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Chapter 1229 - Ancient Land

On a lone peak behind the Luo God Palace, Mu Chen sat on an azure rock, welcoming the breeze fluttering his clothes.

His eyes were closed and he formed seals with boundless Spiritual Energy whistling over. It was akin to a current and was being absorbed into Mu Chen’s body, as if his body was a bottomless pit.

Once he entered the Earth Sovereign Realm, the amount of Spiritual Energy that Mu Chen could contain became unimaginable. Before the Earth Sovereign Realm, he could only store it in his Sovereign Sea. But after stepping into the Earth Sovereign Realm, his Sovereign Sea had disappeared, integrating into his body. So every single part of his body was akin to a Sovereign Sea. Thus, the capacity that he could contain naturally increased as well.

After cultivating for an hour, the commotion gradually calmed down and Mu Chen slowly opened his eyes.

Sensing the boundless Spiritual Energy flowing within his body, Mu Chen gently breathed out, but his gaze turned even more solemn when he recalled the information that Luo Li had given him.

“Four Holy Children of the West Heaven Temple…” Mu Chen muttered to himself. According to Luo Li, the first three Holy Children have slaughtered Greater Earth Sovereigns in the past, so they weren’t opponents that Mu Chen could underestimate.

He knew the vast difference between defeating and killing Greater Earth Sovereigns. That’s because every Earth Sovereign had a powerful vitality, even if half of their body was destroyed, they could still recover from it.

Killing a Greater Earth Sovereign would mean that one would have to annihilate all of the life force contained within the body, just like how Mu Chen slaughtered that Lesser Earth Sovereign from the Blood God Clan.

But it wasn’t easy to achieve that. Reaching the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, one could run even if they couldn’t beat their enemies, unless the other party had an overwhelming strength.

Since the three Holy Children of the West Heaven Continent could slaughter Greater Earth Sovereigns, that meant that their strength wasn’t in the range of ordinary Greater Earth Sovereigns.

This time, the three Holy Children would definitely be an obstruction in the contest of the Seed of the Continent.

Most important, he had grudges with the West Heaven Battle Emperor. Although the Battle Emperor wouldn’t make a move himself with the Flame Emperor being around, the three Holy Children would definitely make a move against him if they encountered one another on the battlefield.

Therefore, there’s no compromise between Mu Chen and the three Holy Children.

Compared to them, Liu Xingchen, Su Mu and Chu Men were slightly weaker, even though they had a history of defeating those of similar realms.

“The West Heaven Continent is truly a hidden dragon, crouching tiger place.” Mu Chen sighed. Although the West Heaven Continent wasn’t a genuine supercontinent, it’s still stronger than the Greatlaw Continent with the existence of the West Heaven Battle Emperor.

So if he wanted to obtain one of the Seed of the Continent’s quotas, a fierce battle was unavoidable.

It was because of that information that Mu Chen felt a little threatened in his heart. However, his determination hadn't wavered, since this opportunity was something that the Flame Emperor had fought for him. Therefore, he couldn’t give up so easily.

Mu Chen heavily breathed out and his eyes narrowed before both of his hands joined together, with fluctuations rippling out from his body. Instantly, he could sense his two clones in the Heavenly Lake.

Sensing the miraculous link, Mu Chen felt at ease in his heart. Although the three Holy Children were powerful, he’s not a pushover.

And the Three Pures was one of his trump cards for dealing with a Greater Earth Sovereign.

He had never executed the Three Pures since he had cultivated it, but he had a premonition that he wouldn’t be disappointed by it.

Although he had a Peerless Divine Ability as a trump card, Mu Chen did not feel complacent because of it. For security reasons, he needed more means to boost the success rate.

“More means…” Mu Chen pondered for a long time before opening his eyes with a flash of hesitation. That’s because he recalled a technique that he had been neglecting.

The Great Pagoda Art that was left by his mother.

It’s a foundation technique of the Ancient Buddha Clan. It’s incredibly profound and Mu Chen only briefly trained in it in the past. But in the end, he was afraid of revealing his identity, so he had left it aside. Now that he had stepped into the Earth Sovereign Realm, he also possessed some ability to protect himself. Perhaps it’s time for him to start training in it again.

The Ancient Buddha Clan was one of the Ancient Clans of the Great Thousand World with a terrifying foundation. They’re a genuine colossi, so this Great Pagoda Art wouldn’t be simple as well. It was just his strength being too weak, so he couldn’t obtain any insight into the profundities.

But at this moment, Mu Chen believed that his comprehension would be completely different.

At this thought, Mu Chen no longer hesitated and his hands joined together. The chant of the Great Pagoda Art had also started to resonate within his heart and the boundless Spiritual Energy in his body started to course through his meridians through the Great Pagoda Art.

As Mu Chen circulated the Great Pagoda Art, boundless Spiritual Energy burst out from within his body. As Spiritual Energy gathered, a majestic black pagoda slowly formed within his body and he gradually submerged himself within the chant of the Great Pagoda Art.

Mu Chen’s premonition did not fail him. He had stepped into the Earth Sovereign Realm, so the pieces of information that he couldn’t comprehend instantly cleared up. It was as if he had removed the veil of this profound technique and started to comprehend the profundities of it.

Time gradually passed with Mu Chen submerged in comprehension.

Without him knowing, a few days have passed, but he remained unmoving like a boulder.

When Luo Li saw Mu Chen busy within his cultivation, she did not disrupt him and sat beside him for a long time before leaving.

Time slowly passed, and ten days passed in the blink of an eye.

On the tenth day, Mu Chen’s body suddenly trembled. He had been enlightened by the chant of the Great Pagoda Art with an unfamiliar chant echoing in his heart.

“Destroying and guiding with your heart. Drawing the Ancestral Aura so that the Pagoda is genuine.” Mu Chen repeated the chant in his heart before an insight hit him.

“So that’s the case…” Mu Chen muttered. The black pagoda started to crack with beams of light leaking through the cracks.

He was actually destroying the pagoda!

As the cracks continued to cover the pagoda, it finally exploded and a dark light swept out, shining onto every corner of Mu Chen’s body.

“Guiding with your heart…” The chant flowed in his heart. At this moment, Mu Chen’s heart was filled with a dark light and his spiritual form gradually blurred. It was also under this meditating state that a vortex formed from the shattered location of the pagoda.

Looking at the vortex, Mu Chen briefly hesitated before he tossed out the hesitations in his heart and stepped in.

The darkness before him only lasted briefly, and Mu Chen felt a distortion in his sense of time and space. As if in that instant, his spiritual form had been teleported to another location…

The darkness swiftly disappeared, and when Mu Chen opened his eyes, his eyes greatly rippled with a surprised mutter that rang out within his heart.

“Where… is this?” His spiritual form was floating in the air and an ancient land appeared before his eyes, as if it was a mark that was left by time. However, what made Mu Chen’s heart tremble the most wasn’t this ancient land, but the massive pagoda that quietly stood in the centre.

That pagoda was ancient and the marks on the body of the pagoda looked incredibly profound. Furthermore, it seemed to have transcended time and space, existing indefinitely through time.

Mu Chen’s spiritual form focused on the old pagoda, and he could sense an aura that was even stronger than a Heavenly Sovereign coming from it.

“Where… is this place?” Mu Chen’s heart trembled since he had no idea why the passage was formed when he shattered his pagoda.

However, while Mu Chen was looking around this land, a quiet, sitting figure in the black pagoda abruptly opened her eyes.

Her eyes that usually had no ripples flickered with tears at this moment. She raised his head and looked in a direction with gratitude and yearning. “Mu Chen… my child, you’re finally able to enter the Ancestral Land?”

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