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Chapter 1239 - Battle Emperor’s Benefits

The crystal pagoda in his body trembled. Although Mu Chen’s face wasn’t changing, there was a smear of shock that flashed in the depths of his eyes. He never expected that the Flame Emperor would be so powerful, sensing the crystal pagoda in his body with a mere glance.

“Could all the Heavenly Sovereigns sense it?” Mu Chen knitted his brows. This wasn’t a piece of good news for him since it would attract the Ancient Buddha Clan and bring trouble for him.

But he soon overthrew that thought since he could sense that the West Heaven Battle Emperor couldn’t detect the existence of the crystal pagoda within his body.

That also meant that not every Heavenly Sovereign possessed that terrifying ability, aside from those at the level of the Flame Emperor…

However, those at the same level as the Flame Emperor were extremely rare existences in the Great Thousand World, so they weren’t people that he could encounter if he wished.

Thinking about it, Mu Chen felt relieved. The Flame Emperor had been taking care of him, and he shouldn’t expose it, even if he sensed the crystal pagoda within his body.

While these thoughts were circulating in Mu Chen’s mind, the Flame Emperor also retracted his gaze with a smear of shock.

“That pagoda… looks like the distinctive object of the Ancient Buddha Clan…” The Flame Emperor fell into thought before he gently smiled and muttered in his heart. Looks like Mu Chen has an interesting background.

Refining the pagoda would require the bloodline of the Ancient Buddha Clan, but there wasn’t anyone from the clan around Mu Chen. Furthermore, it also seemed that Mu Chen was purposely trying to hide the existence of that pagoda, something worth pondering about.

The Flame Emperor smiled and threw this matter to the back of his head. Since Mu Chen was trying to hide it, then there must be a reason for him to do so, and he, the Flame Emperor, naturally wouldn’t go exposing it without Mu Chen’s consent.

“But that pagoda doesn’t seem ordinary…” The Flame Emperor had also met people of the Ancient Buddha Clan in the past, and he rarely saw any pagoda that possessed such a divine aura like Mu Chen’s. Thus, that must mean that the grade of Mu Chen’s pagoda wasn’t ordinary.

“Having such improvements in just a month, pretty good.” The Flame Emperor showed a gratified smile. It looked like his eyesight hadn’t failed him.

“Flame Emperor, what do you think of my West Heaven Continent?” The West Heaven Battle Emperor smiled towards the Flame Emperor.

Looking at the plaza and the crowd, this set up was exceptionally luxurious, so he nodded his head. “The West Heaven Continent is a place with hidden talented individuals.”

The West Heaven Battle Emperor chuckled as he sighed, “But it’s far inferior when compared to the Endless Fire Territory.”

He spoke from the bottom of his heart. The Battle Emperor might be prideful, but he wasn’t an arrogant person. The reputation and power of the Endless Fire Territory in the Great Thousand World wasn’t something that his West Heaven Temple could be compared to.

“The Battle Emperor is too modest.” The Flame Emperor comforted with a smile.

The Battle Emperor did not stay on the topic, but looked at the plaza before looking at Mu Chen and Luo Li’s silhouettes.

He waved his hand and four streaks of light flew over. They respectfully knelt before the Battle Emperor. “We pay our respects to the Temple Ruler!”

The four of them had instantly attracted many people’s attention. If many people felt fearful of Liu Xingchen, Su Mu and Chu Men, then all of them were horrified at this moment.

The four of them were the Four Holy Children of the West Heaven Temple, also the popular choices of winning in the Seed of the Continent battle.

“Those are the three other Holy Children?” Mu Chen’s expression also turned grave as he focused on three of the silhouettes. He vaguely felt a threatening aura coming from them.

“You have to be careful with those three.” Luo Li gently reminded with a grave expression.

Mu Chen nodded his head. They must have extraordinary abilities, since they were the popular choices of winning, something that he could tell from the fearful gazes from the surroundings.

When Mu Chen looked at the three Holy Children, Liu Xingchen, Su Mu and Chu Men also had fearful gazes before they exchanged a glance and they returned to being calm.

“Haha, what does the Flame Emperor think of the four of them?” The West Heaven Battle Emperor glanced at the four of them, then he asked with a smile and his eyes narrowed.

Glancing at the four of them, the Flame Emperor’s gaze briefly stopped on Ling Zhanzi before saying, “Battle Emperor has done a good job teaching them. All four of them are extraordinary.”

The Battle Emperor’s gaze fell onto Mu Chen and asked, “What is the Flame Emperor’s opinion of their chances in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield?”

The Flame Emperor smiled, since he knew the Battle Emperor’s intentions for asking that question and indifferently replied, “They do have a pretty high chance, but there are no absolutes. There can always be an unexpected incident…”

The Battle Emperor’s gaze flashed. How could he not sense the confidence that the Flame Emperor had for Mu Chen? Immediately, he faced the three Holy Children and smiled. “Since the Flame Emperor says that there might be an unexpected incident, pay more attention and don’t fail.”

“Roger!” Ling Zhanzi, Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi’s gazes flashed. They disapproved of the words of the Flame Emperor, but they did not dare to reveal any unhappiness when facing such an existence.

The Battle Emperor nodded his head then looked at the plaza and his indifferent voice resounded. “It's about time. Since that’s the case, then prepare to enter the battlefield.”

He waved his hand. Countless beams of light flew out and fell before everyone.

There was also a light that fell before Mu Chen with an engraving of a mighty army that emanated a unique fluctuation.

“Everyone will have a Battle Seal. These are your qualifications. If anyone’s Battle Seal is seized, then they will be deemed as failures and will be sent out of the battlefield.”

“In the end, the one with the most Battle Seals will be my West Heaven Continent’s Seed.”

The Battle Emperor looked at everyone, “Furthermore, to boost everyone’s fighting intent, I will give you guys some benefits. After entering the battlefield, you can pour your Spiritual Energy into the Battle Seal to check the Battle Emperor’s Treasury. All of the things in there, Saint Artifacts, Divine Abilities or even Spiritual Arrays are all for you to choose from.”

His words instantly caused greed to beam in the eyes of many.

The Battle Emperor’s Treasury, there must be unimaginable treasures in there. Any of it would make this trip to the battlefield worth it.

“If you want to obtain the treasures, then you have to obtain the only currency in the battlefield, the Battle Seals… Therefore, if anyone wants the treasures, do your best to seize the Battle Seals of others.”

“Furthermore, it can also act as a radar. The location of anyone that has more than 200 Battle Seals will appear on your Battle Seal…” As he spoke, a teasing light flashed on the Battle Emperor’s face since this would spark more competition and make the battle more interesting.

Everyone was practically beaming with greed and they looked at others with unkind gazes.

“This West Heaven Battle Emperor wishes for the whole world to be in chaos.” Mu Chen helplessly sighed. The Heavenly Sovereigns were truly aloof figures. An order from them could cause other powerhouses to fall into chaos.

However… the Battle Emperor’s Treasury… it was honestly a little tempting.

After throwing such a lure out, the atmosphere immediately boiled before the Battle Emperor waved his hand. The sky violently distorted and three vortices appeared.

“Perfected Earth Sovereigns, enter.” When the Battle Emperor’s voice landed, eight powerful Spiritual Energies burst out and the eight beams of light shot into the vortex.

“There’s actually only eight competitors in the Perfected Earth Sovereign Battlefield…” Everyone looked at this scene with envy. One must know that there were over 200 people in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, with an even higher number in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield.

But there was nothing they could do, since Perfected Earth Sovereigns were small numbered even in the West Heaven Temple.

“Greater Earth Sovereigns…” After the Perfected Earth Sovereign Battlefield started, a few hundred beams also flew up and entered the vortex.

“I’ll make a move first.” Mu Chen gave a smile towards Luo Li.

“Go for it, be careful.” Luo Li nodded and showed a charming smile towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen nodded and his silhouette turned into a beam of light, following everyone into the vortex.

When the Greater Earth Sovereigns entered the Battlefield, the Lesser Earth Sovereigns also entered the last vortex.

After everyone disappeared into the three vortices, the entire plaza boiled and many people had raised their heads in expectation.

Luo Tianshen was amongst the crowd. He looked at the disappeared vortices before taking a deep breath with expectation flashing on his ageing face.

The Seed of the Continent contest had finally started.

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