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Chapter 1228 - Four Holy Children

The Luo God Clan’s incident gradually calmed down and the information of this event was also spread through the West Heaven Continent within a few days, causing a great tremble.

After all, it was sufficient for them to be shocked that the Flame Emperor and Battle Emperor would appear at the same time.

The Lesser West Heaven Realm was merely a corner of the West Heaven Continent. Although the Four God Clans that resided in that region weren’t weak, they could only be considered as ordinary compared to the entire West Heaven Continent.

However, who could have expected that this small event in the eyes of many would cause the Flame Emperor and Battle Emperor to show up?

It was precisely because of this, the other forces became more interested in this matter and investigated even further.

In the end, all of them were in disbelief after their investigations, since this was all caused by a young Lesser Earth Sovereign.

However, although Mu Chen was merely a Lesser Earth Sovereign, his Mu Abode not only had a few Lesser Earth Sovereigns, it even had a Perfected Earth Sovereign!

A Perfected Earth Sovereign!

Even in the entire West Heaven Continent, Perfected Earth Sovereigns were existences that were only inferior to the West Heaven Battle Emperor. In the West Heaven Continent, they could become tyrants of a powerful force and receive the respect of many. However, such an existence was actually willing to bow down before Mu Chen and join the Mu Abode!

It made everyone in the West Heaven Continent confused, and, at the same time, made Mu Chen look mysterious. After all, there had to be something special with Mu Chen, since he could recruit a Perfected Earth Sovereign.

While everyone was curious about Mu Chen’s identity, the West Heaven Temple released a piece of news that shook the West Heaven Continent even more.

The Battle Emperor personally declared that Mu Chen would participate in this contest for the Seed of the Continent, and he would be participating in the Greater Earth Sovereign’s Battlefield!

The moment that news spread out, the entire continent boiled. Many people who felt unhappy by the fact that Mu Chen interfered in their Seed of the Continent felt even more angered.

As an outsider, not only did Mu Chen participated in it, he even dared to join the Greater Earth Sovereign’s Battlefield with his cultivation as a Lesser Earth Sovereign?

Did Mu Chen really think that he was invincible and was underestimating the Greater Earth Sovereigns of their West Heaven Continent?

Many Greater Earth Sovereigns were furious about this matter. Although Mu Chen had shown extraordinary strength in the Luo God Clan that could be ranked within the top amongst the Lesser Earth Sovereigns, that didn’t mean that he could skip realms and fight with a Greater Earth Sovereign.

Each of the realms in the Earth Sovereign Realm had a great distance. Just like the Northern Region. When Mandala stepped into the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, not only was she able to destroy the Divine Pavilion, she even forced the other peak forces to form an alliance with her. It was all done with her strength.

Thus, one could imagine how powerful the Greater Earth Sovereigns were.

But right now, Mu Chen wanted to interfere in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield of the West Heaven Continent. In the eyes of others, Mu Chen was simply disrespecting the Greater Earth Sovereigns of the West Heaven Continent.

Thus, it resulted in the rage of many Greater Earth Sovereigns, all of them intending to make Mu Chen regret that he came to their West Heaven Continent by using the battlefield.

“Who knows how many Greater Earth Sovereigns have kept you in their minds after this news…” In the Luo God Palace, Luo Li looked at Mu Chen with a worried gaze after knowing this information.

However, Mu Chen wasn’t too bothered by it and smiled. The Holy Children of the Continent were rare, to begin with, so it was unavoidable for people to hate him when he joined in.

But he paid attention to the slight unhappiness in the Battle Emperor when the latter announced this matter. So there would definitely be those that would try to get on the good side of the Battle Emperor and target him.

It was definitely intentional by the West Heaven Battle Emperor. After all, the latter wasn’t in a spot to make a direct move against Mu Chen. However, he only needed to leak his intentions a little, and there would be many people willing to make a move for him.

All in all, this Seed of the Continent’s contest would definitely be challenging.

“That West Heaven Battle Emperor is a little too insincere.” Luo Tianlong couldn’t help speaking out. He was extremely satisfied with Mu Chen through the days of interaction. Furthermore, with Mu Chen’s relationship with Luo Li, he could be considered as one of them. Thus, he naturally stood by Mu Chen’s side.

As he spoke, he took a glance at Mu Chen. “I’m afraid that this might not be possible, why don’t you give up?”

He wasn’t looking down on Mu Chen. If Mu Chen participated in the Lesser Earth Sovereign’s Battlefield, then he naturally felt that Mu Chen could obtain one of the quotas. However, Mu Chen was joining the Greater Earth Sovereign’s Battlefield…

He wasn’t too optimistic about Mu Chen getting the quota from the hands of so many Greater Earth Sovereigns in the West Heaven Continent.

Mu Chen shook his head with a smile. The Flame Emperor fought this opportunity for him, so he couldn’t give it up so easily.

“What a stubborn kid!” Luo Tianlong widened his eyes as he looked at Luo Li. “Why aren’t you persuading him? I’m afraid that all the Greater Earth Sovereigns in the West Heaven Continent want to teach him a lesson.”

Luo Li pursed her lips with a smile and a jade strip appeared in her hand. She then passed it to Mu Chen. “This is pieces of information of all the Greater Earth Sovereigns in the West Heaven Continent. If you really want to participate, then you need the information, at the very least.”

Mu Chen rejoiced. Although he wasn’t afraid of the Greater Earth Sovereigns, he wasn’t overly confident. So these pieces of information were essential to him.

Luo Tianlong snorted in anger when he saw that not only did Luo Li not persuade Mu Chen, she even gathered information for him.

Luo Tianshen smiled and shook his head. “Let the young ones deal with their matters.”

He was somewhat optimistic, since he knew that Mu Chen wasn’t a reckless person. Since Mu Chen had decided to participate in the Greater Earth Sovereign’s Battlefield, then he must have some confidence.

Although even he felt that it’s unbelievable, since it’s too hard for a Lesser Earth Sovereign to confront a Greater Earth Sovereign, he still believed in Mu Chen due to the previous events.

Luo Li chuckled towards Mu Chen and her beauty shook his heart. His eyes were fixated on her, which caused Luo Li to bashfully glare at him before she said, “There are many Greater Earth Sovereigns that swore their allegiance to the West Heaven Temple. But there are three amongst them that you should watch out for.”

“Oh?” Speaking of official matters, Mu Chen composed himself as he gravely replied, “Which three?”

“Starlight Pavilion’s Pavilion Master - Liu Xingchen, the Wolf Fang Celestial Sword - Su Mu, the Tyrant Blade, Chu Men.”

Hearing those three names, even Luo Tianshen’s face turned serious and he nodded his head. “Those three are extremely famous in the West Heaven Continent with one similarity, they defeated many of those in their cultivation.”

“Although I have recovered, I’m afraid that I can only protect myself when facing the three of them. So they are popular figures in this Greater Earth Sovereign’s Battlefield.”

“Liu Xingchen… Su Mu, Chu Men…” Mu Chen muttered as his gaze turned stern. Since even Luo Tianshen admitted the strength of those three, then those three must truly be that capable.

“However, they aren’t the seeds, despite being popular choices.” Luo Li’s words suddenly rang out, causing Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed. The three of them are already so powerful, and they aren’t considered as seeds?

Luo Tianshen sighed, “Although the three of them are powerful, they’re still weaker than that fellow blessed by the heavens.”

“Blessed by the heavens?” Mu Chen was stunned as he caught onto the keywords.

Luo Li nodded her head, “There are four Holy Children in the West Heaven Temple. The First Holy Child - Ling Zhanzi, Second Holy Child - Ling Jianzi, Third Holy Child - Ling Longzi and the Fourth Holy Child - Ling Feizi.”

“The first three Holy Children will participate in the Greater Earth Sovereign’s Battlefield this time, and they’re greatly nurtured by the West Heaven Temple for this Seed of the Continent!”

“The three of them are extremely famous in the West Heaven Continent, all of them having a similarity…” Luo Li’s pupils uncontrollably trembled and her face slightly changed.

Sensing Luo Li’s changes, Mu Chen narrowed his eyes and asked, “What similarity?”

Luo Li and Luo Tianshen exchanged a look before she said, “They have all killed a Greater Earth Sovereign before…”

“Killed a Greater Earth Sovereign?!” Even Mu Chen couldn’t help but be shocked by the news and his face completely turned grave. At this moment, he finally understood how challenging it was for him to become the Seed of the Continent…

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