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Chapter 1244 - Ghost Master

Just as Mu Chen had expected, his fame spread out a day later. Mu Chen couldn’t even figure out how those cautious fellows exchanged their information…

But this would cause trouble for Mu Chen, since he realised that even if someone came to him after he set up his Spiritual Array and waited, the moment his prey saw the Spiritual Array around him, they would briefly hesitate before retreating.

In the past, they would still look down on Mu Chen’s cultivation at the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm. But after knowing that Mu Chen was a Middle Rank Spiritual Array Scholar, his Spiritual Array was something that could even threaten a Greater Earth Sovereign.

In the Great Thousand World, it’s common knowledge not to fight with a well-prepared Spiritual Array Master.

Thus, no one would dare to enter a myriad foot around Mu Chen as long as they’re not stupid.

With his identity as a Spiritual Array Scholar exposed, it had given Mu Chen a significant intimidation, which wasn’t good news for the current Mu Chen.

He wanted to obtain Battle Seals, so he had to defeat his competitors, and none of those cunning foxes dared to enter the range of the Spiritual Array; causing him to feel helpless.

Naturally, his trump card wasn’t only the Spiritual Array. So unless one of his trump cards was no longer capable of dealing with his opponent, he had no intention to reveal his other trump cards. Sometimes, catching the opponent by surprise was also an advantage.

So, over the next two days, Mu Chen wasn’t able to obtain even one Battle Seal. Naturally, there was a Greater Earth Sovereign that tried his luck, but Mu Chen wasn’t able to obstruct him, since that person was too slippery, possessing a Saint Artifact that could shuttle through space. So when that Greater Earth Sovereign saw that the situation wasn’t good for him, he instantly fled and Mu Chen couldn’t even stop him from doing so, he even had to witness his prey fleeing.

Through this battle, Mu Chen’s fame rose again, and no one dared to provoke him. Although there was the occasional Greater Earth Sovereign here and there, they only cast a look at him from afar before leaving immediately.

Thus, Mu Chen could only look at his empty Spiritual Array and sigh. Despite being helpless, Mu Chen wasn’t anxious, since he knew that more Greater Earth Sovereigns were being eliminated in the cruel battle. Those that remained would all be elites.

Although those elites might still be fearful of Mu Chen, they wouldn’t be like those cowardly fellows. Furthermore, they would definitely keep an eye out, and the moment a flaw appeared, they would surely launch an assault.

There was a boundless ocean with towering mountains that broke through the surface of the sea. They were akin to sharp blades that stood out of the sea.

At this moment, Mu Chen sat quietly on one of the mountains with space violently fluctuating a few myriad feet around him. He could vaguely sense countless stars. This was a powerful Spiritual Array that was hidden within the surroundings.

When Spiritual Energy whistled into the Spiritual Array, high waves would lift from the ocean.

There was a break of wind that resounded from the distance before a silhouette stepped over and stopped a hundred miles away from Mu Chen. After a brief hesitation, that silhouette also turned around and left.

Looking at that silhouette, Mu Chen’s gaze flickered. He could sense a tremendous pressure of Spiritual Energy that was much stronger than the Firecloud King and Purple Mound Sect Master coming from the silhouette.

“The standard is getting higher…”  Mu Chen muttered to himself. He had been meeting Greater Earth Sovereigns of higher standards over the past two days. Evidently, none of them were pushovers, since they could remain in this battlefield through the cruel elimination rate.

“Since that’s the case… then the time is almost here.” Mu Chen flicked his finger. With the Greater Earth Sovereigns that remained in the battlefield getting stronger, the intimidation of the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array was also weakening. He could sense that there had been many people that tried to look for a flaw in the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array.

That also meant that the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array was losing its intimidation, and according to his estimations, there would probably be someone making a move against him in less than a day…

Thinking about it, Mu Chen faintly smiled before he slowly closed his eyes. He wanted to see who would be confident enough to make a move against him.

Thus, one day swiftly passed.

Tidal waves slammed against the mountains, which caused an ear-shattering noise that spread throughout the ocean.

Opening his eyes, a spiritual light flashed in Mu Chen’s black pupils before it gradually disappeared.

His gaze was faintly directed at some of the distant islands. He could vaguely sense several Spiritual Energy fluctuations.

There was additional killing intent in the atmosphere of this region and they seemed to originate from those preying gazes.

At this moment, Mu Chen was akin to a wolf in a streak of tigers. The moment he revealed a flaw, Mu Chen believed that those fellows would immediately swarm over to try and seize the Battle Seals from his hand.

However, they were cautious, and they wouldn’t stand out by themselves. Thus, they would definitely wait for an opportunity to arise…

As sunlight shone down on this ocean, the ocean reflected the rays of light, which was a gorgeous scene.

Looking at the surface of the ocean, which was glittering with lustre, Mu Chen’s gaze suddenly narrowed before he raised his head. The sea in that direction was swiftly turning crimson as it turned into a myriad foot of waves as it rolled out.

In a few breaths’ time, the crimson wave appeared a few myriad feet away from Mu Chen before it slowly stopped at the border of the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array.

A crimson-robed silhouette appeared. It was a familiar figure, Xue Lingzi of the Blood God Clan!

At this moment, he was coldly looking at Mu Chen, akin to looking prey with brutality and ruthlessness in his eyes.

“So it’s the old dog…” Seeing that figure, Mu Chen was briefly stunned before he laughed out, “I had vaguely sensed your existence for the past two days, but you have been hiding like a mouse. So why are you showing yourself now?”

“Brat, your death is already in the corner, and you're still stubborn!” Hearing Mu Chen’s words, Xue Lingzi’s face turned cold.

Raising his eyelids, Mu Chen faintly replied, “It’s uncertain if I will die, but I can guarantee that you will be the one that’s in a disaster today.”

His voice was calm, but it contained unconcealable killing intent. Mu Chen already had the intention to get rid of Xue Lingzi, since he heard that Luo Li’s father died in the hands of Xue Lingzi, even Luo Tianshen was poisoned by him a long time ago. When Luo Li returned to the Luo God Clan, it was because of Xue Lingzi that she had to be under such enormous pressure and even faced the threat of death.

From a certain degree, Xue Lingzi was the mortal enemy of the Luo God Clan.

Although Luo Li did not show her hatred for Xue Lingzi before him, Mu Chen could sense that she didn’t want Mu Chen to take the risk. Thus, she had been suppressing the emotions in her heart and wanted to wait until she grew up to take vengeance for herself.

Due to all that, Mu Chen was naturally filled with killing intent for Xue Lingzi as well.

When he entered the battlefield, he had already made up his mind to look for an opportunity to get rid of Xue Lingzi, and since the latter had come knocking on his door, things had gone as Mu Chen wished.

“Heh, what a foolish brat!” Xue Lingzi mocked before he eerily said, “But did you think that you can be arrogant with a Middle Rank Scholar Grade Spiritual Array?

“Did you think that there isn’t any Spiritual Array Scholar in our West Heaven Continent?” He waved his hand and a black light flickered beside him. A skinny grey-robed old man appeared.

When the grey-robed old man appeared, his eyes looked at the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array around Mu Chen with a dark light flickering before nodding his head with a smile. “It truly is a Middle Rank Scholar Grade Spiritual Array, no wonder no one dares to make a move against him.”

“Haha, the Ghost Master has been famous for many years and you have immersed yourself in many Middle Rank Scholar Grade Spiritual Arrays, so how can a brat be comparable to you in terms of attainments?” Xue Lingzi smiled.

The Ghost Master chuckled, “Xue Lingzi, let's stop wasting time. I can help you suppress this Spiritual Array, but half of the Battle Seals on the brat will go to me, and you even have to pay me a Battle Seal as payment.”

Heartache flashed in the eyes of Xue Lingzi before he decisively nodded his head. “As long as I can get rid of this brat, we’ll go with that price.”

“Haha, straightforward.”

When Mu Chen looked at the grey-robed old man, his eyes narrowed as he muttered, “So he invited a Middle Rank Spiritual Array Scholar to deal with my Spiritual Array…”

At the same time, countless gazes were focused on the bright screen and a commotion broke out when they saw Xue Lingzi and the grey-robed old man’s appearance.

“Xue Lingzi actually invited the Ghost Master over!”

“The Ghost Master is rumoured to have been a Middle Rank Spiritual Array Scholar for a long time. With him around, it will be hard for Mu Chen’s Spiritual Array to take any effect.”

“He’s doomed now. Without his Spiritual Array, Mu Chen is akin to a toothless tiger, and he will surely be defeated!”


All sorts of whispers resounded while Luo Tianshen looked at the screen and his eyes were fixated on Xue Lingzi’s silhouette. He gritted his teeth with deep hatred leaking out from his voice, “Old Dog, you truly deserve death!”

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