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Chapter 1245 - Is this enough?

Waves surged from the boundless ocean with killing intent spreading in this region.

There was vague attention being directed over from some of the islands and all of them were in this region with the ocean dyed blood-red. When they saw the two silhouettes standing on the wave, their gazes flickered.

“That Xue Lingzi actually invited the Ghost Master just to deal with Mu Chen…”

“This way, Mu Chen will definitely lose.”

“The Ghost Master is a long reputed Spiritual Array Scholar in the West Heaven Continent, so it shouldn’t be difficult for him to deal with Mu Chen’s Spiritual Array.


Those voices quietly rang out. There were those that took joy in the misfortune of others. Many people had already felt unhappy that no one dared to provoke Mu Chen over the past few days. After all, Mu Chen was basically underestimating them, since he acted so arrogantly in the West Heaven Continent.

So they naturally didn’t feel any pity for Mu Chen at this moment.

Xue Lingzi stood on the blood wave while looking at Mu Chen with an eerie smile. “If we’re outside, I really might not be able to do anything to you. But there’s no mercy in the battlefield, even if you die here, there’s nothing that the Flame Emperor could do to me.”

His eyes were filled with cold killing intent as he looked at Mu Chen. He was too afraid of Mu Chen, since the latter could roam in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield with his cultivation at the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm. If Mu Chen stepped into the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, wouldn’t he have the strength to confront a Perfected Earth Sovereign?

Such an existence was practically a monster, and since they had irreconcilable grudges, then he had to think of a way to erase this threat.

Facing Xue Lingzi’s voice, which was filled with killing intent, Mu Chen gently raised his head with a smile. “That’s what I wanted as well.”

Xue Lingzi wanted to kill Mu Chen, and it was the same for Mu Chen, as well. Mu Chen wanted to get rid of this danger for the Luo God Clan. The moment Xue Lingzi died, the Blood God Clan would be shaken, and the situation with the Luo God Clan would completely change.

However, Xue Lingzi had been hiding in the Blood God Clan with so many powerhouses to protect him, not to mention his advantage in the location. Even if Mu Chen lead his Mu Abode over, it wouldn’t be easy to kill that old fellow.

Thus, this Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield was undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for him to do so.

Seeing the killing intent flashing in Mu Chen’s eyes, Xue Lingzi sneered, “You truly have no idea of your position for you to dare to speak in such a manner!”

He also couldn’t be bothered to speak with Mu Chen, so he turned to the Ghost Master. “Master, the two of us will enter the Spiritual Array. You will suppress the Spiritual Array while I kill that brat.”

Without the help of the Spiritual Array, Mu Chen was akin to a tiger without any fangs in Xue Lingzi’s eyes.

“Alright.” Ghost Master smiled with his eyes narrowed and nodded his head. Although the Spiritual Array before him seemed peculiar, it wasn’t hard for him to suppress it with his strength. Furthermore, he only had to contain the Spiritual Array and not risk his life. The task of risking life was left to Xue Lingzi.

The two of them strode forth at the same time and everyone nervously looked at the two of them as they entered the range of the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array.

The moment the two of them stepped in, a torrential Spiritual Energy fluctuated and converged into nine dragons that emanated a powerful pressure that fixated on Xue Lingzi and the Ghost Master.

“This Spiritual Array is somewhat extraordinary.” Ghost Master looked at the nine dragons and praised with a sigh, “This Mu Chen is truly outstanding to have such attainments in the path of Spiritual Arrays at his age.”

A cold flash flickered in Xue Lingzi’s eyes. Since Mu Chen had displayed a stronger talent, the killing intent in his heart for Mu Chen grew as well.

“Ghost Master, can you suppress it?” Xue Lingzi asked.

“Although this Spiritual Array is extraordinary, it can’t do anything to me.” Ghost Master proudly smiled.

He saw the Ghost Master waving his sleeve and Spiritual Seals flew out before they integrated into the surrounding void.

As Spiritual Seals integrated into the surrounding void, a Spiritual Array was swiftly formed around the Ghost Master. In the next instant, space distorted and nine massive chains of Spiritual Energy were formed, shuttling through space as they wrapped around those nine dragons.

“This Dragon Shackles Array of mine can restraint this Spiritual Array.” The Ghost Master smiled and his seals changed, and the spiritual mist in the Spiritual Array gradually vanished, and a passage was formed.

“Go, the Spiritual Array will not cause any disturbance to you for the time being. As long as you can kill that brat, this Spiritual Array will disappear.” Xue Lingzi’s gaze flickered and he felt a little furious in his heart. He thought that the Ghost Master could easily dissolve Mu Chen’s Spiritual Array; he never thought that the geezer was only restraining it.

Evidently, despite the geezer claiming it to be easy, it’s not that easy to dissolve this Spiritual Array.

Although he’s feeling a little unhappy, Xue Lingzi did not speak much. As long as the Ghost Master could temporarily restrain Mu Chen’s Spiritual Array, then his objective was already achieved.

Thus, he nodded his head to the Ghost Master before he turned into a streak of light and flew through the passage. A few breaths later, his vision widened. A mountain stuck out of the ocean’s surface with Mu Chen seated on it, casting his indifferent gaze over.

“Brat, I’ll see how you turn the tables around now that you’ve lost your Spiritual Array!” Xue Lingzi slowly stood up and appeared before Mu Chen with a sneer.

Raising his eyelids, Mu Chen replied, “You’ll know after trying.”

“Still faking it even when you’re going to die soon!”

“Blood Deity Heaven Trembling Foot!” Xue Lingzi’s gaze turned cold as he stomped his foot. Gradually, the blood lustre descended and swept out, instantly turning into a massive crimson foot that contained a dense destructive and corrosive aura as it dropped towards Mu Chen.

As the foot descended akin to a meteorite, Mu Chen took a deep breath and a crystallised pagoda appeared in the depth of his eyes. He instantly poured the boundless Spiritual Energy within his body into the pagoda, converting it into a crystallised Spiritual Energy that flowed throughout Mu Chen’s body.

Raising his hand, the crystallised Spiritual Energy flew out and formed into a barrier before him.

The foot heavily slammed against the barrier and visible shock waves wrecked out, causing the surrounding space to constantly collapse.

Although the barrier was able to block the foot, the terrifying power behind it caused the mountain beneath him to collapse. In a few breaths, Mu Chen’s body had fallen onto the surface of the ocean, along with the collapse of the mountain.

Mu Chen stood on the ocean while looking at the crimson foot that gradually disappeared and slightly squinted his eyes. It seems that even with the crystallised pagoda, he’s still weaker than a Greater Earth Sovereign in terms of Spiritual Energy.

Xue Lingzi proudly stood on the sky as he looked down at Mu Chen with a mocking arc hung on the corner of his lips. “Brat, now do you know the gap between a Greater and Lesser Earth Sovereign? Without your Spiritual Array, your Spiritual Energy is still insufficient to confront a Greater Earth Sovereign.”

He knew that Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy was peculiar, so he naturally wouldn’t give Mu Chen the chance to get close to him. He had opted for range bombardment, since it would fully bring out the advantages of a Greater Earth Sovereign.

“Summon your Sovereign Immortal Body out, or there won't be a chance for you.”

Facing Xue Lingzi’s ridicule, Mu Chen smiled as well. “I don’t need my Sovereign Immortal Body to deal with you.”

“Oh? You still dare to boast even at this time?” Xue Lingzi coldly replied.

Mu Chen smiled, but no longer bothered to speak with Xue Lingzi. His foot suddenly stomped on the ocean and a thousand silhouettes burst out from the ocean, gathering behind Mu Chen.

When the thousand silhouettes appeared, their auras merged together and a boundless Battle Will swept out akin to an ocean.

Looking at the troop, Xue Lingzi narrowed his eyes and sneered, “Finally bringing this troop of yours out? But I can only say that you’re too naïve to think that you can deal with a Greater Earth Sovereign with them!”

The troop that Mu Chen had summoned was the Spirit-Slaughtering Army. Xue Lingzi had previously seen Mu Chen use this troop to trap a Lesser Earth Sovereign of his Blood God Clan.

But that’s the limit of this troop. If Mu Chen wanted to use it to deal with a Greater Earth Sovereign, then Xue Lingzi would let Mu Chen know the meaning of wishful thinking.

However, facing Xue Lingzi’s sneer, the corner of Mu Chen’s lips slowly rose into a peculiar smile. “Since they’re not capable… then let me add another one.”

The moment Mu Chen finished speaking, a terrifying Battle Will suddenly burst out from the ocean. The strength of that Battle Will even caused Xue Lingzi’s face to change.

Countless geysers shot out of the ocean as silhouettes started to appear and quietly stood behind Mu Chen.

There were nearly a thousand and all of them were donned in heavy armour and black sickles. All of them had ancient runes engraved on their bodies.

The Battle Will that erupted from their bodies far surpassed the Spirit-Slaughtering Army!

This troop was the best troop of the Ancient Haven Palace, the Demon-Extinguishing Army!

Mu Chen raised his head and looked at Xue Lingzi’s pale face with a faint smile before his voice slowly started to resound from the ocean, “Now… is this enough?”

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