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Chapter 123 – Fighting For Treasures

In the forest, a large number of troops were fleeing away in panic. In the front of the group, Ge Hai, who was completely covered with blood, had an extremely pale expression. The scar on his face twitched and was looked particularly ferocious. As they witnessed the scar, the people nearby immediately felt a chill.

“Big Brother…”

Ge Qing called out cautiously: “Are we going to hand this information to them just like this? If Mu Chen obtains the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia, his strength will increase once more. When that happens…”

Before he finished talking, Ge Hai threw a cold glare at him and made him shut up.

Then, Ge Hai slowly retracted his gaze and looked to the rear coldly. He gnashed his teeth and said: “How could it be easy for him to obtain the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia!”

“Did you believe that I didn’t attempt to obtain the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia because I was afraid of the three beasts?” Ge Hai glanced at Ge Qing and sneered: “Although the three beasts are quite powerful, there are ways to deal with them since they have low intelligence. However, we were not the only one who had targeted the rare worldly treasure, the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia.”

“Others have also discovered it?” Ge Qing was surprised.

“Hmph, those two groups are led by kindhearted individuals. They have always been eyeing on the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia. However, they feared each other so they never attempted to obtain it. If Mu Chen were to head there, he would definitely cause a dispute with them.”

Ge Hai said coldly: “Although the bosses of the two groups were not from the Spiritual Road, their backgrounds aren’t weak. By relying on a variety of resources, their strengths are in no way inferior to mine. Once Mu Chen tries to snatch the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia in front of them, heh, there will be a good show.”

“At that time, we will secretly lurk around there. If there’s an opportunity, we will completely destroy them and seize the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia. With that, I will finally be able to attempt to breakthrough into the Spirit Stage Middle Phase. With that strength, I will be considered as outstanding even within the Northern Heavens World.”

Hearing this, Ge Qing immediately chuckled: “Big Brother sure is wise. That boy truly thought that he had taken advantage of you. Who would have thought that it was all under Big Brother’s calculations?”

Ge Hai also let out a cold smile. However, Mu Chen’s smiling and handsome face flashed through his mind again. He immediately shivered and forcibly suppressed those emotions.

“In addition, you will spread this message out…That the Spiritual Road’s Blood Calamity currently resides in the Northern Heavens World.” Ge Hai gritted his teeth and had a dark expression.

“That guy had made many powerful enemies within the Spiritual Road. There must be quite a few of them throughout this Northern Heavens World. If they were to hear of this information, hehe, Mu Chen would definitely be in trouble.”


In the Ye Clan’s campgrounds, many people were still immersed in the battle earlier. Many individuals would direct gazes filled with awe and curiosity at the boy in the camp as they worked.

Who would have thought that this seemingly gentle boy would actually be this terrifying? He was so powerful that even Ge Hai was completely beaten up by him.

“Brother Mu Chen, you’re so strong.”

Sun’Er did not hide her admiration for Mu Chen and stared at Mu Chen with her twinkling, dark-black eyes. This little girl, she did not know the concept of powerful. She only felt that Mu Chen was quite handsome and cool earlier.

Mu Chen smiled and flicked at Sun’Er’s twintails, who was filled with vitality. At this moment, the Ye Clan were packing up the campground in order to head to the place mentioned previously by Ge Hai.

“Once our people approach that location, the majority of them will stay behind temporarily. We will only bring a few powerful individuals over to that location.” Ye Qingling walked over to Mu Chen as she spoke.

Mu Chen nodded. It was definitely a terrible idea for many of them to approach that location together as they would be easily discovered.

“The Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia is quite rare. Since Ge Hai managed to discover it, it might also mean that others would find it. We must be careful.” Mu Chen replied. Naturally, he was not so naïve to believe that Ge Hai was being completely honest. Therefore, it was best for them to be careful.

Ye Qingling also bobbed her head in agreement.

“However, we also have a secret weapon.” Mu Chen smiled and rubbed Sun’Er’s head. The little girl was also a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master. Moreover, she possessed the Heart Array State. If she were to unleash her full combat abilities, even Ye Qingling would be inferior to her. However, she was overwhelmingly lacking in combat experience and while facing her opponents she could easily panic. If a Spiritual Array Master was to reveal such emotions in battle, his effectiveness would be cut by half.

“This rascal…” Ye Qingling was quite reluctant about this. Although Sun’Er possesses a high talent in Spiritual Arrays and would be quite powerful if she displayed her strengths correctly, it was unfortunate that this rascal was timid and voracious.

Seeing Ye Qingling’s reluctant expression, Sun’Er pouted her lips. Her sister gave her the cold shoulder again.

“After all, she is still quite young. As long as she hones herself, she will be able to be self-responsible eventually.” Mu Chen felt that this was quite normal. After all, Sun’Er was still too young. Moreover, she had always lived in a completely sheltered environment. Thus, as long as she obtained more experience, she would definitely become independent.

“Brother Mu Chen is the best.” Sun’Er hugged Mu Chen’s arm and grinned.

Ye Qingling glared at her for a moment. Then, she turned around and ordered the others to speed up their pace.

After approximately half an hour, the Ye Clan was fully prepared to leave. Ye Qingling waved her hands and the large amount of troops surged out like a flood towards the northwest.

This large wave of men naturally attracted a lot of attention. However, the Ye Clan was quite well-known in this region. When others noticed the Ye Clan, they did not dare to reveal any bad intentions. Thus, aside from a few Spiritual Beasts, which they defeated quickly, their journey was extraordinarily smooth.

They travelled almost the entire distance before they eventually stopped.

There were a few chasms in the forest here. In the front, there were many mountains overlapping each other. A few of these steep mountains pierced into the clouds. Endless roars resounded from the mountains.

“The place that Ge Hai mentioned should be around here.” Ye Qingling looked at the overlapping mountains as she tilted her head to talk with Mu Chen.

“Let’s select a few individuals and prepare to enter the mountain.” Mu Chen nodded slightly. This place was indeed quite hidden. If they did not look for it specifically, it would be difficult for them to detect it.

Ye Qingling turned around and quickly selected twenty-ish people from the Ye Clan. Most of these people were at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Middle Phase. However, they were exceptions such as Wang Sheng, who had reached the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase.

“Mo Ling. You should wait together with them.” Mu Chen informed Mo Ling. The latter also nodded. His strength wasn’t quite prominent in this place. If he were to follow them, he would only be a burden to them.

“Let’s go.”

After noticing that everything was in order, Mu Chen did not delay anymore and immediately waved his hand. He directly charged into the mountain. Then, Ye Qingling brought Sun’Er, Wang Sheng and the others as they followed.

In the mountain, there were many Spiritual Beasts. However, Mu Chen and the others’ goal weren’t the beasts. Thus, they never attacked them and avoided the formidable Spiritual Beasts as they headed straight into the depths of the forest.

They ran for approximately ten minutes before they stopped at a mountain slope. They gazed forward. At that location, there were three mountains intersecting with each other which formed a valley. Many massive trees grew near the borders of the valley and formed a natural cover.

Mu Chen and the others stood at the crest of the mountain slope as they glanced into the valley. They could vaguely feel the presence of three vicious auras. These auras were comparable to a Spirit Stage Initial Phase powerhouse.

“Three Spirit Stage Initial Phase Spiritual Beasts.”

Mu Chen glanced at Ye Qingling and the others. Ye Qingling had a decent expression, while Wang Sheng and the others’ faces changed completely. They never hunted three High Rank Spiritual Beasts at once before.

“We must quickly deal with these three Spiritual Beasts. Otherwise, the large commotion would attract other Spiritual Beasts and humans over.” Mu Chen spoke slowly.

“There’s no way we can rush it. In this place, only Brother Mu and Sister Ye have the ability to fight against High Rank Spiritual Beasts alone.” Wang Sheng smiled wryly.

Mu Chen also smiled and said: “Leave these three Spiritual Beasts to me. It will be fine if you just pay attention to the other people’s movements.”

Hearing these words, even Ye Qingling was stunned as she stared at Mu Chen. Mu Chen actually wanted to fight against 3 Spirit Stage Initial Phase Spiritual Beasts alone? This was much more difficult than fighting against Ge Hai.

“I’m not planning on fighting against them head on.”

Mu Chen smiled slightly as he said: “Didn’t Sun’Er say it before? I am also a Spiritual Array Master…”

Ye Qingling was stunned. Sun’Er had indeed mentioned it before. However, she did not pay much attention about it. Moreover, so what if Mu Chen is a Spiritual Array Master? How could he deal with three High Rank Spiritual Beasts? That would be impossible unless he could arrange a powerful Rank 2 Spiritual Array.

Just when she was surprised, Mu Chen’s fingertips flashed. Then, Ye Qingling and the others were astounded as they noticed numerous Spiritual Seals slowly emerging from the fingertips.

A total of 30 Spiritual Seals!

Ye Qingling’s lips parted. 30 Spiritual Seals? This guy was actually a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master as well?

Mu Chen slowly closed his eyes as his fingertips drew numerous trajectories. Then, the 30 Spiritual Seals quickly charged into the air in front of them and vanished. Afterwards, an amazing Spiritual Energy fluctuation slowly emitted.

Upon seeing this, a hint of wonder flashed through Sun’Er’s petite face. Her dark-black eyes stared at Mu Chen as she muttered: “Brother Mu Chen could actually enter the Heart Array State as well…”

Ye Qingling’s heart trembled again. Heart Array State. Because of Sun’Er, she knew how powerful that state could be to a Spiritual Array Master. She never imagined that Mu Chen was not only a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master, but also someone like Sun’Er, who possessed the Heart Array State.

“As expected from a person who was assessed as a King Class within the Spiritual Road…” Ye Qingling sighed. Even though he was kicked out of the Spiritual Road in the middle, how is it possible for such a person to be ordinary?

Mu Chen did not care about the shock that Ye Qingling and the others faced. His hand seals changed and an golden Spiritual Array slowly expanded out in front of him. As the Spiritual Energy fluctuations came out of the array, it instantly distorted the air around it.  

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