether Bird’s body. Its body struggled violently and it sent an angry thought over: “What the hell are you doing!”

Although it detected that that the two Soul Essences were also in pain while being constricted by the web, the Nine Nether Bird was also suppressed by it. It was as if the mandala flower planned on eliminating all of them.

“How should I know!” Mu Chen was also shocked by the scene that was occurring. He had no way of controlling the mandala flower.

“Don’t hurt it!” Mu Chen gnashed his teeth and quickly sent a new thought to the mandala flower.

However, he quickly discovered that this thought of his played no effect. Although the mandala flower had a bit of intelligence, it did not have any wisdom. Since Mu Chen asked for it to help him, it felt that it had to eliminate anything that could harm him. Since the two Soul Essence had been ingested by the Nine Nether Bird, it planned on eliminating the Nine Nether Bird along with it.

“Hurry and spit out the Soul Essences! Otherwise, you’ll be eliminated as well!” Mu Chen quickly thought of this point and shouted out.

“Their Spiritual Energy has already been fused into my body. How can I spit them out?!” The Nine Nether Bird responded furiously.

“You…” At this moment, even with Mu Chen’s temper, he had the impulse to curse furiously. Did this damn bird have to be this impatient?

“Sooner or later, I’ll be killed by you!”

Mu Chen gnashed his teeth and moved his body. His spirit directly entered the mandala flower and appeared on the back of the Nine Nether Bird. His hands touched the purple golden web and tried to remove it. After all, he was the owner of this body, and if that was the case, the mandala flower probably wouldn’t hurt him, right?

The Nine Nether Bird was shocked by Mu Chen’s action. A hint of complexion flashed through its eyes. This idiot. Why is he this stupid? How could he charge in before figuring whether or not the purple golden web would hurt him?

When the purple golden web touched Mu Chen’s body, it shuddered for a moment. Then, it directly phased through Mu Chen’s tiny spirit form and continued to suppress the Nine Nether Bird.

“It’s completely ignoring me.” Mu Chen touched his unscathed body and said helplessly.

“It’s planning to eliminate anything that could be a threat to you.” The Nine Nether Bird actually turned calm. It stopped struggling and allowed the purple golden web to suppress it.

“You really deserve it!” Mu Chen cursed. This guy truly only had itself to blame.

“You dare curse at me!” The Nine Nether Bird was completely furious. It flapped its burning wings and directly sent Mu Chen flying away from its back. However, it was evident that it did not use much strength and Mu Chen landed gently in front of it.

When Mu Chen landed in front of the Nine Nether Bird, he asked helplessly: “What should we do then?”

The Nine Nether Bird glanced at him and became silent. It said: “It’s not like there isn’t a way. It’s only attacking me because it recognizes that I am a threat to you. If I’m not a threat to you, it will probably stop its attack.”

“Threat?” Mu Chen was stunned. He bitterly replied: “Then, could it be that I must ingest you?”

“Dream on. The Nine Nether Bird possesses the bloodline of the ancient Undying Bird. Even if it’s a destroyed Soul Essence, we will never let a human ingest it. We would never let them control us!” The Nine Nether Bird shouted angrily.

Mu Chen let out a hollow laugh and responded: “I was only joking.”

The Nine Nether Bird stared fiercely at Mu Chen and became silent again. After a while, it finally spoke in a somewhat difficult voice: “Aside from ingesting me, there is actually another way.”

“What is it?” Mu Chen hurriedly asked.

A hint of struggle flashed through the Nine Nether Bird’s eyes. Then, as if it had made a major decision, it slowly closed its eyes.

“Bloodline Bond.”

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