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Chapter 130 – Dragon Elephant Array

Surrounded by lofty peaks that shot up into the sky, this was a place where numerous mountains had intersected with one another. Thus, the many paths in this range would all intersect and come together at this location.

Due to the paths converging, this region was quite a festive and popular location. numerous camps were spread out among an exceptionally vast ground. Furthermore, there were many figures flocking about, demonstrating in this fashion how popular this location was.

Mu Chen stood on a mountain slope as he watched the scenes of people come and go. A hint of surprise flashed through his eyes. There were thousands of people in the area in front of him. The number of people here was even many times greater than the amount that had been on the Escort Platform.

“This place is a temporary gathering point. From this location, it is possible to advance to the depths of the Northern Heavens World. Therefore, many people in this region choose to pass through this place.” Next to Mu Chen, Ye Qingling explained with a smile: “In addition, this area also has an exchange market. Many people come here to sell the items that they have. Various Spiritual Arts, Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essences and even Spiritual Artifacts can appear here. Naturally if you would like to obtain the item, you must hand over a price that is satisfactory for them.”

Mu Chen nodded. It was truly what he had expected. As long as humans were around, a place like this would automatically form. After all, everybody wants to obtain the items that they need.

“Do we need Spirit Coins here?” Mu Chen asked. Spirit Coins were the common currency used in the Great Thousand World. The coins contained Spiritual Aura could also be directly absorbed. Thus, it was a hard currency within the entire Great Thousand Worlds.

“Spirit Coins would barely be considered suitable. However, they aren’t the thing that the people here need the most.” Ye Qingling’s slender finger pointed at the dark golden symbol on Mu Chen’s forehead and spoke: “This is the hard currency within the Northern Heavens World. If you want to exchange for anything, you must hand over a satisfactory amount of Spiritual Aura from your symbol…”

Mu Chen felt quite strange. He had never expected that the symbol would have such an effect at this location. However, once he thought about it, Spirit Coins were truly useless to the people here. As for the Spiritual Aura within their symbols, it could help the sellers to quickly increase their symbol’s ranks and allow them to escape the tragic fate of being eliminated.

“Moreover, this is also a location where we could gather various types of information. We could inquire about any traces of Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts. Shall we go?” Ye Qingling smiled at Mu Chen.


Mu Chen was quite interested in this place and immediately nodded his head.

Seeing this, Ye Qingling quickly issued orders for the Ye Clan set up camp at this location. Then, she brought a handful of men including a curious Sun’Er, Mu Chen and Mo Ling down the mountain slope as they headed towards the bustling trading area.

As they approached the trading ground, passionate voices rang out. The bustling sounds made Mu Chen feel like he was back in the Great Thousand Worlds.

At this location, nobody had the right to occupy a particular space. Therefore, there was no force that would specially maintain order. However, one would be greatly mistaken if one believed that they could ignore the rules here. This place contained numerous individuals belonging to different forces. Once someone broke the rules here, they would become the enemy of  countless forces. Thus, only an idiot would act so foolishly.

Mu Chen and the others slowly walked down a path towards the trading ground. Their view gradually widened, and they saw what the trading ground was like.

Within the trading ground, there were many tents sent up. Outside of the tents, neatly cut boulders were placed. On the surface of the smooth boulder, a faint Spiritual Energy was emitted. Various items would appear on the boulders.

“Demon Destruction Sword Technique. A Spiritual Tier Low Rank Attack Spiritual Art. You only need to pay a Rank 3 Symbol’s Spiritual Aura to take it away, don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

“Earth Spirits. Spiritual Tier Low Rank Gong Fa Spiritual Art. Requires a Rank 4 Symbol’s Spiritual Aura, who would like to see it?”

“Ghastly Spirit Sword. Low Rank Spiritual Artifact. It only requires a Rank 5 Symbol’s Spiritual Aura!”

As Mu Chen and the others walked around the trading ground, many strange cries came from all directions. This made numerous people chuckle. Perhaps such weird cries and requests would only be heard within the Northern Heavens World.

Mu Chen’s gaze swept across the surrounding stone tables. Numerous items on the table were considered precious and rare. If it was placed within the Northern Spiritual Realm, it was enough for people to consider stealing them. If it’s the price, it would be at least 100 000 Spirit Coins. However, it was evident that it was a lot cheaper here.

Mu Chen walked together with Ye Qingling and the others for half an hour before separating with them. The little girl, Sun’Er, was busy enjoying the bustling environment and wanted her sister to take her shopping. Thus, Mu Chen started to wander around by himself.

Although he had seen many decent items along the way, Mu Chen did not see anything that truly tempted his heart. This made him quite disappointed, but just when he was planning to leave, a shout rang out from nearby, which made him stop.

“Motherf*cker. Who the hell are you planning on tricking? You want to use a broken Diagram Array to exchange for a Rank 6 Symbol’s Spiritual Aura?”

“Diagram Array?”

Mu Chen’s heart trembled. He immediately gazed over and noticed a boy who stood on a stone table as he was cursing at another boy, who was dressed in a grey outfit, in the corner. The boy, who was being cursed, had his eyes shut as he curled his lips while ignoring the other boy.

Seeing that the grey outfit boy disregard him, the boy lost interest and departed with a cold grunt.

At this moment, Mu Chen also arrived in front of the stone table. He stared at the place in front of the boy dressed in grey. There was a black iron box and a dark golden scroll was within it. A faint Spiritual Energy fluctuation was given off by the scroll.

“What rank is your Diagram Array?” Mu Chen asked with great interest.

Once the boy dressed in grey heard a person asking him a question, he lazily opened his eyes. He glanced at Mu Chen and his eyes lit up once he noticed the Rank 6 Symbol on Mu Chen’s forehead. His eyes immediately turned eager and he hurriedly replied: “This is a Rank 2 Diagram Array. However, you should not underestimate it. If you want to arrange this array, it would require at least 40 Spiritual Seals. The power of this array is something that even a Spirit Stage Middle Phase could not endure.

“40 Spiritual Seals?” Mu Chen was surprised. It was quite rare to see a Rank 2 Spiritual Array that required this many Spiritual Seals. After all, only a few outstanding Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master could, barely, reach this requirement.

For example, the Golden Revolution Soulreaver that his father had found only required 30 Spiritual Seals. But the power from this array could instantly defeat a Spirit Stage Spiritual Beast as well as wound two other Spiritual Beasts.

“Are you also a Spiritual Array Master?” Mu Chen glanced at the boy dressed in grey and asked.

Hearing this question, the boy dressed in grey nodded with a hollow laugh.

“A Diagram Array is extremely important to Spiritual Array Masters, right? You would actually be willing to sell it?” Mu Chen inquired.

“I am currently only a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master. Who knows how long will it take before I reach the 40 Spiritual Seals requirement? It’s questionable weather I can reach the Rank 4 Symbol. So why shouldn’t I use it to exchange for my Symbol’s Spiritual Aura? Once I enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to cultivate myself, I wouldn’t care about not having a Diagram Array.” The boy dressed in grey was quite open to the situation as he replied.

Mu Chen smiled. That was true. If he was to be eliminated because his symbol did not reach Rank 4, it was evident that this loss was incomparable to a Rank 2 Diagram Array.

“What’s the price?” Mu Chen did not hide the fact that he has great interest to the scroll.

“Rank 6 Symbol’s Spiritual Aura. I won’t lower the price. This is something that I spent great efforts in order to steal from my father. If you’re willing, then buy it. If not, then you should just forget about it.” The boy replied firmly.

“Can I inspect the item?” Mu Chen thought for a moment and asked.

“That’s fine.” The boy replied without any hesitation. He was also a Spiritual Array Master. Thus, he knew how complex that this Diagram Array was. If one wanted to master it, it would require a long time spent researching and studying it. An existence that could understand a complex Diagram Array in a glimpse did not exist at all.

Mu Chen’s hand cradled the dark golden scroll within the box, and he slowly unrolled the scroll.


Once the scroll opened up, a dark-golden light emerged. It felt like a dragon and elephant’s roar had entered Mu Chen’s ears. On the scroll, numerous complex lights flashed as if a dragon and elephant were entrenched in it.

As the golden gradually dimmed, three ancient characters emerged.

“Dragon Elephant Array.”

Mu Chen softly muttered these words. Then, he was drawn in by this Diagram Array. A hint of delight soon emerged within his black eyes. This Diagram Array seemed to be quite powerful and he was quite satisfied with it.

“I’ll take it.” Mu Chen raised his head and smiled at the boy, who had his sights fixed on him.

“Haha, brother, you sure are straightforward.” The boy dressed in grey was immediately overjoyed once he heard these words. Then, the red symbol on his forehead darkened. The Spiritual Aura at that location was temporarily suppressed to the appearance of a Rank 1.

The dark golden symbol on Mu Chen’s forehead flashed and a golden light flew out into the other boy’s forehead. The latter’s darkened symbol immediately became a dazzling gold. It was the mark of a Rank 6 Symbol.

“Cool. Right now, I am also a Rank 6 Symbol expert.” The boy in grey touched his forehead happily. Then, he quickly picked up a cloth and tied his forehead in order to hide his symbol.

Mu Chen held onto the Diagram Array and touched his dark and dim symbol. He could not help but shake his head. The accumulated Spiritual Aura had completely disappeared. If the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was to end the competition now, he would be instantly eliminated.

Mu Chen placed the Diagram Array within his Mustard Seed Bracelet and ignored the boy, who was happily closing his shop,as he walked away. He did not have any plans on looking at the other shops anymore as he was completely broke.

Just when Mu Chen intended to find Ye Qingling and the others, he felt a commotion appear from within the trading ground. In the distance, the heavily packed crowds had split apart.

Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed as he stared at that location. He could vaguely hear a few voices.

“Isn’t the boss of the Chu Clan? It’s said that the Chu Clan is one of the most powerful forces within this region…”

“He rarely comes here. I wonder what actually brought him over here this time.”

As the crowd split apart, a burly figure slowly walked out from it steadily. As he walked, it felt as if the ground was trembling. Thus, nobody dared to underestimate him.

Mu Chen glanced at the figure and intended to avoid him.

However, the figure headed straight towards him. Under numerous surprised gazes, he appeared in front of Mu Chen.

Mu Chen frowned as he stared at the unfamiliar figure that had stopped in front of him. The latter’s gaze had made him feel a bit uncomfortable. Moreover, he was quite certain that he had never seen this person before.

“Are you finding me for something?” Mu Chen asked calmly.

“You’re Mu Chen, right?”

The burly figure stared at Mu Chen with a faint smile.

“I’m Chu Qi. I want to ask you to do me a favor.”

Mu Chen’s black eyes remained fixed on Chu Qi’s face. However, he did not answer him.

Chu Qi stared at Mu Chen and slowly spoke: “I hope that you will not appear in front of Luo Li.”

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