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Chapter 1238 - The Battle Arriving

Over the next few days, the atmosphere in the West Heaven Battle City was boiling, since the battle might come at any time. Thus, the entire city boiled in anticipation. A lot of news was also spread around, especially those popular picks that became the focus of attention in the entire city.

But under this atmosphere, there were also those without any great reputation in the past who started to show themselves. They had been concealing themselves for this Seed of the Continent competition, with the intention to soar into the sky in one feat.

It was also under this atmosphere that Mu Chen and Xiong Ba’s conflict had also spread out, swiftly attracting much attention.

It was also because of this, that Mu Chen’s total bet amount had soared up to 100,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid… however, 80,000,000 drops of that Sovereign Spiritual Liquid came from his own pocket.

Regardless of anything, the battle with Xiong Ba had achieved a decent intimidating effect. At least no one dared to provoke him in his face, but most of it was also due to Mu Chen’s price of 80,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid… It was a price that not even those rich Greater Earth Sovereigns could easily fork out. More importantly, they also weren’t confident that they could achieve the effect they wanted after paying the price.

After all, Xiong Ba was an example that was set before them. Mu Chen’s fist was too peculiar and Xiong Ba also no longer had the face to stay in the city. Thus, many people were unsure of the secret behind Mu Chen’s fist that could make even a Greater Earth Sovereign suffer.

Naturally, people feared the unknown.

Thus, no one dared to look for Mu Chen, granting the latter peace for the next few days.

Several days passed in the blink of an eye and the battle for the Seed of the Continent slowly arrived.

When that day came, the West Heaven Battle City was enveloped in the sounds of drums that resounded throughout the heavens and earth. That’s because those drums contained boundless Battle Will that made their fighting intent rise.

When the drums resounded, streaks of light covered the skies. All of the powerhouses there soared into the sky.

Every single fluctuation was powerful and in other places, it could definitely be the focus of attention with all kinds of respect. But today, they’re merely a drop of water in the ocean.

Thus, one could tell how many powerhouses were gathered for this Seed of the Continent battle.

The West Heaven Temple stood in the centre of the city with a plaza made of white jade. At this moment, the surroundings of this plaza were filled with a multitude of people.

There were drums in the plaza that constantly resounded. The drumming that rang throughout the entire city naturally came from them.

At this moment, streaks of light constantly flew over in the sky and the experts descended to the plaza with their hands placed behind their backs. All of them had grave expressions, no longer showing any of the aloof bearing that they usually had.

This place was extremely close to the West Heaven Temple, and the supreme powerhouse in the West Heaven Temple’s aura was vaguely being emanated out. Before a Heavenly Sovereign, how could they dare remain aloof?

Mu Chen and Luo Li also descended, side by side.

When they arrived, many gazes were directed over. However, most of them were focused on Luo Li, who was standing beside Mu Chen.

Luo Li wore a long dress that outlined her voluptuous figure, emanating an elegance air around her. Her silvery long hair had draped down to her waist. Although her face was covered with a veil, her eyes that were revealed glued everyone’s gazes onto her.

“Truly the heir of the Great Thousand World’s Bella…” Many people sighed. Luo Li had gotten completely rid of her tenderness, looking extremely charming at this moment.

Not only did she become the focus of attention, but many people also shifted their gazes and looked at Mu Chen, who was standing beside Luo Li, with annoyance.

“These bastards.” Mu Chen cursed with a smile when he sensed those gazes. However, Luo Li was used to this, so she smiled with her eyes turning into crescent moons towards Mu Chen, causing many people to be stunned by her.

Three screeches suddenly resounded before three silhouettes descended onto the plaza, attracting many gazes over.

Mu Chen had also directed his gaze over. He could sense a trace of danger coming from the three of them.

Mu Chen swept his gaze over and saw a man in black robes. There was a pattern of stars on his robes. He looked to be middle-aged but his hair was white, looking gentle and scholarly.

The second was dressed in an azure robe and had a rusty metal sword behind him. His entire figure emanated a sharp aura that constantly left marks on the ground from his sword intent.

The third person had a robust build and his hair was scattered out. He looked rough as he stood there, emanating an indescribable domineering aura.

Mu Chen looked at the three of them and fell into deep ponder. If he had guessed correctly, then the three of them must be the three famous Greater Earth Sovereigns of the West Heaven Continent that Luo Li had mentioned to him.

Starlight Pavilion - Liu Xingchen.

Wolf Fang Celestial Sword - Su Mu.

The Tyrant Blade - Chu Men.

“They’re truly unextraordinary.” Mu Chen’s gaze flickered. He could sense many of the people’s eyes turning grave upon their appearance, with fear for the three of them.

As for those three men, they maintained composure, since they weren’t like the rest. As more people gathered towards the plaza, a deep drum rang out and everyone raised their heads to see two golden thrones appear on the massive temple. There was a majestic figure wearing golden robes sitting on one of the thrones.

When he appeared, the entire region was enveloped under a shapeless pressure and the noise suddenly turned quiet with respectful gazes focused on that silhouette.

“We pay our respects to the Battle Emperor!” Instantly, respectful voices resounded as everyone cupped their hands and bowed.

That’s because this person was the Ruler of the West Heaven Continent, the West Heaven Battle Emperor!

Facing everyone, the Battle Emperor lightly nodded his head before he looking up and smiled. “It’s truly my pleasure for the Flame Emperor’s arrival in my West Heaven Temple.”

“Since the Battle Emperor has invited me, how can I refuse?” Space distorted and sizzling flames swept out before forming into a slender silhouette in the sky. That figure was blazing with flames and everyone could sense that the pressure coming from the Battle Emperor had started to swiftly disappear.

“That’s the… Flame Emperor of the Endless Fire Territory?!” Many people instantly raised their heads and looked at that silhouette in shock and revere in their eyes. After all, the fame of the Flame Emperor was too brilliant in the Great Thousand world.

Although the West Heaven Battle Emperor was also a supreme powerhouse in the Great Thousand World, he’s still inferior to someone like the Flame Emperor.

Perhaps even the West Heaven Battle Emperor had to agree to this fact.

But such a person was usually hardly seen, and yet he seemed to be here with a Spiritual Clone of his. But the question was, why was he here to watch the Seed of the Continent competition?

Some people looked in the direction of Mu Chen, since it was Mu Chen who invited the Flame Emperor when the Luo God Clan was in danger, causing the West Heaven Battle Emperor to return empty-handed…

Furthermore, it was said that it was even the Flame Emperor that requested the Battle Emperor to grant Mu Chen the qualifications to participate in the Seed of the Continent competition…

It’s clear that the Flame Emperor must be here for Mu Chen.

“That brat has such a background? No wonder he isn’t afraid of the West Heaven Temple…” Many people sighed with envy in their hearts. After all, it’s extremely difficult for anyone to have any connection with the Flame Emperor in the Great Thousand World.

The Flame Emperor’s silhouette descended onto the golden throne beside the Battle Emperor, then he swept his glance over and gave Mu Chen a smile.

Seeing the Flame Emperor’s gaze directed over, Mu Chen had also smiled as he bowed.

“Mhm?” The Flame Emperor’s gaze suddenly flickered when it fell on Mu Chen and a soft exclamation rose within his heart.

When the Flame Emperor exclaimed in his heart, Mu Chen felt the crystal pagoda in his body tremble and he instantly knew what was happening as well, feeling shocked in his heart. “Only a single glance… and he detected the crystal pagoda in my body?”

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