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Chapter 1241 - Fiery-Robed Man

In the vast dusk between the heavens and earth, a fiery silhouette flew across the sky. It was a man dressed in a long fiery robe with scarlet flames sizzling on his body. This was due to the unique nature of his vigorous fire attributed Spiritual Energy. It was akin to clothes that were made of flame that protected him.

At the same time, he swept his sharp gaze around like a hunting hawk. He’s currently searching for his prey. The moment he encountered someone weaker, he would immediately tangle up with that person and seize their Battle Seal.

However, the status between prey and hunter could always change, so he had to be extremely cautious and flee the moment he sensed danger.

With a unique escaping Divine Ability, he was confident that there weren’t many amongst those of the same cultivation that could catch him.

Furthermore, if his opponents chased after him, he could make use of situation to exhaust his opponent and gain the advantage in the battle.

Before this, he had been using the tactic of fleeing while the enemy chased him, and chased after the enemy when they were fleeing to successfully obtain one Battle Seal.

He had a total of two Battle Seals and they were slowly revolving above his palm. He faintly smiled. He knew that it was impossible for him to obtain the first ranking in this place where countless powerhouses have gathered. Therefore, the Seed of the Continent position wasn’t his objective, but to obtain some Battle Seals and exchange them for something from the Battle Emperor’s Treasury.

He could withdraw from the battle once he obtained the treasure that he wanted. As for the quota, the other fellows could fight for it…

“Mhm?” His expression suddenly changed when he looked at the distant mountain range with his eyes narrowed. He could sense a faint Spiritual Energy fluctuation quietly retreating at this moment.

The owner of the Spiritual Energy was clearly trying his best to conceal his Spiritual Energy, but the fiery-robed man still sensed that person.

Flames gathered in his eyes and his vision instantly zoomed in to see a silhouette in the depths of the mountain range.

“A Lesser Earth Sovereign Sovereign?” When the fiery-robed man saw that youthful silhouette, he was briefly stunned before a smile rose on his lips. “Is that Mu Chen?”

In this Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, there was only one Lesser Earth Sovereign here, Mu Chen.

When the fiery-robed man sensed Mu Chen’s existence, the latter also had sensed him, so he started to flee. Mu Chen turned into a beam of light and was constantly shifting across the mountain range in an attempt to escape.

“Heh, how can you leave when you sent yourself to me?” The fiery-robed man grinned before he stomped his foot. Flames burst from his body and he disappeared. He then reappeared above the mountain range and sent a palm down.

He was a cautious person. He had heard of the battle between Mu Chen and Xiong Ba. Thus, he knew that it’s best that his Spiritual Energy didn’t come in contact with Mu Chen.

Thus, he had no intention of approaching Mu Chen in this fight and opted for a long distance bombardment of Spiritual Energy.

The massive palm of blazing Spiritual Energy enveloped the forest in the mountain range with a high temperature. However, Mu Chen’s silhouette had managed to escape the range at the crucial moment, but the blazing shock wave still made him look pathetic.

However, Mu Chen couldn’t be bothered about his current state and continued to run.

“Trying to run?” The fiery-robed man chuckled, but he did not immediately give chase. His gaze first swept around the mountain range and after discovering that there’s no other Spiritual Energy around here, he turned into a beam of fire and chased after him.

In this battle, none of the Greater Earth Sovereigns were easy opponents, so trying to obtain a Battle Seal from them was extremely difficult. Thus, a Lesser Earth Sovereign was much easier in comparison.

But even so, he had to be cautious so that he wouldn’t encounter any sudden surprises…

Holding this thought, the fiery-robed man kept a distance while pursuing and occasionally sent destructive attacks to exhaust Mu Chen.

Thus, the mountain range was covered in flames with a silhouette fleeing by the front…

West Heaven Battle City, the Plaza

The spectators all looked at the screen above the plaza with all sorts of scenes; each of them was an intense battle that reflected the situation in the three battlegrounds.

The moment a battle occured in any of the battlefields, it would be immediately projected for everyone to watch.

“Ling Zhanzi is so formidable… he already defeated three Greater Earth Sovereigns so quickly!”

“Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi aren’t inferior either, they each defeated two Greater Earth Sovereign…”

“Tsk tsk, Luo Li is practically invincible in the Lower Earth Sovereign Battlefield…”

“That Ling Feizi’s achievement is also shocking…”


As the spectators watched, there would occasionally be cheers and exclamations that echoed out.

Luo Tianshen was also watching amongst the crowd with a gratified expression. He was watching Luo Li charge her way through the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield.

Although Luo Li had just entered the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm, she obtained Luo Shen’s inheritance with an extremely sturdy foundation. Furthermore, she also had lots of means that even Luo Tianshen didn’t know about. Evidently, they should be from the Luo Shen inheritance that she received.

“Luo Li still hasn’t used her Luo Shen Celestial Body. If she uses it, there won’t be many that can pose a threat to her in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield.” Luo Tianshen gently stroked his beard as he looked at another screen with his brows slightly knitting.

He hadn’t seen Mu Chen’s silhouette, and that meant that Mu Chen still hadn’t engaged in any battles. Thus, his efficiency was lower than Ling Zhanzi and the rest.

However, Luo Tianshen also knew that with Mu Chen’s cultivation in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm, it’s extremely tough for him to face a Greater Earth Sovereign. Thus, he could only pray that Mu Chen would have it smooth.

“Haha, isn’t that the Mu Chen?”

“Why is he being chased to this state… it looks like the Greater Earth Sovereign is a little too forceful for him.”

“Let him be arrogant and dare to underestimate my West Heaven Continent. Hmph, he’ll know the real power of a Greater Earth Sovereign when you truly fight with one…”

The sudden voices attracted Luo Tianshen’s attention, so he immediately looked at one screen. He saw crimson flames lighting the mountain range and a silhouette was fleeing. That was Mu Chen!

The surroundings also saw that scene and they burst into laughter. They had previously heard how extraordinary Mu Chen was, but looking at him now, he seemed to have revealed his true self.

Luo Tianshen narrowed his eyes at this scene, but he wasn’t worried, since he understood Mu Chen’s methods. With his strength, Mu Chen would definitely not be in such a pathetic state due to a Greater Earth Sovereign…

That meant… that he had another reason for doing this.

Pretending to be weak and luring his enemy.

Under the palm of flames, one mountain was reduced to ashes and the fiery-robed man was looking at the other party. Despite looking pathetic, Mu Chen could still run. The fiery-robed man knitted his brows and felt a little impatient.

“I can’t drag this battle any longer. It’ll attract attention if I drag it any further.” The fiery-robed man’s gaze was solemn as he looked at Mu Chen, who fled towards another mountain range. He no longer hesitated and waved his sleeve. A cloud of flames shot out and turned into a barrier that enveloped the mountain range that Mu Chen was in.

After the entire mountain range was sealed, the fiery-robed man turned into a streak of light and flew out before he appeared above this mountain range and looked at the youthful silhouette.

“Not running anymore?” The fiery-robed man ridiculed with a cold gaze.

Mu Chen stretched his waist while facing the mockery and he raised his head with a smile hanging on his face. “You’re really cautious, I even had to run so far just to dispel your cautiousness…”

Hearing Mu Chen’s words, the fiery-robed man instantly narrowed his pupils and flames spontaneously burst from his feet without any hesitation. He immediately executed the Fire Shuttling Art to escape.

Regardless of whether Mu Chen’s words were real or not, he’d rather be cautious. Even if Mu Chen bluffed him, he could chase after Mu Chen again at most.

But facing the reaction of the fiery-robed man, Mu Chen faintly smiled before he stretched his hand out with an echoing snap.

The instant that snap resounded, the entire mountain range started to tremble with a pillar of Spiritual Energy soaring into the sky and formed into a massive Spiritual Array that instantly enveloped this area.

The Spiritual Array took form with nine dragons of Spiritual Energy within it. They had fixated their ferocious gazes on the fiery-robed man.

Looking at the unsightly expression on the fiery-robed man, Mu Chen smiled. “This is the perfected state of Nine Dragon God-Killing Array, please have a sample, Milord.”

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