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Chapter 131 – Chu Qi

“I hope that you will never appear in front of Luo Li again.”

When these words entered Mu Chen’s ear, his twinkling eyes started to focus. He stared at this person named Chu Qi and lifted up the corner of his lips: “Are you Luo Li’s suitor? Based on your appearance, you’re someone that came out of the Spiritual Road, right?”

Mu Chen smiled as he continued: “Since you’re from the Spiritual Road, you should more or less know about me. That being said, I do not care how much you like Luo Li. Not even Ji Xuan is qualified to say such words in front of me, so who do you think you are?”

Chu Qi stared at Mu Chen and slowly replied: “Ji Xuan is indeed formidable. However, even if it was him, I would still say the same words. Also, your reputation might have been great within the Spiritual Road, but I believe that you do not understand the current reality right now.”

“This place isn’t the Spiritual Road, and you are no longer the Blood Calamity Mu Chen. You’re just a person, who had recently advanced into the Spirit Stage. With your strength only at this level, it is enough to make me believe that you do not deserve her. At the same time, it gives me a bit of confidence.”

Chu Qi had a serious expression as he continued to talk: “She’s quite outstanding, so there are many people that like her. In the future, it’s highly likely that something similar with happen again. But since she likes you, I do not hope to see others defeat you. If it’s going to happen, it might as well be me who does it.”

“You truly are quite narrow-minded.”Mu Chen glanced at Chu Qi for a moment and immediately inquired: “Have you met Luo Li before?”

“She saved me once in the Spiritual Road. Thus, I spent a bit of time with her,” Chu Qi replied.

“I can guess that during the so-called ‘time’ you spent with her, she always ignored you, right?” Mu Chen could not help but smile. With his understanding of Luo Li, he knew it was common for Luo Li to ignore the people beside her.

Chu Qi’s expression froze and turned quite unnatural. This is because Mu Chen was correct. After Luo Li had saved him, she had never talked with him again. She would do her own things such as cultivating, hunting and resting by herself. It was as if she had completely forgotten about the people beside her.

But because of such acts, Chu Qi liked her even more. In the short period of time he was with her, he essentially experienced the best time of his life. But on the day that he had to separate from her, he could not resist and told her that he liked her. But the girl with crystal-like eyes stared at him strangely and finally said a single phrase to him.

“I like Mu Chen. I hope that you will not chase after me.”

After saying this, she left. The only thing left behind was a completely stunned Chu Qi.

Chu Qi’s face changed slightly as he stared at Mu Chen’s slightly smiling handsome face. A hint of jealousy emerged from within his heart. How could he, Mu Chen, make her, who would ignore everything aside from cultivation, pay attention to him?

Chu Qi had sensed a hint of softness appear on Luo Li’s exquisite face as she muttered Mu Chen’s name.

“I did not think much about it. Besides, if you truly possessed the strength that matched your reputation within the Spiritual Road, perhaps, I would not have looked for you. Unfortunately, the current you seems quite weak.”Chu Qi continued slowly: “Therefore, I do not believe you are qualified to be beside her.”

This person was somewhat stubborn and had a low emotional intelligence.

Mu Chen frowned as he asked: “Then what do you want to do about it?”

“Fight with me. If you lose, you will not appear in front of her again. She is too outstanding for the likes of you. Thus, similar things will just continue to appear. If you are too weak and get trampled on and defeated by others, it would only make her sad. Since it’s like this, it’s best to eliminate this possibility as soon as possible.” Chu Qi answered.

“You truly believe that you would have a chance with her if this happens?” Mu Chen inquired.

“No…” Chu Qi shook his head and said: “I just don’t want to see her sad expression because the person she likes was too weak and was defeated by others.”

Mu Chen’s had a strange expression. This guy is truly making him unable to respond.

“I’m not interesting in proving anything to you.” Mu Chen walked past Chu Qi and paused suddenly: “However, I will not let anyone hurt her. No matter who it is.”

Chu Qi frowned: “With your current strength, you are just overconfident by saying such words.”

Mu Chen sighed helplessly and stopped talking. Then, he walked away.


A dense Spiritual Energy fluctuation suddenly emerged from behind. This instantly shocked everybody within the trading ground. Numerous gazes were projected over as they stared at Chu Qi, whose Spiritual Energy was surging out.

Chu Qi took a step forward and the ground trembled. Then, a punch was fired out by him. Cracks actually burst open on the ground as the winds from the punch flew out like lightning towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen turned his body around,  and a dark-black Spiritual Energy also surged out from his palm. His palm immediately smashed towards the approaching gale.


Spiritual Energy shockwaves erupted out and caused the surrounding grounds to crack open. The ones that were nearby were forcibly blown away.

“You shouldn’t go too far.” Mu Chen’s black eyes gradually turned cold. He stared at Chu Qi as he frowned.

“How cowardly. You currently do not possess even half of the courage that you had when you were the Blood Calamity Mu Chen.”

Chu Qi immediately moved and turned into a figure of light as he rushed to a mountain outside of the trading ground. A rumbling cry filled with Spiritual Energy emitted out in midair: “Mu Chen. Show me your true strength. If you walk away now, I will not stop you. However, I do not believe that a person that is liked by King Luo, Luo Li, would be a coward!”


In the trading ground, a commotion rang out. Numerous individuals turned their attention towards the slender boy in the trading ground. Is he the recently discussed figure, the Blood Calamity Mu Chen?

He’s Mu Chen?

At this location, there were also a few people who came out of the Spiritual Road. At this moment, their gazes sharpened as they stared in fear at the boy, who had caused a calamity within the Spiritual Road.

Mu Chen stared at Chu Qi, who was on top of the mountain. His face turned slightly cold. This person was truly annoying and this made him quite furious.

“Mu Chen!”

Not far away, Ye Qingling’s voice rang out. She brought Sun’Er as she hurried over with a worried expression. It was evident that she had recognized Chu Qi. After all, the latter was quite a celebrity in this region.

“Be careful.” Ye Qingling spoke. She heard Chu Qi’s voice from earlier and, thus, she knew the purpose of this challenge. With Mu Chen’s personality, she knew that he would not run away from the challenge.

Mu Chen nodded towards the two girls before he charged out of the trading ground and appeared on a mountain opposite of Chu Qi. Although he did not hold any grudges towards Chu Qi, the latter had come searching for him. If he was to walk away, it would cause others to believe that he, Mu Chen, was afraid of Chu Qi.

Moreover, what Chu Qi said was correct. Luo Li was indeed quite outstanding. The amount of people that liked her would definitely increase. In order to stop troubling matters like this current one from appearing again, there was only one method. He could only show the others a strength that they would fear.

Chu Qi should be someone at the Spirit Stage Middle Phase. He wasn’t considered  weak. Compared to Ge Hai, he was definitely a lot more powerful. Perhaps, that was the confidence that he had when he came seeking for him.

But Mu Chen would make him understand that he, Chu Qi, wasn’t as strong as he believed.

On a mountain slope near the trading ground, a group of figures was watching the face-off between the two individuals.

“Chu Qi really made his move.” The person leading the group was a handsome boy. He watched this scene helplessly as he spoke.

“So that’s Mu Chen? A Spirit Stage Initial Phase? Although that’s quite amazing, he’s still far from boss, right?” A person behind the handsome boy spoke.

The handsome boy let out a faint smile as he stared at the slender figure. His gaze was quite complicated and he spoke: “If his cultivation hadn’t been delayed because of the Spiritual Road…Coupled with the fact that he was kicked out of the Spiritual Road midway and lost access to the Spiritual Energy Empowerment, he would probably be at the same level as Ji Xuan and Yang Hong, the people who stood at the peak of the Spiritual Road…”

Everybody that heard these words immediately clicked their tongue. Mu Chen was actually this powerful?

“However, there aren’t that many ‘ifs’ in this world. Just as Chu Qi has said, Mu Chen is currently only at the Spirit Stage Initial Phase. This strength does not match his reputation from the Spiritual Road.” The handsome boy slowly responded.

“At the very least, Chu Qi should be able to suppress him now.”

The handsome boy stared at the two individuals confronting each other. Chu Qi wanted to defeat Mu Chen to make the latter realize that he was not good enough for Luo Li. At the same time, he could be planning on using Mu Chen to boost his fame. Recently, the matters regarding Mu Chen had been discussed a lot. Perhaps, many people, who came from the Spiritual Road, were planning on making their moves. Mu Chen’s reputation was too dazzling. However, he currently did not have the strength to match that fame. Therefore, it was the perfect opportunity to step on him.

To be able to step on a person, who was highly looked up to in the past, would always give one pleasure.

With Mu Chen’s personality, it was apparent that he hated endless streams of challenges. Therefore, Chu Qi was an excellent opponent for him. He could rely on this opportunity to send a warning to the others and make other realize that he, Mu Chen, was still the same Mu Chen from before. It did not matter whether he was kicked out of the Spiritual Road in the middle, nor did it matter that his cultivation had been delayed for a year. He was still an existence that the people who stood at the peak, should fear.

Both of them had their own purposes for this fight. But it was up to them to determine who would be the one to achieve it.

The handsome boy felt the increasingly tense atmosphere and slowly exhaled. This battle was important to the both of them.

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