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Chapter 1274 - Falling Straight Into the Trap

When the middle-aged man kneeled, Mu Chen, who was prepared for battle, was instantly stunned. Even Luo Li and the rest were dumbfounded, since they were startled by this sudden change.

They never imagined that this middle-aged man, who was so ferocious just a moment ago, would show such an attitude all of a sudden. Furthermore, they could tell that the respect on his face was genuine.

Luo Li and the rest exchanged a look and they could tell the puzzlement in each other’s eyes. Clearly, they had no idea what’s going on with the middle-aged man…

Mu Chen was briefly stunned, but he soon recovered. However, his alertness hadn’t decreased as he looked at Long Xiang. “You’re someone from the Ancient Buddha Clan?”

“Yes!” Long Xiang nodded.

“Then, you should know of the Ancient Buddha Clan’s attitude for me.” Mu Chen faintly smiled as his gaze sharply looked at Long Xiang. “The Ancient Buddha Clan would definitely not treat me in this manner.”

Seeing Mu Chen’s doubt, Long Xiang frantically nodded his head. “I am indeed someone of the Ancient Buddha Clan, and if it wasn’t for Master, I would have been turned into a pile of bones. Master has given me a new life, and in my heart, her position is even higher than the Ancient Buddha Clan.”

“Your Master is…?” Mu Chen’s gaze flickered.

Long Xiang smiled. “Your Mother, Qing Yanjing.”

Mu Chen fixed his eyes on Long Xiang, and the latter wasn’t dodging his eyes. Furthermore, when Long Xiang spoke of Qing Yanjing, the respect came from the bottom of his heart.

After a brief moment of hesitation, he gradually dropped his alert and guard. With the Ancient Buddha Clan’s actions, it’s impossible for them to stoop low and trick him. They were powerful, so they could just send out a Perfected Earth Sovereign to make things easier for them.

Thus, he quickly stepped forth and supported Long Xiang. “Big Brother Long Xiang, quick, stand up. If you don’t mind, just call me Mu Chen. I’m not worthy of being a Young Master.”

“Your mother is my Master, so you’re naturally my Young Master.” Long Xiang shook his head.

He sounded so stubborn that he wouldn’t budge on this matter, and Mu Chen could only helplessly scratch his head. He had been all by himself for all these years. His mother was from the Ancient Buddha Clan, and also a Spiritual Array Ancestral Master; however, he had never once enjoyed being in that position or using their resources, so he was used to being ordinary. Thus, suddenly having a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign calling him Young Master made him feel uncomfortable.

But when he saw how stubborn Long Xiang was, Mu Chen did not speak much on that matter, so he changed the topic. “Don’t place what I’ve said in your heart.”

In the beginning, he thought that the Ancient Buddha Clan sent Long Xiang, so he wasn’t polite when he spoke.

Long Xiang smiled in delight. “Young Master is truly the child of Master, with such outstanding talent. More importantly, you can still reach this step even without Master’s help, it’s truly not simple.”

His words came from the bottom of his heart, since Mu Chen having achieved such a feat at his age was genuinely shocking. Not only was he the Seed of the Continent for the West Heaven Continent, but he was also a Greater Earth Sovereign. More terrifyingly, facing this Greater Earth Sovereign, even someone as powerful as Long Xiang didn’t feel that he could win.

“If Young Master had stayed in the Ancient Buddha Clan since young, I’m afraid that you might become the best candidate as the next Patriarch with the Ancient Buddha Clan’s resources. You wouldn’t be any weaker than Young Master Xuan Luo in the clan right now.” Long Xiang sighed.

Mu Chen smiled, but he didn’t feel pity. He was used to relying on himself, so he wasn’t coveting after the Ancient Buddha clan’s resources.

“Big Brother Long Xiang… how is my mother doing?” Although he wasn’t interested in the resources of the Ancient Buddha Clan, he was concerned about how his mother was doing. In the past, he had no connection with the Ancient Buddha Clan. So now that he found a subordinate of his mother, he must undoubtedly enquire about it.

“Master is being imprisoned in the clan, but she hasn’t been doing good. It might be because she misses you and your father too much.” Long Xiang smiled as he declared proudly, “Master’s strength is deep and unfathomable, even the Grand Elder doesn’t dare to take it too far. If it wasn’t for Master not wanting to implicate Young Master, I’m afraid that they wouldn’t be able to control Master.”

Mu Chen felt relieved since that made sense. Even if the Ancient Buddha Clan was an Ancient clan, trying to deal with a Spiritual Array Ancestral Master would still require a price that might hurt their foundation.

But while thinking that he was the reason why his mother was being imprisoned in the Ancient Buddha Clan, Mu Chen felt heartache and was blaming himself.

“Young Master doesn’t need to blame yourself. I’m sure that Master will be gratified upon seeing your achievements.” As if he knew about Mu Chen’s self-blame, Long Xiang consoled.

Mu Chen nodded his head. He wasn’t a person that would be trapped in his grief. There’s no use blaming himself now. He only needed to do his best to grow strong quickly, to the point that the Ancient Buddha Clan was no longer able to take him as a hostage to threaten his mother.

In the hall, when Luo Li and the rest saw that the enmity had disappeared, they felt relieved and the situation told them that this middle-aged man was a friend and not an enemy.

“Young Master has obtained the West Heaven Continent’s Seed of the Continent, your name has spread out, and people have started to pay attention to you back in the Ancient Buddha Clan.” Long Xiang reminded as he looked at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen wasn’t surprised by this, since he knew that it’s impossible to hide from the scope of the Ancient Buddha Clan forever. But right now, he’s no longer the weakling he once was, even if he encountered a Perfected Earth Sovereign, he could even put up a fight.

Furthermore, even if the Ancient Buddha Clan had decided to go to the point of sending a Heavenly Sovereign, he could also bring in help to resist.

That meant that he already had the strength to protect himself, so there’s no need to worry that the Ancient Buddha Clan would come and capture him to threaten his mother.

“I will pay more attention.” Mu Chen smiled. Although he’s no longer afraid of the Ancient Buddha Clan, he still had to be cautious, since they were still one of the five Ancient Clans.

Long Xiang nodded him with brief hesitation, but he still swallowed the words that reached his throat.

But suddenly, someone came in and knelt before Luo Li. “Your Majesty, someone sent a message to the palace, and we have no idea who it is from.” As he spoke, he held onto a jade fragment.

Luo Li was briefly stunned before the jade fragment flew into her hand. She shortly sensed it before her face changed and looked at Mu Chen.

“What’s wrong?” Mu Chen asked.

Luo Li briefly hesitated before she infused Spiritual Energy into the jade fragment. Instantly, the jade fragment glowed and a screen with a grey-robed old man appeared on it.

The old man sat before a black pagoda and his gaze seemed to have pierced through space, fixating on Mu Chen before his faint voice resounded, “Sinful Child, Mu Chen, perhaps Long Xiang has met with you. But regardless if he captures you or not, this old man has something to tell you.”

“If you want to save this lady, then come to the Myriad Island Continent’s Spiritual Jade Island. Otherwise, I will hand her over to the clan, and they won’t take pity on a girl in terms of punishment.”

When his voice ended, a prison appeared on the screen with a white-dressed girl in it quietly seated.

“Big Sister Ling Xi!” When Mu Chen saw that girl, his eyes narrowed with dense killing intent instantly surging from his eyes.

“If you do not wish to see her ruined, then I will be waiting on the Spiritual Jade Island.” The old man indifferently smiled as the screen disappeared, even the jade fragment was reduced to ashes.

The entire hall was quiet, with only Mu Chen’s face being dark. He never expected Ling Xi, whom he had lost touch with, to be imprisoned in the Spiritual Jade Island.

Mu Chen turned to Long Xiang and asked, “Big Brother Long Xiang, is that geezer telling the truth?”

After a brief hesitation, Long Xiang nodded his head. “Ling Xi is, indeed, imprisoned in the Spiritual Jade Island. Gu Shihuang used her to threaten me to bring you back to the Spiritual Jade Island.

“I initially intended to secretly go back and find an opportunity to rescue Ling Xi after meeting you. But I never expected that the old man would send someone after me to send the message to you…

“Looks like he knows that even if we met, it’s impossible for me to capture you.

“Young Master, that geezer is vicious and wants you to fall for his trap. He has managed the Spiritual Jade Island for years, and it’s practically a fortress where even a Perfected Earth Sovereign would have trouble, not to mention that Gu Shihuang is a powerful Perfected Earth Sovereign!” Long Xiang tried to persuade. Although Mu Chen was powerful, it’s still impossible for Mu Chen to confront a Perfected Earth Sovereign in his eyes.

Facing his persuasion, Mu Chen smiled and nodded his head. “Big Brother Long Xiang, I know that he wants me to fall for his trap… but he never thought that… his trap… would be a little too small.

“Sometimes… if the trap breaks, the hunter will become the hunted…” As Mu Chen spoke, a smile rose along with a chill and killing intent that even made Long Xiong shiver.

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