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Chapter 1222 - Reappearance of the Flame Emperor

“The Flame Emperor, Xiao Yan?!” When Battle Emperor’s astonished voice resounded, everyone was astounded as they looked at the man standing before Mu Chen in disbelief.

That’s because everyone in the Great Thousand World knew of that name well.

It was a legend, whether it was his extraordinary strength or his ability to establish the Endless Fire Territory in merely a few hundred years with a foundation that surpassed some ancient clans. The Endless Fire Territory became one of the supreme forces in the Great Thousand World that even ancient clans wouldn’t dare to underestimate him.

Even if the West Heaven Battle Emperor was famous, everyone knew that there’s a gap between him and this Flame Emperor of the Endless Fire Territory.

It was akin to a pinnacle powerhouse and a legend amongst the pinnacle powerhouses…

Such an existence wasn’t something that could be seen often. But right now… Mu Chen summoned the legendary Flame Emperor…

Instantly, all the gazes directed at Mu Chen changed. Those gazes turned to fear that was even more intense than when they looked at Mandala.

Xue Lingzi, who was previously rejoicing at Mandala and Mu Chen’s situation, suddenly had a comical expression. Not only him, but even the powerhouses of the Blood God Clan also wore pale expressions as they started to sweat.

They trembled as they looked at Mu Chen in fear.

Xue Lingzi wiped the sweat on his forehead while feeling dizzy from the boiling emotions in his mind. He never expected that not even a Heavenly Sovereign couldn’t deal with Mu Chen. That monstrous fellow actually invited a legend of the Great Thousand World…

“This Mu Chen… what is his background?!” Xue Lingzi roared in his heart. If he knew that Mu Chen would invite the Flame Emperor over, he wouldn’t dare to be so arrogant, even if he was hundred-fold bolder.

But speaking from a certain degree, it’s impossible for a Lesser Earth Sovereign to invite a Heavenly Sovereign, even if they emptied their fortune!

It was like how an ant couldn’t summon an elephant!

While Xue Lingzi and the rest were trembling with shock, the eyes of those from the Luo God Clan beamed.

They looked at Mu Chen with a convinced gazes. If they were feeling jealous of Mu Chen and Luo Li’s relationship previously, they were utterly convinced at this moment.

Mu Chen was not only outstanding, he even had a powerful connection that could invite a Heavenly Sovereign. Perhaps only such a man was compatible with their Empress.

The Flame Emperor stood with his hands behind his back. There wasn’t any domineering aura emanating from his body, but everyone could feel that the pressure coming from the Battle Emperor was swiftly dissipating from his existence.

In a few breaths’ time, everyone felt the terrifying pressure had disappeared.

When the Flame Emperor appeared, he did not bother with the astonished gazes directed at him. He looked around the Luo God Clan with a reminiscing smile. “I never thought that I would come back to the Luo God City after so many years.”

“Senior Flame Emperor has come to the Luo God Clan in the past?” Mu Chen was briefly stunned before he asked in astonishment.

“Haha, I have an old relationship with the Luo God Clan.” Flame Emperor laughed before he looked at Luo Tianshen with a smile. “Senior Luo, it has been many years.”

Luo Tianshen was stunned while looking at the Flame Emperor and sighed with complicated feelings. He bitterly smiled. “You’re no longer that lost kid from before.”

Back then, when the Flame Emperor came to the Great Thousand World, he descended in the Luo God Clan. Back then, the Flame Emperor was still cultivating the Dou Qi that hadn’t been assimilated into Spiritual Energy. So he was extremely weak back then, not to mention that he wasn’t familiar with the Great Thousand World. Thus, he was lost in the Luo God City.

Back then, Luo Tianshen was already the Patriarch of the Luo God Clan. Due to pure coincidence, he encountered the Flame Emperor and even granted the latter help. But the Flame Emperor had to quickly leave since he had to search for his wives and friends.

Luo Tianshen had heard some news about the Flame Emperor, knowing that the latter had established the Endless Fire Territory and leapt up to be amongst the Heavenly Sovereigns of the Great Thousand World.

He had thoughts of seeking help from the Endless Fire Territory, but he refused that idea since he wasn’t sure that he could invite the Flame Emperor over based on that little favour back then.

Right now, the Flame Emperor was an almighty existence in the Great Thousand World.

Reaching that height, perhaps the Flame Emperor had long forgotten the Luo God Clan. Furthermore, the most important factor was that Luo Tianshen had casually granted help to the Flame Emperor. So it was the wildest thing to imagine that he could invite a Heavenly Sovereign with that small favour.

After all, the Heavenly Emperor was an existence far from his reach.

When the Flame Emperor heard Luo Tianshen’s words, he instantly appeared before the latter and held onto Luo Tianshen’s hand with both of his hands. “Senior Luo, what are you saying? Are you making me, Xiao Yan, seem ungrateful? Back then, if it wasn’t you that helped me assimilate my Dou Qi into Spiritual Energy, who knows how long I would have had to take to accomplish that. If that’s the case, I would have probably suffered from a life of regrets by the time I found my wives and friends.”

When Luo Tianshen heard Xiao Yan’s voice, it seemed that his wives and friends were in a perilous situation. If the latter did not reach them in time, the consequences would be unimaginable.

He never thought that his help to the Flame Emperor would be so great. Instantly, Luo Tianshen was stunned and a gratified smile appeared on his face. He briefly hesitated before he sighed and patted the Flame Emperor’s hand.

“Senior Luo is injured?” The Flame Emperor noticed Luo Tianshen’s wittering face and instantly felt an abnormality in the latter’s body.

Luo Tianshen smiled. “It’s just some Demonic Blood Poison.”

It was caused by Xue Lingzi when they fought back then, and it was also the reason behind his body getting weak. If this continued, then he would definitely fall because of that poison.

But that poison was exceptionally domineering, not to mention that it had accumulated in his body for a long time. So even a Perfected Earth Sovereign would have a hard time removing the poison for him.

The Flame Emperor smiled. “Not an issue.”

He gently patted Luo Tianshen’s arm and a strand of flames burrowed into the latter’s body. In the next moment, Luo Tianshen’s face turned red with drops of smelly blood oozing from his pores and evaporated.

In a few breaths’ time, Luo Tianshen’s face had turned red. His Spiritual Energy suddenly cleared up and the corner of his lips couldn’t help twitching. He never thought that the Blood Demonic Poison that had plagued him for a long time would be so easily removed.

When the Flame Emperor dispelled the poison for Luo Tianshen, Xue Lingzi started to furiously sweat as his face turned pale. He never thought that not only could Mu Chen invite the Flame Emperor, the existence in legend even had a relationship with Luo Tianshen!

The sudden development made his limbs start to tremble. If he knew that the Luo God Clan had a relationship with the Flame Emperor, how could he dare to bully the Luo God Clan?

“Senior Luo, something happened to the Luo God Clan?” After dispelling the poison for Luo Tianshen, the Flame Emperor looked at this situation and asked with a smile and his eyes narrowed.

Luo Tianshen briefly hesitated before explaining everything in detail.

“I never thought that Mu Chen actually invited you here…” Luo Tianshen bitterly smiled.

The Flame Emperor nodded his head as he turned to Mu Chen and smiled. “Fortunately, Mu Chen invited me over. Otherwise, I, Xiao Yan, would be an ungrateful person.”

Mu Chen scratched his head. He was in a desperate situation, and so, he resorted to seeking help from the Flame Emperor. However, he never thought that he would receive a thank you from the Flame Emperor due to this matter.

“Leave this matter to me.” Flame Emperor smiled towards Luo Tianshen before raising his head and looked at the West Heaven Battle Emperor that was emanating a dreadful pressure in the sky with a smile. “I have long heard of the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s fame. I never thought that I would get to meet you here today.”

The West Heaven Battle Emperor solemnly looked at the Flame Emperor, before slowly saying, “I have also heard of the Flame Emperor’s fame.”

“Initially, I shouldn’t interfere in matters of the West Heaven Continent. But the Luo God Clan has a relationship with me, so I would like to ask for convenience for the Battle Emperor not to make things difficult for the Luo God Clan and Mu Chen.” The Flame Emperor gently smiled.

The West Heaven Battle Emperor smiled with his eyes narrowed. The fame of the Flame Emperor was resounding in the Great Thousand World. The Endless Fire Territory was not good to provoke, but as the Battle Emperor who had won hundreds of battles without losing, since when had he feared anyone?

The Luo God Clan was merely a small matter, but if rumour went out that he, the West Heaven Battle Emperor, feared the Flame Emperor, then his reputation would be significantly affected…

Thus, the West Heaven Battle Emperor pursed his lips and briefly hesitated before saying, “What if this Emperor says… that I am not willing to give this convenience?”

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