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Chapter 1227 - Luo Li's means

Along with the departure of the Battle Emperor, the dark clouds over the Luo God Clan disappeared. At this moment, everyone knew that the disaster that took place in the Luo God Clan had completely disappeared.

Thus, while everyone was cheering, Xue Lingzi led the experts of the Blood God Clan and fled from Luo God City.

After they flew some distance away, they started to slow down and exchanged looks. All of them appeared to have low morale.

All the powerhouse of the Blood God Clan had gone out intending to destroy the Luo God Clan. However, they never thought that the desperate straits of the Luo God Clan would be flipped around.

“It’s all that brat called Mu Chen, that bastard!” The experts of the Blood God Clan felt indignant. If it wasn't for Mu Chen’s appearance, then their Blood God Clan would become the greatest winner today.

But now, not to even speak about winning, the Blood God Clan even suffered losses. And if they didn’t quickly flee, they might even have a greater loss.

Xue Lingzi’s face was dark as he clenched his teeth. His heart was filled with hatred for Mu Chen. He knew that it was because of Mu Chen, that they lost the opportunity to destroy the Luo God Clan, they might never appear in the future ever again.

Even Luo Tianshen, who was suffering from the Demonic Blood Poison, had completely recovered with the help of the Flame Emperor. He only needed to briefly rest, and his strength would fully recover.

Furthermore, it was Luo Li and Mu Chen’s existences that made them feel uneasy.

Luo Li obtained the inheritance of Luo Shen and cultivated the Luo Shen Celestial Body. Her talent and potential made them feel fearful, and with Luo Li’s existence, the Luo God Clan would genuinely unite. In the future, the Luo God Clan would be as hard as a steel plate, and there wouldn’t be any more opportunities for them in the future.

Not to mention there’s also Mu Chen, who was even more terrifying than Luo Li…

Not only was Mu Chen’s strength horrifying, he even owned a Mu Abode, which was more powerful than the Blood God Clan, and powerful connections that could even invite the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor.

With his help, there wouldn’t be anyone in the Lesser West Heaven Realm that would dare to provoke the Luo God Clan.

Xue Lingzi’s gaze flickered with cold and reluctance as he looked in the direction of the Luo God Clan. “Let that brat be complacent for now. When he enters the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, I will definitely make him regret interfering in today’s matters!”

“Let’s go!” Xue Lingzi waved his hand and lead his defeated army away…

When the Blood God Clan fled, the other preying forces had also left, dispelling all their previous intentions.

Those that didn’t have a good relationship with the Luo God Clan even stood up and congratulated Luo Tianshen, frantically showing their goodwill.

After seeing this situation today, everyone could tell that the Luo God Clan would rise in the future, and they might even become one of the heavyweights in the West Heaven Continent.

After Mu Chen and Luo Li exchanged their affection in the sky, they descended towards the branch of the Luo God Clan’s royal family.

Seeing Luo Li’s arrival, the branch family instantly had defeated expressions as they kneeled. Even the three Lesser Earth Sovereigns had pale expressions as they trembled.

They knew that their investment had wholly failed this time.

“You guys colluded with the Blood God Clan to harm my Luo God Clan. What other words do you have?” Luo Li’s expression was cold as she looked at the three Lesser Earth Sovereigns.

The three Lesser Earth Sovereigns showed despair as they replied with hoarse voices, “We were foolish and got tempted by the Blood God Clan. We’re willing to accept punishment, and we hope for the branch family to be spared.”

They knew that they deserved death, and if Luo Li wanted to lay out the punishment, no one would support them. It was so much so that the branch family that stood behind them were hating them in their hearts right now.

Luo Li faced the three of them without any emotion before the Luo God Sword flickered with a cold light. Then she pointed it at the three of them, causing the three of them to despair even further.

But before the sword claimed their life, they suddenly saw Luo Li wave her hand and three pellets fell into their hands.

“You guys deserve death, but your cultivation is due to the resources of my Luo God Clan. If you guys die here, won’t those resources of my Luo God Clan be wasted?”

“Although your death sentence is pardoned, you still have to be punished. Take the Luo River Poison and repay with your contributions. Are the three of you willing?” 

Luo Li’s cold voice caused the three Lesser Earth Sovereigns to be stunned before they immediately kneeled and swallowed the pellets and howled, “We thank Empress Luo for your forgiveness, we are naturally willing!”

They knew how potent the Luo River Poison was. They could only receive the antidote on an  annual basis from Luo Li, or the Luo River would destroy their bodies.

But to live, they’re willing to heed Luo Li’s orders, they were definitely willing. After all, staying alive was better than dying.

Luo Li coldly swept her glance at the three of them. Those three deserved death, but she managed to suppress the rage in her heart. Although the Luo God Clan had escaped the disaster, it’s still weak in terms of top-tiered powerhouses. So if they killed the three of them, then only Luo Tianshen, Luo Tianlong and her would be the only Earth Sovereigns in the clan. Thus, she couldn’t afford to kill them for long term benefits.

However, she also cannot pardon them since there must be rules, or it would be unfavourable to the Luo God Clan’s development.

Luo Li then looked at the branch family. Although the masterminds of this matter were the three Lesser Earth Sovereigns, it was also their attitudes that represented the branch family.

“As for the royal family’s branch, they will all be demoted from hereon to being the king family. But if there are great contributions in the future, they can return to the royal family!” Hearing Luo Li’s words, the branch family had their faces turn pale. Being demoted to a king family, it would be equivalent to removing their status as a royal family. It’s definitely a fatal blow to them.

But they couldn’t refute Luo Li’s words and only acknowledge it. However, there were many gazes with grudges directed at the three Lesser Earth Sovereigns.

They didn’t dare to direct their hatred at Luo Li, so they could only direct it at the three geezers for colluding with the Blood God Clan and dragging the entire branch family along with them.

Sensing those hated gazes, the three Lesser Earth Sovereigns had bitter expressions. They knew that Luo Li did this so that the three of them would lose the loyalty of the branch family. In the future, they could only heed Luo Li’s orders, obediently.

Luo Tianshen did not interfere with Luo Li’s decision and smiled in satisfaction; he was satisfied with Luo Li’s way of handling things.

“Tsk, tsk. Your lover is more powerful than you, the Mu Abode’s Ruler.” Mandala teased as she praised how Luo Li managed to subdue the branch family and even obtained three Lesser Earth Sovereign subordinates. Furthermore, she even pulled those three away from the branch family, making those three Lesser Earth Sovereigns lose their support.

Mu Chen awkwardly rubbed his nose since he wasn’t competent in these matters. Compared to Luo Li, he was genuinely inferior.

“Hehe, Abode Ruler is already excellent. This is called ruling without any worries.” Liu Tiandao and the rest quickly rushed over to help Mu Chen. Actually, they were shocked by Luo Li’s methods, and if she became the mistress of their Mu Abode, then as subordinates, they would definitely suffer.

As a subordinate, it’s terrifying to meet a master that had means.

Mandala glanced at them and chuckled. She naturally knew what they were thinking.

“Since this matter is done, I’ll take them back to the Greatlaw Continent two days from now. After all, the Mu Abode has just been established, so I’m afraid that it’s impossible for the Myriad Saint Ancestor to deal with it by himself.” Mandala looked at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen nodded his head. Although he wasn’t good at managing, the Mu Abode had just been established. So it naturally required Mandala and the rest to return. After all, the Greatlaw Continent’s situation was more dangerous than the Luo God Clan since a supreme force didn't unite it. So the slightest mistake could cause a top-tiered force to be destroyed, just like the Saint Demonic Palace.

“Thanks for this.” Mu Chen smiled.

Mandala rolled her eyes. “You’re the Abode’s Ruler, and we’re all your subordinates. It’s natural for us to listen to you.”

She briefly paused before continuing, “But you have to be cautious during the Seed of the Continent’s contest…”

She knew that Mu Chen still had trump cards that he had yet to reveal. He’s not participating in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield, but the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield.

It was a place where Greater Earth Sovereigns gathered, and it wouldn’t be easy for him to stand out amongst them to obtain the title, Seed of the Continent.

“I have no idea why the Flame Emperor wants to get you that qualification…” Mandala looked at the Flame Emperor, who was chatting with Luo Tianshen, and complained.

Mu Chen smiled and shook his head. He had no complaints about the Flame Emperor’s arrangement. On the contrary, he was filled with gratefulness since he knew that the Flame Emperor wanted him to improve himself through battles.

It was akin to polishing a gem. Although he was now beside Luo Li, it’s not the reason for him to stop working hard. Because… his mother was still held in the Ancient Buddha Clan.

He had to grow stronger if he wanted to save his mother, so his current strength was far from sufficient…

Therefore, he had to go to the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield and obtain the Seed of the Continent title!

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