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Chapter 1250 - Sweeping Through

After the battle between Xue Lingzi and Mu Chen, Mu Chen’s fame swept throughout the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield once again, causing great shock that far surpassed the previous time. That’s because a Greater Earth Sovereign had fallen this time!

In the Great Thousand World, everyone knew the strong vitality of an Earth Sovereign. Perhaps they could be defeated, but killing them was extremely hard, unless the Earth Sovereign was wholly suppressed.

Why were the three Hold Children of the West Heaven Temple famous? Wasn’t it because they had an achievement of killing Great Earth Sovereigns under their belt?

But, right now, it was accomplished by a Lesser Earth Sovereign. So this shock was even more significant than the three Holy Children of the West Heaven Temple.

It was precisely because of this that no one came at Mu Chen and the talk of suppressing an outsider like him had disappeared at this moment.

Are you joking? Mu Chen is clearly a ruthless person that even kills the Xue Lingzi without any hesitation. He is definitely someone that repays his debts, so we will definitely suffer if we provoke him.

Thus, Mu Chen was able to study the Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation in peace and gradually grasped it. After all, the difficulty of this Battle Formation wasn’t great; it just had a harsh requirement.

After gaining initial control of the Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation, Mu Chen stepped into the battlefield once again. But this time, he no longer set up a Spiritual Array to wait for prey, he had chosen to launch attacks.

He had immediately brought out the Spirit-Slaughtering and Demon-Extinguishing Army out to sweep through the battlefield, and any Greater Earth Sovereign that he encountered would be instantly swept up by the boundless Battle Will and have to engage in battle.

However, most of the battles ended with Mu Chen obtaining victory. Just the Spirit-Slaughtering and Demon-Extinguishing Armies alone could enable him to confront powerful Greater Earth Sovereigns.

In the battle, he was able to infuse his crystallised Spiritual Energy into his enemies. By the time his enemies would react, a portion of their Spiritual Energy would have been sealed. Thus, his opponents could only admit defeat.

Facing his defeated opponents, Mu Chen wasn’t as ruthless as he was with Xue Lingzi. After all, Xue Lingzi was the mortal enemy of Luo Li and tried to use schemes to deal with him several times. So Mu Chen would naturally not be lenient with him.

However, it wasn’t the same for the other Earth Sovereigns. He had no grudges with them, and it wouldn’t matter much to him, even if he killed his way, since his Mu Abode wasn’t in the West Heaven Continent. However, the forces behind those Greater Earth Sovereigns would definitely implicate the Luo God Clan, and the Luo God Clan would be in the West Heaven Continent without any help, something that Mu Chen wasn’t willing to see.

Thus, after admitting defeat, Mu Chen only retrieved their Battle Seals and allowed them to leave the battlefield safely.

Under this domination, Mu Chen’s ferocious reputation grew even further to the point that all the Greater Earth Sovereigns would distance themselves whenever they saw any Battle Will from in the distance.

At this moment, everyone could tell that Mu Chen was a dark horse. In the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, there weren’t many that could be a dark horse…

Boundless Battle Will swept out and covered the sky, causing the entire region to tremble from the waves of Battle Will.

The target of the Battle Will was an azure-robed silhouette. He never thought that he would be so unlucky. Just half a day ago, he encountered the Starlight Pavilion’s Liu Xingchen. He was instantly terrified and fled. In the end, he managed to escape from Liu Xingchen and encounter this devil before him.

In the current Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, everyone knew that Mu Chen controlled two troops that defeated no less than ten Greater Earth Sovereigns, which was an astonishing achievement.

The azure-robed silhouette was also pretty famous in the West Heaven Continent with considerable strength. But facing the boundless Battle Will, he knew that he didn’t have much of a chance.

Thus, after a few attempts and realizing he couldn’t break free from the ocean of Battle Will, he helplessly raised his hands and declared, “I admit defeat!”

When his voice landed, the ocean of Battle Will split apart and a slender silhouette walked over with a smile on his face.

The azure-robed silhouette bitterly smiled before he shook his head. He did not bother speaking and tossed four Battle Seals towards Mu Chen.

Receiving the Battle Seals, Mu Chen cupped his hands towards the azure-robed man. “Thanks for letting me win.”

“You’re strong, and it’s not an injustice for me to lose. However, I wonder how you are when compared to the three Holy Children of the West Heaven Temple, Liu Xingchen, Su Mu and Chu Men… You will definitely fight with them, and I’ll be watching outside.” The azure-robed man was also not too bothered by this and smiled.

After he finished speaking, his silhouette started to fade, then swiftly disappeared.

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes. As time passed, the amount of people in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield had decreased, and everyone that practically remained here were elites.

The six people that were mentioned by the azure-robed man were popular choices in this Seed of the Continent contest, and their strength was something that even Mu Chen would be fearful of.

Furthermore, it would definitely not be easy for him to obtain the quota from their hands.

With thoughts boiling in his mind, Mu Chen shook his head and calmed himself before he waved his hand, and a bright screen appeared before him.

There was a ranking on the screen, and the first person was Ling Zhanzi of the West Heaven Temple, with a total of 30 Battle Seals!

Right after him was Liu Xingchen of the Starlight Pavilion, a total of 25 Battle Seals.

Behind him would be the other two Holy Children of the West Heaven Temple, Su Mu and Chu Men. The four’s Battle Seal count wasn’t that much different from each other.

Mu Chen, on the other hand, was ranked 17th with a total of 18 Battle Seals.

“Those fellows are tough to chase after.” Mu Chen looked at the screen. There was only, roughly, ten people left. That meant that if the elimination continued, he would soon face the six of them, and it would surely be a bitter battle.

However, Mu Chen showed no fear in his eyes. On the contrary, his eyes were blazing with fighting intent. Perhaps the six of them were famous in the West Heaven Continent, but it’s impossible for him, Mu Chen, to admit defeat.

That’s because he also had a trump card that he had yet to reveal.

The moment he revealed the Three Pures, Mu Chen was confident that even without any Battle Formations or Spiritual Arrays, he would also possess the strength to bypass the realm and fight someone at a higher cultivation.

“Mhm?” Mu Chen suddenly raised his head and saw a streak of light coming from the distance before it stopped right before him.

It was a middle-aged man in black robes and an embroidery of stars. His hair was white and had scholarly looks that emanated a warm aura.

Looking at this person, Mu Chen narrowed his eyes and the Battle Will around him roared. This middle-aged man was the second ranker on the ranking board, the Starlight Pavilion Master Liu Xingchen.

However, while Mu Chen was prepared, Liu Xingchen lowered his head and looked at the boundless ocean of Battle Will around Mu Chen with a warm smile.

Sensing the friendly intentions coming from Liu Xingchen, Mu Chen was also stunned before he retracted the boundless Battle Will around him a little.

Liu Xingchen did not speak. He briefly cupped his hands towards Mu Chen before looking at another direction. His figure then moved and turned into a streak of light, flying into the distance.

Looking at his departing silhouette, Mu Chen knitted his brows.

Before he could puzzle over Liu Xingchen’s actions, a fluctuation came from the distance and Mu Chen saw an afterimage sweep over. He had an ordinary appearance, but a dangerous aura was emanating from his body.

Seeing that person, Mu Chen squinted his eyes. It’s Ling Zhanzi of the West Heaven Temple’s Four Holy Children!

When Ling Zhanzi appeared, he cast a glance at Mu Chen. He did not make a move towards Mu Chen. His silhouette flew, leaving afterimages behind and chased after Liu Xingchen.

Seeing the two of them, Mu Chen’s face gradually turned grave. Ling Zhanzi was obviously chasing after Liu Xingchen.

The battle of the first and second rankers was clearly starting soon.

That also meant that this Seed of the Continent contest would start to proceed to the elimination stage…

It’s just that he had no idea who would be the one smiling in the end, Ling Zhanzi or Liu Xingchen… 

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