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Chapter 1247 - Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit

Violent fluctuations of Spiritual Energy swept out from the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array as the dragons struggled. However, they were tightly bound by the shackles with cold lights flickering on the spikes that devoured the Spiritual Energy in the body of those dragons.

While they were being devoured, everyone could sense that the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array was gradually weakening.

At this moment, even Mu Chen couldn’t spare the energy to control the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array after being tangled by Xue Lingzi, causing the Spiritual Array to be damaged.

Under this situation, it probably wouldn’t take long for the Spiritual Array to shatter.

When Mu Chen saw this, his brows knitted. It looked like Xue Lingzi was completely throwing his face away and decided to gang up on him. But if that’s the case, then it would pose a considerable threat to him.

“Why aren’t you arrogant anymore?” Seeing Mu Chen’s expression, Xue Lingzi instantly mocked with joy flashing in his eyes.

He’s willing to pay a high price to kill Mu Chen; thus, one could tell his hatred for him.

However, the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body was truly something, since it could change its state of matter. If it’s suffering an attack, it could turn illusory to negate a portion of the damage.

When it attacks, it’d take an actual form, making it possessing both offensive and defensive abilities.

“Haha, you want to deal with me first? What an arrogant brat, is my Shadow Blooded Immortal Body something you can destroy?” Xue Lingzi mocked after seeing through Mu Chen’s intentions.

The surrounding powerhouses also shook their heads. Xue Lingzi’s Shadow Blooded Immortal Body was exceptionally troublesome to deal with, even other Greater Earth Sovereigns would have a hard time facing it.

Even if Mu Chen had the powerful Battle Will Spirits by his side, he still couldn’t suppress the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body. Thus, the situation was growing to Mu Chen’s disadvantage.

Mu Chen had also sensed this, so he waved his hand, recalling the python and tortoise, and they surrounded Mu Chen.

“Finally giving up?” Xue Lingzi sneered, since it looked to him that Mu Chen knew that he was making a futile effort.

Indifferently casting Xue Lingzi a glance, Mu Chen’s hand formed seals and a massive vortex was formed. Everyone could sense that the Battle Wills of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army and Demon-Extinguishing Army were being pooled together in an attempt to fuse them and an astonishing fluctuation of Battle Will rippled out.

“Mhm?” Xue Lingzi had also sensed this, but he sneered, “Looks like you’re trying to fuse the Battle Wills of two troops together. That’s a pretty good idea, it’s just that you’re too naïve.”

The outcome would naturally be extraordinary if the Battle Wills of the two troops could fuse together, but it was a pity that it’s not something that’s easy to accomplish.

If Mu Chen was the one that forged those two troops, then it might be possible for him to fuse their Battle Wills together. But, evidently, Mu Chen didn’t have the ability to forge such troops, so it’s absolutely impossible for him to succeed in fusing them together.

The spectators also shook their heads. Evidently, Mu Chen looked like he was doing his last struggle with a high chance of failing.

Under all the attention, the ocean of Battle Will constantly rippled and the two massive Battle Will come in contact. However, whenever they tried to fuse, the two Battle Wills would reject each other, causing a failure.

“Looks like you’ve failed.” Xue Lingzi’s ridiculing smile grew denser as his eyes narrowed.

“Really?” Mu Chen’s eyelids raised.

His hand suddenly clenched and a crystallised sword appeared in his hand. He then slashed at the ocean of Battle Will. “Fuse!”

His roar resounded and a sword beam shot into the ocean of Battle Will, instantly causing the boiling ocean to calm down and the two different powers started to fuse together like two flows of a river joining together.

In that instant, when they fused, an indescribable Battle Will soared into the sky and enveloped the entire region in the pressure.

Everyone was shocked to see the vortex of Battle Will spin before a massive creature slowly emerged from the vortex.

It still had a tortoise body, but the jaws looked extremely malevolent. There was a python tail that coiled around the tortoiseshell and it was hissing as it emanated a boundless Battle Will.

The body of a tortoise and the tail of a python, it’s the Black Tortoise.

The massive body of the Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit was covered in densely packed Battle Runes that looked to be at the terrifying amount of 6,000,000!

A Battle Will Spirit of this might was something that even a Greater Earth Sovereign would fear.

When the Spirit-Slaughtering and Demon-Extinguishing Army’s Battle Wills fused into a new Battle Will Spirit, Xue Lingzi’s face had practically frozen before he muttered with fear and despair, “How is this possible?! How is this possible?!”

He never expected Mu Chen to actually achieve it. It was something that he shouldn’t be able to do!

How the impossible had been achieved…

Xue Lingzi felt threatened by the Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit. Even amongst the Great Earth Sovereign Realm, a Battle Will Spirit with over 6,000,000 Battle Runes was amongst the top-tiered.

“Ghost Master, break the Spiritual Array, swiftly!” Xue Lingzi roared.

The Ghost Master who was trying to break the Spiritual Array, was also startled before his expression turned grave. He clearly never expected Mu Chen to achieve this as well.

He took a deep breath and no longer dared to drag the time any longer. More Spiritual Seals flew out from his sleeves and they swiftly started to break down the Spiritual Array.

He knew that if Xue Lingzi failed in the hands of Mu Chen, then he alone was not Mu Chen’s opponent.

Under the countless gazes of disbelief, Mu Chen looked at the Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit and felt inwardly relieved. It was as Xue Lingzi had expected, the current him didn’t possess the ability to fuse the Battle Wills of the Spirit-Slaughtering and Demon-Extinguishing Army together.

But fortunately, he had the Heavenly Emperor Sword… and it had the Heavenly Emperor’s aura on it. Therefore, he was just making use of the Heavenly Emperor’s aura to force the fusion.

But regardless of that, he succeeded.

Mu Chen raised his head and coldly looked at Xue Lingzi. The latter was no longer cocky and had turned pale.

“Tear him apart!” Mu Chen eerily smiled and his hand waved down. The Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit roared then opened its mouth and a massive current of Battle Will swept out, emanating endless roars of slaughter.

“Blood River Barrier!” Facing the Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit, Xue Lingzi’s seals changed and the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body opened its mouth. A massive blood river gushing out and formed into a barrier.

The Battle Will clashed against the barrier, instantly causing the barrier to dissolve in layers. It quickly pierced through the barrier and slammed against the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body.

At the crucial moment, Xue Lingzi immediately controlled the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body to turn illusory. So although the current of Battle Will had clashed against the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body, a majority of the damage had been negated after it turned illusory.

With that, the current of Battle Will that could heavily injure the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body only managed to leave a significant hole in it, before it swiftly started to recover at this moment.

When Xue Lingzi saw this scene, his tensed up body finally felt relieved. It looked like even the combined Battle Will couldn’t deal with his Shadow Blooded Immortal Body so easily.

However, Mu Chen maintained a calm expression before he flicked his finger. The Battle Will current whistled out and constantly clashed against the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body.

When Xue Lingzi saw this, he had gone into his defensive state, turning the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body into illusory to avoid fatal damage.

Right now, he only wanted to drag time out for the Ghost Master to destroy the Spiritual Array so that the two of them could join forces. At that time, even with the Battle Will, Mu Chen was doomed for death!

Battle Will whistled in the sky and the situation became extremely intense. However, many of the hidden powerhouses knitted their brows since they realised that although Mu Chen’s Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit was oppressive, it didn’t seem too effective against Xue Lingzi’s Shadow Blooded Immortal Body.

With that, Xue Lingzi would be able to drag the time out since the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array started to collapse…

Another clash slammed, but the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body was currently in the illusory state, negating most of the impact. Standing on his Sovereign Immortal Body, Xue Lingzi couldn’t hold back his sneer, “Brat, when are you going to continue this futile effort? Are you stupid?”

“Is it?” Hearing Xue Lingzi’s sneer, a ridiculing smile rose on Mu Chen’s calm face while staring at the former.

Seeing that ridiculing smile, Xue Lingzi was stunned before he lowered his head to look at his Shadow Blooded Immortal Body and a spiritual lustre gathered in his eyes. In the next instant, his face drastically changed. He saw countless crystal spheres of light in the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body without him knowing it. They flickered akin to fireflies.

Looking at those crystals, Xue Lingzi suddenly thought of something and his face turned pale.

When his face turned pale, Mu Chen faintly smiled before he formed seals with a single hand, and a voice resounded from within his heart.

“Seal!” When his voice landed, the crystallised spheres radiated with light, covering the entire Shadow Blooded Immortal Body. In the next moment, Xue Lingzi was terrified to see that he had lost control over the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body and that it had swiftly dimmed down. Furthermore, the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body kept shrinking, no matter how much he tried to pour his Spiritual Energy into it.

“It’s his unusual Spiritual Energy! When did it invade my Sovereign Immortal Body? Was it that moment of impact from before?!” Xue Lingzi’s face drastically changed when he finally understood why Mu Chen continued to attack despite his Shadow Blooded Celestial Body having negated the attacks. So Mu Chen didn't intend to destroy his Sovereign Immortal Body through Battle Will, his finishing move was his unusual Spiritual Energy!

“I have to reconstruct the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body!” Xue Lingzi gritted his teeth. He decisively wanted to cut connections with the Sovereign Immortal Body. However, a crystallised barrier descended upon him. Raising his head, he saw a massive crystal pagoda descending and it swallowed him and the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body up.

The crystal pagoda swiftly shrank down and fell onto Mu Chen’s palm.

The spectators were shocked at this scene, and even the Ghost Master had drastically changed his face.

No one expected the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body and Xue Lingzi to be imprisoned in a crystal pagoda by Mu Chen.

Mu Chen ignored those gazes and looked at Xue Lingzi, who was panicking in the crystal pagoda and an arc rose on the corner of his lips filled with killing intent, before his voice resounded, “Old Dog, why don’t you try to run again?!”

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