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Chapter 1240 - Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation

When he passed through the vortex, Mu Chen opened his eyes and he saw that everything was dyed in yellow from the dusk. This was a massive desolate land.

“This is the battlefield?” Mu Chen looked at the endless dusk and fell into thoughts.

Evidently, this must be a small space that the Battle Emperor had established with all the Greater Earth Sovereigns in here, since an intense battle was swiftly brewing.

It’s a battle that no one could be exempted from.

However, Mu Chen wasn’t nervous. He briefly pondered before immediately leaving and clenched his hand. The Battle Seal appeared in his hand.

This Battle Seal was vital to everyone that’s participating the Seed of the Continent contest since when one who loses their Battle Seal, it would mean their failure and they’d be removed from this space.

Furthermore, the Battle Seal was linked to the Battle Emperor’s Treasury, a treasury of a Heavenly Sovereign. So any treasure in it was undoubtedly priceless.

Mu Chen held onto the Battle Seal and infused his Spiritual Energy with it before a screen shot out from the Battle Seal, listing all sorts of treasures. They weren’t real images, but he could still feel the treasure aura being emanated from it.

“Greater Divine Ability - Starlure Art… 10 Battle Seals.”

“Low Rank Saint Artifact - Hundred Dragon Staff… 4 Battle Seals.”

“Middle Rank Saint Artifact - Myriad Mound Spirit Token… 13 Battle Seals.”

“79th of the 99th Ranking of Sovereign Celestial Bodies - Spiritual Saint Celestial Body… 9Battle Seals.”


Looking at the list of treasures, Mu Chen’s throat trembled with his eyes drooling. This battle Emperor’s Treasury was the genuine collection of a Heavenly Sovereign; every single treasure on it was priceless in the Great Thousand World.

And today, the Battle Emperor was actually releasing them as benefits and others could only sigh at his massive fortune.

“The Myriad Mount Spirit Token, that’s a Middle Rank Saint Artifact…” Mu Chen stared at the treasure and nearly drooled. One must know that the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid in Mandala’s hand was also in the Middle Rank Saint Artifact and he only had the Wind God’s Fan and the Ocean-Whelming Seal, two Low Rank Saint Artifacts.

“But the requirement to exchange them is 13 Battle Seals… that means the Battle Seals from thirteen different Greater Earth Sovereigns.” Although he was tempted by them, Mu Chen helplessly sighed at the conditions, since it wasn’t easy to accomplish that feat.

“It’s too expensive…” Mu Chen skimmed through the list for half a day before sighing. There were many treasures that he’s tempted by, but the conditions were too high.

According to normal circumstances, a normal Greater Earth Sovereign with some capability and luck should be able to obtain six to seven Battle Seals, and they’re not even enough for a Middle Rank Saint Artifact…

Furthermore, if it went as he expected, changing the treasures would mean that he might lose the opportunity to obtain the first ranking.

After all, the Seed of the Continent’s title would belong to the one that had the most Battle Seals…

After all, anyone with the ambition to obtain the title wouldn’t be willing to exchange treasures from the treasury, even if they were tempted by it.

That meant that the Battle Emperor’s Treasury was similar to a consolation prize for those that were incapable of competing.

“So there isn’t any bargain?” Mu Chen’s flung his lips aside as he scrolled through the screen and shook his head.

Just when he was about to close it, he suddenly saw an item, and his hand paused.

“Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation…” Mu Chen’s gaze was fixated on a rare Battle Formation, and the number of people that it’s valid with was only three people.

This was a bizarre thing since Battle Formations belonged to a Battle Formation Master, and the troops that they controlled were at least in the thousands to tens of thousands. Those outstanding ones would even be calculated in the hundred thousands or millions.

So what was this three-person Battle Formation all about?

Astonishment flashed in his eyes before he gently tapped on it, and instantly, a massive amount of information flowed into his mind with a peculiar light on his face as he accepted the information.

So it turned out that this Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation was created by a Battle Formation Master of the ancient times with five million battle runes. This existence could be considered as outstanding, even amongst the Greater Earth Sovereigns.

However, this Battle Formation Master was weird. His troops weren’t numbered in the thousands or tens of thousands, but only… a measly two.

Accurately speaking, the other two of his triplets brothers were Greater Earth Sovereigns.

Generally speaking, it’s impossible for a Million Rune Battle Formation Master and two Greater Earth Sovereigns to be the source of Battle Will, since they’re too powerful. Their Battle Wills were filled with their self-conscious, so if a Million Rune Battle Formation Master tried to control it, he or she would suffer the counterattack of the Battle Will.

But it was different for that Battle Formation Master because they’re triplets, so their hearts were linked together, and they could accept each other’s Battle Wills coming together. Thus, the two brothers were comparable to millions or even tens of millions of elite troops.

Through this bizarre connection and the profundity of the Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation, this Million Rune Battle Formation Master challenged a Perfected Earth Sovereign and even killed him!

Generally speaking, even if three Greater Earth Sovereigns joined forces together, it’s impossible for them to confront a Perfected Earth Sovereign. However, this Million Rune Battle Formation Master actually killed a Perfected Earth Sovereign with his two brothers and the Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation, causing a great shock to many people.

“I never expected there to be such a bizarre thing in the world.” Mu Chen’s face flashed with shock from the information, since this was the first time that he had heard that two Greater Earth Sovereigns could be used as troops by a Million Rune Battle Formation Master.

But it was definitely impossible for others to duplicate, since they’re triplet brothers with hearts linked together to allow their mighty Battle Will combine and not counterattack.

Naturally, the reason why they could kill a Perfected Earth Sovereign must also be the work of the Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation.

This profound Battle Formation truly did join them together and amplified their powers, allowing them to achieve that sort of dazzling achievement.

However, something that others couldn’t achieve didn’t mean that Mu Chen couldn’t achieve it…

Mu Chen looked at the Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation with blazing eyes. He didn’t have two other triplet brothers, but he got the Three Pures!

The other two were his clones, so the link between them was even stronger than the triplet brothers. Thus, speaking from a certain degree, the compatibility he had with the Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation would beat even the triplet brothers!

This Battle Formation was practically made for him!

Mu Chen licked his lips with greed flashing in his eyes. Although this was merely his guess for the moment, he still had to obtain the Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation!

With this Battle Formation, the power of his Three Pures would grow even more!

Thus, Mu Chen looked at the price of this Battle Formation, 4 Battle Seals.

Mu Chen felt relieved at this price. Although the Battle Formation was profound, the requirement was too harsh. In this world, there weren’t many triplets and one of them being a Battle Formation Master.

Thus, the price of this Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation was merely comparable to a Low Rank Saint Artifact.

Mu Chen gently tapped on the screen, then he clenched his fist and stored the Battle Seal away. He raised his head to look at the horizon with a smear of a smile.

It looked like he had to obtain the four Battle Seals swiftly or it would be a great loss for him if someone else exchanged for it instead.

“Since that’s the case…” Mu Chen clenched his hands together with a smile and muttered to himself, “It’s time for me to start hunting…”

He gently smiled and no longer hesitated before he waved his hand. He turned into a streak of light and soared into the sky.

Right now, his first objective was to obtain four Battle Seals, regardless of means!

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