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Chapter 1243 - Becoming Famous

Mu Chen smiled with a scarlet scroll in his hand. The Firecloud King had already disappeared, since he had been kicked out of the battlefield with the loss of his Battle Seals.

Through the threat, Mu Chen had easily achieved his objective, obtaining the Fire Shuttle Art from the Firecloud King.

It wasn’t too hard for him to accomplish it, since the fate of the Firecloud King was in his hands. In this sort of battlefield, deaths were the norm, so no one could say a word even if Mu Chen killed the latter.

Perhaps the Firecloud King might have a trump card, but it would still result in him being heavily injured or even having repercussions. Thus, between the choices of his life or the Divine Ability, the Firecloud King chose the former.

“Fire Shuttle Art…” Mu Chen poured his Spiritual Energy into the scroll and a massive amount of information started to pour into his mind. This Fire Shuttle Art was only a Lesser Divine Art, and in terms of grading, it’s not something that would cause Mu Chen to be tempted. However, this art had the speed and ability to pass through the obstruction of a Spiritual Array, thus causing Mu Chen to be very interested in it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be bothered with trying to obtain it from the Firecloud King.

One must have fire-attributed Spiritual Energy to use this Fire Shuttle Art, and Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy had once fused with the Undying Flames, thus fitting the requirements for this.

Storing the scroll, Mu Chen was pretty satisfied with his harvest. Not only did he obtain two Battle Seals, he even gained a Low Rank Saint Artifact and the Fire Shuttle Art.

“Three Battle Seals, but I need to save one for myself. That means that I still need two to exchange for the Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation.” Mu Chen muttered to himself.

“With three Battle Seals, I don’t need to look for people, and they will definitely come to me. Since that’s the case, then I just have to make preparations and wait for someone to come…” Mu Chen smiled before he soared into the sky and flew into the distance. The place which he was previously at had been significantly ruined, so it’s no longer suitable for him to set up a Spiritual Array. Thus, he needed to look for another location.

When Mu Chen’s battle came to an end, the screen of Spiritual Energy above the plaza in West Heaven Battle City had disappeared and many people were stunned as they stared at the location where the screen had disappeared from.

Just a moment ago, they could still see the Firecloud King chasing Mu Chen, but who could have expected for the tables to be instantly flipped around. Mu Chen brought out a powerful Spiritual Array that forced the Firecloud King to retreat. But that wasn’t all, Mu Chen even left his Spiritual Array and pursued the Firecloud King with his cultivation at the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm!

Seeing this scene, many people were mocking Mu Chen for overestimating his own ability and were blinded by the advantageous moment. But before they finished mocking him, their pupils popped out as they looked at the Firecloud King, who was powerless in Mu Chen’s hand…

Only a long while after the screen disappeared, did they recover from the shock and exchanged looks with smears of graveness and fear in their eyes.

If they still felt that Mu Chen pulled a cheap trick to beat Xiong Ba, then from this battle alone, Mu Chen had truly displayed a strength that could even threaten a Greater Earth Sovereign.

“I never expected this Mu Chen to have such a high attainment in Spiritual Arrays… That Spiritual Array from before had reached the Middle Rank Scholar Grade.” Someone sighed. From the pieces of information that they got in the past, they knew that Mu Chen had displayed extraordinary Spiritual Array abilities back in the Luo God Clan, but Mu Chen’s strength had clearly grown compared to before.

“That fellow is really weird, he’s clearly a Lesser Earth Sovereign, but he has means that aren’t at all inferior to a Greater Earth Sovereign. No wonder he dared to participate in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield.”

“Looks like he is truly a dark horse. I just wonder how far he can reach, after all, he’s still quite some distance away from the ladder…”

“Yeah, Ling Zhanzi has already obtained six Battle Seals…”


All sorts of whispers resounded, but this time, everyone understood that Mu Chen did have the qualifications to be in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield.

Luo Tianshen felt relieved at this moment. Although he had some knowledge of Mu Chen’s means, he was also somewhat shocked when he saw how Mu Chen defeated a Greater Earth Sovereign.

According to his estimations, even he had a high chance of being defeated by Mu Chen.

He bitterly smiled as he recalled several years back, to his first meeting with Mu Chen. The latter was nothing remarkable in his eyes. Although he did not look down on Mu Chen, he did not place Mu Chen with great importance in his heart.

But who could have imagined that a few years later, the helpless youth before him had grown this far and even surpassed him?

Luo Tianshen sighed and suppressed the complicated emotions in his heart before he muttered, “Now, it just has to depend on how far this brat can go…”

On the two thrones before the temple, the West Heaven Battle Emperor glanced in the direction of the screen that was displaying Mu Chen’s battle and faintly smiled. “No wonder Flame Emperor would allow Mu Chen to enter the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, so he is also a Middle Rank Spiritual Array Scholar.

“But that only proves that he can confront general Greater Earth Sovereigns, I’m afraid that it’s not possible for him to emerge victorious.” The West Heaven Battle Emperor’s tone was indifferent. If the identity as a Middle Rank Spiritual Array Scholar was Mu Chen’s greatest trump card, then he was doomed to not be fated with the Seed of the Continent’s quota.

Ling Zhanzi and the rest were all elites amongst the Greater Earth Sovereigns, so even if Mu Chen could rely on his Spiritual Array to deal with the Firecloud King, it’s impossible for him to pose any threat to Ling Zhanzi and the rest.

Facing the words of the West Heaven Battle Emperor, the Flame Emperor smiled. “I feel that Mu Chen will not let me make a loss for the Dragon-Phoenix  Deity Pellet.”

The West Heaven Battle Emperor narrowed his eyes at the screen and nodded his head with a mocking tone, “Then this Emperor will wait and see. Let’s hope that the brat will not disappoint the Flame Emperor…”

In his view, it’s already pretty good if Mu Chen could last till the end, as for the quota? Haha, the three Holy Children of the West Heaven Temple will let him know his limits.

After Mu Chen left the previous region, he gradually slowed down. With three Battle Seals, his location would appear on the radar of other participants, and he had sensed several Spiritual Energy fluctuations coming in his direction in less than half an hour.

“Pretty quick.” Mu Chen inwardly spoke before he swiftly descended. As his sleeves fluttered, and countless Spiritual Seals started to spread like butterflies and promptly integrated into the void.

Although he could set up the perfected Nine Dragon God-Killing Array successfully, there’s still a small chance of failure. Thus, he had to make preparations beforehand, or his enemies wouldn’t give him the time to make preparations.

Mu Chen had previously suffered two failures before he finally managed to set up the perfected Nine Dragon God-Killing Array around this forest.

He watched from a massive tree as the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array started to revolve, emanating a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation, causing waves of Spiritual Energy to roar out.

This time, he did not hide the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array, like he did when he was previously luring the Firecloud King. But this time, it was his enemies that came knocking on his door.

They would definitely be cautious, so this majestic Spiritual Array would still be discovered, no matter how he tried to hide it.

Since that’s the case, then there’s no need to hide it. He immediately showed it to see who was daring enough to enter.

After the Spiritual Array was set up, Mu Chen closed his eyes and waited for his enemies.

Fortunately, he did not wait for a long time. He had sensed four powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations skimming over from four different directions before they stopped in the distant sky.

The four of them had sensed each other, so they held their guards up. In this battlefield, everyone was an enemy.

They swiftly retracted their gazes and looked at Mu Chen, who was in the forest, and they were briefly stunned.

“A Lesser Earth Sovereign?”

“It’s that outsider, Mu Chen…”

“He actually set up a Spiritual Array around him, so he’s actually a Middle Rank Spiritual Array Scholar. No wonder he dares to enter the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield.”

When they saw Mu Chen, their gazes flickered with different thoughts in every single one of them.

“Anyone that wants my Battle Seals can come and seize them from me.”

As they looked at Mu Chen from afar, the latter opened his eyes with a peal of brilliant laughter that resounded out.

Hearing Mu Chen’s provocation, the four of them knitted their brows, but no one made a move, since they felt a trace of threat coming from the powerful Spiritual Array around Mu Chen.

Furthermore, they were mostly maintaining their guards up against each other, fearing that someone might fish for benefits while they’re doing the work.

“If no one dares, then leave and stop wasting my time.” Seeing that they showed no signs of making a move, Mu Chen waved his hand.

“Hmph, arrogant brat!” Hearing Mu Chen’s words, a purple-robed Greater Earth Sovereign coldly laughed and his gaze fell on the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array around Mu Chen before looking at the three other Greater Earth Sovereigns. “If you guys have no intention to make a move, then let me have this chance. However, the three of you have to leave.”

The three Greater Earth Sovereigns had their gazes flickered before they smiled. “So it’s the Purple Mound Sect Master, we’ve long heard of you being an expert in breaking Spiritual Arrays. Since you have your eyes on this brat, then you can have him.”

The three of them immediately left decisively, since they had no idea if Mu Chen was faking it. If it’s real, then they would definitely not have an easy time, and if it’s fake, they could have the Purple Mound Sect Master deal with Mu Chen until the both of them were injured…

However, the three of them definitely knew that the Purple Mound Sect Master would definitely have his guard up against the three of them. Thus, they flew far away as they promised.

After sensing that the three Spiritual Energy fluctuations have distanced themselves, the Purple Mound Sect Master coldly looked at Mu Chen with a sneer. “Ignorant brat, did you really think that a Spiritual Array can protect you? I’ll let you witness how this Sect Master will break your Spiritual Array!”

As he spoke, he flew out and charged into the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array under Mu Chen’s faint smile.

The three other Greater Earth Sovereigns stopped their figures after distancing themselves before closing their eyes. A violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation came from that location from before.

“The Purple Mound Sect Master has really made his move. That brat will surely be out of luck now…”

They smiled and waited for the Purple Mount Sect Master and Mu Chen to be heavily injured before seeking for an opportunity to fish for benefits.

Their wait lasted the time for an incense to burn before their expressions slightly changed. They sensed that the violent fluctuation of Spiritual Energy was swiftly disappearing at this moment.

“Finished? So quickly?” The three faces were dark. It looked Mu Chen had put up an act to intimidate them.

“This benefited the Purple Mound Sect Master now.” The three of them cursed before they increased their speed and charged over to see if they could obtain any benefits.

After a long while, they entered the range of forest, and the majority of it had been destroyed. They stood in the sky before they shifted their gazes up ahead, then abruptly narrowed them.

They saw a silhouette quietly seated on a massive tree. Although the Spiritual Array around him was a little tattered, it was still revolving.

When the three of them saw that youthful silhouette, shock flashed in their eyes, since they never imagined that Mu Chen would be the one standing here!

On the other hand, there wasn’t a trace of the Purple Mound Sect Master. That meant that it was Mu Chen who won the previous battle!

Fear started to rise on their eyes, along with grave expressions.

Their strength wasn’t much different from the Purple Mound Sect Master. Since Mu Chen could deal with the Purple Mound Sect Master so quickly, that meant that it wouldn’t take long for him to deal with them as well.

“The three of you want to give it a try as well?” Mu Chen fiddled with the Battle Seal in his hand as he smiled towards the three of them.

When he smiled, he was soon startled because the three Greater Earth Sovereigns had fled without any hesitation. In the blink of an eye, they had already disappeared into the horizon.

Looking at the three of them who fled, Mu Chen helplessly smiled before he stood up and looked at the Battle Seal in his hand with a sigh.

“It won’t be easy to encounter any fools now…”

He knew that the three of them would definitely spread his fame out in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield.

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