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Chapter 1242 - First Battle

The nine dragons hovered in the sky, emanating a terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuation that roared like waves, causing the surrounding space to distort from the terrifying pressure.

The fiery-robed man looked extremely unsightly when facing the nine dragons before he looked at Mu Chen, who was standing on the mountain with a smile on his face. How could the fiery-robed man not tell that he had fallen into Mu Chen’s trap?

Mu Chen was putting up an act when he fled earlier!

“What a cunning brat!” The fiery-robed man cursed with a dark expression.

Mu Chen smiled. He also couldn’t be bothered to talk to much, so he spoke his objectives upfront, “Hand over your Battle Seals.”

“Dream on! You think that you can defeat me, the Firecloud King with one Spiritual Array?” The fiery-robed man smiled with ridicule. Although this Spiritual Array seemed extraordinary, Mu Chen was still a Lesser Earth Sovereign. In the worst case scenario, he could drag the battle out, and things wouldn’t go as Mu Chen wished.

Instantly, a shocking crimson Spiritual Energy burst from the body of the Firecloud King, dying the entire sky and the temperature in this region swiftly soared.

Mu Chen smiled at this scene. If his Nine Dragon God-Killing Array was still at the seven dragons state, then it might not pose a threat to a Greater Earth Sovereign. But his Nine Dragon God-Killing Array… had already reached the perfect state.

Mu Chen had failed several times to accomplish this. In the end, he even had to use the crystal pagoda to convert and amplify his Spiritual Energy to achieve this.

The Nine Dragon God-Killing Array was a Middle Rank Scholar Rank Spiritual Array, so the perfected form could even confront a Greater Earth Sovereign. Furthermore… it had a small change due to Mu Chen, so the power of it was definitely extraordinary.

Thinking about this, Mu Chen waved his hand and triggered the massive Spiritual Array. In the next moment, the nine dragons roared towards the sky. They then opened their mouths and nine dragon breaths swept in the direction of the Firecloud King.

Space instantly shattered from the nine breaths that displayed its domineering destructive prowess.

Although the Firecloud King was speaking in contempt, he really didn’t dare to underestimate this Spiritual Array. He waved his hand and the cloud of flames instantly withdrew from the mountain range and circulated around him. Sizzling fires blazed and distorted space from the high temperature.

The dragon breaths swept over the cloud of flames and sparks flew, along with fluctuations spreading out, and were on the verge of collapsing.

“Hmph, you want to break my Spiritual Firecloud Barrier?” Seeing that the dragon breaths were obstructed, the Firecloud King sneered as flames gradually gathered beneath his feet. He was intending to flee using the Fire Shuttle Art.

At this moment, he had given up snatching the Battle Seal from Mu Chen. After all, Mu Chen was in an invincible position with this Spiritual Array, so there’s no point in him continuing the fighting.

“A defensive Low Rank Saint Artifact…” Mu Chen was shocked, looking at the barrier of flaming clouds around the Firecloud King. Although defensive Saint Artifacts were weaker than the offensive ones, it’s incredibly effective for defensive purposes.

“This Nine Dragon God-Killing Array is a Pinnacle Middle Rank Scholar Grade Spiritual Array, and I’m afraid that a Low Rank Saint Artifact is insufficient to protect you.” Mu Chen smiled and one of his hands formed seals.

“Nine Dragon God-Killing Array - Nine Dragons Unite, God-Devouring Dragon!” The nine dragons burst into light as Mu Chen’s seal changed and they started to converge together.

The nine dragons swiftly disappeared and a rainbow-coloured small dragon appeared in the array.

The rainbow-coloured dragon dazzled like a gorgeous gem,t looking extremely magnificent. However, the Firecloud King’s face drastically changed at this scene. He could sense the dreadful Spiritual Energy that was contained within the body of that small dragon.

The power of it was something that even a Greater Earth Sovereign like him felt fearful of.

“This Mu Chen actually has such a high attainment in Spiritual Arrays as a Lesser Earth Sovereign, reaching the Middle Rank Scholar Grade! What a monster!” The Firecloud King’s face grew dark with dense fear flashing in his eyes. 

Leave this place! This thought flashed in the heart of the Firecloud King. Flames burst from his feet, intending to escape from the Spiritual Array.

However, when the flames flickered beneath his feet, the gorgeous dragon disappeared. But it did not really disappear, it had turned into a streak of light, travelling at an unimaginable speed through space.

In merely a single breath, flames had enveloped the Firecloud King with cracking sounds ringing out. The fire cloud shattered and a rainbow streak flashed, appearing before the Firecloud King, and bit his arm.

The dragon bit and tore the entire arm off and blood spewed from the wound.

The Firecloud King smirked, disregarding his arm, and flames instantly enveloped him. He turned into a flicker of flame and disappeared. The next time when he appeared, he was a few myriad feet away and had escaped from the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array’s range.

When he escaped from the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array, the Firecloud King looked at the Spiritual Array that enveloped the mountain range in fear before casting a glance at his missing arm while gritting his teeth.

Although physical injuries weren’t considered much for a Greater Earth Sovereign, it was embarrassing for him to be forced into such a predicament by a Lesser Earth Sovereign.

“You can run away even with this… you’re somewhat remarkable.” Mu Chen sighed from within the array when he saw the Firecloud King flee. The Greater Earth Sovereigns here weren’t easy opponents indeed.

With the Fire Shuttle Art, as long as the Firecloud King didn’t encounter any troublesome opponents, he would be able to come and go as he wished.

“Brat, I will remember this. The grudge for my arm isn’t over yet!” The Fireclud King roared towards Mu Chen.

However, he saw Mu Chen suddenly leave the Spiritual Array and he shot towards the Firecloud King.

The Firecloud King was stunned, since he never expected Mu Chen to leave the Spiritual Array. One must know that with the Spiritual Array, Mu Chen could force him into this pathetic state. But without the Spiritual Array, then Mu Chen was merely a Lesser Earth Sovereign in his eyes!

“Wait, this brat is cunning. There must be a reason why he isn’t afraid!” The Firecloud King soon recovered and he started to suspect. After he suffered losses, he became more cautious. He didn’t want to fall into Mu Chen’s trap again. Gritting his teeth, he immediately fled and ignored Mu Chen, who had left the Spiritual Array to chase after him.

“He became smart? But you won’t be able to escape, either way.” Seeing the Firecloud King fleeing, Mu Chen knitted his brows before a peculiar smile rose on the corner of his lips and he clenched his fist in the direction of the Firecloud King.

Seeing Mu Chen’s gesture, the Firecloud King was immediately startled, so he executed the Fire Shuttle Art without any hesitation.

“Seal!” A deep voice suddenly resounded from Mu Chen.

When his voice landed, a crystallised lustre flickered on the Firecloud King’s wound and the flames that were rising on his body oddly disappeared.

The sudden event caused the Firecloud King to be stunned and shock started to appear on his face. That’s because, at this moment, he could sense that there’s a crystallised Spiritual Energy invading his body and it had sealed the Spiritual Energy within his body.

“Damn it, when did his Spiritual Energy invade my body?” The Firecloud King exclaimed in disbelief. He had previously held his guard up against this unusual ability, but he never expected to fall for it in the end.

He immediately put his perception into his wound, and his eyes narrowed. It turned out that the rainbow dragon contained Mu Chen’s crystallised Spiritual Energy, and that energy had invaded his body when his arm was torn off.

“Understand now?” A burst of laughter resounded before Mu Chen appeared before the Firecloud King.

The Firecloud King’s face changed. He immediately tried to resist the crystallised Spiritual Energy with his own Spiritual Energy. However, he discovered that although the crystallised Spiritual Energy had the ability of sealing, it’s without a source and so, it could only seal him for less than ten breaths.

However, a slender hand gently fell onto his shoulder when he swiftly tried to dispel the crystallised Spiritual Energy in his body. After that, a tidal wave of crystallised Spiritual Energy surged into his body.

In that instant, the face of the Firecloud King turned pale when Mu Chen’s other hand stretched out.

The Firecloud King struggled before taking out two Battle Seals. With his Spiritual Energy sealed, if Mu Chen wanted to make a harsh move, then it would definitely cause irreversible damage to him.

Receiving the two Battle Seals, Mu Chen nodded his head in satisfaction, then he stretched his hand out and patted the Firecloud King’s body before a flash flew out and turned into a fiery cloud in Mu Chen’s hand.

The Firecloud King immediately felt his heart being torn apart. Despite being a Low Rank Saint Artifact, it had an extraordinary defensive ability and helped him countless times.

Gritting his teeth, the Firecloud King looked at Mu Chen. “Are you satisfied now?”

Seeing the hateful glare, Mu Chen wasn’t bothered and smiled. “Your Fire Shuttle Art seems a little profound…”

After Mu Chen’s voice, the Firecloud King’s enraged roar resounded, “You demon!”

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