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Chapter 1266 - Distribution of the Baptism

When Luo Li appeared in the plaza, the commotion instantly turned silent and countless intoxicated gazes were directed towards the girl.

Furthermore, everyone knew that not only did she possess peerless beauty, but even her talent was comparable to her beauty…

Her radiance made many people feel ashamed of their inferiority.

Facing those gazes, she maintained a calm expression while sweeping her gaze around. When she saw Mu Chen, who was together with Luo Tianshen, she smiled.

Her smile had instantly caused everything to be dull in comparison and envious gazes were directed at Mu Chen with hatred mixed in.

If Mu Chen hadn’t shown such a shocking performance in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, someone might have already made a move against him by now.

Mu Chen helplessly smiled in response to those gazes. At this moment, he understood that there’s genuinely a kind of woman in the world that had a disastrous beauty.

Luo Li was rid of her inexperience from before and had reached such heights in her beauty after cultivating the Luo Shen Celestial Body.

Fortunately, this beauty had already been subdued by him… so let him bear the disaster that it would bring!

A cough suddenly resounded from the stairs that broke the moment between Mu Chen and Luo Li. Everyone directed their gazes over and saw the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s emotionless face. Everyone could tell that this Heavenly Sovereign of the West Heaven Continent wasn’t satisfied with this result.

Naturally, no one would be happy after seeing 2 of the 3 quotas being seized away.

But the West Heaven Battle Emperor couldn’t do anything to Luo Li, since she did it according to procedures, participating with the qualification given to the Luo God Clan. Furthermore, Luo Li was genuinely stronger than Ling Feizi.

Suppressing the unhappiness in his heart, his voice resounded, “The quotas for the West Heaven Continent’s Seed of the Continent have been determined.

“In the Perfected Earth Sovereign Battlefield - Senior Winter.

“In the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield - Mu Chen.

“In the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield - Luo Li.”

When the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s voice resounded, three silhouettes appeared at the centre of the plaza and ear-deafening cheers resounded. Although there were only three final victors, the spectators had given sufficient respect for the three of them.

Senior Winter looked the same, but his gaze was focused on Mu Chen and Luo Li.

The youth stood straight with a gentle crescent in his eyes. But despite that, there was a killing aura that couldn’t be underestimated.

The girl wore black clothes that outlined her charming figure. Her rosy lips pursed together with a smile, looking as noble as an empress.

This outstanding boy and girl were akin to a golden couple that looked extremely well-matched. Even the Flame Emperor had nodded his head with a smile at the two exceptional younger generations.

“The three of you will obtain the Seeds of the Continent, since you guys have won. Now, I will bring you guys to accept the baptism of the Continent’s Energy.” The West Heaven Battle Emperor said.

When he spoke, not only did Luo Li and Mu Chen’s eyes light up, even Senior Winter’s face trembled with unconcealable thirst in his eyes.

As someone at the Senior Winter’s level, he’s just a step away from the Heavenly Sovereign Realm. But the difficulty was as high as ascending the heavens.

In the Great Thousand World, Perfected Earth Sovereigns were absolute top-tiered powerhouses, and only those that have stepped into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm could be known as pinnacle existences.

As long as they became a Heavenly Sovereign, they would be able to dominate a continent with countless experts under their command. Just like the West Heaven Continent, the number of existences akin to Senior Winter could be counted on two hands. If it wasn’t for the West Heaven Battle Emperor helping him, Senior Winter knew that he would have a higher risk to obtain the quota.

The difference between a Perfected Earth Sovereign and Heavenly Sovereign was akin to heaven and earth.

Thus, ascending to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm has been a dream of a Perfected Earth Sovereign like Senior Winter. But he knew that with his talent, he wouldn’t be able to take that step up if there wasn’t any great opportunity.

And right now, the baptism of the Continent’s Energy was that opportunity for him!

Although not every Seed of the Continent could break through to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, their chances were much higher. Just this alone was enough to tempt Senior Winter.

So when he heard the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s words, even Senior Winter couldn’t suppress the excitement in his heart.

The spectators all looked at the three silhouettes on the plaza with envy, since this opportunity belonged to the three of them.

“Is the Flame Emperor going to watch the baptism of my West Heaven Continent?” The West Heaven Battle Emperor turned to look at the Flame Emperor.

Hearing that, the Flame Emperor shook his head with a smile. “The Baptism of the Continent is a secret to each continent, so I won’t be participating.”

That sort of location was the convergence of the Continent’s Energy, and it could be considered the foundation of a continent. Thus, generally, no one was allowed in due to how secretive it was.

“Thanks for the invitation, Battle Emperor. If there’s an opportunity in the future, do come to my Endless Fire Territory as a guest.” The Flame Emperor smiled.

“I have long heard of the Endless Fire Territory’s reputation. I will definitely pay a visit, if there’s an opportunity.” The West Heaven Battle Emperor nodded. Although they were both supreme forces, he knew that the foundation of the Endless Fire Territory wasn’t something that his West Heaven Temple could be compared to.

The Flame Emperor smiled, then appeared before Mu Chen and Luo Li with a smile. “Mu Chen, you’ve done pretty well this time.”

Mu Chen respectfully cupped his hands together, while Luo Li had also given a greeting to express their respect.

“If it wasn’t for Senior Flame Emperor’s help, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t even have this qualification. This Junior will certainly remember this favour in his heart.” Mu Chen said, since he knew that if it wasn’t for the Flame Emperor, the West Heaven Battle Emperor would definitely not allow him to participate.

The Flame Emperor waved his hand and smiled. “Never bully a youth while he’s young. This is something that I have personally experienced as well, so how can I commit that mistake? Mu Chen, I believe a day will come when you will stand at the same height as me.”

Seeing the importance that the Flame Emperor had placed on him, Mu Chen was a little embarrassed, despite that being his objective.

“Since this matter has come to an end, I have to return to the Endless Fire Territory. If you’re interested, you can pay a visit to the Endless Fire Territory, and I believe that Xiao Xiao will want to see you.” The Flame Emperor smiled. His invitation was even more polite than the one he said to the West Heaven Battle Emperor.

When Mu Chen heard his words, he nodded his head.

The Flame Emperor no longer stayed and waved his hand before he gradually disappeared.

“Follow me.” After looking at the Flame Emperor who had disappeared, the West Heaven Battle Emperor looked at the three of them and waved his hand. A spiritual lustre enveloped the three of them, and in the next instant, the four of them had disappeared.

When the four of them left, sighs resounded from the surroundings and everyone started to disperse as well. Thus, one could expect how the news of this Seed of the Continent’s competition would spread. Perhaps it wouldn’t take a long time for the three names to resound throughout the Great Thousand World.

When Mu Chen’s vision cleared up, he realised that his surroundings were dark, akin to a starry sky and the silence was extremely terrifying.

A cold touch stretched over and gently held onto his hand. Mu Chen also held that hand back before he turned to Luo Li, who was beside him.

At this moment, darkness had vanished before them and Mu Chen could see a dazzling starry sky.

This starry sky looked extremely odd. There would occasionally be huge whales, great rocs and colossal trees growing. This entire region seemed like an ancient world.

From this, Mu Chen could sense an extremely pure ancient Spiritual Energy that wasn’t the same as that outside. It’s as if the Spiritual Energy was originating from ancient times; ancient and pure.

“This is the intersection between the West Heaven Continent’s Spiritual Energy. This scene is what’s formed after a few hundred years of combination, and the baptism will take place here.”

“Now, the three of you will enter and absorb it. As for the results, that will only depend on your own fortune.” The West Heaven Battle Emperor faintly said.

Mu Chen did not notice anything when the West Heaven Battle Emperor said this, but Luo Li’s gaze flashed and she said, “The Battle Emperor is saying that we have to rely on our own abilities to absorb the baptism?”

The West Heaven Battle Emperor nodded his head in response, which made Luo Li’s gaze instantly flash with rage and her brows were knitted together. “Battle Emperor, isn’t this a little too much?”

When Mu Chen noticed Luo Li’s expression, his brows knitted as well. His gaze was directed at the West Heaven Battle Emperor. It looks like this fellow is planning something again...

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