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Chapter 1249 - Obtaining the Battle Formation

While everyone was shocked at the fall of Xue Lingzi, the West Heaven Battle Emperor had also narrowed his eyes as he stared at the youthful silhouette on the screen.

Although he maintained a calm expression, there was a flash of shock in the depths of his eyes. Evidently, he was also taken by surprise by the fact that Mu Chen killed Xue Lingzi.

“Turns out that Flame Emperor has good eyesight after all. This Mu Chen is truly qualified to participate in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield.” The West Heaven Battle Emperor laughed.

He was, after all, a Heavenly Sovereign, so he wasn’t an unreasonable person, despite being proud. Thus, if he had chosen to disregard the strength that Mu Chen had displayed, then he would seem too petty.

However, he still merely thought that Mu Chen was qualified to be in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, and did not believe that Mu Chen had the strength to obtain the quota.

The Flame Emperor smiled upon hearing those words, since he understood the meaning behind the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s words. However, he did not bother arguing, but smiled. “Then, let us see if he can give us more surprises…”

Rubbing the armrest of the throne, the West Heaven Battle Emperor nodded his head. “Then, let me see if he can give us more surprises, as you have said.”

Mu Chen waved his sleeve above the surging ocean and the crystal pagoda disappeared. Three streaks of light flashed before they fell in his hand, those were three Battle Seals.

Holding onto the three Battle Seals, a smile appeared on his face. It looked like Xue Lingzi’s harvest wasn’t bad, with these three Battle Seals, he could finally exchange the Spiritual Trinity Spiritual Array from the Battle Emperor’s Treasury.

But now was not the time to make the exchange.

Storing the three Battle Seals, Mu Chen directed his cold gaze not too far away. The Nine Dragon God-Killing Array had already collapsed, but the Ghost Master stood there with his face alternating between pale and green. Seeing Mu Chen’s gaze directed over, he immediately felt a chill all over his body and fear rose in his eyes.

He had been greatly terrified by Xue Lingzi’s death. He never expected that, with Xue Lingzi’s ability and skills, it wouldn’t be possible for him to defeat Mu Chen and get killed instead…

Despite being a Lesser Earth Sovereign, Mu Chen’s strength was terrifying.

“Haha, Little Brother Mu Chen is a dragon among men. I was blinded by greed and was duped by Xue Lingzi. I hope that Little Brother Mu Chen can be magnanimous!” Recalling how Mu Chen killed Xue Lingzi, the Ghost Master instantly felt his heart turning cold, but he immediately revealed a smile to curry favour.

Judging from Mu Chen’s fighting strength, even if the Ghost Master was a Spiritual Array Scholar, it’s not possible for him to confront Mu Chen. So it would be better for him to admit his defeat head-on. 

Looking at Ghost Master’s attitude, Mu Chen smiled. “Do you think that it’s so easy to erase the fact that you attacked me?”

Hearing those words, the face of the Ghost Master twitched. He briefly struggled before bitterly smiling. “I wonder what does Little Brother want?”

“Three Battle Seals.” Mu Chen stretched his hand out without any expression.

Ghost Master’s face slightly changed and he gritted his teeth. “Isn’t Little Brother a little too ruthless?”

He had only gathered four Battle Seals up till today, and was still hoping to exchange a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array Diagram. If he handed three over, wouldn’t all his efforts be in vain?

Mu Chen did not respond, but the Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit looked down and fixed its gaze on the Ghost Master with a boundless Battle Will that formed into an invisible pressure that enveloped towards the latter.

The terrifying pressure descended and the Ghost Master instantly felt his body becoming heavy from the enormous pressure. Seeing Mu Chen’s cold expression, he knew that if he didn’t agree to it, then he might be the next Xue Lingzi.

Even if he wanted to fight, it’s impossible for him to confront Mu Chen with his power alone.

The Ghost Master’s face indefinitely changed. After a long time, his face finally collapsed and he waved his sleeve. Three Battle Seals flew out in Mu Chen’s direction.

Since he couldn’t defeat or run away from Mu Chen, then his only choice was to give in.

“That damn Xue Lingzi! Dragging me in. Even if you’re dead, let’s see how I’ll deal with your Blood God Clan!” Ghost Master bled and roared in his heart.

Facing Mu Chen, he didn’t dare to do anything. He could only direct his rage at the Blood God Clan. Furthermore, without Xue Lingzi, the Blood God Clan would be weakened and was merely a fat sheep.

Taking the three Battle Seals from the Ghost Master, Mu Chen nodded his head in satisfaction. Although he had revealed another trump card in this battle, his harvest was pretty great as well.

“Get lost.” Mu Chen waved his hand towards the Ghost Master and impolitely said.

He didn’t have any good opinion of this fellow that only wanted to get a bargain. If Mu Chen wasn’t worried about those fellows in the surroundings, he wouldn’t mind making a move and chase the Ghost Master out of the battlefield.

The Ghost Master wasn’t bothered by Mu Chen’s attitude. He turned around and left, fearing that Mu Chen might go back on his words.

Seeing the Ghost Master leave, Mu Chen swept his gaze around and faintly said, “If there’s anyone that coveting my Battle Seals, then come at me.”

When Mu Chen’s voice resounded, the entire region was silent. Although those hidden around wanted to covet the Battle Seals in Mu Chen’s hand, they were also terrified by the scene of Xue Lingzi’s fall. At the same time, they also had an understanding of Mu Chen’s ruthlessness. It’s best not to offend such a ruthless person.

As this thought flashed in their heads, they immediately dispersed in the next instant. Evidently, they had given up the idea of making a move against Mu Chen.

Seeing everyone leave, Mu Chen coldly snorted. If he had shown his weak spot, then those fellows would definitely come at him like wolves.

Facing those fellows, he had to show his ruthlessness to intimidate them.

Seeing them leaving, Mu Chen also stored the Spirit-Slaughtering and Demon-Extinguishing Army before he turned into a streak of light and left this place as well.

After he left this region and sensed that no one was around, he descended, and his Battle Seal appeared in his hand.

The list from the Battle Emperor’s Treasury flashed before him with treasures listed on it. With a simple swipe on it, four Battle Seals in his possession disappeared and a ball of light flew out of the Battle Seal, hovering before Mu Chen.

It's an ancient bronze scroll that emanated a lustre before forming into three silhouettes.

Looking at the scroll, Mu Chen’s eyes started to blaze. This was the Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation that he had been yearning for!

If he could cultivate it, then it would practically be adding wings to a tiger for his Three Pures!

“Finally got it.” Mu Chen grinned, grabbed the bronze scroll and infused his Spiritual Energy within it, instantly unleashing a vast amount of information into his mind.

He closed his eyes to read through the information for a long time before he opened his eyes with a flash of surprise.

“The Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation is truly special.” Mu Chen praised. Although it’s not a high-graded Battle Formation with harsh requirements, the profundities were genuinely shocking.

“No wonder the Seniors that invented this could defeat a Perfected Earth Sovereign.” After sighing at the profundities, he stored the scroll. The cultivation method for this Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation wasn’t hard, it’s just that it had a harsh requirement, which required the three to be linked in their hearts. Something that Mu Chen could perfectly accomplish.

Thinking about it, even Mu Chen couldn’t hold back the smile on his face, despite his composure, and muttered, “Since this Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation is finally obtained, then the next target is the quota.”

In this battlefield, the title of the Seed of the Continent was something that could make Mu Chen drool.

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