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Chapter 1269 - Baptism

A boundless luster blossomed from the starry sky. The ancient Spiritual Energy here was no longer as gentle a before. A terrifying power emanated, freezing the entire space. It was like time itself had slowed down.

Senior Winter’s body froze with rage on his face. However, there was nothing he could do because he couldn’t move at the moment.

But even so, his gaze was directed at Mu Chen with disbelief. Evidently, he had been greatly shocked by the sudden changes from before.

He never imagined that at such a crucial moment, Mu Chen’s retaliation would actually be so ferocious. That sword even contained the aura of a Heavenly Sovereign.

However, the might wasn’t as Senior Winter had expected. Although that sword could land him in great danger if he’s careless, it hadn’t reached the level of making him feel at a loss. The reason why he reacted that way was that he was startled by the Heavenly Sovereign aura on the sword.

He was afraid that the Flame Emperor might have left a trump card for Mu Chen. Who was the Flame Emperor, a trump card prepared by such an existence could easily deal with someone like him.

Thus, he had retracted all his Spiritual Energy and formed defenses at that moment to save his life…

He managed to withstand that move, but he had lost the share of baptism that he had fought for and even made a loss of 10%!

Right now, he only had a share of 30%!

It was even lower than if they’re going to share it proportionately!

“Damn it, damn it! That cunning brat!” Senior Winter cursed while feeling extremely regretful at this moment. He shouldn’t have been overly arrogant. If he had done preparations, it wouldn’t have resulted in him being scared by Mu Chen’s sword.

While Senior Winter felt extreme regret, the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s face had also turned pale at this scene. At the same time, he glanced at Mu Chen with a fearful gaze as well.

That sword from before had, indeed, contained the aura of a Heavenly Sovereign, but it didn’t belong to the Flame Emperor, it was another deep and unfathomable aura… If the owner of that aura was at peak form, even he wouldn’t be able to contest with that existence.

“The Flame Emperor said that Mu Chen had received the inheritance of the Heavenly Emperor. If I’m not wrong, that sword must have been left by that Heavenly Emperor, and that is how he took back his shares.” The West Heaven Battle Emperor’s gaze flickered. He clearly did not think that Mu Chen would have such a trump card hidden up his sleeve.

Furthermore, Mu Chen’s patience was even more terrifying… Even when he faced Senior Winter earlier, he remained composed until the last moment before he unleashed his trump card and obtained the lost shares!

That sort of patience was simply terrifying, which made the West Heaven Battle Emperor take a deep breath and helplessly sigh. He no longer looked at Senior Winter, but turned around and left.

The outcome had already been determined, and Senior Winter had lost his last chance and benefited Mu Chen instead.

The energy started to convert, so unless he used his strength as a Heavenly Sovereign to disrupt the process, he wouldn’t be able to interfere with Mu Chen’s baptism.

But if he did that, then it would be breaking the rules, and it would attract countless amounts of disdain if this was spread out. As someone that placed great concern on his reputation, the West Heaven Battle Emperor naturally couldn’t tolerate it if such a matter occurred.

Not to mention that Mu Chen had the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor backing him up. So if he did that, then he might cause the Flame Emperor, who was joking around with him just a moment ago, to turn against him.

So the West Heaven Battle Emperor was naturally unwilling to pay that price just to deal with one Mu Chen…

“So what if he became a Seed of the Continent? Seeds of the Continent only have a slightly higher chance in breaking through to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, at least 90% of them won’t be able to achieve it…”

As this thought flashed in the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s mind, he faintly smiled and disappeared. As long as it’s not a Heavenly Sovereign, whether it’s Lesser Earth Sovereign or Perfected Earth Sovereign, they’re akin to ants in his eyes.

When the West Heaven Battle Emperor left, the smiling intent in Mu Chen’s eyes grew more profound. He was naturally satisfied with this outcome.

What he borrowed was the power of the Heavenly Emperor Sword that the Heavenly Emperor had left to him. The aura of the Heavenly Emperor was left on it, a genuine Heavenly Sovereign’s aura. So that was the reason why Senior Winter was so terrified.

However, Senior Winter didn’t know that most of the Heavenly Emperor Sword’s energy had been exhausted when the Heavenly Emperor killed the Nine-Corpse Sky Monarch. The remaining energy could only allow Mu Chen to use it for a few times.

So to avoid the deadlock, Mu Chen had chosen to move at the final moment. This way, by the time Senior Winter had recovered, the result would already be determined.

And the result was all within Mu Chen’s expectations or even exceeded his expectations…

Initially, he thought that he could only obtain their shares back, but he did not expect that he would even seize 10% from Senior Winter as well…

He had clearly underestimated the intimidation that a Heavenly Sovereign aura had for Senior Winter.

Just thinking about this, Mu Chen couldn’t help smiling before his gaze drifted towards Luo Li’s direction. When he seized back the territories, Luo Li had already taken her split back. She only took 30%, leaving 40% to Mu Chen.

“This lass…” Mu Chen felt helpless, but he did not say a word. That’s because he had the black-robed and white-robed Mu Chens as well. This was something that he had done on purpose, since he wished for the two clones to receive the baptism as well.

Let’s begin… Mu Chen closed his eyes as he muttered in his heart.

As if this region had heard his voice, the ancient Spiritual Energy started to emanate a brilliant lustre before it swept throughout his territory and enveloped the three Mu Chens.

When the light enveloped over, Mu Chen immediately felt the ancient Spiritual Energy pouring into his body. The cells in his body roared with excitement while frantically devouring the ancient Spiritual Energies.

It was akin to a baby drinking his mother’s milk, that thirst that came from deep within his soul.

When the ancient Spiritual Energy entered Mu Chen’s body and came in contact with his Spiritual Energy, it was a feeling akin thick ink entering a clear pond. At that moment, Mu Chen could gradually tell that his Spiritual Energy was starting to thicken.

Under the baptism, Mu Chen could feel every single strand of his muscles, bones, blood, and even Spiritual Energy starting to change.

When the significant changes occurred within Mu Chen’s body, he suddenly heard a resounding draconic roar, and phoenix cry. The True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits that hadn’t been used for a long time appeared on his body.

Ever since Mu Chen broke through to the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm, his True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits hadn’t completed their breakthrough. Thus, they couldn’t grant significant help to him in battle, and he had gradually started to forget about them.

But right now, under the baptism, the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits had woken up and they greedily devoured it. As they devoured, Mu Chen could vaguely sense their power swiftly approaching the Earth Sovereign Realm…

According to this speed, it probably wouldn’t take long for them to break through to the Earth Sovereign Realm.

“The Seed of the Continent is truly filled with endless benefits.” Sensing the significant changes in his body, even Mu Chen couldn’t hold back his joy. No wonder Senior Winter was so anxious, it turned out to be so miraculous.

“The baptism is too intense and freezes space and even time here… So time flows differently from outside. According to the time here, this baptism… might last for a few years, which means it’ll only be a few months outside.” Sensing the changes in his body, Mu Chen had also sensed that time had gradually slowed down around him. Evidently, the Baptism Energy had changed the law of time and space in this region.

Undoubtedly, this baptism would be a long one. Regarding this fact, Mu Chen felt relieved, since his cultivation speed exceeded an ordinary person’s due to his talent. But sometimes, he still had to calm down and polish himself.

No matter how great an unpolished gem was, they’d have to be carved with utmost care. Sometimes, they even needed time to ferment them…

Thus, only under deep accumulation could he make another breakthrough with this baptism!

An endless luster gushed out, freezing time and space. Only the five silhouettes that were enveloped by the lustre emanated traces of vitality as time slowly flowed under the silence…

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