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Chapter 1246 - Demon-Extinguishing Army

The few thousand silhouettes that stood on the surface of the water were akin to boulders while they stood still. There wasn’t any vitality emanating from their bodies, but all of them were emitting terrifying Battle Will that left the spectators shaken.

Basically, everyone knew about Mu Chen, so they knew that Mu Chen was also a Battle Formation Master, aside from being a Spiritual Array Master.

But the majority of the people would choose to progress on one path. However, Mu Chen had cultivated both ways and even attained considerable attainments in both.

“Where did he get this troop from?”

“What shocking Battle Will, probably only the West Heaven Temple can bring out such a troop!”

“What’s the origin of that brat to have such power!”


When the Demon-Extinguishing Army appeared, a commotion rang out in the surroundings, since many people were astonished by this trump card of Mu Chen’s.

That’s because the Battle Will that emanated from the Demon-Extinguishing Army even made them, Greater Earth Sovereigns, feel threatened.

While the spectators were shocked, Xue Lingzi’s expression turned extremely unsightly when he fixed his eyes on the Demon-Extinguishing Army with a chill in his heart.

He had never seen Mu Chen use this mysterious army, so this was Mu Chen’s trump card. When Mu Chen revealed his trump card, the intimidation was exceptionally shocking.

“Where did this bastard come from?! This level of troops isn’t something that just anyone could possess!” Xue Lingzi’s face changed. In the Great Thousand World, Battle Formation Master was a unique path that could possess terrifying power, even if they’re not relying on themselves.

However, the one flaw of a Battle Formation Master was the difficulty to nurture an elite troop. That’s because the wealth and manpower needed was too massive, so a Battle Formation Master needed the support of a powerful force for them to be intimidating.

Furthermore, the two troops in Mu Chen’s hands were Battle Puppets, which were even rarer! That’s because this could only be created when the warriors of the troop utilised a secret art to preserve their bodies as puppets before their deaths. Furthermore, there’s also a considerable chance of failure, that meant that the new troop, which was nearly a thousand, should be at least over ten thousand when they were still alive!

And what’s the concept of a troop that numbered over ten thousand? In the entire West Heaven Continent, probably only the West Heaven Temple could nurture such a force.

So Xue Lingzi couldn’t figure out how Mu Chen came to possess such a terrifying power despite being a Lesser Earth Sovereign.

“So? Where’s that arrogance from before?” Mu Chen raised his head as he smiled while looking at Xue Lingzi.

The corner of Xue Lingzi’s lips twitched and his face turned cold. “Brat, don’t be arrogant. So what if you have a troop, the two of them are fundamentally different. I refuse to believe that you can control both of them!”

Although he wasn’t clear how Mu Chen obtained the two troops, Xue Lingzi could be certain that they definitely weren’t nurtured by Mu Chen. Since that’s the case, then it wouldn’t be easy for him to command their Battle Wills.

Mu Chen smiled at his words. Generally speaking, such puppet troops would definitely have an obsession left even after their deaths. Thus, obtaining them didn’t mean that one could command them. But it wasn’t the same for Mu Chen. The Demon-Extinguishing Army might belong to the First Hall Master, but Mu Chen was someone that obtained the inheritance of the Heavenly Emperor. Thus, he was akin to the Second Generation Palace Master of the Ancient Haven Palace. Therefore, there wouldn’t be any trouble for him to command the Spirit-Slaughtering and Demon-Extinguishing Army.

Mu Chen stretched his hand and gently waved. Instantly, the two troops burst with soaring Battle Will that covered the sky and encased this entire region.

The entire region was yellow in the dusk with roars of slaughter. It’s as if they were from ancient times as they rang out in this region.

The two surges of massive Battle Wills turned into an ocean as they revolved around Mu Chen, causing the surrounding space to tremble along with their movements.

Two massive figures gradually formed from within the sea of Battle Will. The Battle Will Spirit of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army was a giant python with densely packed battle runes engraved on its body that reached an amount of 1,500,000!

On the other hand, the Battle Will Spirit of the Demon-Extinguishing Army was a colossal and ferocious tortoise with sharp fangs. Spikes grew out of the tortoiseshell with the amount of Battle Runes reaching a high 4,000,000!

The Demon-Extinguishing Army was the best troop that the Ancient Haven Palace had to offer. They could even withstand the invasion of the Fiend Clans for a moment. Although their numbers have waned, they’re still stronger than the Spirit-Slaughtering Army.

The Python Battle Will Spirit hissed towards the sky before it pounced forth, shuttling through space, and bolted towards Xue Lingzi.

Facing the Python Battle Will Spirit, Xue Lingzi’s gaze briefly turned dark before his hands suddenly formed together and he roared, “Shadow Blooded Immortal Body!”

It looked as if a river of blood had burst out from Xue Lingzi’s body. In the next instant, a massive blood figure was formed behind him.

That blood figure looked extremely profound. It seemed illusory and realistic at the same time, giving off a peculiar feeling.

This was the inherited Celestial Body of the Blood God Clan, ranking 38th of the 99th Rankings of the Sovereign Celestial Bodies.

Facing two of Mu Chen’s elite troops, Xue Lingzi did not dare to hold back and immediately summoned his Sovereign Immortal Body, fearing that he would miserably fail.

After the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body was formed, a crimson hand suddenly slapped down with a river of blood converged on the palm and slammed against the python.

Space fluctuated when the python was slammed by the bloodied hand. After all, the Python Battle Will Spirit only had 1,500,000 Battle Runes, which could confront a Lesser Earth Sovereign, at best.

“Crush it!” Sending the Python Battle Will Spirit back with a palm, Xue Lingzi pursued, intending to shatter that Battle Will Spirit since Mu Chen and the Spirit-Slaughtering Army were linked together.

Thus, the bloody hand instantly changed into a fist and jabbed towards the Python Battle Will Spirit.

At the moment before the fist jabbed the python, a massive shadow flew over. The tortoise dazzled with a lustre and the fist hit the shell.

Visible shock waves swept out and the peaks that stuck out of the surface of the ocean shattered into clouds of dust with waves that rolled out.

The Tortoise slightly trembled when it resisted that ferocious jab from Xue Lingzi. Furthermore, in the final moment, it opened its mouth and bit the bloody hand.

The giant tortoise that was formed by the Demon-Extinguishing Army had reached 4,000,000 Battle Runes, an amount that could confront a Greater Earth Sovereign. So it wouldn’t be easy for Xue Lingzi to obtain the advantage, like when he dealt with the Python Battle Will Spirit.

Xue Lingzi’s face was a little dark. Mu Chen’s skilful control over the Battle Will Spirits had surprised him.

However, Mu Chen no longer gave him the opportunity to make a move. The Python and Tortoise Battle Will Spirits burst forth at the same time and launched attacks against the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body.

Thus, violent Battle Wills and crimson Spiritual Energy constantly clashed in the sky, which caused the surrounding space to crack from the ripples and a few myriad feet of ravines tore across the ocean down below.

The intensity of this confrontation was beyond the ability to describe.

Many spectators also had a grave expression as they watched the intense battle in the sky.

Amongst the two Battle Will Spirits under Mu Chen’s control, the Python Battle Will Spirit was the weakest, since it was equivalent to a Lesser Earth Sovereign, whereas the Tortoise Battle Will Spirit could confront a Greater Earth Sovereign.

By itself, the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body was more powerful with the endless supply of Spiritual Energy coming from Xue Lingzi. However, Mu Chen made use of his perfect control to perfectly use the Python Battle Will Spirit and the Tortoise Battle Will Spirit together and dissolved the attacks from the Shadow Blooded Celestial Body.

Furthermore, the two Battle Will Spirits would also launch attacks occasionally, which caught Xue Lingzi unprepared.

The great battle was unusually intense.

Facing this battle, the spectators were all startled, since no one imagined that without his Spiritual Array, Mu Chen would still be able to confront an above average Greater Earth Sovereign.

On the ocean, Xue Lingzi looked at the two Battle Will Spirits that were violently charging towards him with an unsightly expression. This situation wasn’t something that he wanted. Although the Spiritual Energy of a Greater Earth Sovereign was powerful, Mu Chen could make use of Battle Will and battle endlessly as long as the troops weren’t destroyed. So as time passed, he would be the one to suffer.

He had to turn the situation around!

His eyes flickered before he gritted his teeth and roared, “Ghost Master, destroy the Spiritual Array and aid me. After this matter, all of the Battle Seals on him will go to you, and I will even pay you two Battle Seals!”

His roar instantly caused many spectating Greater Earth Sovereigns to shake their heads. It looked like Xue Lingzi had taken a desperate action.

The Ghost Master’s eyes beamed in the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array before he laughed out, “Brother is truly generous. Since that’s the case, give me the time of half an incense to break apart this Spiritual Array!”

Countless Spiritual Seals flew out from his sleeves and the chains that bound onto the nine dragons suddenly grew spikes before they started to devour the Spiritual Energy in those dragons.

As the Spiritual Energy started to disappear, the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array was tottering on the verge of collapsing.

Seeing this scene, whether it be the spectators on the Battlefield or the plaza, everyone broke into a commotion.

When Luo Tianshen saw this scene, his face turned pale and worry flashed in his eyes.

If the Spiritual Array was destroyed and the Ghost Master joined the battle, then Mu Chen would definitely lose the fight!

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