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Chapter 1221 - Battle Emperor’s Arrival

The robust voice was akin to a deity that descended from the nine heavens, causing the earth to tremble. Many people had sweat dripping from their bodies, feeling that the rage of a deity would fall upon them.

The golden silhouette stood in the sky with his hands behind his back, with the aura of a ruler.

Under that pressure, ordinary experts could only kneel. It was so much so that even many Earth Sovereigns were under enormous pressure and they did not dare to look at him.

No one had expected… that the Battle Emperor himself would arrive!

Under that terrifying pressure, she looked at the majestic figure. Even if her body was trembling from the pressure, there wasn’t any fear on her face.

She looked at the golden silhouette and her voice resounded, “I am thankful for Battle Emperor’s generous affection, but I have no intention to be the Holy Maiden. Please choose someone else.”

Her voice made many people gulp down a mouthful of saliva with disbelief filling their hearts. They never thought that Luo Li would be so bold.

On the other hand, Xue Lingzi had joy flashing in his eyes. He initially thought that the Luo God Clan would rise, but Luo Li had no intention to accept the West Heaven Temple’s recruitment, she even contradicted the Battle Emperor.

If the Battle Emperor was slightly enraged, then the Luo God Clan would be annihilated.

“Impudent!” Senior Winter Snow roared, “Luo Li, do you know the price of refusing the Emperor? Do you know what kind of price the Luo God Clan will have to pay for your actions?”

Luo Li’s gaze suddenly turned sharp as she looked at Senior Winter Snow. “It’s just a matter of death. As for the Luo God Clan, if I have to suffer humiliation to protect the Luo God Clan as their Empress, then the Luo God Clan would rather suffer annihilation, rather than tainting the name of our ancestor, Luo Shen herself!”

Her decisive voice rang out across the horizon. The clansmen of the Luo God Clan felt their blood boiling. Their ancestor was also a supreme powerhouse of the Great Thousand World, and even the West Heaven Battle Emperor was inferior in comparison. So they were prideful in the depths of their bones. They believed in Luo Li, and if the Luo God Clan required Luo Li to suffer humiliation to survive, then they would choose annihilation, instead!

They would rather not survive with humiliation!

Many clansmen of the Luo God Clan raised their heads without any fear as they stared at Senior Winter Snow in rage.

Many people were shocked as they stared at Luo Li. Although she was a female, her guts were something that made them feel ashamed.

Senior Winter Snow’s expression turned unsightly. He never thought that his threat would trigger the pride of the Luo God Clan. It looked like he had underestimated Luo Li’s guts and charm.

“Haha. Truly fitting for someone that is acknowledged by Luo Shen…” The golden-robed silhouette gently clapped. Luo Li’s words didn't anger him; on the contrary, he looked at Luo Li in admiration.

He then turned to Senior Winter Snow. “Love is all about willingness, since when has this Emperor forced, anyone?”

Senior Winter Snow immediately nodded his head in agreement.

Seeing the bearing of the West Heaven Battle Emperor, many people inwardly nodded their heads and felt admiration. With such a majestic presence, it was no wonder why he was the ruler of the West Heaven Continent.

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes at this scene since he didn’t think that the West Heaven Battle Emperor would let this matter rest so easily.

After reprimanding Senior Winter Snow, the Battle Emperor looked at Luo Li. “Since you are unwilling, then I will not force you. I will leave the position as the Holy Maiden for you. You can come anytime if you change your mind.”

Luo Li calmly replied, “Perhaps the Battle Emperor will be left disappointed.”

The Battle Emperor smiled as he turned towards Mandala. “Leaving the matter of the Holy Maiden, you, a Primordial Mandala Flower that dares to challenge the prestige of my temple, deserves punishment.”

Everyone was shocked by his words before they looked at Mandala. They never thought that the latter would actually be a Primordial Mandala Flower.

Mu Chen and Luo Li’s hearts sank. Although the Battle Emperor said that he had let the matter regarding the Holy Maiden rest, he was clearly furious, so he intended to vent on Mandala.

“Battle Emperor, wouldn’t you be bringing your status down if you bicker about this matter?” Luo Li spoke out.

Battle Emperor smiled. “If I easily let this matter rest, wouldn’t others think that my West Heaven Temple is weak? Rest assured, I will bring the two of them back to the West Heaven Temple and imprison them for several decades before letting them leave. I won’t harm their lives.”

Hearing his words, Luo Li’s face turned cold. Not only did the Battle Emperor intend to bring Mandala away, but he was also planning to do the same to Mu Chen.

Before Luo Li could speak up again, the West Heaven Battle Emperor indifferently waved his hand. A golden lustre swept out and formed into a huge hand that enveloped towards Mu Chen and Mandala.

“My West Heaven Continent isn’t something that a Perfected Earth Sovereign can act arrogantly in!” The Battle Emperor’s indifferent voice resounded. Under the envelopment of the golden hand, even Spiritual Energy had stopped flowing.

When everyone looked at the Battle Emperor making a move, they felt pity for Mandala and Mu Chen. Facing a Heavenly Sovereign, it’s futile, regardless of the means of Mu Chen and Mandala.

“Brat, I’ll see how you can still jump around!” Xue Lingzi’s eyes turned red as he clenched his teeth. His eyes were flashing with satisfaction. Their Blood God Clan had prepared many trump cards to deal with the Luo God Clan, but they were all ruined by Mu Chen. Since the Battle Emperor was making a move, then Xue Lingzi refused to believe that Mu Chen could still live.

“Senior, please grab Mu Chen and escape now!” Luo Li clenched her teeth as she looked at Mandala. At this moment, probably only Mandala could escape with Mu Chen. After all, this was not the main body of the Battle Emperor.

But facing Luo Li’s request, Mandala shook her head and looked at Mu Chen.

At this moment, Luo Li realised that Mu Chen had remained calm, not even a trace of despair.

Seeing Luo Li’s gaze, Mu Chen revealed a smile and flipped his hand. An old lantern appeared.

Mu Chen touched the lantern and sighed with pity, “I never thought that I would have to use this favour so quickly…”

He flicked his hand and Spiritual Energy shot into the lantern, swiftly lighting it up…

The golden hand descended and in the eyes of everyone, it had enveloped Mandala and Mu Chen, causing many people to shake their heads.

At this moment, not even Mandala could escape.

The Battle Emperor faced this indifferently. If he brought Mandala and Mu Chen away, Luo Li could only go to the temple and become his Holy Maiden. At that time, he would have the opportunity to interact with her. He absolutely believed that as time passed, Luo Li would definitely be affected by his charm. So it wasn’t against his rule.

At his level, he wasn’t too greatly affected by beauty. But Luo Li was different since she had inherited the Luo Shen Celestial Body. If he performed duo-cultivation with her, he would receive great benefits.

Initially, he only wanted to show his face, revealing his charm and bearing so it wouldn’t be hard for him to obtain her good impression. However, he never expected Mu Chen, not to mention that he had a deep relationship with her, causing her to refuse his invitation altogether.

So at this time, he could only resort to petty means.

Luo Li, you will understand how outstanding I am in the future. Only I match you, as for that Mu Chen, he is merely a passerby in your life. He is not worthy of your heart… I am doing all these for your sake. The Battle Emperor thought in his head since he did not sense any movements in the hand. It looked like Mandala had given up resisting.

“Tactful.” He smiled as he waved his hand, wanting to bring Mu Chen and Mandala away.

However, smoke suddenly rose from the golden palm with strands of dazzling flames burrowing out that swiftly dissolved the golden palm.

Facing this scene, the Battle Emperor’s face drastically changed and he exclaimed, “How is this possible?”

Not even a Perfected Earth Sovereign could resist his move, so how did it get destroyed by flames?

Everyone was also dumbfounded at this scene.

As the gorgeous flames rose, it took several breaths for the hand to be completely dissolved. Instantly, everyone directed their gazes over in shock.

Mu Chen and Mandala stood in the sky without any harm. However, everyone had narrowed their pupils when they looked at the unfamiliar man that stood before Mu Chen.

That man had a towering body while standing before Mu Chen with his hands behind his back. There was a lazy smile that hung on his face. Although he didn’t look all-mighty, anyone could sense that the pressure that belonged to the Battle Emperor was swiftly retreating as he stood there.

Sensing the changes, everyone felt their scalps exploding. That’s because, even if they were stupid, they knew that only another Heavenly Sovereign could confront the pressure of a Heavenly Sovereign…

Did that mean that Mu Chen had also brought out a Heavenly Sovereign?!

The man standing before Mu Chen smiled. “The majestic West Heaven Battle Emperor, making a move against a junior. Aren’t you lowering your own status?”

In the sky, the Battle Emperor had also recognised the man standing before Mu Chen. Instantly, his pupils narrowed as he exclaimed, “The Flame Emperor, Xiao Yan?!”

His words instantly made everyone feel dizzy. Not only did Mu Chen bring out a Heavenly Sovereign… he even invited the famous Flame Emperor of the Great Thousand World!

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