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Chapter 1268 - The Sword

Boundless Spiritual Energy swept out with Senior Winter in the centre. In the end, it had forcefully charged into the territories of Mu Chen and Luo Li.

Under the charge, Mu Chen and Luo Li’s bodies trembled. Shortly after, the Sovereign Immortal Bodies behind them burst forth with endless Spiritual Energy, forming into defences but they were still gradually being corroded…

Although the two of them were outstanding amongst Lesser Earth Sovereigns and even had the ability to bypass realms and fight, Senior Winter wasn’t a Greater Earth Sovereign, but a genuine Perfected Earth Sovereign!

An existence on this level could suppress the two of them with just Spiritual Energy alone. 

And fortunately, they’re only using Spiritual Energy to invade and occupy territories. If they fought, even Mu Chen and Luo Li together wouldn’t be able to deal with Senior Winter.

Regardless of anything, the gap between a Lesser and Perfected Earth Sovereign wasn’t something that could be filled.

Senior Winter looked at Mu Chen and Luo Li’s territories that were being gradually occupied by him with a cold sneer. According to this speed, he might hold 70% or even 80% when the time was up!

Just thinking about him occupying 80% of the Baptism Energy, even with his mentality, Senior Winter couldn’t help rejoicing.

“What a blessing from the heavens!” Senior Winter laughed in his heart. If it wasn’t for Mu Chen and Luo Li obtaining the quota, the West Heaven Battle Emperor might not give him this opportunity. After all, it had always been fairly distributed in the past.

While Senior Winter was feeling happy, Luo Li knitted her brows before she turned to look at Mu Chen and transmitted her voice over, “Mu Chen, what should we do? If this goes on, I’m afraid we won’t have much left.”

Mu Chen took a deep breath. He was a little surprised by the pressure that Senior Winter gave him. Evidently, compared to a Perfected Earth Sovereign, even a Greater Earth Sovereign like Ling Zhanzi couldn’t do anything about it.

However, it wouldn’t be that easy to seize the Baptism Energy that belonged to them!

With this thought, a cold light flickered in Mu Chen’s eyes before he formed seals together. The space around him fluctuated and two silhouettes appeared, they were the black-robed and white-robed Mu Chens.

When the two Mu Chens appeared, they immediately sat down and a boundless Spiritual Energy burst out, joining the defence to obstruct Senior Winter.

With the two Mu Chens joining, Senior Winter’s power instantly weakened. Sometimes, it even took a long time for an outcome regarding a small territory.

“What a troublesome kid!” Senior Winter knitted his brows at this situation, since he never expected that a mere Lesser Earth Sovereign would cause him such trouble.

The two of them were currently battling head-on, so Senior Winter wouldn’t be afraid of Mu Chen, even if the other party possessed two clones, Senior Winter was still confident of winning.

But right now, if he wanted to suppress the latter as a Perfected Earth Sovereign, it would be against the rules…

Thus, Senior Winter wasn’t able to obtain an advantage when facing Mu Chen and Luo Li now.

“Hmph, but the advantage is with me, it’s just slowing down the process. If this goes on, I will still obtain more than 70% after the time.” Senior Winter sneered in his heart. Although Mu Chen was trying his best to resist and stopped him from obtaining 80%, 70% was enough for him to be satisfied.

With this thinking, Senior Winter suppressed the worry in his heart and slowly began to devour their territories…

Seeing Mu Chen stopping the situation, Luo Li felt slightly relieved, but her face was still solemn. She could sense that even with this obstruction, their share was still being slowly devoured by Senior Winter, it’s just that it had been slowed down.

“If this goes on, I’m afraid that we will only be able to maintain 30% after the time. It’s too little for the two of us…” Luo Li clenched her teeth. She decided that if that happened, she would give up on her share and let Mu Chen have it. Otherwise, 30% would be insufficient for a perfect baptism.

Mu Chen had no idea of her thoughts, but his expression was calm. He showed no anxiety or anger from this situation.

It’s as if he had given up hope.

Senior Winter sneered in disdain. Mu Chen was rather tactful, knowing that it’s impossible for the two of them to compete with him.

Looking at how tactful you are, I’ll leave them 30% or others will be saying that I’m bullying. Senior Winter grinned.

When the West Heaven Battle Emperor saw this, he knitted his brows. According to his understanding, Mu Chen wasn’t a weakling. Even if his opponent was powerful, Mu Chen would still do his best to fight. Otherwise, Mu Chen wouldn’t even be lazy to show respect for a Heavenly Sovereign like him.

But facing Senior Winter, was he only going to resist?

“Did he really give up, or… he still has a card up his sleeve?” The West Heaven Battle Emperor’s gaze flickered, but he couldn’t imagine how Mu Chen could compete with a Perfected Earth Sovereign.

Time gradually passed as the West Heaven Battle Emperor fell into thoughts. The time had nearly come to an end with roughly 70% of the territories being dominated by Senior Winter and the boundless ancient Spiritual Energy was flowing in his territory.

“Haha!” With the end nearing, Senior Winter also couldn’t suppress the excitement in his heart and laughed. With 70% baptism, he now had a trace of confidence of breaking through to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm in the future.

Luo Li clenched her fist and looked at Mu Chen.

Time gradually flowed and the ancient Spiritual Energy gradually emanated a lustre. Evidently, they’re going to convert into the baptism soon.

Mu Chen’s fingers gently knocked against his knee. In that instant, when he felt that the last moment had arrived, his black pupils beamed.

He abruptly stood up with a crystallised ancient sword in his hand. Holding onto the sword, he emanated a powerful aura, akin to a deity at this moment, and unleashed a slash in the direction of Senior Winter!

The beam streaked across and flew towards Senior Winter.

Without any sound or bearing, it was a sword that made the smile on Senior Winter’s face freeze. At that moment, despair rose up in his heart with fear crawling on his face.

That’s because he could sense an unfathomable fluctuation from that sword, something that he would feel when he faced the West Heaven Battle Emperor!

That’s a genuine Heavenly Sovereign’s aura!

“Heavenly Sovereign?!” Senior Winter shrieked before his soul instantly left his body. His silhouette practically retreated based on reflex and his Spiritual Energy that was spreading out immediately retracted and formed defences around him.

However, the defences steadily crumbled, causing his face to turn even paler. When the crystallised sword lustre was about to reach him, he roared and unleashed the Spiritual Energy in his body. He took a deep breath, and in the next instant, a deep-blue cold current gushed from his mouth.

Although the cold current didn’t look remarkable, his eyes had dimmed since it was his full power.

The current and sword clashed together. It was the cold current that collapsed first. But when the current collapsed, the sword lustre also dimmed before it shattered as well.

The shattered sword lustre left a deep wound on Senior Winter’s chest and he was left stunned. He actually blocked the attack that contained the aura of a Heavenly Sovereign?

Just a moment ago, he felt that he was going to die under that sword!

But it seemed that despite the danger, it wasn’t as terrifying as he had imagined…

After a brief moment of shock, Senior Winter soon recovered and raised his head. However, he saw that when the sword lustre collapsed, Mu Chen had immediately controlled his Spiritual Energy to seize back the territories that he had previously occupied!

At this moment, he was only left with 30%!

“Outrageous!” Senior Winter roared and the terrifying Spiritual Energy burst out from him. Just when he was about to retaliate, the ancient Spiritual Energy in this region glowed and a lustre enveloped and froze space. Even Senior Winter was frozen, like a mosquito in amber.

With his body froze, he looked in the direction of Mu Chen in rage before seeing a smile on the latter’s face.

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