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Chapter 1248 - The Death of Xue Lingzi

The crystal pagoda quietly sat on Mu Chen’s palm with the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body and Xue Lingzi, whose face was covered in shock, imprisoned in the pagoda.

He never expected that in the mere instant that he wasn’t paying attention, he would be imprisoned by this crystal pagoda of Mu Chen’s.

Although he had no idea what ability the crystal pagoda had, he could sense a dense danger and immediately, he unleashed his Spiritual Energy without any hesitation to control the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body to destroy the pagoda.

“Since you’re already inside, then don’t think of coming out again.” Facing his struggles, Mu Chen indifferently smiled and his seal changed. Crystallised flames swept out from within the pagoda and instantly stuck onto the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body.

The crystallised flames blazed and Xue Lingzi’s face drastically changed. He realised that along with the burning of the crystallised flames, his Shadow Blooded Immortal Body was swiftly dimming down and was starting to dissipate…

It felt as if the Spiritual Energy that supported the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body had lost its effect.

Without the support of Spiritual Energy, even a powerful Sovereign Immortal Body would dissipate without any ability to fight.

“These flames… sealed my Spiritual Energy?!” However, Xue Lingzi immediately figured out the reason and his face was covered in fear. Spiritual Energy was the origin, and the moment his Spiritual Energy was sealed, it would be fatal for him, even if it was just for a brief moment.

However, Mu Chen paid no attention to his shock. The flames in the pagoda were formed from the crystallised Spiritual Energy. The sealing ability was exceptionally domineering, so once Xue Lingzi fell in it, then there’s no hope for him to escape.

Although the crystallised pagoda was domineering, it wasn’t possible for Mu Chen to trap Xue Lingzi in had he maintained his caution…

One wrong step and you lose the game!

Crystallised flames endlessly blazed before the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body dissipated in less than ten-odd breaths, causing Xue Lingzi to be revealed.

The disappearance of the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body had caused Xue Lingzi to feel fear. He never imagined that the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body, which Mu Chen was so helpless to deal with, would be so easily destroyed in the crystallised pagoda.

Thus, Xue Lingzi no longer dared to remain there and Spiritual Energy burst out from his body. A bloody river whistled around, slamming against the four walls of the pagoda.

Suddenly, the crystallised flames swept over and clashed with the boundless bloody river. In that instant of contact, it was akin to the blood river encounter magma and it swiftly dimmed, emanating a bloody mist as it gradually evaporated.

Xue Lingzi’s entire body went cold with fear rising in his heart. He never expected Mu Chen’s crystallised pagoda to be so domineering. It’s basically impossible for him to escape after being trapped within it.

As the crystallised flames encased him from every direction, Xue Lingzi could clearly sense the Spiritual Energy in his body being swiftly sealed. If this carried on, it wouldn't take long for the Spiritual Energy in his body to be completely sealed, and he would ultimately lose any power to retaliate.

“Mu Chen, as long as you let me go, I can hand over all of my Battle Seals to you! Furthermore, I can pay you 500,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid from the Blood God Clan!” In the face of death, Xue Lingzi finally lost his composure and started to beg.

“500,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid?” Mu Chen’s brows were raised. It looked like this Xue Lingzi was genuinely willing to pay any price. That amount was probably something that would make even the Blood God Clan sucked dry.

That price could even buy a Middle Rank Saint Artifact.

However, Mu Chen remained unmoved, since Xue Lingzi was a cunning and vicious person. Now that he had found such an excellent opportunity to get rid of this threat, how could he let the tiger go back to the mountain?

With an indifferent smile, his seals changed and the flames within the crystallised pagoda rose even more. The sizzling flames were burning the boundless Spiritual Energy around Xue Lingzi…

In just a few minutes, Xue Lingzi looked on in despair, since he couldn’t feel the Spiritual Energy in his body. From his perception, he would require at least a few hours for his Spiritual Energy to recover, and Mu Chen could have killed him ten thousand times within that time frame.

“Mu Chen, if you dare kill me, it will be an absolute irreconcilable enmity with my Blood God Clan! At that time, my Blood God Clan will launch suicidal attacks at the Luo God Clan, and Luo God Clan will pay the price as well!” Xue Lingzi roared in a despairing, vicious tone.

“Since that’s the case…” Mu Chen smiled without any emotions in his words. “Then it’s time for the Blood God Clan to be annihilated.”

He no longer hesitated. He had sensed that Xue Lingzi’s Spiritual Energy had been completely sealed, so it’s the best opportunity for him to kill him.

With a thought, crystallised flames burst within the pagoda before it condensed into a massive hand that grabbed ahold of Xue Lingzi.

Crystallised flames corroded Xue Lingzi’s body. His body was no longer as powerful as before and it started to dissolve under the flames with Xue Lingzi’s shrieks resounding throughout the area.

The shrieks lasted ten-odd breaths before they completely disappeared and Xue Lingzi had been reduced to ashes within the crystallised pagoda.

It was also fortunate that Xue Lingzi’s Spiritual Energy had been sealed. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be an easy matter for Mu Chen to kill him. After all, the vitality of an Earth Sovereign was too powerful, so even if their physical body was dissolved, they could utilised Spiritual Energy to recover.

But it was a pity that even a powerful vitality was so weak in the crystal pagoda.

“This pagoda is truly overbearing…” Mu Chen sighed in his heart. No wonder the Ancient Buddha Clan could have such a foundation in the Great Thousand World, just the power of their bloodline alone was extraordinary.

As Xue Lingzi’s shrieks resounded throughout the ocean before his death, the faces of many spectators changed as they looked at Mu Chen with dense fear in their eyes.

None of them had imagined that Mu Chen would be so terrifying to kill a Greater Earth Sovereign in just ten-odd minutes!

They knew that Xue Lingzi had been thoroughly killed without a trace of vitality left, since they could no longer sense any fluctuation of Xue Lingzi.

Killing a Greater Earth Sovereign in such a short amount of time, how terrifying must Mu Chen be?

At this moment, those people that still had intentions of making a move against Mu Chen felt their scalps numb and quickly retracted their ill gazes. At this time, how could they not tell that Mu Chen was akin to a wolf in sheep skin?!

If they wanted to pick on him because he was a Lesser Earth Sovereign, then they might be the ones to fall instead!

“Looks like Mu Chen is really trying to fight for the quota…” Those spectators sighed in their hearts.

Along with Xue Lingzi’s screams, the commotion outside the plaza turned quiet. Many gazes were looking at the youthful silhouette on the screen with fear.

They never imagined that Xue Lingzi, who was suppressing Mu Chen just an incense ago, would end up in such a situation and fell instead.

Furthermore, they knew that Xue Lingzi had, indeed, been killed, judging from his screams.

It was an outcome that left them even more shocked, since it was a Greater Earth Sovereign! Even in the Great Thousand World, they could be considered as first-rated powerhouses!

In their West Heaven Continent, they could even become tyrants in a region and receive the allegiance of countless people.

But right before their eyes, such an existence was killed by a young Lesser Earth Sovereign.

Many people swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and when they looked at the youthful figure on the screen, there was a trace of fear in their eyes. If anyone still thought that Mu Chen was courting death when he entered the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, then they thoroughly understood, at this moment, that Mu Chen was competent.

Furthermore, they had to admit that Mu Chen would become the most radiant dark horse in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield.

After this battle, no one would underestimate him ever again.

And while everyone looked at Mu Chen with respect, Luo Tianshen was stunned while looking at Mu Chen. A brief moment later, it took him great effort to recover from this before he muttered with his lips trembling, “Xue Lingzi… died?”

His eyes had suddenly turned red. Xue Lingzi was practically the mortal enemy of their Luo God Clan, and Luo Tianshen had wished to kill him for a long time. But he wasn’t able to achieve it and even got poisoned, instead. If it wasn’t for the Flame Emperor, he would’ve died from the poison by now.

He initially still thought that he might have to wait till Luo Li grew up to kill Xue Lingzi. However, he never expected that Xue Lingzi would die by Mu Chen’s hands today.

He raised his head and looked at Mu Chen’s silhouette with a gratified smile. “When Luo Li knows about this, she will definitely be thrilled…”

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