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Chapter 1226 - Emperor Mu

Hearing the Battle Emperor’s words, the Flame Emperor slightly smiled. “Since that’s the case, then I’ll have to thank the Battle Emperor.”

The Battle Emperor waved his hand and threw out an invitation. “The contest for the Seed of the Continent will begin next month. I welcome the Flame Emperor to come to my West Heaven Temple to watch.”

The Flame Emperor smiled and nodded his head. “I will definitely come.”

“Since that’s the case, then I will be waiting for that day to come. I’ll take my leave, first.” The Battle Emperor smiled and no longer stayed. He cupped his fists towards the Flame Emperor and a golden lustre blossomed. The golden radiance enveloped Senior Winter Snow and they disappeared.

Ever since the beginning of the Flame Emperor’s appearance, he never mentioned the matter of Luo Li becoming the Holy Maiden. He knew that he could no longer suppress them with his power anymore since the Flame Emperor was there.

Mu Chen was merely a Lesser Earth Sovereign, someone that he could easily kill. However, there were also different sorts of strength in the world.

Despite being a Lesser Earth Sovereign, Mu Chen knew how to borrow power… Although it sounded easy, the Battle Emperor naturally knew how difficult it was to borrow power.

However, Mu Chen could borrow the power of the Flame Emperor despite his cultivation be at the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm. That explained how extraordinary Mu Chen was. How many people in the Great Thousand World could achieve his feat?

Furthermore, he could also borrow the power from the Martial Ancestor…

Thus, the Battle Emperor knew that he could no longer suppress Mu Chen with his cultivation at the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

If he forced his way, he might anger the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor. At that time, even someone like him would have to pay a great price.

Thus, he had given up on having Luo Li as the Holy Maiden of his West Heaven Temple, all because of a puny Lesser Earth Sovereign…

It was unavoidable for the Battle Emperor to feel sullen that a Lesser Earth Sovereign forced him to back off. But thinking about it more, he had no choice but to slightly praise Mu Chen in his heart.

That’s because the latter could actually force him, a Heavenly Sovereign, to fall back despite being in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm. In the end, he even had to pay the price of a qualification in the contest for the Seed of the Continent…

Mu Chen’s means and mentality were worth praising. The Battle Emperor was also starting to understand why someone like the Flame Emperor would take so much care in Mu Chen. After all, Mu Chen did seem like a young dragon.

With the departure of the Battle Emperor, the pressure that enveloped the Luo God City finally disappeared. The clansmen of the Luo God Clan briefly pondered before bursting into cheers.

It was practically the cheer of a new lease on life.

There were too many rises and falls in this matter today. They felt despair several times and felt that their Luo God Clan would be destroyed.

But who could have expected the situation to flip around numerous times? In the end, their Luo God Clan was unharmed and even obtained the best benefit.

Many clansmen of the Luo God Clan had their faces covered in tears because they knew that after the disaster today, their Luo God Clan would be reborn!

Luo Li hds already obtained the inheritance of Luo Shen, receiving the acknowledgement of their ancestor. Evidently, their Luo God Clan would soon have a powerful Empress and they might even return to their glorious ancient times under her leadership.

They looked at the youthful silhouette with joy, and their eyes were filled with gratitude and respect.

They knew that it was because that young man had resolved this matter today.

Because he lead a powerful team into the Luo God Clan, dispelling the ambitious hearts of the Blood God Clan. It was he who interfered when the West Heaven Temple tried to take their Empress, and it was also he who called the Flame Emperor when the West Heaven Battle Emperor descended upon this region…

If there was the slightest mistake today, then their Luo God Clan would surely be doomed. However, it was that young man who perfectly resolved this matter.

It could also be said that Mu Chen’s performance had won the hearts of the Luo God Clan’s clansmen. Perhaps only such an outstanding young man was worthy of their noble Empress!

“Emperor Mu!” 

“Emperor Mu!”

Roars started to resonate out from the Luo God City and magically spread out. Many clansmen of the Luo God Clan had their faces turning red as they yelled. At that moment, even the heavens and earth were echoing their roars.

“Emperor Mu! Emperor Mu!”

Luo Qingya, Luo Xiu and the experts of the Luo God Clan looked at the excited clansmen of the Luo God Clan and exchanged looks. Initially, they only had an Empress that was acknowledged by everyone, so if their Empress had a lover and was recognised by the Luo God Clan as well, then her lover would also become an Emperor of their clan…

Evidently, the Luo God Clan wasn’t blind. They could tell the relationship between Luo Li and Mu Chen. But most importantly, Mu Chen’s performance had convinced everyone. So they were currently expressing the excitement in their hearts through words.

Luo Qingya, Luo Xiu and the experts of the Luo God Clan sighed while exchanging looks with smiles and yelled out as well.

That’s because, not only were the clansmen convinced, they too were thoroughly convinced at this moment.

How many people in the world could fearlessly face a Heavenly Sovereign and even counter them?

Luo Tianshen also couldn’t hold back his smile when he heard the yells. He looked at the young man in the sky and sighed when he recalled how he took Luo Li away from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy a few years back…

At that time, the young man was still young and tender, akin to a baby hawk. Although he was sharp, he’s still too young. At that time, Luo Tianshen did not overthink it and merely waved it off as a fortunate fellow that received Luo Li’s heart.

At that time… he would never have imagined that in just a few years, that youth would be a saviour and appear before him…

That youth had completely shredded his tenderness and was emanating a sharpness that left others in surprise.

“In the end, Luo Li’s eyesight is good.” Luo Tianshen sighed. Luo Li had been bearing a considerable pressure in the clan, and despite everyone doubting her gaze, she did not waver.

As the roars resounded throughout the horizon, Luo Li’s elegance was entirely gone. At this moment, her eyes were beaming and her face was red. She bashfully lowered her head, making many people’s hearts fluctuate.

That’s because she knew what that title meant. It was the highest acknowledgement for Mu Chen, and it also meant that the Luo God Clan had acknowledged her relationship with Mu Chen…

She looked at Luo Tianshen. At this moment, the latter also nodded his head with a gentle smile.

Facing the cheers, Mu Chen scratched his head before he turned to look at the bashful beauty beside him with his heart surging.

“Luo Li…” Mu Chen gently called out while looking in the eyes of that girl. He was a little embarrassed before he said, “My promise to you from before seems a little exaggerated…”

Back then, the youth promised the girl that he would become a supreme powerhouse and shield her from the wind and rain…

Luo Li looked at the unswerving face before her, and the brim of her eyes turned red. Perhaps anyone might think that the promise was laughable. However, only she knew the hard work that he had been putting in to fight for that promise.

The path of a supreme powerhouse contained all sorts of tribulations that could change an unyielding person completely. Therefore, she knew how he had been working hard and how many times he had to go through life-and-death scenarios…

Just thinking about it made her feel heartache for him.

“You had it tough.” Luo Li bit her lip before she said with her eyes reddened.

Mu Chen gently smiled. “Luo Li, do you still remember my promise to you when you left…?”

Luo Li gently nodded her head. She still clearly remembers every single one of Mu Chen’s words as they resounded within her ears once more.

“Luo Li, I love you. The Luo God Clan might be too far from me right now, and I can’t make your grandfather and clansmen accept me. It could be so much so that they might even doubt your eyesight and feel that you have only fallen for a guy that has good fortune, but…”

“Believe me. There will be a day when I will go to the Luo God Clan. At that time, I will let them know that you have not found an ordinary stone in the desert, but a stone that is even more dazzling than a diamond…”

“For that, I will give it my all.”

Instantly, tears wet her eyes from the emotions surging in her heart.

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