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Chapter 1277 - Seizing the Array

Mu Chen’s calm voice resounded throughout this region, echoing across the Spiritual Jade Island for a long time.

Hearing Mu Chen’s arrogant words, Gu Shihuang knitted his brows while looking at the silhouette that was standing on the billowing wave with a faint smile. “A mere Greater Earth Sovereign dares to speak such words to this old man, you truly do not know the immensity of heaven and earth.”

As Gu Shihuang spoke, the last word exploded with visible shock waves ferociously sweeping towards Mu Chen.

The soundwave was extremely terrifying, and if an ordinary Greater Earth Sovereign came in contact with it, they might be covered in blood or even be heavily injured on the spot.

But for Mu Chen, who could dominate the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield with the cultivation of a Lesser Earth Sovereign, he clearly wasn’t included amongst the ‘ordinary’.

Thus, Mu Chen took a step forth, opened his mouth and a draconic roar and phoenix cry resounded.

Torrential sound waves, along with the pressure of the True Dragon and Phoenix, swept out and clashed with Gu Shihuang’s soundwave, causing rumbling explosions when they clashed.

The myriad foot wave crumbled beneath Mu Chen’s feet, reduced to a storm of rain that enveloped the Spiritual Jade Island.

Seeing how his soundwave was so easily blocked, Gu Shihuang’s eyes narrowed. Although he was just probing Mu Chen, he was still a genuine Perfected Earth Sovereign. So even if it was his soundwave, it shouldn’t be something that a Greater Earth Sovereign could easily block.

However, Mu Chen had achieved it.

“Hmph, you’re somewhat capable, no wonder you dare to be so arrogant to come to my Spiritual Jade Island with demands.” Gu Shihuang sneered.

“No matter how capable he is, he is just a Greater Earth Sovereign.” Liang Xiesha grinned while staring at Mu Chen with a dark gaze. “Heh, this fellow is the sinful child? Although his talent is pretty good, he’s still too inferior to the Young Master. Old Man Gu, aren’t you a little too cautious?”

In the Ancient Buddha Clan, he and Gu Shihuang belonged to the same faction, supporters of that Young Master in the clan. Just a moment ago, he had received news from Gu Shihuang that this sinful child might become the Young Master’s threat. Thus, he came from afar, intending to eliminate this threat.

When Gu Shihuang heard his words, he faintly smiled. “Regardless of anything, there’s a high possibility that he has formed the Divine Pagoda. Just this fact alone, we can’t allow him to grow, or he might be a factor of uncertainty in the future.”

Although no one could match up to the Young Master in his heart, the cautious Gu Shihuang didn’t like to leave threats lying around. If there’s an opportunity, it would be best for him to get rid of this threat.

Ling Xiesha cast his lips aside, but he did not refute, since it was reasonable for Gu Shihuang to be cautious.

They would do their best to support their Young Master to become the next Patriarch, but if they placed their bet wrongly, they might be the ones to suffer suppression. Thus, they had to help the Young Master to get rid of this obstacle.

“Since that’s the case, then we can’t allow this brat to escape.” Liang Xiesha briefly paused, before he continued, “Although the Grand Elder said to capture this brat alive, there might be some accidents in the process. So even if we heavily injured him, I believe that the Grand Elder will understand us.”

Gu Shihuang nodded his head. He had three Perfected Earth Sovereigns on his side. So, no matter what means Mu Chen possessed, it’s impossible for him to escape from them.

Long Xiang had also retreated at this moment before he appeared beside Mu Chen and Luo Li with a complicated expression. “Be careful, that Gu Shihuang has invited two Perfected Earth Sovereigns, so they have three Perfected Earth Sovereigns in their formation!”

Facing three Perfected Earth Sovereigns, even Long Xiang felt his scalp going a little numb.

With his strength, he might be able to contend with one Perfected Earth Sovereign if he put his life on the line. But if he wanted to obtain a victory, it wouldn’t be easy. Not to mention that the other party had a total of three!

This was something that had exceeded his expectations.

But compared to Long Xiang, Mu Chen was rather calm, since it had been within his expectations that this Spiritual Jade Island might not only have one Perfected Earth Sovereign.

“Sinful child Mu Chen, you will not be able to escape today. Surrender now, and this old man might let the rest go.” Gu Shihuang said.

“Oh? Then why don’t you come and give it a try?” Mu Chen smiled without any warmth in his eyes. Although he’s facing three Perfected Earth Sovereigns, he wasn’t out of his wits.

The three Perfected Earth Sovereigns were startled in their hearts at how fearless Mu Chen was. They were all old monsters that have cultivated for a long time, so they could naturally tell that Mu Chen wasn’t faking that act.

However, they couldn’t imagine how a Greater Earth Sovereign could fearlessly deal with three Perfected Earth Sovereigns.

“What a stubborn brat. Since that’s the case, then let this old man show you the meaning of despair.” Gu Shihuang’s gaze flickered as he eerily smiled. Waving his hand, countless spiritual lustres flew up across the Spiritual Jade Island.

Those beams intertwined and formed into a massive Spiritual Array that enveloped the area, along with a terrifying aura that slowly emanated from it.

“This… is the Skycirculation Meteorite Array?! You can actually control this Spiritual Array?” Long Xiang looked at the massive array that enveloped the entire Spiritual Jade Island with his face changed.

Mu Chen’s brows also knitted before exclaiming. He noticed some familiar fluctuations in the Spiritual Array.

“Haha, I couldn’t do it, initially. But Brother Xiesha brought a controlling token over a myriad array token that can aid me in breaking apart the central command of this Spiritual Array and gain control of it.” Gu Shihuang looked at Mu Chen with a ridiculing smile on his flips. “This Spiritual Array is something that your mother, Qing Yanjing, had personally left. I’m afraid that she never imagined that after so many years, this Spiritual Array would be used to deal with her own son! How hilarious!”

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes, no wonder he felt the familiarity in this Spiritual Array. So this was something that his mother had left behind.

“Gu Shihuang, aren’t you embarrassed that you needed the Protection Spiritual Array, along with three Perfected Earth Sovereigns?!” Long Xiang roared.

“The winner takes all. No one cares about the process.” Gu Shihuang snorted.

A cold flash flickered in Mu Chen’s eyes with killing intent. He had truly been enraged that Gu Shihuang was trying to use something that his mother had left behind to deal with him.

“Forget it. I can’t be bothered to talk with you guys anymore. I’ll capture all of you first!” Gu Shihuang waved his hand and the Spiritual Array that could even confront a Perfected Earth Sovereign started to revolve before ten-odd starlights whistled out in the next moment. They were akin to meteorites as they shot towards the direction of Mu Chen.

To stay cautious, Gu Shihuang and the rest had no intention to make a move. They wanted to use the Spiritual Array to force Mu Chen to show his trump card so that they could make their preparations.

“Watch out!” Long Xiang roared anxiously.

But before Mu Chen stretched his hand out, his gaze flickered and surprisingly, he did not put up any defenses.

“Fool, did you think that this Spiritual Array will recognise you?” Gu Shihuang ridiculed at this scene.

However, Mu Chen still did not react. He just focused on the starlight with a peculiar light in his eyes.

When the starlight enveloped down and came in contact with Mu Chen’s body, the starlight had bizarrely turned around and shot back in the direction of Gu Shihuang. As the starlight shuttled forth, it had formed into a prison that trapped the Emerald Serpent Ancestor, who couldn’t dodge in time.

The sudden changes left everyone surprised, aside from Mu Chen. Even Gu Shihuang and Ling Xiesha’s eyes had protruded.

“Gu Shihuang, what are you doing?!” the Emerald Serpent Ancestor exclaimed as he roared.

“I didn’t do it!” Gu Shihuang’s face was pale as he clenched his hand, and an azure token appeared in his hand. He tried to command the Spiritual Array to dissolve the restriction placed on the Emerald Serpent Ancestor.

However, he noticed a resistance that came from the depths of the Spiritual Array, seizing control of this Spiritual Array.

“Damn it, control over this Spiritual Array has been seized!” Gu Shihuang’s face was dark before he looked at the depths with rage and gritted his teeth. “It might be that cheap whore!”

As he raged, doubts arose in his heart. He had no idea how Ling Xi was able to obtain control over this Spiritual Array!

But regardless of anything, he could vaguely sense that the matter today was gradually going out of his control…

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