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Chapter 1267 - Share of the Baptism

When Luo Li’s angry voice resounded, the atmosphere suddenly froze with a powerful pressure being emanated, causing this space to tremble.

“Audacious!” As the most loyal subordinate of the West Heaven Battle Emperor, Senior Winter roared and his sharp gaze fixated on Luo Li, who dared to offend the West Heaven Battle Emperor.

Mu Chen knitted his brows before he took a step forth and protected Luo Li with a stone talisman in his hand. As long as he crushed it, he would be able to summon the spiritual clone of the Martial Ancestor.

Although this was the final trump card in his hand, Mu Chen did not hesitate. If the West Heaven Battle Emperor was really going to bully them, then he could only summon the Martial Ancestor over. At that time, he’d see how the West Heaven Battle Emperor was going to clean up the mess.

With a calm expression, the West Heaven Battle Emperor turned to look at Luo Li. “What has this Emperor done wrong?”

Even facing the West Heaven Battle Emperor, Luo Li showed no signs of fear and her brows were knitted. “Why is the Battle Emperor pretending not to know? There are limits to the baptism energy, and in the past, it has always been distributed according to the rules. The Lesser and Greater Earth Sovereigns would each take 30%, while the Perfected Earth Sovereign would be given the remaining 40%.

“However, the Battle Emperor is disregarding it right now and called us to fight for it amongst ourselves.”

Hearing Luo Li’s words, Mu Chen finally understood that the Baptism Energy had always been distributed accordingly to make it just and fair. After all, a Perfected Earth Sovereign was stronger than the other two, so the latter would seize the majority of the energy if they allowed a contest.

According to Mu Chen’s estimation, Senior Winter might seize 60% of the baptism, leaving 40% or even less to the two of them.

The Continent’s energy was something that required a few hundred years of accumulation, so the difference in shares would also represent a different concept.

Evidently, the West Heaven Battle Emperor felt that the two of them were here to seize what belonged to his continent, so he’s trying to hinder them…

Hearing Luo Li’s explanation, the West Heaven Battle Emperor showed no fluctuations in his eyes and smiled. “The distribution is different everywhere. The ruler of the continent has always decided it. So I have the right to distribute it this way, even if you call the Flame Emperor over again, I am not in the wrong.

“In the path of cultivation, it has always been the weak that fell prey to the strong. If you guys can’t obtain sufficient Baptism Energy, that means that the problem lies in the two of you. If you can’t even resolve this issue, you won’t be able to ascend into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, even if you became the Seed of the Continent.”

Hearing the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s dignified words, Luo Li knitted her brows. Just when she wanted to argue further, she was stopped by Mu Chen.

“Although the West Heaven Battle Emperor isn’t showing any bearing, what you say makes sense.” Mu Chen smiled.

Hearing the prick hidden behind Mu Chen’s words, the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s brows were raised, but he did not explain any further. He only cast a strange glance at Mu Chen. “That means that you have no objections to my method of distribution?”

Mu Chen nodded his head and smiled. “There is no absolute fairness in the world. One can only charge bravely through the path of a supreme powerhouse. If one doesn’t have enough ability and loses the opportunity, they can only blame themselves.”

Luo Li turned to look at Mu Chen. Although she couldn’t understand why he agreed to this unfair distribution, she kept quiet due to her trust in him.

Seeing that Mu Chen showed no objection, the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s gaze flickered. Facing the unexpected Mu Chen, even he did not dare to belittle him.

“Since the West Heaven Battle Emperor has decided on the distribution method, then I have another question here. If the outcome isn’t what you had in mind, will you make a move and disrupt it?” Mu Chen smiled.

The West Heaven Battle Emperor knitted his brows and said with an unsightly expression, “What do you think?”

If he had enough reason to change the rules of distribution, no one would say a word, even if this matter got out. But if he interfered in the outcome, then it would surely attract so much disdain that it wouldn’t be just a small blow to someone like him.

Seeing his response, Mu Chen nodded his head with a smile. “Since that’s the case, I’m assured. Can we start now?”

Because he couldn’t see any worry in Mu Chen’s  eyes, the West Heaven Battle Emperor knitted his brows even tighter. He had no idea if Mu Chen was faking it, but regardless of anything, how could a mere Lesser Earth Sovereign compete with a Perfected Earth Sovereign?

Harbouring this thought in his mind, the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s expression turned a little gentle when he glanced at Senior Winter. The latter also nodded his head in response.

Senior Winter naturally understood the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s intention. That was for him to obtain more Baptism Energy so that it would not benefit Mu Chen.

Facing this request, there wasn’t any difficulty for Senior Winter. On the contrary, he was rejoicing in his heart. After all, according to past distributions, he could only obtain 40%. But if they’re entirely relying on their capabilities, then he could receive at least another 10% from Mu Chen and Luo Li respectively. That meant that he would be able to obtain 60% of it, that’s practically a big pie dropping from the sky for him.

After hinting at Senior Winter, the West Heaven Battle Emperor waved his hand. “Since there’s no issue, then let us begin. You guys have to remember that you only have an incense's time to choose your location. After that, the baptism will start, and under that state, you guys won’t be able to compete anymore.”

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered. That meant that they had to determine the amount of their Baptism within an incense’s time, and the Baptism would begin.

Mu Chen and Luo Li exchanged a look before the two of them flew out towards the starry sky. After them, the Senior Winter’s silhouette slowly followed behind.

A few breaths later, the three of them appeared in the starry sky.

Whales were swimming and ancient trees were swaying, but they were all illusions that passed through Mu Chen’s body when they came in contact with them.

However, Mu Chen could sense an extraordinarily pure and ancient Spiritual Energy within them. It was something that Mu Chen hadn’t felt before, as if it only existed in ancient times.

While Mu Chen sunk into the feeling, a powerful surge of Spiritual Energy suddenly swept out towards the four directions. Spiritual Energy fluctuations had instantly formed into a barrier that isolated the Spiritual Energies in the sky.

Raising his head, Mu Chen could see Senior Winter unleashing his Spiritual Energy to allocate the territories.

Mu Chen and Luo Li exchanged a glance and Spiritual Energy burst from their bodies at the same time without any hesitation, spreading their Spiritual Energies towards the sky.

In the beginning, they did not clash with Senior Winter and avoided the latter to obtain those territories that Senior Winter hadn’t touch.

In less than ten minutes, the three of them had already drawn out their own territories.

At this moment, Senior Winter had occupied roughly 50% of the Baptism Energy, even if Mu Chen and Luo Li joined forces together, they could only obtain the other 50%.

“Hmph!” Senior Winter sorted and a torrential Spiritual Energy blew out in the direction of Mu Chen and Luo Li’s territories.

Evidently, he had started to snatch Mu Chen and Luo Li’s shares.

Facing Senior Winter, Mu Chen and Luo Li immediately joined forces and their Spiritual Energy formed into barriers in an attempt to block out Senior Winter.

However, as the West Heaven Battle Emperor had expected, Mu Chen and Luo Li were merely Lesser Earth Sovereigns. Facing a Perfected Earth Sovereign, even if they joined forces together, it was an existence that they couldn’t confront.

Thus, their defences had continuously been broken by Senior Winter. In just a few minutes, more territories were getting seized by Senior Winter.

At this moment, Senior Winter had already obtained a total of 60%!

Watching this scene, greed flashed in the eyes of Senior Winter. He wanted more, since it would increase his chances of entering the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

“Since the two of you do not have such fortune, let this old man receive it for the two of you!” Senior Winter sneered and no longer hesitated. Boundless Spiritual Energy swept in waves in the direction of Mu Chen and Luo Li’s territories.

Facing the greedy Senior Winter, Luo Li’s face was cold before she summoned out her Luo Shen Celestial Body.

Mu Chen’s gaze flashed before he had also brought out the Immortal Golden Body.

The two of them directed their cold gazes towards Senior Winter. Even if the latter was a Perfected Earth Sovereign, he could only dream on seizing what belonged to them!

Seeing their gazes, a disdainful smile rose on the corner of Senior Winter’s lips.

Two Lesser Earth Sovereigns were actually trying to obstruct him. It’s inevitable!

“This old man will show the two of you that regardless of what geniuses you are, you guys can only bow before absolute strength!” Senior Winter sneered and spread his hands out. Instantly, a torrential Spiritual Energy swept out.

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